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Everton School in 1904

 North elevation of the school in 1895 [CDE24]
North elevation of the school in 1895 [CDE24]

Bedfordshire County Council became Local Education Authority for the county in 1903, following the Education Act 1902. In 1904 the CountySurveyor reported on the condition of all the council and voluntary schools in the county under LEA control, excluding those on Bedford and Luton Boroughs which had their own executive arrangements. The surveyor's report [E/SA2/1/1]] took the form below.


GENERAL WORKS                                       £17/18/-

SANITARY WORKS                                       -

HEATING AND VENTILATION                       -

NEW WORKS                                                 -
[TOTAL]                                                          £17/18/-


GENERAL WORKS                                        £2/10/-
SANITARY WORKS                                        £10
HEATING AND VENTILATION                        -
NEW WORKS                                                 £30
[TOTAL]                                                           £42/10/-

TOTAL                                                             £60/8/-

Everton School and House (Council)


This is excellently built, with lofty and well lighted rooms.

The top fanlights all open for ventilation.

Three patent ridge exhaust vents exist, which should suffice.

Large Room

This is warmed by a stove standing opposite to fireplace.

Class Room

This is warmed by an open fire, and lighted and ventilated by similar means as above.

Both rooms are in excellent order and cleanliness.

Girls’ Lobby

This has wash basins, which have waste pipes on to a trapped gully.

Boys’ Lobby

This is similar, only that the lavatory waste pipe goes directly into drain. This should be cut off, and made to run on to a trapped gulley.

Both lobbies are in very fair order.


The Block of offices here are excellent. They are Duckett’s continuous glazed trough and tip cistern, water being supplied by a lift pump close to. The drainage is received by a dumb well said to be very deep.

The flushing of urinal is not perfect. Apart from this, the places were clean, and not offensive.


This is large and good.

Water Supply

The pump for soft water is next Master’s House and the pump for hard water is in the kitchen, over sink.


This has three rooms on ground floor.

Three chamber rooms over, also a pantry.

These rooms are small, but in very good order.

A Pail Closet, Coal Barn and Copper House are provided.

These premises should be painted next year. Otherwise they are in excellent condition.