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October 1916

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

1st October 1916 

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Henry POTTS, 23, attached 1st Battalion, Essex Regiment, son of Jabez and Hilda Alice Potts of 1a Cato Road, Clapham [London], born Hyde [Cheshire], Radcliffe Scholar at University College, Oxford  (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

3rd October 1916 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 21193 Lance Corporal John Gordon POTTS, 23, born Sunderland [Durham], son of George and Naamah Potts of 10 Holly Terrace, Millfield [Durham] (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

4th October 1916  

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 43300 Private Bruce HONOUR, 22, ex-10351 West Yorkshire Regiment, son of William James and Isabel Honour of 7 Houghton Place, Beeston Road, Leeds [Yorkshire] (Puchevillers British Cemetery) 


2nd Battalion 

  • 9943 Private Percy GODFREY, 25, son of Maria Godfrey of Friars Wash, Flamstead [Hertfordshire] (Dernancourt Communal Cemetery Extension) 

5th October 1916  

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 23280 Private Charles CLIFTON, 21, son of Frederick and Annie Maria Clifton of Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire] (Puchevillers British Cemetery) 

6th October 1916 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 28047 Private Frank STRAWBRIDGE, 26, born Stoodleigh [Devon], resided Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire], son of E C and J Strawbridge of 74 High Street, Wealdstone [Middlesex] (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

9th October 1916 

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 23531 Private Frederick William LAND, born London, resided Biggleswade (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery)  

10th October 1916  

Killed in Action 

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: 200 man working party near Trônes Wood 

  • 20238 Private George PEARSON, born and resided Northampton (Thiepval Memorial)   


1st Garrison Battalion 

  • 24724 Private Jeremiah BUCKLEY, ex-354 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), born Walworth [London], resided Bermondsey [London] (Delhi War Cemetery)  

11th October 1916  

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: assembly trenches near Eaucourt l'Abbaye 

  • 14372 Private George William HARVEY, 26, son of George Harvey of 20 Cavendish Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

4th Battalion 

  • Second Lieutenant Thomas Josceline Gordon REYNOLDS, attached 2nd Battalion (Thistle Dump Cemetery, High Wood, Longueval) 

6th Battalion 

  • 12490 Private Conrad GREENSLADE, 25, attached 28th Training Reserve, son of John and Elizabeth Ann Greenslade of 8 Allen Bank, Newport [Devon] (Fort Pitt Military Cemetery, Chatham) 

12th October 1916  

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: unsuccessful attack on Gird Trench near Eaucourt l'Abbaye 

