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September 1916

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

2nd September 1916 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 43115 Private George Thomas DAY ex-1625 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme) 

3rd September 1916 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line near Falfemont Farm preparing for an attack 

  • 43005 Acting Corporal John Francis EVANS, 21, ex-554 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Steeple Gidding [Huntingdonshire], son of Mark and Ann Evans of Great Gidding [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13261 Private Horace FENSOME, 24, son of S Fensome of Ramridge End, Stopsley (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16993 Private George GOODWIN, 29, born and resided Leek [Staffordshire], son of David and Sarah Goodwin (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 3/5618 Private Jack HART, 34, son of Arthur and Ann Hart of Mount Pleasant, Toddington (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9880 Sergeant Philip Henry HERMANN 23, born Islington [London], son of Emily J Bowyer of 34 Drayton Road, Tottenham [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43443 Private Henry HILL, 35, A Company, ex-1057 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of Henry Seaton and Elizabeth Hill of Brampton [Huntingdonshire] (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 43074 Private Frank MILES, born Offord [Huntingdonshire], resided Graveley [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17834 Private Charles William NORTHWOOD, 22, son of Charles and Sarah Ann Northwood of Snow Hill, Maulden (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27974 Private Arthur PETERS, 30, born Hitchin [Hertfordshire], son of Walter William and Ann Peters of Ivy Cottage, King's Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8393 Lance Sergeant Joseph PLATER, 29, C Company, born and resided Luton, husband of E B Rodell (ex-Plater) of 73 Dudley Street, Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43439 Acting Corporal William ROBINSON, 24, ex-933 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Brampton [Huntingdonshire], son of William and Sophia Robinson (Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 43438 Private George William WRIGHT,28, ex-867 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of Thomas Wright of Brampton [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

3rd Battalion 

  • Second Lieutenant James Hirst BANYARD, attached 1st Battalion (Thiepval Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 10417 Lance Sergeant Albert Frank CARTER, 21, born New Barnet [Hertfordshire], son of Frank and Martha Carter of East Barnet [Hertfordshire] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

  • 14342 Lance Corporal Frederick HILLS, 27, son of Emily and William Hills of Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

  • 23256 Private Harry PAGE, born and resided Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire] (Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 16968 Sergeant Charles Frederick PARKER, born and resided Aston [Hertfordshire] (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec) 

8th Battalion 

  • 18462 Private William WARNER, born and resided Biggleswade (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension) 

4th September 1916 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: successful attack on Falfemont Farm 

  • 43120 Private Albert ABBOTT, 21, son of J Abbott of East End, Bluntisham [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/8066 Corporal Frederick ASHWELL, born Biggleswade, resided Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43096 Private Cyril Reginald BARRETT, ex-1389 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14122 Corporal Ernest Alfred Edwin BERRETT, 28, C Company, born Forest Gate [Essex], son of Frederick Robert and Elizabeth Berrett of Llanberis, Wilbury Road, Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 28010 Private Cyril BRACE, 28, son of Joseph and Ada Maria Brace of 12 Sayesbury Road, Sawbridgeworth [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43048 Private William James BUCKENHAM, 20, ex-1069 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire], son of George and Caroline of Park Farm Cottage, Brampton [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27755 Private Samuel James CARTER, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8433 Lance Corporal David CHALKLEY, bornAston [Hertfordshire], resided Upper Hall [Surrey] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15537 Private George CHAMBERLAIN, 25, son of Alfred and Clara Chamberlain of 25 Walton Street, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], husband of Fanny of 44 Albert Street, Saint Albans (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43006 Private Ernest CHANDLER, ex-560 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Knapwell [Cambridgeshire], resided Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43028 Acting Corporal Walter CLARK ex-728 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Hartford [Huntingdonshire], resided Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7846 Corporal William COOPER, born and resided Clifton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43037 Acting Corporal Herbert DAVIS, ex-893 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Eastwood Nottinghamshire, resided Mansfield [Nottinghamshire] son of John and Janet Davis of 99 Drummond Road, Skegness [Lincolnshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14223 Private Joseph FRENCH, 27, son of William and Mary Ann French of Holly Tree Cottages, Little Green, Pirton [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43017 Private James HARDWICK, 21, ex-657 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of William and Annie Elizabeth Hardwick of 4, Ermine Street,  Huntingdon, apprentice carpenter at F B Thackary & Company of Huntingdon, his brother Arthur J Hardwick also fell (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13942 Private Fred HARPER, C Company, born King's Walden [Hertfordshire], resided Offley [Hertfordshire], son of John and Anne Harper of Lilley [Hertfordshire], husband of late Elizabeth Mary (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19846 Private George HARRIS, born and resided Wootton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43420 Private Richard HART, 36, ex-1258 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Whittlesey [Cambridgeshire], son of Mr and Mrs Hart of 16 South Street, Stanground [Huntingdonshire], husband of Mary of 55 South Street, Stanground (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27814 Lance Corporal Ellis HENMAN, 30, born King's Walden [Hertfordshire], resided Breachwood Green [Hertfordshire], husband of Clara of 5 Cavendish Road, Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16444 Private John James HUDSON, 24, husband of Edith Ellen of 100 Buxton Road, Leek [Staffordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15061 Private Ernest INGGALL, born Kilburn [Middlesex], resided West Kilburn [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20933 Private Ernest Henry JACKSON, 22, son of Ernest and Elizabeth Jackson of 13 Nelson Street, Port Vale, Hertford, resided Baldock [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13486 Corporal Joseph Churchill JARRETT MM, 25, born Isleworth [Middlesex], son of W Jarrett of 141 Chaldon Road, Caterham [Surrey] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43036 Private Ashley Belcher JOHNSON, ex-888 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Windsor [Berkshire], resided Pimlico [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27895 Private William Groves JOHNSON, born Cambridge, resided Rotherhithe [London] brother of Mabel E Stevens of 13 Anthony Road, Woodside [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Major Noel Wilfred LAWDER, 30, son of Dr E J and Margaret Lawder of 7 Blakesley Avenue, Ealing [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 43072 Acting Corporal Charles MALES, 28, ex-1198 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Brixton [London], son of Frederick and Mary Elizabeth Males of Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire] (Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 43003 Private Percy James MANLEY, 20, ex-530 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Huntingdon, son of Samuel Thomas and Betsey Manley of 20 Bank Avenue, Somersham [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25771 Private Augustus Allen MILLS, born and resided Colchester [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/8604 Private Herbert William MOULD, 32, son of R Mould of 28 Chapel Lane, Chatteris [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8167 Sergeant Ernest George PARRISH, 29, born Sawbridgeworth [Hertfordshire], husband of Rosamond Marjorie of 45 Priory Street, Everton [Lancashire], son of George and Alice Parrish of Bennington's Cottage, Hatfield Broak Oak [Essex](Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7395 Private Alfred PEACH, 22, son of George and Elizabeth Peach of 18 Cumberland Street, Houghton Regis (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7811 Private Daniel Thomas PULLEN, 33, born Camberwell [London], resided Peckham [London], husband of Elizabeth Granville (ex-Pullen) of 51 Tusten Street, Old Kent Road [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 28415 Private Richard George ROLPH, 25, born Peter's Green [Hertfordshire], resided East Hyde, son of Matthew and Emma Rolph of Bower Heath, Harpenden [Hertfordshire], husband of Edith Ellen of 78 Linton Road, Great Abington [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43093 Private Owen Knox RUSSELL, 24, C Company, ex-1365 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Willesden Green [Middlesex], resided Kettering [Northamptonshire], son of Sergeant John Knox Russell (Royal Engineers) and W K Russell (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Second Lieutenant Vincent Stanton SANDERS, 19, C Company, son of Henry F and Amelia Sanders of 67 Seymour Road, Hornsey [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18617 Private Harry SEARLE, 42, born Kimbolton [Huntingdonshire], resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire], husband of Clara Jane Carr (ex-Searle) of Winfmill Row, High Street, Saint Neots (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43075 Private Arthur William SILLS, ex-1229 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Honor Oak [London], resided Hemingford Grey [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20059 Sergeant Walter Frederick SURRIDGE, 28, born Bletsoe, resided Bedford, son of John Surridge of Chettles Close, Sharnbrook, husband of Caroline of Church Farm, Sutton [Surrey] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43077 Private Herbert Henry TURNER, born Ampthill, resided Old Fletton [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

