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Cotton End Council School in 1904

Cotton End Lower School April 2011
Cotton End Lower School April 2011

The Education Act 1902, which came into force in 1903, established Bedfordshire County Council as the Local Education Authority for the county. The new LEA set out to determine the condition of its school buildings and the CountySurveyor made his report in 1904. The report for Cotton End Council School was exactly as set out below.

NEW WORKS [TOTAL]: £153/16/1



TOTAL: £163/16/1

Eastcotts School and House (Council)

These are brick and stone buildings, with stone dressings, somewhat modern. 

Main Room 40 feet by 20 feet by 11 feet 8 inches to 18 feet

The room is lighted very well by eight windows; portions of all these are made to open.

Warmed by an open fire.

Ventilation is poor. Six Tobin Tubes and one Exhaust Ventilator should be provided.

General repairs and renovation of this room are necessary.

Class Room 20 feet by 16 feet by 11 feet 9 inches to 18 feet.

This room is similar in all respects, and needs renewal, four Tobin Tubes and one Exhaust Ventilator are needed.

Porch and Cloak Room

This is fairly roomy, serving both rooms. It is also clean.

All locks and fastenings need repairing.

Open Sheds are provided for shelters in the playground.


There is a block of three privies each and a urinal, divided by a centre barn. These could be easily converted into proper earth Closets, as the erection and ground lends to their adaptation.

Master’s Privy

This is at the east end. These offices are only 27 feet off the school block. They must be offensive in hot weather.

Master’s House

This contains three ground floor rooms and three bedrooms, also a larder and small room over.

The Stairway and Hall occupies a large space.

Wet comes in by Dormer cheeks.

Fastenings need rectifying.

Water Supply

Hard and soft water is provided over Scullery sink.

The House generally is in good order.

Walling, Fences and Gates.

These all need considerable repairs.

Outside Painting of wood and ironwork is necessary.