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Trinity Methodist Church North Street

Trinity Methodist Church June 2008
Trinity Methodist Church June 2008

The Primitive and Wesleyan Methodists united in 1932 to form the Methodist Church of Great Britain. In 1960 the old Wesleyan Atterbury Mission Hall and the old Wesleyan chapel in Hockliffe Street closed and Methodism in Leighton Buzzard concentrated on the former Primitive Methodist chapel in North Street which was renamed Trinity Church.

Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service has a booklet celebrating the silver jubilee of Trinity Church [MB2157]. The move to decant three congregations, from separate traditions of worship, into one chapel was controversial but was rendered necessary by the decision to build a new road through the former Wesleyan manse in Hockliffe Street and reduce the size of the chapel site.

In 1965 the adjoining manse was demolished and the church hall built on the site at a cost of £21,000. The partial antecedents of the church are recollected by two rooms on the first floor called the Wesley and Atterbury Rooms and the hall was opened in 1966. At the same time a new vestry was built onto the church and the church improved with the addition of new pews and other minor alterations.

 Rear of Trinity Methodist church June 2008
Rear of Trinity Methodist church June 2008


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