3rd Battalion 

  • Second Lieutenant Christopher BLAKE, 24, attached 1st Battalion, son of William Henry and Elizabeth Alice Blake of Bowers House, Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • Lieutenant Addison James HOWARD, 23, attached 1st Battalion, son of James Harold and Mary Howard of The Grange, Kempston (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

9th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Dion Albert LARDNER, 20, attached 1st Battalion, son of Albert Edward and Mary Lardner of Saint Marie, Nimrod Road, Streatham [London] (Thiepval Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 9811 Private Charles George GAINES, born Egham [Surrey], resided East Ham [Essex] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

  • 28379 Private William Arthur MELLER, born Bayswater [London], resided Bedford (Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme)  

6th Battalion 

  • 26270 Private Harold George SAWFORD, born Riseley, son of William Henry and Sarah Sawford of Pippin Wood, Sharnbrook (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

5th September 1916 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line at Falfemont Farm, heavy German shelling 

  • 8940 Lance Corporal George BARRETT, born Warmington [Northamptonshire], resided Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire], son of S G Barrett of 77 Grange Road, Peterborough (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18957 Lance Corporal Albert Lewis CATLIN, 32, son of Susan Catlin of High Street, Graveley [Hertfordshire], resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire], husband of Mary A Brooks (ex-Catlin) of 47 Alleyn's Road, Stevenage (Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 12715 Private Ernest CLARK, 21, son of Charles and Emma Clark of High Street, Corby [Northamptonshire] (Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 43084 Private A E CLIFTON, 21, son of Frederick and Rebecca Clifton of Toll House Farm, Ramsey [Huntingdonshire] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 43111 Private Charles Golding HARPER, 26, ex-1557 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Ramsey [Huntingdonshire] son of Fred and Maria Harper (Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 13115 Private Henry William HARRINGTON, 31, born Stepney [London], husband of M A Fell (ex-Harrington) of 30 Lion Street, Poplar [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 21156 Private James George HENRY, 27, ex-46628 Royal Garrison Artillery, son of Thomas Edward W and Liza Sarah Henry of 84 Croft Terrace, Jarrow [Durham] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10286 Corporal Thomas KELF, born and resided Norwich [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23413 Private Ernest George LAWES, 22, son of Harry and Mary Ann Lawes of Cranley Gate, Redlingfield [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43082 Private Oliver William MADDOX, 19, ex-1270 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of George and E A Maddox of Montagu Villa, Hartford Road, Huntingdon (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20890 Lance Corporal Reginald MANNING, 24,son of Frederick and Eliza Manning of New Cottages, Toseland [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9891 Lance Corporal Arthur MEE, born Ramsey [Huntingdonshire], resided Chatteris [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14569 Private Henry MORRISON, 26, son of Mr and Mrs Morrison of Ford, Little Hadham [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43078 Private Fred OLDFIELD, 24, ex-1269 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire], resided Biggleswade, son of W Oldfield of 28 Hartford Road, Huntingdon (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14075 Lance Sergeant Arthur PHILLIPS, 27, born Westminster [London], son of Arthur and Sarah of 12 London End, Woburn (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18362 Private Herbert Owen SAWYER, born Luton, resided Ponder's End [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43501 Private Leonard SUTTON, ex-1077 Huntingdonshire Cylist Battalion, born and resided Ramsey [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43095 Private Robert Alfred TOSLER, 38, ex-1382 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of Samuel and Elizabeth Tosler of Arthur Street, Hull [Yorkshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16991 Private Richard WALLIS, 19, born Waterhouses [Staffordshire], resided Leek [Staffordshire], son of Dick and Mary of 89 Pinfold Street, Darlaston [Staffordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9219 Private Joseph Benjamin WISE (real name SHACKLETON), born Fenny Stratford [Buckinghamshire], son of John W and Sophia Shackleton of 16 Friday Street, Leighton Buzzard, his brother Henry Shackleton also fell (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27844 Private Charles WOOD, 39, son of Mr and Mrs Wood of 74 Hitchin Road, Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

2nd Battalion: front line at Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée  

  • 27453 Private Joseph CLARK, son of Joseph Clark of 62 Bowling Road, Ware [Hertfordshire] (Gorre British and Indian Cemetery] 

  • 26406 Private Leonard RUSH, 26, A Company, born and resided Stowmarket [Suffolk], nephew of Edith Rush of Hopgoods Yard, 9 Stowupland Street, Stowmarket (Gorre British and Indian Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 15750 Corporal Charles DENMAN, 26, born and resided Horsmonden [Kent] (Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 43004 Acting Corporal Frank Edward WALKER, ex-545 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Gloucester, resided Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire] (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec) 

6th September 1916  

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: relieved from the front line at Falfemont Farm 

  • 19668 Private Arthur TOMS, 19, born Holborn [London], resided King's Cross [London], son of Louisa of 20 Southampton Street, Barnsbury [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

2nd Battalion: front line at Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée 

  • 27215 Lance Corporal Arthur Edwin FEW, 21,born Norwich [Norfolk], son  of H W Few of Cambridge (Gorre British and Indian Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 43033 Private Nelson Edward CORNWALL, 19, ex-816 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of Francis and Louisa Cornwall of 43 Central Hill, Upper Norwood [Surrey], resided Woodstone [Peterborough] (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

  • 18206 Private Walter Henry COX, 27, son of Elsie Cox of Salph End, Renhold (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

  • 5288 Lance Corporal Michael Joseph MCGINN, 34, son of Sergeant Major McGinn and Katherine McGinn, born Candonagh [Donegal], resided West Norwood [London] (Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 43053 Private Harold George STANYON, 28, ex-1112 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Little Stukeley [Huntingdonshire], son of James and aliz Ann Stanyon (memorial at Péronne Road British Cemetery, Maricourt)Page Break7th September 1916 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: front line at Givenchy-lès-la-Bassée 

