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The Henry I Off-License Aley Green

The Henry I in the 1950s [WB/Green4/5/AG/HI/2]
The Henry I in the 1950s [WB/Green4/5/AG/HI/2]

Henry I Off-License [No Sign until 1899]: Mancroft Road, Aley Green

The majority of references in Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service to this beerhouse are in the J. W. Green archive. Licensing records show that it opened for business in 1892 and was owned by the licensee until purchased by J. W. Green Limited in 1934. J. W. Green merged with Flowers in 1954 and the new company took the Flowers name. The property was an off-licence which also catered for customers on the premises. The house closed in 1961.

The countywide licensing register of 1903 gaves the owner's name as Charles Twose. It was in "fair repair, clean" and lay 114 yards from the British Workman. It's only public door was at the front of the property.

In 1927 the premises were valued, as an off-licence, under the 1925 rating Valuation Act. The valuer found it an "extraordinary place" it had two reception rooms, two living rooms and two sculleries downstairs with five bedrooms above; outside it had a barn and earth closet as well as a chicken house, water came from a nearby well. The business sold cigarettes and tobacco as well as about a barrel of beer per week and two dozen bottles of minerals.

At some time after it was closed the building was demolished. As the photograph below shows its site is now a green space.


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 List of Licensees: note that this is not a complete list:
1892-1899: Emma Puddephatt;
1899: Henry William Leggetter;
1899-1906: Charles Twose;
1906-1921: Hephzibah Twose;
1921-1931: William Roberts;
1931-1946: Edward George Bracey;
1946-1960: Daisy Annie Bracey[Bishop from 1949];
1960-1961: George Albert Read
Off-licence closed 1961

Site of Henry 1 beerhouse - the green space is where it stood - March 2007
The site of the Henry I - compare with the image above; the site is now a green space - taken in March 2007