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We welcome disabled visitors but we are aware that access to our premises is awkward for people in wheelchairs and those who have difficulty walking. It may be helpful to telephone us to confirm access arrangements.

All direct routes into the Riverside Building are either via steps or the steep slope from Prebend Street. Indirect access for wheelchair users is via the main Borough Hall building.

A. For wheelchair users

  • Accessible parking bays near the main entrance to Borough Hall - limited to 2 hour maximum stay 
  • Accessible parking bays in St Marys Street Car Park (50 metres from main entrance to Borough Hall) – unlimited stay
  • Drop off point at main entrance to Borough Hall
  • Entrance via the main Borough Hall reception. Staff on reception will contact the archive service to arrange for a member of our staff to accompany you through the main building to Riverside Building.
  • At the end of your visit, a member of our staff will accompany you back to main reception or to your car.

B. For people restricted from walking any distance

  • 1 accessible parking bay within the Borough Hall car park close to Riverside Building. Entrance via intercom at the car park barrier.
  • Distance from the bay to the ground floor approximately 30 metres.
  • 6 steps to the ‘staff entrance’ on the ground floor.
  • Contact the Archives Service via the telephone in the yellow box; a member of our staff will come down to let you in.
  • Lift to the second floor is on the left.

Alternative accessible parking is available in Prebend Street public car park. The walk from this parking to the First floor public entrance to Riverside Building is approximately 100m up hill.

C. Access via the main Riverside Building entrance

  • The first floor entrance doors are locked when the archive service is open. Please press the button labelled  'archives' on the Intercom to the left of the main doors enables to contact with the archive service. 
  • A member of staff will open the door remotely (Door opens outwards).
  • Internal door second on the left operated by push plate to the right (Door opens inwards). Stairs to 2nd floor on right.
  • Internal door straight ahead operated by push plate to the right (Door opens outwards)
  • Lift to second floor on the right.
  • From the lift take door to the left (push plate to the left) and ahead to the door to the archive service. For security reasons this final door is not fitted with an automatic opener, there is a bell to the left if you require assistance.


  • There is an adapted toilet in the Riverside Building to the right as you enter the main entrance on the first floor.
  • Standard toilets are on the first and second floors adjacent to the stairs and lift lobbies.