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Silsoe 1831 Census

This document from the Silsoe Parish Archive [Ref.P54/28/21c] gives the name of the head of the household (in rough alphabetical order), the number of families in the house, and the number of males (M) and females (F) in age groups 'under' (<) 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 years etc.

Arnold, James. 2 families: 2M<5; 1M 2F <10; 1M<15; 1M 1F<40; 1M <60; 1F<70.

Ashwell, George. 1 family: 1M 1F <60; 1M <15; 1F <20.

Ashwell, Thomas. 1 family: 1M<50; 1F<60

Austin, Widow. 1 family: 1F<70

Bayley, James. 2 families: 1M<15; 1M<40; 1M 1F<70.

Bigg, Mrs. 1 family: 2F<30; 1F<80.

Baldwin,Thomas. 1 family: 2M 1F<5; 1F<30; 1M<40.

Burley, Widow. 1 family: 1F<20; 2M 1F<30; 1F<60.

Bedford, James.1 family: 1M<5; 1M 1F<30.

Bunyan, Matthew. 2 families: 1F<20; 1M 2F<30; 1M 1F<60.

Bates. 1 family: 1M<20; 1F<30; 1M<70.

Butterfield, Widow. 1 family: 1F<5; 1F<10; 2F<15; 2M<20; 1M<30; 1F<50.

Barnards, Messrs. 1 family: 1F<20; 1M<30; 1M<60; 1M<70.

Bunker, Richard. 2 families: 1M 2F<5; 1F<30; 1M<40; 1M<80.

Bayley, William jnr. 1 family: 1M<30; 1F<40; 1F<70.

Bowles, Joseph.1 family: 1M<5; 1M<10; 1M 1F<15; 2F<20; 1M 1F<50.

The following 3 families were in one house:

Bayley, William: 2M<20; 1M<60; 1F<15; 1F<70.

Brazier, Thomas: 1M<5; 2M<10; 1F<15; 1M<20; 1M<40; 1F<50.

Bunker, Joseph:2M<5; 1M 1F<30.

Clark. 1 family: 1M<70

Cooper. 1 family: 2M<5; 2M<10; 1F<40; 1M<50.

Clark, William. 1 family: 2F<5; 1M 1F<10; 1M<15; 1M 1F<40.

Crouch.1 family. 1M<80.

Cumbie, Mrs. 1 family: 1M<5; 1M<15; 1F<20; 1F<30; 1F<40; 1F<60.

Cook, Samuel. 2 families; 1M 1F<5; 1M 1F<15; 1M<20; 3F<30;1F<60; 1M<80.

Chamberlain, Widow. 2 families: 1F<5; 1M 1F <30; 1F<80.

Church. 1 family: 1M<70; 1F<80.

Crorford, Widow & lodgers: 2F<5; 1F<30; 1M<40; 2M<50; 1M 1F<70.

Cook, William. 1 family: 1M<5; 1M<30; 1F<40.

Clark. 1 family: 2F<15; 1M<20; 1F<50; 1M<70

Carter, Widow. 1 family: 1M 1F<30; 1F<40; 1F<70.

Case, James. 1 family: 1M<10; 1M 1F<20;

Edwards. 1 family: 1M 2F<5; 1M<10; 1F<20; 2F<30; 1M 2F<40; 1F<60.

Edwards, Miss. 1 family: 2F<30.

Eady, Widow. 1 family: 1M<10; 1M<20; 1F<60.

Elmore, James. 2 families: 1M 2F<5; 1F<10; 2F<15; 1M<20; 1M 1F<40; 1M<60.

Eady. 1 family: 2M<5; 1M 1F<30.

Emerton, Edward. 1 family: 1M<5; 1F,10; 1M 1F<15; 3F<20; 1M<30; 1M 1F<50.

Doggett. 1 family: 2M 1F<5; 2F<10; 2M<15; 1M 1F<40.

Eve, Richard. 1 famiily: 2F<5; 1M 1F<10; 1F<20; 2F<30; 1M<40.

Fennymore, George. 1 family: 2M 2F<10; 2M 1F<15; 1M<20; 1M 1F<40.

Field, Widow Francis. 1 family: 1m<10; 1M<30; 1M<70.

Flint, James. 1 family: 1F<5; 1M<10; 2F<15; 1M<40; 1F<50.

Field, Widow. 1 family: 1F<70.

Gillman, William & lodger. 1 family: 2M<5; 3M<10; 1M<20; 1M<40; 1F<50; 1F<70.

Grey, Countess de. 1 family: 2F<50.

Giddings, John jnr. 1 family: 1M<5; 1F<40; 1M<50.

Giddings, William. 1 family: 2M<5; 1M<10; 1M<15; 3M<20; 1M<40; 1F<50.

Gee, Nathaniel. 2 families: 1M 1F<5; 1M 1F<30; 1F<60.

Gudgeon, William. 1 family: 1M 1F<5; 1M<30; 1F<40.

