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Brook End Before 1086

Bedfordshire's Historic Environment Record [HER] details every historic building and landscape feature as well as find spots of ancient artefacts in the county. Summaries of each entry are now available online as part of the Heritage Gateway website. The following sites have been identified in the HER

A number of double ditched sub-rectangular enclosures, seen as cropmarks, were included in an area being excavated prior to development at Burnt Land on Vinegar Hill, west of Hill Side [HER 16855]. The site produced two areas of archaeology; in the east and south-east corner of the site the archaeology was mainly Iron Age in date, while in the west of the site it dated to the medieval period.

On the east side were a number of pits dating to the middle Iron Age. Two undated post holes were located near the pits and may be associated with a nearby pond or form part of a fence line. A sub-triangular feature is thought to be a natural spring. Two ditches were located near to the pits, although they cannot be clearly dated.

Cropmarks to the west of Vinegar Hill, south of Hill Side show enclosures, approximately one hundred metres apart. The southern enclosure is rectangular, while the northern is square with a central pit, it is possibly a square barrow and thus prehistoric, though more accurate dating is impossible without finding artefacts [HER 15378]

On the east side of Vinegar Hill, opposite Hill Side is a block of rectilinear or sub-rectangular enclosures [HER 1499]. Again, these are judged to be prehistoric in date.