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The Community of Seddington in General

The Seddington countyside March 2010
The Seddington countyside March 2010


Seddington is a small community either side of the Great North Road, the modern A1. The land is flat and low-lying, around 80 feet above sea level. The soil, so close to the River Ivel which lies to the east, is mostly alluvium and river terrace deposit of sand and gravel but the subsoil is a mudstone called Oxford Clay Formation, laid down between 154 and 164 million years ago in the warm, shallow seas of the Jurassic Period.




Seddington was first recorded in 1306 and the name probably means "farm of the dwellers in the south of the parish" which certainly makes sense as it is well to the south of Sandy.  The name was recorded as Sudington in 1306 and Sodyngton a year later.

 York House March 2010
York House March 2010

Administrative History

Seddington forms a hamlet in the ancient parish of Sandy.