  • 28833 Private George Robert ABLETT or ABLITT, 32, born Burgh [Suffolk], resided Great Yarmouth [Norfolk], son of Robert G and Kate of Balcony House, Grundisborough [Suffolk], his brother Frederick Victor also fell (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12176 Private William Fyfe ANDERSON, born Broughty Ferry [Forfar], resided Queensferry [Fife] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43373 Private Frederick ASHLEY, ex-20727 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Yardley Hastings [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 29277 Private John AYTON, 40, son of Henry and Kate Ayton of Itteringham [Norfolk] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 18149 Private William Thomas BAKER MM, 30, son of Mr and Mrs Baker of 10 Thurston Road, Lowestoft [Suffolk], resided Watford [Hertfordshire], husband of Jessie Elizabeth of 20 Lovewell Road, South Lowestoft (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7885 Private Frederick BANDFIELD, born and resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7389 Private Victor BARTON, born and resided Walgrave [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20995 Private Albert BEAN, born Southill, resided Biggleswade (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 4/6920 Private William BENNETT, 19, born Barnet [Hertfordshire], son of James and Marion of Bury Bushes, Cambridge Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 27656 Private Frank BRIGHTMAN, born Streatley, resided Great Bramingham (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6587 Lance Corporal John Edward BROWN, born Southsea [Hampshire], resided Portsmouth [Hampshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27612 Private Albert BUCKINGHAM, born and resided Toddington (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7212 Private Sidney BURGESS, born Caddington, resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Francis Joseph CHADWICK, 19, son of Samuel Joseph and Gertrude Chadwick of Field Road, Ilkeston [Derbyshire], educated at Ratcliffe College, Leicester (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 29585 Sergeant Charles CHANDLER, 30, born Tring [Hertfordshire], resided Hatfield [Hertfordshire], son of John and Mary Ann Chandler of Long Marston [Hertfordshire], husband of Edith Elizabeth Bond (ex-Chandler) of 49 Stonecross Road, Hatfield (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 18854 Private Frederick CHARGE, resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], son of Lavinia Charge of Pimlico, Leverstock Green [Hertfordshire] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 18205 Private John William CLARKE, 22, born and resided Battlesden. son of John William Clarke of 41 Dartmoor Street, Notting Hill Gate [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18600 Private John William CLEEVE, alias of John William KIRK, 31, son of James William and Frances Kirk of 7 Institute Terrace, West Oulston, Pelton [Durham], born Blackfriars [London] resided Birtley [Durham] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 29294 Acting Corporal Sidney Burton COLMAN, born North Walsham [Norfolk], resided King’s Lynn [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27546 Private Wilfred COVINGTON, 26, son of Caleb Rosina of 2 Council Cottages, Roxton, his brother Alfred John Covington was killed with the battalion on 30th July 1916 (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27785 Private Benjamin DALE, born High Barnet [Hertfordshire], resided East Barnet [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20615 Private Albert Edward DE FRAINE, 37, son of Mary Marsh (ex-de Fraine) and late Joseph de Fraine of 112 Leagrave Road, Luton, resided Wembley Park [Middlesex] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 26352 Private James DINES, 17, son of George and Abigail Dines of Ivel Terrace, Langford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43376 Private Roland DUNKLEY, 37, ex-17615 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Wellingborough [Northamptonshire], husband of Annie of London End, Irchester [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18759 Private Frederick Arthur DUNKLING, 26, son of Arthur and Sarah Ann Dunkling of 6 Oaklands Terrace, Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7982 Acting Company Sergeant Major Edmund Thomas EPHGRAVE, born Digswell [Hertfordshire], resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 9821 Private Leonard George FISHER, born Harpenden [Hertfordshire], resided Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17494 Private Leonard William FULFORD, 31, born Woolstone [Buckinghamshire], son of Ann Fulford of Church Row, North Crawley [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Second Lieutenant Harold George FYSON (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8669 Corporal Frederick James GAILER, 30, born Derby, resided Abbotts Ripton [Huntingdonshire], son of James and Annie Gailer of Great Stukeley [Huntingdonshire, "a reservist returned from Sydney, Australia for mobilization" (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19247 Private George GASCOIGNE, 32, husband of Ada Emily of 47 New Fenlake, Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27725 Private Ernest Jonathan GENTLE, 34, son of Mary Ann Gentle of The Almshouses, Mill Road, Stotfold (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 29188 Private William Mortimer GIDNEY, 36, son of James and Martha Jane Gidney of Lansdowne, Water Bank Road, Sheringham [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25440 Private George Lovett GILBY or GILBEY, 22, born Islington [London], resided Litlington [Hertfordshire], son of Charles H of The Black Horse Inn, Fowlmere [Hertfordshire] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 18144 Sergeant William GINGER, born Flamstead [Hertfordshire], resided Slip End (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27579 Private Samuel GOODMAN, 34, born and resided Great Staughton [Huntingdonshire], brother of Tom Charles Goodman of Long Drove, Hillrow Fen, Haddenham [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7199 Private William Sidney GRUNDON, born and resided Shillington (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 21159 Acting Lance Sergeant Reuben HONEYMAN ex-39576 Royal Garrison Artillery, born Higham [Kent], son of William and Julia Honeyman of 4 Union Street, Gravesend [Kent] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27542 Private Harry HUCKLE, born and resided Biggleswade (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27561 Private William IMPEY, born and resided Luton (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 27553 Private Lawrence JACKSON, 20, born Stopsley, son of Arthur and Emma of Blackslough, Markyate [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 28834 Private Walter Herbert JEX, born and resided Great Yarmouth [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7942 Private Arthur William KESTER DCM, born Cottenham [Cambridgeshire], resided Hamerton [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8618 Company Sergeant Major Thomas KING, 28, C Company, son of J King of Chiswell Green, Saint Stephen's, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14126 Private Bert KINGSTON, 26, son of Eliza Kingston of 65 Shrublands Avenue, Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire], his brother George also fell with 8th Battalion on 15th September 1916 (Thiepval Memorial)   