  • 18940 Private Charles SMITH, 39, son of William and Mary Smith of Sawtry [Huntingdonshire]; husband of Drusilla of Church End, Great Gidding [Huntingdonshire] (Gorre British and Indian Cemetery)  

9th September 1916 

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion: at Diéval 

  • 15337 Private George WARD, born Kingston-on-Thames [Surrey], resided Clerkenwell [London] (Bois-de-Noulette British Cemetery, Aix-Noulette) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 14166 Lance Corporal John Samuel PARKER, brother of G H Parker of 259 Rotherhithe New Road, Bermondsey [London] (Saint-Pierre Cemetery, Amiens) 

  • 43436 Private Donald Paul, 19, ex-819 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of Donald and Rose Paul of 2 Great Eastern Cottages, London Road, Peterborough (Saint-Pierre Cemetery, Amiens) 


3rd Battalion 

  • 9687 Private Charles PEDDER, 24, son of Joseph and Lois Pedder of Trowley Bottom, Flamstead [Hertfordshire], his brother Harry also fell (Flamstead (Saint Leonard) Church, God's Acre) 

10th September 1916 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 43034 Lance Corporal Isaac Reginald HUGHES, 19, ex-825 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Stanground [Huntingdonshire], son of Isaac and Ruth of 59 High Street, Old Fletton [Huntingdonshire] (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

11th September 1916 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 43433 Lance Corporal William Kisby ROWELL, 26, ex-737 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of James and Alice Rowell of Toll Bar, Sawtry [Huntingdonshire] (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

12th September 1916 

Died of Wounds   

1st Battalion 

  • 3/6701 Private Walter NEAL MM, born Boxworth [Cambridgeshire], resided Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire], brother of J Neal of Wood End, Bluntisham [Huntingdonshire] (Saint-Pierre Cemetery, Amiens) 

  • 14099 Private Albert Edward PIGG, 24, son of Charles Octavius Pigg of 2 Lorne Cottage, Moton Street, Royston [Hertfordshire] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie)  


9th Battalion 

  • 26643 Private Arthur Lewis RUSH, attached 10th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment, son of Arthur and Charlotte Rush of Candlet Farm, Walton [Suffolk] (Canterbury Cemetery)Page Break13th September 1916 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: unsuccessful B Company attack on The Quadrilateral near Morval 

  • 19507 Private James George Francis LEAVER, 19, born Haggerston [Middlesex], son of Mr and Mrs Leaver of 35 Norman Road, Leytonstone [Essex] (AIF Burial Ground, Flers) 

  • 16798 Private Henry SMITH, born Islington [London], resided King's Cross [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

9th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Charles Justus BUCH, 36, attached 8th Battalion, son of Charles and Louise Buch of 77 Thurlestone Road, West Norwood [London] (Thiepval Memorial) 

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 25653 Private Tom LEWIS, 22, son of Mary Ann Bishop (ex-Lewis) of Hare Street, Great Parndon [Essex] (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

14th September 1916  

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 23131 Private John Charles HOWE, 21, son of Arthur and Annie Howe of Eynesbury [Huntingdonshire] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

15th September 1916  

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: unsuccessful attack on The Quadrilateral near Morval 

  • 16072 Private George William ALLEN, 24, son of Charles B and Rhoda Allen of 2 Berden Houses, Farcet [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22674 Private Horace AMBRIDGE, born and resided Barton-le-Clay (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20467 Private William John ANDREWS, 25, born and resided Therfield [Hertfordshire], son of Sarah Ann Andrews of 5a Holywell Hill, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] and late William John Andrews (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2)  

  • Lieutenant Thomas Wilson ARNOLD, 25, son of George and Mary Alice Arnold of The Hermitage, Looe [Cornwall], attached Gold Coast Regiment, West African Field Force (Morogoro Cemetery, Tanzania) 

  • 22673 Private Albert ASHBY, born and resided Barton-le-Clay (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17774 Private John ATKINSON, 43, born Blunham, resided Great Barford, son of W G Atkinson of 3 Council Cottages, Willington; husband of Ada Atkinson deceased (Serre Road Cemetery No 2) 

  • 22269 Private Daniel AUSTIN, born Sittingbourne [Kent], resided Harrowden (AIF Burial Ground, Flers) 

