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1819 Map of the Northern Part of Lake Street

1819 Map of the northern part of Lake Street 
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The map above is part of a larger map published in 1819 by Benjamin Bevan junior [X1/34/1]. In 1821 William Rose of Leighton Buzzard published a reference booklet to accompany the map [X1/34/2]. This booklet gave the owner and occupier of the various buildings and pieces of land on Bevan's map. Below is a transcript of the reference book corresponding to this section of the map. Each entry consists of the number, then the name of the owner, then the name of the occupier or occupiers.

Lake Street [also called Leck End and Bridge Street]

East Side

North to South

  • 332: Samuel Hopkins; Samuel Hopkins [the Peacock public house, 1-3 Lake Street];
  • 333: William Clare; William Johnson [with 334 5 to 9 Lake Street; William Johnson was a druggist, grocer and tea dealer];
  • 334: William Clare; William Clare [William Clare was a collar maker];
  • 335: William Sanders; William Sanders [the George public house, later the Corn Exchange];
  • 336: James Clarke; James Clarke [the Plume of Feathers public house, 11 Lake Street; James Clarke was also a maltster];
  • 337: G.Stevens; G.Stevens;
  • 338: J.Stevens; T.Ellingham;
  • 339: Thomas Yirrell; Thomas Yirrell [the Nag's Head public house, 17 Lake Street];
  • 340: Executors of the late Norman; B.Reeve;
  • 341: William Mead senior; William Mead senior [William Mead was a carpenter];
  • 342: S.Hopkins; J.Sharp;
  • 343: Richard Bates; T.Nash;
  • 344: Richard Bates; Richard Bates [Richard Bates was a collar maker];
  • 345: Mrs.Sandon; Mrs.Sandon and Mrs.Symonds;
  • 346: Juliana Franklin; Daniel Claridge [the Coach and Horses public house, 31 Lake Street]
  • 347: Juliana Franklin; Juliana Franklin [Juliana Franklin was a maltster]; 
  • 348: Thomas Goodman; Thomas Goodman [Thomas Goodman was a baker];
  • 349: T.Goodman; J.Coleman;
  • 350: W.Rogers; C.Rogers;
  • 351: W.Rogers; T.Coleman;
  • 352: George Cooper; George Cooper [George Cooper was a blacksmith];
  • 353: J.Rogers; J.Powel [the Bell and Woolpack public house, 47 Lake Street, later a garage]
  • 354: J.Rogers; W.Kemp;
  • 355: J.Rogers; J.Tring;
  • 356: Widow G.Claridge; E.Hutchins.
  • The modern Dudley Street

West Side

South to North

  • 406: Widow Collins; Widow Goodson [with 407 the site of the first library, then Lecton House];
  • 407: Widow Collins; T.Marriott;
  • 408: Bailiff and Churchwardens in trust for the Poor Widows of Leighton Parish; M.Aris [with 409, 28 and 30 Lake Street];
  • 409: Bailiff and Churchwardens in trust for the Poor Widows of Leighton Parish; W.Claridge;
  • 410: W.Claridge; unoccupied [with 411 26 Lake Street];
  • 411: W.Claridge; unoccupied;
  • 412: W.Claridge; W.Claridge [Earlier the Maidenhead Inn later demolished to form the entrance to Duncombe Drive];
  • 413: J.Millard; Joseph Chamberlain [with 414 20 and 22 Lake Street];
  • 414: J.Millard; J.Field;
  • 415: J.Millard; J.Millard;
  • 416: W.Pyne; W.Pyne [12 Lake Street];
  • 417: W.Claridge; George Claridge [the Unicorn Hotel, 10 Lake Street, later the Lancer public house];
  • 418: W.Claridge; Widow G.Claridge [later part of the Unicorn];
  • 419: William Robinson Lawford; William Robinson Lawford [later the Oriel Cinema, later the Litten Tree public house; William Robinson Lawford was a surgeon]
  • 420: C.Ridgway; C.Ridgway [6 Lake Street; C.Ridgway was a draper and woollen dealer];
  • 421: Thomas Odell junior; Thomas Odell junior [with 422 2 and 4 Lake Street; Thomas Odell was a baker];
  • 422: Joseph Tillcock; Joseph Tillcock;
  • 423: Mrs.Tillcock; Mrs.Tillcock.