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Inventory of Swineshead Church Furniture 1634

Church interior looking east about 1900
Church interior looking east about 1900 [Z50/120/22]

The first Swineshead parish register dating from 1550 to 1712 [P96/1/1] contains an inventiry of church furniture of 1634 on its last page [CRT130Swi1]. The inventory is transcribed below [note the archaic spellings]:

 font September 2008
Font September 2008

"July 10 Anno Domini 1634. A note of such things as the Church is now possessed of:

  • Fyve bells in goode and sufficient repayre;
  • A decent font with a cover upon it;
  • A decent pulpit with a cushen upon it;
  • A decent seat for reading of prayers;
  • A decent communion table with a carpit and a lynen coveringe upon it;
  • A decent communion cuppe of sylver with a cover of sylver;
  • A decent surples; a regester booke of parchment;
  • A chest with locks and keyes, to keepe the register booke in and for the poore;

 parish chest September 2008
Parish chest September 2008

  • A table of the degrees prohibited for mariage;
  • A large bible of the last translation; Two sufficient books of Common prayer;
  • Erasmus' Paraphrasis and B.B.Jewel's works of the last edition;
  • Two books of homilies authorised and on booke of 12 sermons, authorised by Queen Elsabeth;
  • The booke of Canans agreed upon ano. dom. 1603;
  • The booke callid God and the Kinge and the book of the defence of the right of Kinges;
  • The booke of prayers for the fyft of November;
  • The booke of prayers for the High Court of Parliament;
  • Dr.Sparke and Mr.Leedon their catachisme;
  • Four books of prayer for he times of warre and the visitation of the plauge;
  • A forme of thanksgyveing to God for staying the plauge;
  • The booke of Articles for the Archbb. visitation.

Per me Thomas Dawson Rector de Swyneshed;

Edward Borne, Beiaminn Shelford churchwardens"

 pulpit September 2008
Pulpit September 2008