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Code of Conduct for Searchroom Visitors


This Code exists to help protect the documents in our care, many of which we look after for other people. When you sign our visitors' book you are agreeing to observe the following simple conditions. These help us to protect the archives you and other people want to use, and improve the searchroom environment.

1. Please sign the visitors' book each day you visit. This indicates your agreement to observe this Code.

2. Use the lockers we provide to store your personal belongings safely. Only take into the searchroom those things which are essential for your research. You may take into the searchroom: pencils, paper, a small quantity of notes (but not folders), laptop and camera (but not their cases).

3. Please switch your mobile phone to silent mode, to ensure minimum disruption to other users.

4. Do not eat or drink in the searchroom. You may use the lobby area or Council's canteen if you wish to take a refreshment break during your visit.

5. Please be considerate to other users by speaking quietly to staff or companions in the searchroom.

6. Only use pencil for making notes – all other writing implements can harm documents, so please leave them in the lockers. We have pencils that you may borrow.

7. Please handle all documents carefully, following the instructions provided.

We reserve the right to refuse access to the archives to anyone who deliberately chooses to ignore these conditions.