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November 1918

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

1st November 1918  


53rd Battalion 

  • TR/9/48684 Private Sidney Charles POTTER, 18, born and resided Islington [London], son of Frederick George and Emma Potter of 77 Hamilton Street, Vancouver [British Columbia] (Abney Park Cemetery)  

1st Garrison Battalion 

  • 50607 Private Joseph JOWZIELSKI, ex-29051 Suffolk Regiment, born Warsaw [Poland], resided Chicago [Illinois] (Agra Cantonment Cemetery) 

2nd November 1918  


1st Battalion 

  • 271017 Private George John THATCHER, 32, ex-3130 Hertfordshire Yeomanry, born Tidworth [Wiltshire], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], son of late John Thatcher of Lockeridge [Wiltshire], husband of G Thatcher of Oldown, Lockington [Gloucestershire] (les Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangatte) 

5th Battalion 

  • 3766 Private J GRIFFIN, husband of Violet May Seamark (ex-Griffin) of 10 Duckmill Lane, Bedford (Woburn Sands (Saint Michael) Churchyard)  

12th (Transport Worker) Battalion 

  • 34700 Private Ernest Walter BARNARD, 27, ex-6140 Royal Sussex Regiment, son of C H and Caroline E Barnard of Tottenham [Middlesex], husband of E A Barnard of 5 Moselle Street, Tottenham (Tottenham Cemetery)  

13th (Transport Worker Battalion) 

  • 203645 Private John Robert WILKINSON, ex-949 Essex Regiment, born Hull [Yorkshire], resided Stratford [Essex] (Kingston-upon-Thames Cemetery) 

53rd Battalion 

  • TR/9/48630 Private Ernest Harry CRANE, born Bengeo [Hertfordshire], resided Hertford (Bengeo (Holy Trinity) Churchyard) 

  • TR/9/48711 Private Robert William PEGG, 18, son of Jemima Ann Pegg of 50 Park Road, Upper Sheringham [Norfolk] (Upper Sheringham (All Saints) Churchyard) 

3rd November 1918  


3rd Battalion 

  • 50631 Private Harry PERRY, born Tewin [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Tewin (Saint Peter) Churchyard) 

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 200950 Private Sidney Leonard JARVIS, 23, born Harrold, son of Leonard and Fanny Jarvis of Sharnbrook (Cairo War Memorial Cemetery) 

  • 201405 Sergeant Harold George TAYLOR MM, 22,  born Northill, son of W Taylor of Ickwell Green (Beirut War Cemetery) 

6th Battalion 

  • 32260 Private Harold Cecil SHORLEY, son of Herbert Shorley of 41 Banks Road, Biggleswade (Renhold (All Saints) Churchyard) 

53rd Battalion 

  • TR/9/48811 Private Stanley Edward FRAMPTON, born Edmonton [Middlesex], resided New Southgate [Middlesex] (Cannock Chase War Cemetery) 

  • TR/9.48794 Private Goronwy Burrell OLIVER, 18, born Willesden Green [Middlesex], resided Highbury [London], son of Thomas and Elizabeth Oliver of 5 Compton Terrace, Islington [London] (Islington Cemetery and Crematorium) 

2nd Garrison Battalion 

  • 205725 Private Leonard Herbert FLETCHER, ex-281289 Hampshire Regiment, resided Portsmouth [Hampshire] no Commonwealth war Graves Commission entry 

4th November 1918 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Final Advance in Picardy:  successful attack on Preux-au-Bois 

  • Second Lieutenant Sidney Herbert ABBOTT, husband of Janet E of 76 Dartmouth Park Hill, Highgate [Middlesex] (Cross-Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-au-Bois) 

  • 31378 Private George William BRUNTON, born Saham [Norfolk], resided Wisbech [Cambridgeshire] (Preux-au-Bois Communal Cemetery) 

