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1819 Map of Hockliffe Street

 1819 Map of Hockliffe Street
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The map above is part of a larger map published in 1819 by Benjamin Bevan junior [X1/34/1]. In 1821 William Rose of Leighton Buzzard published a reference booklet to accompany the map [X1/34/2]. This booklet gave the owner and occupier of the various buildings and pieces of land on Bevan's map. Below is a transcript of the reference book corresponding to this section of the map, with additions gleaned from Pigot & Company's New Commercial Dictionary for 1823-1824 and other research. Each entry consists of the number, then the name of the owner, then the name of the occupier or occupiers.

Hockliffe Street [earlier called Jeffs Lane]

North Side

West to East

  • 281: Widow Peppiatt; W.Webster [site of 3 Hockliffe Street];
  • 282: Robert Norman; Robert Norman [282 to 285 are the site of 5 to 13 Hockliffe Street; he was a cooper];
  • 283: S.Reeve; A.Sear and T.Brown;
  • 284: W.Smith; W.Smith [he was a sheriff's officer];
  • 285: John Cox; John Cox [he was a glass and china dealer];
  • 286: J.Sanders senior; J.Sanders Senior [site of 15 Hockliffe Street; he was a shoe maker];
  • 287: G.Hart; G.Hart [287 to 290 are 17 to 21a Hockliffe Street];
  • 288: Susan Fox; Susan Fox;
  • 289: J.Stairs; J.Stairs;
  • 290: C.Butcher; M.Butcher and E.Franklin;
  • 291: T.White; J.Reeve [291 and 292 are the site of Hockliffe Street Baptist Chapel]
  • 292: T.White; J.Barratt

South Side

East to West

  • 307: John Short; John Short [he was a miller and mealman];
  • 308: J.Lawley; J.Lawley;
  • 309: Trustees of the Methodist Chapel; G.Rowe [Chapel House site of 14 Hockliffe Street]
  • 310: Trustees of the Methodist Chapel; Methodist Chapel;
  • 311: G.Hart; G.Hart and J.Tompkins [site of 12 Hockliffe Street];
  • 312: W.Clare; John Nash [site of 8 Hockliffe Street; John Nash was a bricklayer];
  • 313: Widow London; Widow London [site of 6a Hockliffe Street];
  • 314: Widow London; A.Turnham [site of 6 Hockliffe Street];
  • 315: S.Reeve; Widow James [4 Hockliffe Street]
  • 316: S.Reeve; Benjamin Gartside [the Roebuck public house, 2 Hockliffe Street]