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18 Sandy Road Everton

18 Sandy Road February 2013
18 Sandy Road February 2013

18 Sandy Road is no longer a listed building. It was formerly listed at Grade III until this category was abolished in 1970. The core of the building probably dates from the 17th century, though alterations were made in the following two centuries. It was the farmhouse of Warden Hill Farm and cropping records, valuation, insurance policies and tenancy correspondence may be found in the Pym archive [PM].

The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every building and piece of land in the country was to be assessed to determine its rateable value The valuer visiting the farm, on 10th December 1926 [DV1/H9/44], found it was, like much of Everton, owned by the trustees of the late Francis Pym as part of the Everton Estate. The occupier was noted as Edward Woodward. His rent was £177/10/- fixed in 1925. Rent had previously been £196/10/- per annum, fixed in 1921. The farm comprised 169 acres. The valuer commanted: “An offlying homestead - not used. Bottom land bad - two very good garden fields in village. Rent seems high”.

The farmhouse comprised two reception rooms, a kitchen, a scullery, a dairy, a pantry and a cellar. There were four bedrooms on the first floor and two attics on the second floor. There was an earth closet outside. The valuer noted: “Water to be laid on”.

The homestead comprised: a wood and slate loose box; a wood and tile stable for four horses and a chaff house; three brick and tile pigsties; a wood and corrugated iron barn; a wood and tile three-bay open shed (annotated in a later hand “now Cowhouse 4”); a wood and corrugated iron barn; a brick and tile cowhouse for six beasts; a brick and tile granary; a brick and tile washhouse; a wood and corrugated iron two-bay shed, coachhouse and another two-bay shed and a corrugated iron four-bay cart shed. A second block of homestead buildings comprised: a w/n and tiled three-bay open shed; a weather-boarded and tiled two-bay shed; a wood and tiled barn and a wood and tiled one-horse stable.