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Deposition of Thomas Pratt


Deposition of Thomas Pratt

Jesse Biggs of Harrold, constable of the parish – last night between 8 and 9pm he was called upon by Robert Luddington, who lives in Harrold and is the landlord of the Berkely Arms, who said he must come immediately. Outside the Berkeley Arms he found Thomas Pratt striking a man. There were 20 people assemples and there was a great noise. Pratt seemed inclined to fight anybody. He stopped Pratt and caused him to go home. Pratt then tried to return to the public house but he obstructed him and told him he must either go to bed or to the cage. Pratt turned round and struck him on the nose, then laid hold of his neck handkerchief and pulled him down. His language was horrid. The disturbance of the crowd stopped when he took Pratt into custody and he believes Pratt was the cause of the disturbance. Pratt knew he was constable. He obtained assistance from Thomas Baily of Harrold.