  • 18491 Corporal William BARKER, 22, B Company, son of James and Ellen Barker of 58 Munster Road, Fulham [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19688 Lance Corporal Roland Frank BARRON, born and resided Rangoon [Burma] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20779 Private Horace BATCHELOR, 27, son of W and S A Batchelor of Trowley Bottom, Flamstead [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20979 Private Walter BAYLISS, 20, son of Harry and Jane Bayliss of 118 George Street, Great Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire], resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 26672 Private Frederick Charles BEAUMONT, born and resided Langford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20527 Private Ernest BODSWORTH, born and resided Woburn (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20619 Private Archibald BONESS, born and resided Biggleswade (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23115 Private William Frederick BOWLER, 20, B Company, son of William and Mary A Bowler of Flora Belle Villas,Chalfont Saint Giles [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20896 Private Albert Edward BRIDGES, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22895 Private Arthur George BROWN, born and resided Bletsoe (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 15796 Private Herbert BROWN, 25, son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Brown of Boot Lane, Dunton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23247 Private William BUCKINGHAM, born Luton, son of Alfred and Jane Buckingham of Denton's Cottages, Luton Road, Toddington (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13152 Corporal George BYE, born and resided Nailsea [Somerset] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 22917 Private Wilfred CAMFIELD, 22, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire], husband of Emily of 58 Summer Road, East Molesey [Surrey] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20704 Private Ernest CLARIDGE, 26, son of Charles and Elizabeth Claridge of 70 Queen Street, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17096 Lance Corporal Albert CLARK, 26, son of M A Clark of Buckden Road, Brampton [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19672 Private Walter COLLINS, 35, born Islington [London], resided Barnsbury [London], husband of Mary of 3 Orpingley Road, London, served in the 2nd Boer War (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19895 Private Frederick COOK, 22, born Oldham [Lancashire], resided Tilbrook [Huntingdonshire], son of Mary Ann Cook of Burton, Pedwardine [Lincolnshire] and the late James William Cook (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16771 Private William COOPER, son of J Cooper of 17 Exchange Yard, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 16601 Private William George COOPER, born and resided Eaton Socon (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19316 Private John Edmond COUSINS, 23, son of John Andrew and Selina Cousins of 16 Loyes Road, Custom House [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15446 Private Alfred COXALL, 21, son of Alfred and Martha Ann Coxall of Godfrey's Terrace, London Road, Royston [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19942 Lance Corporal Robert DAVIS, born Northampton, resided Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20910 Private William Arthur Leonard DEVEREUX, born and resided Campton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25643 Private Charles DOWNES, born and resided Castle Hedingham [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Lieutenant Edwin Rowland Watts DRAISEY, 21, son of Edwin William Draisey of Station House, Lionel Road, Brentford [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25378 Private Henry EBBS, 22, son of Joseph and Rosa Ebbs of Woodfield Lodge, Woodhill, Hatfield [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16110 Private George EDGELEY, 22, C Company, born and resided Paddington [London], son of J H and Charlotte Edgeley of 12 Highfield Avenue, Greenford [Middlesex] (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 17492 Private Frederick Francis ELLIS, 40, son of William Ellis of Clarke's Lane, Baldock [Hertfordshire]; husband of Ellen Mary of 30 Nightingale Way, Baldock (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 29236 Private John William FALSAR, 38, son of David and Sarah of 134 King Street,  Norwich [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 28998 Private Ernest Pembroke FARMAN, 34, son of William P and Caroline Farman of Great Ormesby [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18801 Private James Charles FEARY, 39, son of Mrs Feary of West Street, Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire]; husband of Louisa of 17 Green Street, Saint Ives (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 27772 Private Frederick FIELD, born and resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18485 Private Arthur Henry FOSTER, 44, son of Thomas and Tibiah Foster of Piper's Lane, Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire]; husband of Eliza of 2 Bridge Place, Godmanchester (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7687 Private Charles FREEMAN, born Lavendon [Buckinghamshire], resided Newton Blossomville [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16361 Private Harry GAMBLE, born and resided Boxmoor [Hertfordshire] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 20667 Private William GILKS, born and resided Woburn (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23599 Private William GODFREY, 21, son of Albert and Elizabeth Godfrey of Hexton [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17336 Private Frederick Herbert GREEN, born Croxley Green [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20969 Private William HAILEY, 35, born Hitchin [Hertfordshire], resided Walsworth [Hertfordshire], son of George Hailey; husband of Rose Annie Eliza Arnold (ex-Hailey) of 32 Orchard Road, Walsworth (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17386 Private Alfred John HARDING, born and resided Cardiff [Glamorgan] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16896 Private Leonard Charles HARDY, 21, born Durrington [Wiltshire], son of Charles William and Fanny Rawlins Hardy of Cranfield (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13692 Private Arthur Charles HARE, 22, born Waltham Abbey [Hertfordshire], son of Charles and Emma Hare of 40 Oatland Rise, Higham Hill, Walthamstow [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20483 Private Herbert HARE, born and resided Old Warden (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10988 Private Arthur HARRIS, born and resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19546 Private Walter HENMAN, 21, son of William and Alice Henman of Breachwood Green [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Lieutenant Archibald Gordon HODGES, 31, son of Right Rev Edward Noel Hodges DD of Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 27737 Private William HOLDWAY, 35, son of Thomas and Mary Ann Holdway of 69 Water End Cople (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16845 Sergeant Harry HOLLIS, born and resided Farcet [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12986 Corporal Frederick HOOKER, born Tottenham [Middlesex], resided Tunbridge Wells [Kent], son of Alice E Hooker of The Chequers Inn, Pampisford [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20397 Private Edward HORSLER, born Sundon, resided Streatley (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 29207 Private George HOWES, born and resided Great Yarmouth [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18233 Sergeant Arthur HUCKLE, born Clophill, resided Biscot (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 12999 Private William James HULL, 23, son of William and Agnes Hull of Everton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20941 Private Frank IRONS, born and resided Wilshamstead (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19498 Private George JACKSON, 42, born Arlesey, resided Dunton, husband of Annie Elizabeth of of 31 Town Fields, Biggleswade (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22457 Private William JACKSON, 26, born Barley [Hertfordshire], resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire], son of George Jackson of Morden Heath (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20744 Private Arthur JANES, born Edlesborough [Buckinghamshire], resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23045 Private John JELLIS, born Flitwick, resided Upper Sundon (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27760 Private George KINGSTON, 42, son of Eliza Kingston of 65 Shrubland Avenue, Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire]; his brother Bert also fell with 2nd Battalion on 12th October 1916 (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19621 Private Edward LEATHER, born and resided Islington [London] (Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont) 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Colin Mclaren LEYS, 22, formerly London Regiment (Queen’s Westminster Rifles), son of John Kirkwood and Ellen Leys of Five Trees Bungalow, Pensham Hill, Pershore [Worcestershire], enlisted August 1914, gazetted May 1915 (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 20316 Private Richard John LISTER, 32, born Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire], son of John and Susan Jane Lister of Needingworth [Huntingdonshire]; husband of Clara (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16554 Private Arthur LOATES, born Barkway [Hertfordshire], resided Royston [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22554 Private Robert LOVETT, 20, C Company, son of H Lovett of 68 Sun Street, Biggleswade (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23778 Private Joseph LUMBERS, 23, born and resided Catworth [Huntingdonshire], son of John and Elizabeth Lumbers of Molesworth [Huntingdonshire] (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 23270 Private George MARTIN, born and resided Barton-le-Clay (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17431 Private John Charles Main MCMANNES, 20,born and resided Aberdeen, son of William and Christina Main McMannes of 82 Holmhead Road, Cathcart [Glasgow] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/8256 Lance Corporal Harry MEDLOCK, born and resided Great Gransden [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25796 Private Frederick MILLS, born Southminster [Essex], resided Leigh-on-Sea [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20339 Private Alfred Charles MILLWARD, born Northampton, resided Olney [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19502 Private Edward John MITCHELL resided Limehouse [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20121 Lance Corporal John MONK born and resided Littleton Drew [Wiltshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15717 Private Robert NASH, 19, born King's Lynn [Norfolk], resided Braughing [Hertfordshire], son of William and Mary Nash of 38 Longlands Park Road, Sidcup [Kent] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 16082 Private Walter NEWTON, 21, C Company, born Eaton Socon, resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire], son of Arthur Newton of Luke Street, Eynesbury [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/8404 Private William NIGHTINGALE, born and resided Bassingbourn [Cambridgeshire] (AIF Burial Ground, Flers) 

