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The Community of Budna in General

Countryside at Budna August 2010 
Countryside at Budna August 2010


The land is low lying, only around 120 feet above sea level. The soil is clay and gravel, as might be expected in the vicinity of a river.

The name on a map of 1901
The name on a map of 1901


Budna was first recorded in 12th century, the name means "Budda's spur of land" and has been recorded with the following variations:

  • Budenho: 1169-1232;
  • Budenhou: 1169-1232;
  • Buddenho: 1195-1287;
  • Bodenho: 1276-1392;
  • Boddenho: 1297-1344;
  • Buddinho: 1337;
  • Bodynho: 1416-1424;
  • Budno: 15th century;
  • Bodenow: 1519;
  • Budnow: 1539;
  • Budnall: 1549;
  • Budnoo: 1549.

Budna Farmhouse in 1981 [Z50/84/44]
Budna Farmhouse in 1981 [Z50/84/44]

Administrative History

Today the hamlet of Budna consists of little more than Budna Farm. It has always been part of the ancient parish of Northill.