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64 to 66 Blunham Road South Mills

64 to 66 Blunham Road in October 2009
64 to 66 Blunham Road in October 2009

This old cottage stands on the corner of Blunham Road and The Ridgeway and is closer to South Mills than to the main village of Chalton. English Heritage listed the cottage in March 1985 as Grade II, of special interest. They dated the origins of cottage to the 17th century. It is a timber-framed structure with pink colour washed roughcast over the top; the roof is thatched. The cottage has a five room plan (previously two cottages with a three and two room plan respectively) downstairs with bedrooms in the attics.

The Rating and Valuation Act of 1925 specified that every piece of land and building in the country had to be assessed to determine the rates to be paid on it. Mogerhanger, Chalton and South Mills were valued in 1927 and the valuer visiting 64 and 66 Blunham Road [DV1/C208/17-18] noted that it was still two cottages at that time, describing the location as South Mills Corner. Both cottages were owned by A. Goodship and the more northerly portion was inhabited by Mrs. Throstle, who had a living room and scullery downstairs with two bedrooms above. She also had a barn outside. Next door was inhabited by T. and C. Gurney who paid £15 per annum rent ("low") and had two parlours and a kitchen downstairs with three bedrooms above. They also had a barn outside as well as a washhouse. the valuer noted "Just been Thatched. Very low Roof".

The Gurneys also rented an adjoining field of 2.053 acres and some farm buildings comprising a timber and corrugated iron store shed and a timber and tile barn as well as a stable for six horses, a mixing room, a store shed and barn and a timber and corrugated iron onion loft. The valuer commented: "Quite Fair". Thomas Gurney is listed in the 1928 Kelly's Directory entry for Blunham as a market gardener.