  • 27692 Lance Corporal William Andrew KIRKLAND, born Finchley [Middlesex], resided East Barnet [Hertfordshire] (Bienvillers Military Cemetery) 

  • 43378 Lance Corporal Harry Jonathan LORD, ex-8948 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Great Oakley [Essex], resided Little Oakley [Essex] (special memorial in Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 29054 Private Frederick James MASON, born Old Catton [Norfolk], resided Norwich [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20502 Private John MERRYWEATHER, 28, son of James Merryweather of Station Road, Langford (Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 26651 Private Ainger Harry MINETT, born and resided Bury Saint Edmunds [Suffolk] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 14666 Lance Sergeant Percy James MITCHELL, 20, born Hackney [London], resided Leyton [Essex], son of W H Mitchell of Tillingbourne, Leigh Cliff Road, Leigh-on-Sea [Essex] "enlisted as a volunteer from Children's Hospital, where he was studying chemistry" (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 3/8596 Private George MOBLEY, born and resided Dunstable (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 28842 Private Reginald NEAL, born Calthorpe [Norfolk], resided North Walsham [Norfolk] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 29190 Private Peter OGDEN, born Manchester [Lancashire], resided Gorleston-on-Sea [Norfolk] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 17860 Private Frederick PEARCE, 23, resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire], son of G Pearce of 52 Cravells Road, Harpenden (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 9672 Sergeant Ernest Alfred PHIPPS, born and resided Paddington [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19744 Sergeant Peter PIERACCINI resided Dunstable (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 4/6279 Private Charles PRIMETT, born Ickleford [Hertfordshire], resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18810 Private Isaac RATCLIFFE resided Cheadle [Cheshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 26888 Private Charles William RAY, born Burgate [Suffolk], resided Wortham [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7646 Private Nelson RIDDLE DCM, born Hastings [Sussex], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13509 Private James Thomas ROY, born and resided Bedminster [Bristol], father of Nellie Blanche Roy of 11 Little Paradise, East Street, Bedminster (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13619 Private John RUFFETT, born Flaunden [Hertfordshire], resided Ivinghoe [Buckinghamshire] son of William Ruffett (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 21200 Private Charles SAVILL, born Stanford Rivers [Essex], resided Stroud Green [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18627 Private Alfred Stephen SEAMAN, 22, D Company, son of George and Elizabeth Jane Seaman of Cambridge Street,  Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire], resided Huntingdon (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 29053 Private Herbert SECKER, 22, A Company, son of Henry Secker of Gallants Lane, East Harling [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 29250 Private William SHEARWOOD, born and resided Tottenhill [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 26658 Private Claude Bernard William SHIPP, born and resided Ottley [Suffolk], brother of Miss P J Shipp of Water Mill Cottages, Kettleburgh [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10934 Private Edward James SIPPITT, 19, son of William and Agnes Amelia Sippitt of 8 Roding Street, Forest Gate [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19043 Sergeant Edward Lewis SMITH, born Harpenden [Hertfordshire], resided Lower Stondon (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 17777 Lance Corporal Frederick William SMITH, born and resided Milton Bryan (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43385 Private Joseph SMITH, ex-3/10231 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Fulham [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9771 Corporal Louis SPURGEON, 26, son of William and Frances E Spurgeon of 17 Chapel Street, Lowestoft [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 28128 Private Ralph TITMUS, born and resided Gamlingay [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13224 Corporal Victor George TOMPKINS, 29, born West Hampstead [London], resided Wealdstone [Middlesex], son of Walter Tompkins of 12 Harcourt Road, Buckland [Hampshire], husband of Flora Burton (ex-Tompkins) of 6 Palmerston Road, Wealdstone (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18819 Lance Corporal Arthur Charles VENNEEAR, born Hoxton [London], resided East Ham [Essex] (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • Second Lieutenant Lawrence Hale WALKER, 23, son of Thomas and M H Walker of 1 Chester Gate, Regent's Park [London], born Altrincham [Cheshire] (Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 43399 Private John William WATTS, son of J Watts of 29 Upper Priory Street, Northampton (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

