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Quarter Sessions Records

The records for the Bedford Borough Quarter Sessions and the Bedfordshire Quarter Sessions are held in separate collections. 

Bedford Borough Quarter Sessions

Records from the Bedford Quarter Sessions can be found in the Bedford Borough archives under reference BorBF 

BorBF1 relates to the reinstatement of the separate Borough Quarter Sessions in 1846 after the borough had lost that right under the Municipal Boroughs Act of 1835.

BorBF2 are Commissions of the Peace for Bedford, regarding the appointment of JPs and includes documents dating from 1556.

BorBF3 are Quarter Sessions Minutes from 1771 to 1955, some of which can also be found on Microfiche 97/1-4.

BorBF4 are sessions rolls from 1750 to 1836.

BorBF5 are accounts for the quarter sessions and justices of the peace

BorBF6 includes Calendars of prisoners from 1829 – 1849.

BorBF7 are miscellaneous documents regarding quarter sessions.

Bedfordshire Quarter Sessions

The Bedfordshire Quarter Session records can be found under reference Q. The Bedfordshire records of the Quarter Sessions relating to crime and punishment fall into the following categories:

QSM   Quarter Sessions Minute Books

QSR    Quarter Sessions Rolls

QGE    Gaol and House of Correction - buildings

QGR   Gaol reports and papers

QGV   Gaol various [includes correspondence, reports, accounts, lists of prisoners etc]