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List of Names in Lower Caldecote in 1637

Bedfordshire & Luton Archives & Records Service has a valuable document for genealogists trying to trace ancestors in Northill. This is P10/4/1 in the Northill parish archive. It is a list of inhabitants from whom money was to be levied for a new set of church bells in 1637. The text states: "A Ten Fould Levy agreed uppon & made the fifteenth of Maie An[o]o Domi[ini] 1637 By the inhabitants of Norrell for the makinge a newe frame for the Bells & Castinge them, & other repayers to be done towarde the Church and Steeple".

The list of inhabitants of "Caldecott", which seems to include both Upper and Lower Caldecote, who were to be charged is as follows: 

Lewis Mordant Esq[ui]re It[em] for Ne[ther i.e. Lower]: Caldecott Farme;
Lewis & George Mordant & John Abbis;
Richard Titchmersh;
John Carter;
It[em] for Richard Titchmersh land;
It[em] for W: Carter's Close;
James Titchmersh;
Will[ia]m Warren;
John Lee;
Geo[rge] Mordant gent.;
John Lodge;
It[em] for R: Phillipp's land;
Martin Base;
It[em] for Hanchetts;
It[em] for Mr Bromsell's Closes;
Thomas Taylor's land;
John Abbis Sen[io]r;
It[em] for Mr Wilmor's Land;
It[em] for Mr Fishe's Land;
Jasper Cole;
Tho[mas] Atterton Sen[io]r;
It[em] for Ayers ground;
Tho[mas] Atterton Jun[io]r;
It[em] for Inninges;
It[em] for Laye Close;
It[em] Mr Everett's land;
widdowe Finche;
John Bayes;
Will[ia]m Peerson;
Gyles Founde;
It[em] for Mr Bromsall's meadowe;
Edw[ard] Townesend;
Edw[ard] Slade;
Robert Willimott;
Widdowe Guy;
Ivery & Sharpe for Mr Fishes meadowe;
Mihill Taylor;
Thomas Lewis;
Sollomon Abbis;
Will[ia]m Abbis;
Edw[ard] Evens;
Robert Hawes;
John Rennoldes;
Sir Will[ia]m Fishe;
John Underwood;
Frankes Meadowe