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Tilsworth Estate Sale of 1804 Introduction

Tilsworth Manor Gatehouse 1969
Tilsworth Manor Gatehouse in 1969 [Z50/124/3]

The Tilsworth Estate was, in effect, the Manor of Tilsworth and all its holdings. It was put up for sale by auction at The Great Room, Pall Mall, London on 1st August 1804 [AD534/4] by the Lord of the Manor, Charles Chester. The sale particulars have been annotating showing that no sale was made.

The property was described as :The Manor, Rectory Impropriate and the whole of the Parish of Tilsworth (a few acres excepted) containing an Ancient Manor House, environed by a Moat, several farm houses, with their Requisite Offices and Buildings, and other Messuages, lands and tenements in the adjoining parishes of Chalgrave, Hockliffe and Standbridge containing together one thousand three hundred and twenty seven acres of excellent arable, meadow, pasture and woodland in a Ring fence, lying to good Aspects and Drainage; Beautifully diversified with Hill and Dale, interspersed with great Abundance and Variety of large spreading Timber Trees, containing an Elevated Tract of Land, commanding rich and unbounded Prospects, over a finely broken woody Country, in the vicinity of the celebrated TATTENHOE QUARRIES, and peculiarly adapted for the Site of a Mansion and Park".

Tilsworth had been inclosed in 1798. The estate map, therefore, shows the situation just a few years after inclosure, with smaller fields having replaced the large open fields of the Middle Ages.

Tilsworth Estate Sale plan of 1804
The sale plan - please click on the image for a larger version.