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The Bird in Hand Public House Brickhill

 The former Bird in Hand June 2017
The former Bird in Hand June 2017

The Bird in Hand Public House: 117 Brickhill Drive

The Bird in Hand was opened by Charles Wells in 1961 to serve the newly built Brickhill estate. It closed in 2011 and the building was sold to the supermarket chain Tesco, which converted it into a Tesco Express store.


  • PSB9/2: licensing register: 1955-1996.

List of Licensees: note that this is not a complete list. Italics indicate licensees whose beginning and/or end dates are not known:

1965-1976: Hibert Crowsley and Leslie Albert Stebbeds;
1976-1983: Richard Rauden Wolstenholme Hancock and Leslie Albert Stebbeds;
1983-1985: Derek Charles Gibbs and Leslie Albert Stebbeds;
1985: Derek Charles Gibbs and William Martin Humphries;
1985-1987: Derek Charles Gibbs and Anthony Gerald Dooley;
1987-1988: Derek Charles Gibbs and John Watson Hamilton;
1988-1989: Richard Jess and Raymond Reginald Sydney Wheldal;
1989: Raymond Reginald Sydney Wheldal;
1989-1990: Victor Joseph Villiers and Douglas John Baker;
1990-1991: Douglas John Baker and Patrick Joseph Murphy;
1991-1996: Tresham Warner and Douglas John Baker;
1996: Tresham Warner and Peter Grazier