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Aspley Heath Church Repairs and Additions

Saint Michaels church March 2007
Saint Michael's church, south side, March 2007

It was not long before Henry Clutton's new church was altered. It was consecrated on 22nd September 1868 and twenty one years later was enlarged to plans prepared by Sir Arthur Blomfield.

Blomfield extended the chancel and moved the rose east window into a new extension, which included both a chapel and vestries, on the north side of the church. Blomfield also prepared plans for a south transept, but this was never built. The church was re-opened on 28th September 1889. The new east window was filled with stained glass and another stained glass window placed in the north chapel.

A pulpit was added in 1890 and a new lectern three years later. A new reredos, again designed by Blomfield, was dedicated in 1896. The north chapel was dedicated as a war memorial in 1920 when a screen divided it from the main body of the church. In 1868 two new windows were installed in the south side of the church to mark its centenary.