  • 17090 Private Albert William PAGE, 23, born Hail Weston [Huntingdonshire], son of Arthur Page of Crosshall Cottages, Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 18128 Private Frederick PAXTON, born Potsgrove, resided Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13671 Private Arthur PEACOCK, born and resided Little Downham [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19512 Private John PERHAM, 25, born Marylebone [London], resided Paddington [London], son of late Samuel and Elizabeth Perham (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22395 Private Christopher PERRY, 47, born and resided Luton, husband of Emily Jane Perry of 192 Argyle Street, Leicester (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16584 Private Charles Edward PINDRED, son of Edward and Charlotte Pindred of 7 Victoria Terrace, Cambridge Road, Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22746 Private Cyril Albert Bernard PINNOCK, 20, D Company, born Sandy, son of Reuben and Annie Pinnock of 5 Cauldwell Place, Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20599 Private George Benjamin POULTER, 18, son of John and Emily Maria Poulter of 23 Hitchin Street, Baldock [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14026 Corporal Frank PRIMETT, 32, born Ickleford [Hertfordshire], resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire], son of Albert and Agnes Primett of 18 Spencer Road, Luton; husband of Alice G Leach (ex-Primett) of 17 Wallflower Close, Shepherd's Bush [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17093 Corporal Benjamin PRIOR, 29, son of John and Mary Ann Prior of Colne [Huntingdonshire], resided Somersham [Huntingdonshire] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 15457 Private Ernest RACHER, born and resided Bassingbourn [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20298 Private Henry John RANDALL, 40, born and resided Marston Moretaine; son of Elizabeth Randall; husband of Alice Beatrice of Church End, Marston Moretaine (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13920 Private Joseph RAWLINGSON, 36, born Cambridge, resided Highgate [London], husband of Eliza of 48 Lulot Street, Highgate (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23789 Private Frederick Donald ROLPH, 40, C Company, born Burnham Green [Hertfordshire], resided Redbourn [Hertfordshire]; husband of Nancy of 17 West Common, Redbourn (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19634 Private John Edward SCADDAN, born Shoreditch [London], resided Islington [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17392 Corporal Ernest Joseph SEWELL, born Eltisley [Cambridgeshire], resided Waresley [Huntingdonshire] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 15786 Sergeant Edward James SHADBOLT, 22, son of Walter Shadbolt of Burnham Green [Hertfordshire], husband of Amy Ellen of Beulah House, Burnham Green (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25153 Lance Corporal Charles Daniel SHAMBROOK, 35, born Amersham [Buckinghamshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire], son of Daniel Alfred and Annie Shambrook; husband of Clara Jane of 53 Fearnley Street, Watford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20048 Private Reginald Frank SHARP, born Boxmoor [Hertfordshire], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16650 Private Frederick SMITH, born and resided Plumstead [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15448 Private Alfred Thomas SPACKMAN or SPACKSMAN, 27, born Steeple Morden [Cambridgeshire], son of James and Mary Ann of The Causeway, Kneesworth [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22435 Private William STEVENS, 34, C Company, born Markyate [Hertfordshire], resided Flamstead [Hertfordshire], son of the late William and Amy Stevens, husband of Clara Jane of Church End, Flamstead (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 10713 Lance Corporal Frederick Ernest STOCK, 20, born Bromley [Kent], son of Frederick and Annie Stock of 24 Ernest Street, West Norwood [Surrey] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17079 Lance Corporal Charles Wilfred SWEPSON, born Great Paxton [Huntingdonshire], resided Abbotsley [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22080 Private Frederick TAYLOR, 34, born and resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], husband of Kate of 7 Saint John's Road, Boxmoor [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13235 Sergeant Harry TAYLOR, born and resided Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23678 Lance Corporal Wilfred TAYLOR, 19, resided Hatfield [Hertfordshire], son of William and Lucy Taylor of High Street, Cinderford [Gloucestershire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20013 Private Herbert THOMAS, 18, son of Robert and Mary Thomas of Down Hall, Abington Pigots [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20032 Private Robert Hugh THOMAS, 32, born Stockport [Cheshire], resided Poulton [Cheshire], husband of Sarah Jane of 2 Morley Road, Poulton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25765 Private Richard George TYLER, born Woodford [Essex], resided Woodford Green [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16581 Private Frederick UNDERWOOD, born Letchworth [Hertfordshire], resided Diddington [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17335 Private Benjamin VEAL, born Cherry Orton [Huntingdonshire], resided Alconbury [Huntingdonshire] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 19766 Private Robert Cecil VICKERY, 21, son of William and S A Vickery of Saint Augustine's House, Priory Avenue, Taunton [Somerset], resided Hornsey [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15524 Private Albert WAKEFIELD, born and resided Nottingham (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 21302 Private Richard Henry WALES, 25, ex-17637 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Downham Market [Norfolk], husband of Elizabeth Ann of 30 Winchester Street, Brighton [Sussex] (AIF Burial Ground, Flers) 

  • 15580 Private Frederick George WEBB, 21, D Company, born Picket Lodge, Rushmere, Heath and Reach, son of John Holmes and Elizabeth Webb of Thomas Street, Heath and Reach (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22850 Private Herbert WHITTINGTON, born and resided Marston Shelton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13699 Private Harry WILKINSON, born and resided Hackney [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17075 Corporal Sidney WILLIAMS, 31, son of Eliza Williams of 16 Tyrgwl Terrace, Saint Thomas, Swansea [Glamorgan] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23234 Private Charles Henry WILSON, 23, born Long Stanton [Cambridgeshire], son of John and Rosetta Wilson of School Lane, Earith [Huntingdonshire], his brother Walter Wilson also fell (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19593 Lance Corporal Thomas YOUNG, born Alnwick [Northumberland], resided Kempston (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

9th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Honoratus Leigh Murron THOMAS, attached 8th Battalion (Thiepval Memorial)  

10th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant John Vincent VAULKHARD, attached 8th Battalion (Thiepval Memorial)  

16th September 1916  

Died of Wounds   

8th Battalion 

  • 16055 Private James HARRINGTON, 22, son of Charles and Emma Harrington of Broad Street Green, Hatfield Broad Oak [Essex] (Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension) 

17th September 1916 

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 15623 Private Jim JEFFERY, 20, born Sandford [Hampshire], son of M A Jeffery of Mons, Milford Road, Shanklin [Isle of Wight] (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

18th September 1916  

Killed in Action  

1st/5th Battalion: column at Kubri 

  • 5814 Private William Henry FOX, G Company, born Hatfield [Hertfordshire], resided Hertford, huband of Gertrude Edith Williams (ex-Fox) of 4 Thornton Street, Hertford (Jerusalem Memorial) 

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: reserve in a successful attack on The Quadrilateral near Morval 

  • 29243 Private William BULLIMORE, born and resided Gimingham [Norfolk] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 20266 Private William COOPER, 21, son of John and Sophia Cooper of 352 Hitchin Road, Luton (Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension) 


Unspecified Battalion 

  • 9573 Corporal James Harry Walter CYSTER, 25, son of James and Mary Cyster of Chalfont Saint Giles [Buckinghamshire] (Chalfont Saint Giles Churchyard) 

19th September 1916 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: moved back from Maricourt to Morlancourt 

  • 16077 Lance Corporal Edward Cornelius REEVE, born Belchamp Walter [Essex], resided Sudbury [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)   

Died of Wounds   

8th Battalion 

  • 27522 Private John BRADFORD, son of William Bradford of 39 Castle Street, Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

20th September 1916  

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 28197 Private Charles William MATTHEWS, attached 2nd Battalion, Suffolk Regiment, son of George and Caroline Matthews of 5 Upper Grange Road, Bermondsey [London], resided Peckham [London] (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

8th Battalion 

  • 17081 Private Arthur Edward BALL, 22, son of James and Mary J Dawson of Upton [Huntingdonshire] (Upton (Saint Margaret) Churchyard) 

21st September 1916 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: in support near Guillemont 

  • 20554 Lance Corporal Arthur HANCOCK, 38, son of Thomas and Martha Hancock of Riseley, husband of Ann Minnie of Melchbourne (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 25766 Private Ernest George FARROW, 22, born Woodford [Essex], son of M M Farrow of 7 Horn Lane, Woodford Green [Essex] (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

22nd September 1916 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: working parties near Guillemont 

  • 20373 Private George William CRANFIELD, born and resided Papworth Saint Agnes [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

23rd September 1916  

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: working parties near Guillemont 

