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Manor Farm House Little Staughton

This page was written by Jeanette Atkinson and Brenda Foster

 Manor Farm House January 2017
Manor Farm House in January 2017

Manor Farm House, High Street, Little Staughton

This farmhouse on the High Street was Grade II listed on 7 May 1952. The original part of the property was probably constructed in the seventeenth century. The property was expanded during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries with the garage being added in the 1980s. Of timber frame construction, the property was gentrified by the addition of a brick front during the nineteenth century. The property is probably situated on the site of what was once the farmhouse for the manor of Little Staughton. In the 1952 listing it is described as a one storey building with attic rooms.

The farm was put up for sale by auction in August 1854. At that time it was occupied by Thomas Desborough and consisted of more than 215 acres of land [X67/384]. 

In 1927 property in Little Staughton was valued under the Rating & Valuation Act of 1925; every piece of land and building in the country had to be valued to determine the rates to be paid upon it. At the time of the valuation Manor Farm was described as containing 111 acres with barns, 4 pig sties, a 3-bay hovel, granary, chaff house and loose boxes [DV1/H53]. The buildings had a rateable value of £17 and they were owned and occupied by E. Hopperton. 

All the farm buildings have now been developed into residential properties.