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The Manor of Blundells

There is no evidence that the manor of Blundells was ever a true manor holding its own court and there are no records listed for Blundells in The National Archives’ manorial documents register.  

According to the Victoria County History the estate which became known as the ‘manor’ of Blundells was held in 1517 from the lords of Harlington Manor by John Morecote. At the end of the 16th century half of Blundells Manor was bought from Thomas Dickens and his wife Eleanor by Ralph Astrey, who also bought other land belonging to Harlington Manor form Sir Thomas Cheney. These properties were then both included in the Astrey estate at Harlington Woodend.  

The other half of Blundells Manor may well have become Blundells Farm, which was held in 1624 by Jonas Hatton and settled by him on his daughter Anne, wife of John Laurence.  

Earthworks believed to be the site of the Blundells manor house were visible near Sundon Road to the south of the village on aerial photographs after the Second World War, but had disappeared by the 1960s [Heritage Environment Record 9723]