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Lalleford Manor Luton

Lalleford Manor first appears in surviving historical documents in 1425 when owned by Joan Waleys and was described as lands and tenements called Lalleford. In 1447 it was held at a rent of forty shillings known as the Lalleford Fee. Joan Waleys' heir was her eldest daughter, Beatrice, wife of Reginald Cockayne of Bury Hatley. On Cockayne's death Beatrice married William Milreth, alderman of London and on her death in 1448 Lalleford Manor, like Woodcroft Manor, passed to her son John Cockayne who died in 1490.

 Napier coat of arms
Napier coat of arms

Cockayne's widow Joan held the manor at her death in 1507 when Edmund Cockayne succeeded to the estate. In 1531 the Manor of Lalleford, like the Manor of Brache, was held by William Markham as husband of Frances, daughter of William Cockayne. In 1576 Francis Markham settled the manor on George Rotherham and he still held the manor in 1595. In 1602 John Rotherham transferred Brache and Lalleford Manors to Robert Napier who held most of the medieval Manor of Luton into which the manors were subsumed, although Lalleford is mentioned once more, in a Recovery Roll of 1815.