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Bassett Road Schools in 1904

Bassett Road schools in 1901
Bassett Road Schools in 1901

Bedfordshire County Council became Local Education Authority for the county in 1903, following the Education Act 1902. In 1904 the County Surveyor reported on the condition of all the council and voluntary schools in the county under LEA control, excluding those on Bedford and Luton Boroughs which had their own executive arrangements.

The surveyor reported on both the girls' council and infants' schools in Bassett Road together was they shared the same site. He reported in exactly the format shown below:


The new Block comprises two up-to-date, well-designed and equipped rooms, with Cloak room and Offices of same standard as Beaudesert School, being designed by the same Architect.

Main Room: 45 feet by 24 feet

Class Room: 24 feet by 19 feet 3 inches

Cloak Room: 15 feet 3 inches by 12 feet.

Warmed by open fireplaces.

These premises are in excellent order.

Ventilated by fresh-air inlets and roof exhausts.


These are of the same type as Beaudesert.

A very large tank is over these.


The ground floor of an old residence has been converted into a School Room; the upper rooms, which were at one time used by the Teaching Staff as residences, are now used solely for stores and the like.

Main Room: 40 feet by 23 feet 8 inches.

The windows are large and lofty, having hopper vents. Tobin Tube inlets are provided.

Warmed by an open fire and a stove.

This room will need renovating another season.

A Modern Room has been built next thereto, measuring: 27 feet 8 inches by 20 feet 3 inches.

This is well ventilated, and equipped for Infants' use. It is in fair repair.


The Lobby to these rooms is fairly capacious. Its full length is 25 feet from 8 feet to 15 feet wide and 7 feet 6 inches high.

No lavatory is provided here.

The surface water drain in Yard is defective.

Four new Door steps are necessary, as old are worn through.

Water Supply

All the Leighton Schools are supplied with Town Water.