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Budna Before 1086

The Bedfordshire Historic Environment Record [HER] lists every historic building and landscape feature in the county as well as find spots of artefacts. Summaries of entries are now available onine as part of the Heritage Gateway website

The HER details two Romano-British sites north of Budna Farm close to the parish boundary with Mogerhanger. The first of these [HER 15992] produced two Roman coins and a small piece of mosaic floor tile. One coin was a silver denarius of Emperor Septimius Severus (193-211), the other a bronze radiate of Gallic usurper Victorinus (269-270). The mosaic clearly suggests the location of a villa in the area. Nearby cropmarks [HER 16212] of a large rectangular enclosure have yielded Roman pottery, coins and brooches - perhaps the site of the villa itself.