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The Community of Fancott in General


The solid, or underlying, geology of Fancott is known as Gault Formation, a mudstone laid down between 99 and 112 million years ago in the warm, shallow seas of the Cretaceous Period. Much of the soil is a substance called till, a diamicton formed up to 2 million years ago during glaciation. To the east much of the soil is made up of glaciofluvial deposits of sand and gravel formed during the same time-period. The Fancott Arms lies about 325 feet above sea-level.


Fancott simply means "fen cott" or marsh cottages. The name was recorded as Fencote in 1212, 1215 and 1276 and as Fancote in 1224, 1276 and 1304.

Administrative History

Fancott has always been a hamlet in the ancient parish of Toddington