Gee, Thomas. 2 families: 1F<5;1F<20;1M 2F<30; 1M<70.

Giddings, John snr.2 families: 3F<5; 1F<20; 1M<30; 1F<40; 1M<80.

Hughs, Widow. 1 family: 1M<30; 1F<60.

Hayhead. 1 family: 1F<30; 1F<50; 1M<60.

Hodgkins, Charles. 1 1 family.1M 1F<5; 1M<10; 1M 1F<40.

Hubutt, William. 1 family: 1F<5; 2M 1F<30; 1M 1F<50.

Hughs, James. 2 families: 1M 1F<5; 1M 2F<10; 1F<15; 1M 1F<40; 1M 1F<70.

How, Widow. 1F<70.

Hare, Thomas. 1F<5; 1M 1F<30.

Hill, John. 1 family: 1F<15; 1F<50; 1M<60.

King, John. 1 family: 2F<5; 2M<10; 1F<15; 1M 1F<40.

Keep, Thomas. 1 family: 1F<5; 1M 1F<30.

Keens, Widow. 1 family: 2M<5; 2M<10; 1F<15; 1F<40.

Kitchiner, James. 1 family: 1F<10; 1M 1F<15; 1M<20; 1M 1F<50.

Kirkley, William. 1 family: 1F<10; 2F<20; 1F<50; 1M<60.

Lowings, Widow. 1 family: 1F<15; 1M 1F<40; 1F<80.

Lampson, Joseph. 1 family: 1M<20; 1F<40; 1M<50.

Lavender, Thomas. 1 family: 1M 1F<30

Leach, John. 1 family: 1M,15; 1F<30; 1M 1F<50.

Lowings, Henry. 1 family. 1F<30; 1M<60.

Mann, Widow. 1 family: 1F<10; 1M<15; 1M<20; 1M 1F<30; 1F<60.

Masters. 1 family: 1M<30; 1F<40; 1M 1F<70.

Mann, Joseph. 1 family: 2M<5; 1F<30; 1M<40.

Pratt, James. 1 family.: 2M<5; 1M 1F<30.

Poulton, Widow. 1 family: 1M 1F<30; 1F<60.

Pain, William. 1 family: 1M 1F<5; 2F<10; 1M<30; 1F<40.

Pinner, Widow. 1 family: 1F<50; 1F<80.

Porter, Sarah. 1 family: 1M<10; 1F<15; 1F<20; 1F<50.

Pearse, William. 1 family: 2M<5; 1M<10; 1F<15; 1M 1F<40.

Pedder, Joseph. 1 family: 2M<5; 1M<10; 1M 1F<40.

Porter, Mary. 1 family: 1M<30; 1F<60.

Pearse, John. 1 family: 1F<50; 1M 1F<70.

Porter, Thomas. 1 family: 2M 1F<10; 2M<15; 1M 1F<40.

Richardson, Widow. 1 family: 2M<5. 1F<30.

Read, Widow. 1 family: 1F<30; 1F<60.

Rainbow, William. 1 family: 1F<70; 1M<80.

Rich, George. 1 family: 2M<20;  1M<30; 1M 1F<60.

Roberts, Joseph. 1 family: 1F<5; 1F<20; 1M<30.

Richardson, Ellis. 1 family: 2F<5; 1M<10; 1M 1F<40.

Swannell, George. 1 family: 1F<5; 1M 1F<15; 2M<20; 1F<50; 1M<60.

Stapleton, George. 1 family: 1M 1F<5; 2M<10; 1M 1F<40.

Simpson, Richard. 1 family: 1M<10; 2M 1F<30; 1F<60; 1M<80.

Stapleton, William. 1 family: 2F<10; 1F<15; 2M<20; 1F<30; 1M<60.

Stormer, William & Lodger. 1 family: 1M<15; 1M<20; 2M<30; 2M<40; 1M 1F<60; 1M<70.

Smith, William. 2 families: 1F<5; 3F<10; 1F<20; 1M 1F<30; 1M 1F<50.

Squires, Joseph. 1 family:1F<5; 2M 2F<10; 1F<50; 1M<60.

Studman, William. 1 family: 1M 1F<5; 1F<15; 1M 1F<40.

Studman, James. 1 family: 1M<30; 1F<40.

Studman, Widow. 1 family: 1M,40; 1F<70.

Sturgeon, John. 1 family: 1F<30; 1M 1F<60.

Sandon, William. 1 family: 2 F<10; 1M 1F<30; 1M 1F<40.

Tuck, John. 1 family: 1M<5; 1M<15; 1F<20; 1M 1F<30.

Thompson, William. 1 family: 1F<20; 1F<50; 1M<60.

Thorpe. 1 family: 1M<5; 1F<10; 1F<30; 1M<40.

Tebbitt, William. 1 family: 1M<15; 2F<20; 1M 1F<50.

Upton, Robert. 1 family. 1M 1F<10; 1M 1F<15; 1F<20; 1F<30; 1F<50; 1M<60.