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Wheatsheaf Depositions 1850


Depositions of James Burgess, labourer of Harrold, Joseph Neal, police constable of Carlton and William Parris, labourer of Carlton.In the case of Thomas Pratt, accused of stealing 2 handkerchiefs.

 28 September 1850

William Parris: on 28 September he took 5 handkerchiefs to the Wheat Sheaf in Harrold to sell. He took 3 out of a packet and sold one of them; whilst he was doing this the other 2 from the packet went missing. They had been hanging on the chair back, and Parris had seen Thomas Pratt touching them. He asked in the room, who had the handkerchiefs. Pratt then left the room and on leaving was asked by someone what he had under his coat. Pratt swore at him and asked what it mattered to him.

James Burgess: on 28 September he heard a noise at the Wheat Sheaf and went to see what it was about. Thomas Pratt came out and swore at him and asked him what he was doing there. Pratt then went off towards the wood barn, then retuned and offered to treat Burgess if he would go in with him. Burgess refused. People then came out asking about the handkerchiefs. He told them he had seen Pratt go to the wood barn. They took a light to the barn and found the handkerchiefs.

Joseph Neal: he apprehended the prisoner for being disorderly and also on the charge of stealing the handkerchiefs.

Statement of the accused - Thomas Pratt [QSR1850/4/5/21/b]

He wished to know who had seen him take the handkerchiefs and put them in the barn.