  • 15922 Private Andrew William FIORAVANTI, 22, son of Foleggi and Matilda Fioravanti of 21 Musjid Road,  Battersea [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 17197 Private William Thomas RAYNER, 19,son of Thomas and Elizabeth of 2 Riverside Terrace, West Lynn [Norfolk] (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

  • 15510 Lance Corporal Ernest WAKEFIELD, born and resided Nottingham (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

24th September 1916 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: assembly trenches at Arrowhead Copse 

  • 19531 Private Frank SMITH, 20, son of George and Julia Smith of Little Almshoe, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

25th September 1916 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: successful attack on a sunken road near Guillemont, casualties from British artillery firing short 

  • 40017 Private Frederick ADAMS, ex-28773 Suffolk Regiment, born Chichester [Sussex], resided Guildford [Surrey] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27818 Private John Edward ANDREWS, born London, resided Bushey [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13634 Private William Henry BANGS, born Wheathampstead [Hertfordshire], resided Welwyn [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10131 Lance Corporal William Arthur BARKER, born Kempston, resided Toddington (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 5710 Acting Regimental Sergeant Major William Franklin BARTLETT, born Lambeth [London], resided Kennington [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27445 Private Arthur BRITTAIN, 35, born New Cross [London], resided Graveley [Cambridgeshire], son of Joseph Ward and Sarah Charlotte Brittain of 39 Bunyan Road, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43114 Private Eric William COPEMAN, 20, ex-1599 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Broughton [Huntingdonshire], resided Alconbury [Huntingdonshire], son of William and Rebecca Copeman of Bury [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 27845 Private Arthur DUMPLETON, born Stopsley, resided Leagrave (Guards’ Cemetery, Lesboeufs) 

  • 29460 Private Harry FINDING, born and resided Raunds [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 7349 Corporal George Thomas LINES, 33, C Company, born Thornton Heath [Surrey], resided Tottenham [Middlesex], son of Rose Lines, husband of Millicent M of 5 Heybourne Road, Tottenham (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 12080 Lance Corporal Richard PAYNE, born and resided Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 29452 Private Christopher Francis SMITH, born Aspley Guise, resided Ridgmont (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 15461 Private William WOODCOCK, born Cottered [Hertfordshire], resided High Cross [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: reserve in a successful attack between Morval and les Boeufs 

  • 40077 Private Bertie Thomas ADAMS, born Cambridge, resided Kettering [Northamptonshire], son of Thomas Adams (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 40075 Private Ernest ALLEN, 20, ex-3865 Essex Regiment, born Stock [Essex], son of J Allen of Manor Cottage, Cray's Hill [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 40074 Private James Frederick AVIS, ex-3827 Essex Regiment, born Mersea [Essex], resided West Mersea [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27508 Private Alexander BAMFORD, born and resided Cheshunt [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 40091 Private Cyril Seymour BONEHAM, ex-3725 Essex Regiment, born and resided Ashby Saint Legers [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 40082 Private Edward James BROWN, ex-3819 Essex Regiment, born and resided Beacontree Heath [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 40081 Private Henry BULLOCK, ex-3888 Essex Regiment, born Camden Town [London], resided Grays [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 40093 Private Frederick Charles BURROWS, 19, ex-3729 Essex Regiment, son of M A Burrows of 1 Orchard Street, Saint James, Northampton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22954 Private Frederick CHANCE, born Harlington, resided Toddington (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 16048 Private Harry CHARLES, born Finsbury Park [London], resided East Finchley [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 20403 Private William CHATER, born and resided Olney [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 15788 Private Ernest Jason CLEMENTS, born Worcester, son of Ernest and Marion Clements of Standon [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 40103 Private James Vincent CONROY, ex-3733 Essex Regiment, born and resided Isham [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 26457 Private John William COOK, born Northampton, resided Wellingborough [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 40071 Acting Corporal Frank COX, 19, son of George and Sarah Cox of 8 Granville Terrace, Epping [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15812 Sergeant Herbert George GREEN, born Upton [Huntingdonshire], son of James and Mary Ann Green of Green End Great Stukeley [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 15675 Private Horace HAWKEN, born Saint Keyne [Cornwall], resided Standon [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 18874 Lance Corporal Joseph LAW, born Swineshead, resided Sharnbrook (Guards Cemetery, Lesboeufs) 

  • 22807 Private Arthur William ODELL, 24, C Company, son of Ada E Odell of Marston Shelton (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 19963 Lance Sergeant George William ROBINSON MM, born Coulsden [Surrey], resided Colchester [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 18916 Private William SKINNER, born Marylebone [London], resided Forest Gate [Essex] (Guards’ Cemetery, Lesbouefs) 

  • 26552 Lance Corporal Percy Nathaniel SMITH, born and resided Brigstock [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16056 Private Septimus WARREN, born and resided Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 25648 Lance Corporal Jack WHITE, 20, C Company, born Muswell Hill [Middlesex] son of Harry William and Elizabeth Sarah White of May Villa, 41 Warwck Road, South Chingford [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 43021 Private William SNEESBY, 19, ex-673 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire] (Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme) 

4th Battalion 

  • Second Lieutenant Douglas Bowhill CANDY, 26, attached 1st Battalion, son of Richard E and E A Candy (Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme) 

26th September 1916  

Killed in Action 

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: moving up to dugouts during the attack on Thiepval 

  • 19477 Private Arthur GILLETT, 32, born Houghton Conquest, resided Flitwick, husband of Jessie Louisa of Chapel Road, Flitwick (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15064 Private Albert JEFFERIES, born and resided Sandy (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 27867 Private Alfred Percy BURR,38, son of William Richard and Rachael Emma Burr, born Southgate [Middlesex], resided New Southgate [Middlesex] (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

  • 16101 Private Arthur TOKINS or TOKENS, born Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire], resided Eynesbury [Huntingdonshire] (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

8th Battalion 

  • 19413 Lance Corporal Joseph John WILLCOCKS, 18, born Tottenham [Middlesex], son of Edward Herbert and Marion Willcocks of 253 Brettenham Road, Lower Edmonton [Middlesex] (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 


2nd/5th Battalion 

  • 4146 Private Charles PARROT, born Bedford, resided Bolnhurst, son of F G Parrot of Keysoe Row (Bolnhurst Churchyard) 

27th September 1916  

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: in bivouacs near The Citadel 

  • 3/6920 Private John HORNE, 24, born and resided Leighton Buzzard (Citadel New Military Cemetery, Fricourt) 

  • 4/7302 Private John MANNING, born Sandon [Hertfordshire], resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Citadel New Military Cemetery, Fricourt) 

  • 16507 Private Arthur RAYNER, 38, son of William and Mary Ann Rayner of Gilbey's Yard, Therfield [Hertfordshire] (Citadel New Military Cemetery, Fricourt)  

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: successful clearance and capture of the last remaining part of Thiepval in German hands 