  • 4/6652 Acting Sergeant George Herbert WHEELER, born Brent Pelham [Hertfordshire], resided Furneux Pelham [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Lieutenant William WHITE MC, 23, son of Henry and Alice Mary White of Oakbank, Bishopstoke [Hampshire] (McCormick's Post Memorial in Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 18972 Private Albert WILLIS, born Rothwell [Northamptonshire], resided Bedford (Warlencourt British Cemetery) 

10th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant William Henry BIRD, 26, attached 2nd Battalion, son of William and Florence Bird of 55 Rodenhurst Road, Clapham Park [London] (Thiepval Memorial)   

  • Temporary Lieutenant Herbert Alexander HARVEY, 37, attached 1st Battalion, Essex Regiment, son of Herbert Rhys and M A Harvey of Clifton [Bristol] (Thiepval Memorial)  

13th October 1916 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line east of Gueudecourt 

  • 21284 Private Frederick CRACKNELL, ex-17860 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Redlingfield [Suffolk] (Bancourt British Cemetery) 

  • 40242 Private Samuel DAYNES, 26, ex-5163 Norfolk Regiment, son of Samuel and Rebecca Daynes of 7 Trafalgar Back Street, Lakenheath [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 42052 Private Charles FLAXMAN ex-5432 Norfolk Regiment, born and resided Horning [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

2nd Battalion 

  • 3/7414 Lance Corporal Harry HAYES MM, born and resided Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

8th Battalion 

  • 16384 Sergeant Frederick LEACH, 24, born Eggington, son of Charles and Sarah Leach of 90 West Street, Dunstable; husband of Maud Ellingham (ex-Leach) of Rosemede, Houghton Road, Dunstable (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17051 Private George SIMPSON, born Islington [London], resided Somers Town [London] (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

14th October 1916  

Killed in Action 

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line east of Gueudecourt, artillery very active 

  • 15874 Private John COAD, born Newcastle-upon-Tyne [Northumberland], resided Haverstock Hill [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 40144 Private Charles Arthur EARL, ex-28192 Essex Regiment, born Coltishall [Norfolk], resided Horstead [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22660 Private Percy LOCKEY, born Shefford, resided Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15707 Lance Corporal Frederick John PALMER, born Bedminster [Bristol], resided Bristol (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27625 Private Percy Charles TWO, 28, born and resided Bedford, son of Samuel and Mary Two (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 22099 Private Albert MEDLOCK, born and registered Wrestlingworth (Wrestlingworth Burial Ground) 

9th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Frank Lloyd SHARPIN, 33, attached 8th Battalion; son of Archdeacon Frederick Lloyd Sharpin, former Rector of Millbrook and Helen Georgina of 37 Eversley Road, Bexhill-on-Sea [Sussex]; born Bombay [India]; volunteered for the Honourable Artillery Company from the staff of London County and Westminster Bank August 1914; wounded March 1915 at Saint-Eloi; gazetted September 1915 (Grove Town Cemetery, Méaulte) 

15th October 1916  

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line east of Gueudecourt 

  • 19774 Private Alfred Mark MANLEY, born Saint Pancras [London], resided Kentish Town [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 17875 Private William HART, born and resided Leighton Buzzard (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

  • 28840 Private George Ernest NEAVE, 34, born Moulton [Norfolk], son of Mrs C Skipper of 49 Cliff Hill, Gorleston-on-Sea [Norfolk] (Étaples MIlitary Cemetery) 

8th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant John Seear GIBSON, attached 16th Trench Mortar Battery, fourth son of Edward Morris and Martha Gibson of Sutton [Surrey]; husband of Elsie May of Maidstone [Kent] (Thiepval Memorial)  

16th October 1916 

Killed in Action 

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line east of Gueudecourt, intense hostile shelling 

  • 16053 Private Patrick James GALLAGHER, 22, D Company, born Swineford [Mayo], resided Hertford, son of Patrick J and Anne Gallagher of 18 Castleton Road, Goodmayes [Essex] (Bancourt British Cemetery) 

  • 10236 Sergeant Frank David HAMMOND, son of G Hammond of 39 Barngate Street,  Bury Saint Edmunds [Suffolk] (Bancourt British Cemetery) 

