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Sharnbrook Z1130-100-1-11

High Street, Sharnbrook c.1905 [Z1130/100/1/11]  

We have not yet been able to compile comprehensive history pages for Sharnbrook. If you would like to carry out research and contribute to this site we would be delighted to hear from you.  

Sharnbrook is an ancient parish 8 miles north-west of Bedford, with hamlets at Colworth and Coffle End. Bedfordshire Archives holds many documents relating to the parish; a search of our online catalogue with Sharnbrook as the subject returns over 4900 items. Significant collections for researching people or places in Sharnbrook include:  

  • P112: Records for the parish of St Peter’s, including: registers of baptisms, marriages and burials; records relating to church property; account books; parish magazines  

  • PCSharnbrook: Parish council records, including: minutes; financial records; documents relating to rights of way, planning and other local matters  

  • J1068: Enclosure, Sharnbrook: bound volume containing printed Act, text of award, and map of estate of Samuel Cornish Esq, in Sharnbrook, Souldrop, Bletsoe and Riseley. 

  • MA35/1: Enclosure plan, 1809 and Award Book K 

  • X1/7: Map "Manors of Tofte, Temple Hills, Sharnbrook and Subthorpe, Sam. Cornish, lord", 1765-1770 

  • PK1: Records of W & H Peacock, auctioneers and estate agents, property packets 

  • MC1/5/0/1: Books of reference to the first edition OS plans 

  • MB2/SHA: Sharnbrook Methodist Church  

  • CDE: Records of John Usher, Usher & Anthony, Deacon & Gude, Deacon & Laing, Charter Building Design Partnership and successors 

  • X992: Sharnbrook Old Baptist Chapel 

  • SDSharnbrook Sharnbrook School [Church, National, Board, Council, CP, John Gibbard Lower] 

  • ABP/W: Wills proved in the Archdeaconry of Bedford, 1536-1857  

  • QSR: Quarter Sessions Records for Bedfordshire from 1714-1900. A search combining Sharnbrook as the subject and QSR as the reference will find criminal cases in which the parish is mentioned.   

  • GA: Messrs Garrard & Allen, Solicitors, Olney and F W Bull of Newport Pagnell 

  • X73: Sharnbrook, Wilden and Wootton, deeds 

  • X106: Hipwells of Pavenham and Stoke Mills, Sharnbrook 

  • X453: Deeds - Gells Trust owned the property and the rent was to assist the Sunday School of St Peter's Church, Sharnbrook. 

  • X547: Bedfordshire Deeds from Messrs. Barr Ellison, solicitors, 39 Parkside, Cambridge 

  • X641: Sharnbrook Deeds and Papers (Newell family) 

  • X939/11: Sharnbrook Women's Institute 

  • X1019: Sharnbrook Scout Group 

  • Z483: Items relating to Sharnbrook. 

  • Z755: Papers of the Fountain Family of Sharnbrook  

  • Z50/100: Photographs of Sharnbrook   

  • Z1130/100: Postcards with pictures of Sharnbrook  

  • Z1306/100: Postcards with pictures of Sharnbrook  

Further details of these items can be found through our online catalogue. Our detailed collection guides give more information about the types of records we hold.   

Other useful sources for information about Sharnbrook include:  

  • The National Archives' Manorial Documents Register lists all manorial documents known to survive for the manors of Sharnbrook, Tofts, Colworth and Temple Hills. 

  • Open Domesday lists 11 entries for Sharnbrook in the Domesday Book of 1086.   

Copies of the parish registers listing baptisms, marriages and burials up to 1812 can be purchased from Bedfordshire Archives.  

We offer an enquiry and research service, however this is limited to local history, properties and general subjects; we are no longer able to carry out genealogy research.