  • 15856 Private Frederick ANDREWS, born and resided Flamstead [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18255 Corporal Herbert ARNOTT, 21, son of James and Elizabeth Arnott of 29 Bury Hill, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire]; husband of Winifred May Sear (ex-Arnott) of 54 Cotterall's Road, Hemel Hempstead (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16193 Lance Corporal Arthur Edward ATKINS, 21, son of Arthur and Emily Atkins of 3 Neal Street, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 25979 Private Leonard John BAYFORD, 38, son of Elizabeth Bayford of Little Hadham [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14671 Private William BENNETT, born Thelbridge [Devon], resided Shobrooke [Devon] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15201 Private William Charles BILLINGTON, 32, son of Charles and Jane Billington of Mount Pleasant, Aspley Guise (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 14910 Private William BLACKMORE, 46, son of George and Eliza Blackmore, born Saint Paul's [Bristol], resided Reading [Berkshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17102 Private Richard BOWERS, 24, born Elsworth [Cambridgeshire], son of John and Jane Bowers of Fenstanton [Huntingdonshire] (Ancre British Cemetery, Beaumont-Hamel) 

  • 15319 Lance Corporal John Walter BROWN, 26, born Westminster [London], son of Mercy Brown of 9 V Block, Peabody Avenue, Ebury Bridge, Pimlico [London] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 15435 Private William BROWN, 19 son of James and Sarah Brown of 4 Dove Dale Place, Sudbury [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 2810 Lance Corporal Charles William CANHAM, born Odell, son of Thomas W and Hannah Canham of 10 Lancaster Road, Kettering [Northamptonshire]; his brother Thomas Ernest Canham also fell (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25626 Private Walter CARTER, 21, son of Ernest and Elizabeth Carter of Upper Green, Wakes Colne [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22040 Private Edward COWLAND, 34, son of John and Jane Cowland of Blue Houses, Colney Heath [Hertfordshire] (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 15045 Private Frederick CRACKNELL, 20, son of Thomas Cracknell of 11 Galley Wall Road, Bermondsey London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19816 Private Reuben DEIGHTON, 20, son of Reuben and Judith Deighton of Ivy Cottage, Lower Dean, resided Kimbolton [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14060 Private Frederick Thomas DORRELL, 22, born and resided Borden [Kent], son of Frederick William Dorrell of 22 Laburnum Place, Sittingbourne [Kent] (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 23198 Private Frank Henry EDWARDS, born Saint John's Wood [London], resided West Hampstead [London] (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 12830 Private William ELLIOT, 21, son of Walter Ramsey and Elizabeth Elliot of Nursery House, Brampton [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43366 Private William EVANS, ex-8921 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Kettering [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15400 Company Sergeant Major Arthur FOUNTAIN MM, 35, born Markyate [Hertfordshire], resided Luton, son of William Richard and Sarah Ann Fountain (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43292 Private Walter George FUDGE, ex-10219 Hampshire Regiment, born and resided Southampton [Hampshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7722 Private Ernest William FURR, born Stopsley, resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6949 Lance Corporal Frederick GLADDING, 19, A Company, born Chapmore End [Hertfordshire], son of J Gladding of Wengeo Common, Ware [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14225 Private James GURNEY, born and resided Wiggington [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15817 Private Horace HARRIS, 26, son of Sarah Harris of Flint Cottage, Flamstead [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43261 Sergeant Alfred HART, 23, ex-8361 Suffolk Regiment, son of Mary Elizabeth Hart of Silver Street, Willingham [Cambridgeshire] (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval 

  • 3/7665 Private John Frederick HIGGS, 20, born Stepney [London], son of G E and Mary Higgs of 23 Boleyn Road, East Ham [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14683 Sergeant Leonard James HILL, born Little Missenden [Buckinghamshire], resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17450 Private Albert Victor HUNT, born Homerton [London], resided East Ham [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13667 Private John JORDAN, born and resided Little Downham [Cambridgeshire] (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 43369 Private John Norman KNOWLES, ex-17333 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Chatteris [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14614 Private Percy LANE, born Colshill [Buckinghamshire], resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43351 Private Albert Victor LEE, resided Ware [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16777 Private Richard Charles MITCHELL, 28, son of Richard Charles and Annie Mitchell of 8 Bomore Road, Notting Hill [London] (Conaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 43324 Private Percy NICE, ex-14293 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Acton [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43326 Private Frederick Hinton OLDFIELD, 29, ex-3/9946 East Surrey Regiment, born Peckham [London], son of Hinton and Mary Oldfield of 70 Hamilton Road, Wimbledon [Surrey] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15357 Private Charles Henry PEARCE, born Hastings [Sussex], resided Westminster [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22192 Private Horace PUTMAN, ex-5275 Machine Gun Corps, resided Millbrook (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Ian Henry Munro ROSS-TAYLOR, son of James Walter and Charlotte Gray Ross-Taylor of Lamarsh [Essex], born Madras [India] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23790 Private William Herbert SEWARD, born and resided Easton [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27815 Lance Corporal Fred SHELFORD, 27, son of Joseph and M Shelford of 35 Albert Street, Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15413 Private Harry SYLVESTER, born Islington [London], resided Toddington (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 14692 Private Victor Charles TAYLOR, born and resided Little Hallingbury [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23663 Private Frederick Abraham TERRY, 24, son of F and M Terry of 20 Walmer Place, Marylebone [London] (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 27859 Private Joseph William TOMPKINS, born Syresham [Northamptonshire], resided Hadley Wood [Hertfordshire] (Adanac Military Cemetery, Miraumont) 

  • 43346 Lance Corporal Harry WARNER, ex-2273 Cambridgeshire Regiment, born and resided Wisbech [Cambridgeshire] (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 19171 Private Sidney WATERTON, born and resided Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27905 Lance Corporal Charles Jesse WHITTAKER, 33, born Abbots Langley [Hertfordshire], son of Jesse and Louisa Whittaker of 10 Railway Terrace, King’s Langley [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27884 Private John Henry WILLIAMS, 28, son of Mrs A C Gibbs of 19 Oliver Street, Ampthill (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16995 Lance Corporal George WINFIELD, 29, born and resided Watford [Hertfordshire], son of George and Lucy Winfield (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27830 Private Percy Harry WRIGHT, 21,son of Arthur and Jane Wright of London Road, Sandy; husband of Helen Mary of 2 Pym's Cottages, Bedford Road, Sandy (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion: 

  • 14796 Private Oliver Samuel BURGE, born Wells [Somerset], resided Frome [Somerset] (Aveluy Wood Cemetery (Lancashire Dump), Mesnil-Martinsart) 

8th Battalion 

  • 22068 Private William Arthur COOK son of William George and Sarah Ann Cook of Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire], resided Little Gaddesden [Hertfordshire] (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 


5th Battalion 

  • 6668 Private William Baker ELGEE, born Camberwell [London], resided Manor Park [Essex] (Harrowgate (Harlow Hill) Cemetery) 

28th September 1916 

Killed in Action  

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: partially successful attack on the Schwaben Redoubt near Thiepval 