  • 16727 Private George Charles WEST, 21, son of A C West of 91 Denmark Street, West Kilburn [Middlesex] (Bancourt British Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 16830 Private Ernest TAYLOR, 20, born Leytonstone [Essex], son of Charles and Minnie Taylor of Page's Farm, Debden [Essex], his brother Edward also fell [Bancourt British Cemetery] 

18th October 1916 

Killed in Action 

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line east of Gueudecourt 

  • 40226 Private Alfred Ernest BUTTIFANT, 37, born South Heigham [Norfolk], son of Alfred Buttifant of 17 Warwick Street, Norwich [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19735 Private George Thomas HALL, 39, born Madingley [Cambridgeshire], resided Connington [Huntingdonshire], husband of Eliza Harriett Martha Hall of Holme Lane Cottage, Connington (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13698 Corporal Alfred PHILLIPS, born Old Ford [London], resided Bow [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20777 Private Edgar Joseph WEST, 23, born Broughton [Huntingdonshire], son of Joseph and Emma West of Ivy Cottage, Great Raveley [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19540 Private William WOODHAM, 39, born Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire], resided Bolnhurst, son of Peter Woodham of Stow Longa [Huntingdonshire], husband of Sarah Ann of Church Lane, Spaldwick [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 13013 Private Bertie CHARGE, 25, son of David Charge of High Street Green, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Bulls Road Cemetery, Flers)Page Break19th October 1916 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line east of Gueudecourt then to reserve at Trônes Wood 

  • 19937 Corporal Archie BRIERLEY, born and resided Burnley [Lancashire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19615 Private Walter Henry LYGOE, 31, born Clerkenwell [London], son of George and Alice Susan Lygoe of Islington [London], husband of N L Cushion (ex-Lygoe) of Islington, father of W Lygoe of 71 Landor Road, Stockwell [London] (London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval) 

  • 20147 Private Richard WOODING, born and resided Houghton Conquest, husband of Rose of Clifton (Bancourt British Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 10405 Corporal John Edward Hyde, 21, D Company, born Kempston, son of John and Nancy Hyde of 18 Spencer Street, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

20th October 1916 

Killed in Action   

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: in reserve near Flers 

  • 9425 Sergeant Arthur Percy HUMPHRIES, born Northill, resided Biggleswade (Bulls Road Cemetery, Flers)  

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 27948 Private Walter Joseph COOK, 41, born Hove [Sussex], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] son of William and Ann Cook (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

  • 9638 Lance Sergeant Thomas GREEN DCM, born Murrow [Cambridgeshire], resided Peterborough (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

21st October 1916 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: in reserve near Flers 

  • 29322 Private Morley John BUNTING, born and resided Terrington Saint Clement [Norfolk] (Bulls Road Cemetery, Flers) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 4/6352 Private Charles CHAMBERLAIN, born Upper Holloway [London], resided Colney Heath [Hertfordshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

8th Battalion 

  • 17458 Private Thomas Frederick PIGGOTT, 21 son of Thomas and Ellen Piggott of Watford [Hertfordshire], resided Luton (Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension) 

22nd October 1916 

Killed in Action  

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: attack practice near Albert  

  • 29760 Private Alfred Walter HOLMES, 22, son of John and Elizabeth Holmes of Farcet [Huntingdonshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 18132 Private Albert HORLEY, born and resided Heath & Reach (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle)  

24th October 1916 

Killed in Action  

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line at Regina Trench near le Sars 

  • 19159 Private Walter PURTON, 25, son of George and Elizabeth of High Street, Northchurch [Hertfordshire] (Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt) 

  • 27821 Private Herbert SHARP, 37, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire], son of Arthur and Alice Sharp; husband of Alice Sharp of 85 Queen Street, Hitchin (Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt) 

  • 27280 Private Harry WALLER, 44, son of Sara Waller of 38 New Town Street, Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15483 Private William Cecil WARNEFORD, born North Kensington [London], resided Paddington [London] (Courcelette British Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 19357 Lance Sergeant Arthur BUTLER, 25, born Old Ford [London], son of Harry Robert and Emily Butler of 9 Tudor Road, East Ham [Essex] (Woodgrange Park Cemetery, East Ham) 

25th October 1916 

Killed in Action  

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line at Regina Trench near le Sars. 

