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The Parish of Chalton in General

Looking north east towards the M1 February 2016
Looking north east towards the M1 February 2016


The underlying, or solid, geology of Chalton is chalk, mostly a form known as West Melbury Marly Chalk Formation, laid down between 94 and 99 million years ago in the warm, shallow seas of the Cretaceous Period. An east-west band south of the village comprises Zig Zag Chalk Formation, laid down at the same time.

Chalton School stands 367 feet above sea-level and the T-junction at Chalton heights 412 feet. The old Methodist chapel stands at 393 feet above sea-level.

Chalton sign


The name Chalton means "calf-farm". It is first recorded in 1131 as Chaltun and also has the following variations, the form Chalton itself first appearing in 1195:

  • Chalftun: c. 1200
  • Chauton: 1200-1250
  • Chalfton: 1227
  • Chaulton: 1610-1766

 Chalton Village Hall February 2016
Chalton Village Hall February 2016

Administrative History

Chalton was formerly a hamlet of Toddington. It became a separate civil parish in the early 21st century. Chalton is surrounded by Toddington to the north, Sundon to the north-east, Luton to the south-east and south, Houghton Regis to the south-west and Chalgrave to the west.