  • 43370 Private Thomas Isaac ADAMS, 31, ex-20140 Northamptonshire Regiment, son of Isaac Adams of 45 Arthur Street, Kingsthorpe Hollow, Northampton, husband of Violet Cadd (ex-Adams) of 54 Regent Street, Northampton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22020 Corporal William ANDREWS, 17, born Hatfield [Hertfordshire], son of John and Beatrice Mary Andrews of 9 Kenneth Road, Luton (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 43284 Private David William CHAPMAN, ex-4787 Northumberland Fusiliers, born Chelsea [London], resided Birkenhead [Cheshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15754 Lance Corporal John COCHRANE, 28, born and resided Stepney [London], son of Mrs Cochrane of 24 Parnham Street, Limehouse [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 2/8441 Private George Albert COOPER, born and resided Huntingdon (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 43365 Private John William DICKENS, 19, ex-10359 Northamptonshire Regiment, son of John William and Sarah Ann Dickens of 18 Wellington Street, Peterborough (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43286 Private Sydney Herbert DOEL, 28, ex-26198 Middlesex Regiment, born Wellington [Somerset], resided Pentrechywth [Glamorgan], son of John Doel, husband of Elizabeth Olwen of 4 Gwindy Terrace, Pentrechywth (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13301 Private Walter ELWOOD, born and resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7677 Private George EVERSDEN, born Eltisley [Cambridgeshire], resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14808 Lance Corporal Martin Edgar FIELD, born and resided Henlow (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 43291 Private Harry FISHER, ex-3/9734 East Surrey Regiment, born and resided Hersham [Surrey] (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 16992 Private John GIDDINGS, 21, son of John and Elizabeth Giddings of Saint Edward Street, Leek [Staffordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43297 Private Austin GOODWIN, 22, ex-3/21276 York & Lancaster Regiment, son of Thomas and Annie E Goodwin of 341 Shoreham Street, Sheffield [Yorkshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/7002 Private John HEDGER, born Roe Green [Hertfordshire], resided Hatfield [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7497 Corporal Walter Fred HODGE, 19, son of John and Sarah Hodge of Saint Mary's Street, Gamlingay [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14792 Private Joseph John HOLLOWAY, 22, A Company, born Camberwell [London], son of John William and Louisa Ann Holloway of 44 Cadmore Lane, Cheshunt [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Cedric Stewart HOWARD, 22, son of Albert and Helen Alice Howard of 10 Cutcliff Place, Bedford (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 43349 Private William HUMPHREY, 27, born Hertingfordbury [Hertfordshire], son of William and Alice Humphrey of 12 Birch Green [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13742 Private Herbert William JAMES, 28, born Battersea [London], resided Fulham [London], husband of M A James of 4 Daphne Street, Wandsworth [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15292 Private Arthur KINGHAM, born and resided Wingfield (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18669 Lance Corporal Charles James MARDEL, 33, resided Tyttenhanger Green [Hertfordshire], son of Samuel and Fanny Mardel, husband of Mary of Tyttenhanger Green (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 15158 Private Albert MARDLE, born and resided Letty Green [Hertfordshire] (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 3/8751 Sergeant Walter MARSHALL, born Little Staughton, resided Great Staughton [Huntingdonshire], brother of Alfred Marshall of Crown Farm Cottages, Great Staughton (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 4/7289 Lance Corporal Walter MILES, 32, born Wydial [Hertfordshire], son of Thomas and Eliza Miles of Buntingford [Hertfordshire], husband of Emma A of Meeting Alley, Baldock Lane, Buntingford (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 43320 Private Charles Henry MILLER, ex-11546 East Surrey Regiment, born Battersea [London], resided Tooting [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14405 Private James MIMMS, 24, son of William and Sarah Ann Mimms of 11 Peach Street, Luton (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 14872 Private Ernest Arthur PARSONS, 19, born Lambeth [London], son of G S Parsons of 64 Branksome Road,Acre Lane, Brixton [London] (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 27836 Private Thomas PAYNE, 32, born and resided Sandy, son of John and Sarah Payne, husband of Dorothy of London Road, Sandy (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/7178 Private William James PEARCE, 22, born Sunningdale [Berkshire], son of John and Emley Pearce of 27 Blays Lane, Englefield Green [Surrey] (Cérisy-Gailly French National Cemetery) 

  • 16427 Corporal Robert Walter QUARTERMASS, 27, son of John and Henrietta Quartermass of Bods End Farm, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], husband of Mary Louisa of 56 High Street, Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18202 Private Frank Charles ROBINSON, 28, son of Robert and Sarah Robinson of Linslade [Buckinghamshire], husband of Grace Lily of  Stanbridge (Connaught Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 43333 Private John Henry ROLLINS, ex-15922 Lincolnshire Regiment, born Oldingham [Lincolnshire], resided Coleby [Lincolnshire], husband of Emma of 25 Victoria Street, West Parade, Lincoln (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16208 Sergeant Reginald Walter SHEPHERD, 26, born Weston [Suffolk], son of Robert and Blanche Shepherd of 12 Fredericks Road, Beccles [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15312 Lance Corporal Frederick William SMITH, 23, born Ponder’s End [Middlesex], resided North Hyde [Middlesex] son of Emily E Smith  (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 15465 Corporal Herbert Walter TURNER, born and resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • 26230 Private John George WEBB, 24, son of Luther and Margaret A Webb of Denford [Northamptonshire] (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval) 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Thomas Percy WILSON (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval)  

9th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Herbert George MERCHANT, 22, attached 7th Battalion, son of James H and Maude Merchant of 134 Castle Street, Luton (Thiepval Memorial)   

10th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Robert Donald HUNSTON, 21, attached 7th Battalion, son of Robert George Laskey and Helen Hunston of 32 Hallewell Road, Edgbaston [Warwickshire] (Mill Road Cemetery, Thiepval)  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 27807 Lance Corporal Arthur Joseph PORTER, 37, born and resided Flitton (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

  • 20132 Private Frederick PURDY, 27, son of William and Elizabeth Maria Purdy of The Willows, Great Bentley [Essex] (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

7th Battalion 

  • 15027 Corporal Richard HICKS, born and resided Wendover [Buckinghamshire] (Contay British Cemetery) 

  • 20817 Private Edward HILL, born and resided Barton-le-Clay (Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension)  


8th Battalion 

  • 16930 Private Jack LISLES, born and resided Datchworth [Hertfordshire], son of Mrs Lisles of 9 Brampton Park Road, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Datchworth (All Saints) Churchyard) 

29th September 1916 

Killed in Action  

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: moving into reserve at Thiepval 

  • 19875 Private Frank PEPPER, born Great Staughton [Huntingdonshire], resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

7th Battalion 

  • 15743 Lance-Corporal Thomas John HELEY, 33, born Leighton Buzzard, resided Luton, husband of Elizabeth of 305 Hitchin Road, Luton (Puchevillers British Cemetery) 

  • 14302 Corporal Robert THORPE, 24, A Company, attached 5th Field Survey Company, Royal Engineers, son of Robert and Elizabeth Thorpe of Burford [Oxfordshire] (Acheux British Cemetery) 

30th September 1916  

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 12672 Corporal Alfred TIPPETT, born Shoreditch [London], resided Bow [London] (Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension) 

8th Battalion 

  • 22516 Private Archibald Thomas BETTS, 19, son of James and Selina Betts of Bletchley [Buckinghamshire] (Grove Town Military Cemetery, Méaulte)