  • 19805 Acting Corporal Charles Henry Charles Henry HAMMOND, born Finsbury [London], resided Sarratt Bottom [Hertfordshire] (Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt) 

  • 15120 Private Harry George Walter HURT, 24, born Saint Pancras [London], son of Frederick George and Martha Hurt of 11 Guildford Road, South Lambeth [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 43313 Private Michael KENNEDY, 29, ex-3/1323 East Surrey Regiment, born Clapham [London], son of Michael and Johanna Kennedy of 8 Wandle Road, South Wimbledon [Surrey] (Regina Trench Cemetery 

  • 12789 Lance Corporal William George PARSONS, 30, B Company, son of Arthur F Parsons of 38 Salisbury Street, Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 30006 Private Albert REEVE, born and resided East Winch [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19309 Private Stanley George RUTT, born and resided Langford (Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt) 

  • 22024 Private Arthur SAMS, resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 30010 Private Ernest Devereux SMITH, born Loddon [Norfolk], resided Starston [Norfolk] (Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt) 

  • 27888 Private Wilfred SMITH, 21, son of George and Jane Smith of Bramfield [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15938 Private Thomas Ashmall THUMWOOD, born Hastings [Sussex], resided Bermondsey [London] (Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt) 

  • 25109 Lance Corporal Maurice WEDD, born and resided Kneesworth [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27355 Private Owen YOUNG, 21, son of Joseph and Kate of North Crawley [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 43342 Private George William TAYLOR, Long service and Good Conduct Medal, 36, ex-3/8138 Norfolk Regiment, born Catton [Norfolk], son of George William and Elizabeth Taylor of Norwich [Norfolk], husband of Clara Woods (ex-Taylor) of 15 The Palace, Barrack Street, Norwich; served in the 2nd Boer War (Albert Communal Cemetery Extension) 

26th October 1916 

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 43338 Private James William SALISBURY, 22, ex-7939 Middlesex Regiment, born Saint Pancras [London], resided Islington [London], husband of Florence E of 30 Pembroke Street, King's Cross (Contay British Cemetery) 

27th October 1916 

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 40490 Private Arthur Oscar EAREY, ex-28719 Essex Regiment, born Castle Hedingham [Essex], resided Rush Green [Essex] (Saint-Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen) 

28th October 1916  

Died of Wounds 

7th Battalion 

  • 14267 Private Arthur BEASLEY, born Sopwell [Hertfordshire], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Contay British Cemetery) 

31st October 1916 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: a trench raid at Quinque Rue near Festubert 

  • 40020 Private Ernest BAALHAM, 18, ex-28653 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Lawford [Essex], brother of Mrs E A Rogers of Wignal Street, Lawford (le Touret Military Cemetery, Richebourg-l'Avoué) 

  • 8414 Private Herbert DURANT, born and resided Bloxworth [Dorset] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 19499 Private Frank KEFFORD, born Sutton, resided Biggleswade (Loos Memorial) 

  • 29355 Private Harold Vernon OCLEE, born and resided Bedford (Loos Memorial) 

4th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line near Beaumont-Hamel 

  • 26242 Acting Corporal George Frederick EDE, 24, born Kilburn [Middlesex], resided Tring [Hertfordshire], son of Henry and Emma M Ede of 38a Denzil Road, Willesden [Middlesex] (Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart) 

  • 25523 Private Ernest TWYDELL, 22, son of John and Eliza Twydell of Bury End, Shillington (Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart) 

  • 23696 Private Percy WOODS, 24, born Wood Walton [Huntingdonshire], son of Joseph Woods of 2 Council Houses, North Road, Sawtry [Huntingdonshire] (Knightsbridge Cemetery, Mesnil-Martinsart) 

Died of Wounds 

7th Battalion 

  • 16338 Lance Corporal John Robert ALLEN, 22, born and resided Sawtry [Huntingdonshire], son of George and Mary Ann Allen of The Park, Connington [Huntingdonshire] (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery)  


1st Garrison Battalion 

  • 24099 Private John George WELCH, ex-11129 Royal West Kent Regiment, born Isleworth [Middlesex], resided Sutton Valence [Kent] (Delhi War Cemetery)