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1819 Map of the Market Square

 1819 Map of the Market Square
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The map above is part of a larger map published in 1819 by Benjamin Bevan junior [X1/34/1]. In 1821 William Rose of Leighton Buzzard published a reference booklet to accompany the map [X1/34/2]. This booklet gave the owner and occupier of the various buildings and pieces of land on Bevan's map. Below is a transcript of the reference book corresponding to this section of the map, with additions gleaned from Pigot & Company's New Commercial Dictionary for 1823-1824 and other research. Each entry consists of the number, then the name of the owner, then the name of the occupier or occupiers.

Market Hill [Market Square]

North Side

West to East

  • 87: Mrs.Stone; Mrs.Stone [1 Market Square, earlier, with 3 and 5, the Eagle and Child public house];
  • 88: R.Thorp; C.Till and Samuel Simco [Samuel Simco was a druggist, grocer and tea dealer];
  • 89: Joseph Turney; James Turney; Joseph Rollins and James Sharp [7 Market Square];
  • 90: Thomas Lane Wood; Benjamin Allen [site became 9 Market Square; Benjamin Allen was a fellmonger];
  • 91: James Poulter; J.Wilson [site became 11 Market square];
  • 92: James Poulter; James Poulter [15 Market Square; James Poulter was a grocer and tea dealer];
  • 93: James Poulter; Samuel Middleton [site became 17 Market Square; Samuel Middleton was a shoe maker]

Island Site

West to East

  • 323: W.Bennett; Widow Potts and W.Brown; 
  • 322: W.Bennett; H.Samuel [the Cross Keys public house, site, with 323, rebuilt in 1899 and later Lloyds Bank]
  • 321:T.Burr; W.Drage [the Boot public house, the site later 33 and part of 33b Market Square]
  • 320: J.Lucas; Robert Marlton or Martin [the Currier's Arms, 31 Market Square];
  • 319: T.Doggett; Thomas Wagstaff [site 29 and part of 29a Market Square; Thomas Wagstaff was a surgeon]
  • 318: W.Cotchins; Shaler [site later 27 Market Square];
  • 317: W.Cotchins; John Collins [site later 25 and 23 Market Square; John Collins or Collings was a tailor and draper]

South Side

West to East

  • 432: J.D.Bassett; Bassett Grant and Company's Bank [with 431, site redeveloped in 1866, later Barclays Bank, 2 Market Square];
  • 431: J.D.Bassett; J.D.Bassett;
  • 430: Thomas Odell senior; Thomas Odell senior [4 Market Square; Thomas Odell was grocer and tea dealer];
  • 429: Richard Sanders; Richard Sanders [6 Market Square; Richard Sanders was a grocer and tea dealer];
  • 428: Josiah Wheeler; Josiah Wheeler [site later 8 Market Square; Josiah Wheeler was an ironmonger and basket maker];
  • 427: C.Ginger; Colman Ginger [the Bell public house, 10 Market Square; Colman Ginger was also a butcher];
  • 426: Philip Rogers; Philip Rogers [12 Market Square; Philip Rogers was a grocer and tea dealer];
  • 425: William Day; William Day [site, with 424, later 14 Market Square; William Day was an auctioneer and broker as well as a cabinet maker];
  • 424: Matthew Parsons; Matthew Parsons [Matthew Parsons was a confectioner];
  • 423: Mrs. Tillcock; Mrs. Tillcock [16 Market Square]

East Side

North to South

  • 278: Widow Brassington; Widow Brassington [site, with 279, later 19 Market Square];
  • 279: J.Grant; W.Pointer and Widow Dawson;
  • 280: Widow Peppiatt; Widow Peppiatt [the Greyhound public house, 21 Market Square];
  • 325: Benjamin Reeve; Benjamin Reeve and Son [later 26 and 28 Market Square; Benjamin Reeve and Son were a grocer and tea dealer];
  • 326: James Harris; James Harris [24 Market Square; James Harris was a shoemaker]
  • 327: T. and J.Poole; T. and J.Poole [22 Market Square]
  • 328: Widow Deverell; Widow Deverell [20 Market Square; Widow Deverell was a hat dealer]
  • 329: Francis Ratt; Francis Ratt [18 Market Square; Francis Ratt was a tailor and draper].

Market House

  • 324: James Henry Leigh esquire; Widow Anthony [the Market House]