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2 to 4 Brook End

2 to 4 Brook End March 2010
2 to 4 Brook End March 2010

2 and 4 Brook End are attractive dwellings immediately south of Brook End House. In 1896 they formed part of Manor Farm, Beeston and, with Brook End House, were sold at auction as Lot 8. They were described [WG2610] as "3 COTTAGES, in the occupation of Fred Sims, John Cooper and James Darnell, with productive GARDENS, and FIELD OF EXCELLENT GRASS LAND; the whole containing an area of 4 acres, 2 roods, 29 poles...two small barns belong to the Tenants". The particulars have been annotated for this lot: "£700 Geeson".

The Rating and Valuation Act 1925 specified that every building and piece of land in the country was to be assessed to determine its rateable value. Northill was assessed in 1927 and the valuer visiting this property [DV1/C42/22-24] noted that it was a row of three dwellings, all owned by Marshal and Marsters, market gardeners of Water Lane Farm, Caldecote.

From the south, the tenants were A. E. Robinson, Frederick Stacey and Harry Richardson, each of which paid 23/6 per month, a rent set in 1926 - £14/2/- per annum each. Before 1926 rent had been just £7 per annum because the properties had been “well repaired and new barns and earth closets erected outside”. Each had a severe slope upstairs at the back.

Each tenant had accommodation comprising a living room, kitchen, scullery and two bedrooms, although a later hand has amended the middle of the terrace to read living room, kitchen and washhouse with bath and w. c. water for all three came from a communal tap and each had a small garden of about ten poles. A barn and earth closet stood outside each.

In 1937 Marshall and Marsters put their properties up for sale by auction. Brook End House was included in the same lot as 2 and 4 Brook End. The particulars [PK1/4/72] described the property as three brick and tiled cottages each containing four rooms, out-offices and gardens. Occupiers were named Richardson, Robinson and Elliman. Both this row and Brook End House, Lot 8 in the sale, sold for a total of £600.

By 1960 the cottages were in the ownership of Nuffield College, Oxford, along with Brook End House and Hatch Farm. The college put properties held in the area up for auction in that year - Hatch Farm and 2 to 4 Brook End all forming Lot 1. the particulars [X403/25] read thus:

The three terraced
Known as
Nos. 2, 3 & 4, BROOK END

are within a short distance of the Farm Buildings and on the main road from Shefford to Sandy almost opposite the "Gardeners Arms" Inn. They are well constructed of brick and tile with a recent nrick extension at the rear and are in good structural condition. Each Cottage has 2 Bedrooms; landing Bedroom; Sitting Room; Hall; Kitchen with sink; Bathroom and separate W. C.

SERVICES: Main water, main electricity (exceot No. 2), cesspit drainage.
OUTSIDE: Each Cottage has a Coal House and Store Shed and a good area of Kitchen Garden.
RATEABLE VALUES Each Cottage £14.

Owners and Occupiers Drainage Rate informally apportioned at £7 2s. 7d. per annum.

The farmn and the cottages together sold for £31,600. the particulars do not record to whom the sale was made.