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List of Aspley Heath Vicars

The patron of the living of Woburn Sands (as St.Michael's, Aspley Heath is officially known) is the Bishop of Saint Albans. At the time of writing [2008] the incumbent is also the Rector of Aspley Guise and Vicar of Husborne Crawley and Ridgmont, with a curate living in the Vicarage in Church Road.

List of Vicars:

  • Hay Macdowall Erskine MA - 1868 [licenced to District Chapelry of Woburn Sands; constituted by an Order in Council dated 4 Nov 1867; patron William, Duke of Bedford];
  • James Milne Hamilton MA - 8 Feb 1875 [on cession of Hay Macdowall Erskine; patron Francis, Duke of Bedford; buried at Aspley Heath];
  • Edward Mosse - 1884 [resigned in 1899 to go to St.Paul's, Covent Garden, London, killed in an air raid in World War One];
  • Douglas William Henry - Jan 1901;
  • John Shelton - Nov 1913 [resigned 1946 aged 86];
  • Frederick Wallace Bowler - Oct 1946 [left to do missionary work in Borneo];
  • Michael Theodore Meakin - 8 Mar 1951;
  • Charles John Julian Cobern - 1968
  • Andrew Eric Pullin - 1980;
  • Norman Jeffery - 1986