  • 42520 Private Frank BUSLEY, ex-3/61474 Lincolnshire Regiment, born Whaplode [Lincolnshire], resided Holbeach [Lincolnshire] (Preux-au-Bois Communal Cemetery) 

  • 29832 Private Joseph CAKEBREAD MM, born Hoddesden [Hertfordshire], resided Sawbridgeworth [Hertfordshire] (Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay) 

  • 9751 Private Charles CATTLEY, born and resided Barkway [Hertfordshire] (Preux-au-Bois Communal Cemetery) 

  • 266188 Private Frank CHAPMAN MM, born Hertford, son of E Chapman of Brickfields, Vicarage Lane, Hertford Heath (Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay) 

  • 42541 Private Clarence DENNISS, ex-17859 Lincolnshire Regiment, born South Reston [Lincolnshire], resided Fotherby [Lincolnshire] (Preux-au-Bois Communal Cemetery) 

  • 21154 Lance Corporal Patrick HAMMILL, ex-46637 Royal Garrison Artillery, son of Margaret Hammill of 70 Chester Road, Sunderland [Durham] and late Patrick Hammill (Preux-au-Bois Communal Cemetery) 

  • 60975 Lance Corporal Thomas John HIGGINS, 25, son of George Thomas and Ann Mary Higgins of Bedmond [Hertfordshire] (Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay) 

  • 202214 Acting Lance Corporal Herbert MURGATROYD MM, born Little Smeaton [Yorkshire], resided Pontefract [Yorkshire], husband of Milly Bertha of Saint Barnard’s Avenue, Wakefield Road, Pontefact (Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-au-Bois) 

  • 42103 Private George William RAWLES, 19, son of Edward and Jane Rawles of 141 Fishpool Street, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Preux-au-Bois Communal Cemetery) 

  • 42488 Private Samuel ROWLAND, 22, ex-51015 Lincolnshire Regiment, son of John and Hannah Rowland of 52 Oak Street, Church Gresley [Derbyshire] (Montay-Neuvilly Road Cemetery, Montay) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 41533 Private George Harry SPALDING, 20,  son of G Spalding of 139 Nightingale Lane, Hornsey [Middlesex] (le Cateau Military Cemetery) 


1st Battalion 

  • 21855 Private Thomas ALLEN, 20, born Debdale [Leicestershire], son of Thomas and Elizabeth Allen of 2 Caxton Terrace, Market Harborough [Leicestershire] (Market Harborough (Northampton Road) Cemetery)  

2nd Battalion 

  • 49233 Private Ernest Victor HANCOCK, born Willesden [Middlesex], resided Finchley [Middlesex] (Willesden New Cemetery)  

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 200573 Private George COOK, born and resided Luton (Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery) 

  • 21474 Private Robert COOK, born Great Clacton [Essex], resided Clacton-on-Sea [Essex] (Cairo War Memorial Cemetery) 

  • 31445 Private Charles Ernest HOWE, 20, born Kempston, son of William Joel and Elizabeth Hannah Howe of 35 Prebend Street, Bedford (Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery) 

  • 203329 Private Samuel NEEDHAM VC, ex-TS/5023 Army Service Corps, born Limber [Lincolnshire], resided Hull [Yorkshire] son of Septimus and Mary Needham of Grimsby [Lincolnshire] (Kantara War Memorial Cemetery), VC citation: “For most conspicuous bravery and initiative when with a strong patrol which was heavily attacked by the enemy and forced back in confusion. At this critical moment Private Needham ran back and fired rapidly at a body of the enemy at point-blank range. His action checked the enemy and enabled the patrol commander to reorganise his men. The patrol had many casualties, but successfully got back all their wounded, and it was due to the action of individuals, of which this is the most outstanding, that the entire patrol was not cut off. Private Needham’s example was of the greatest value at a critical moment, and the bold and determined stand make by him did more than anything to inspire confidence, and undoubtedly saved a critical situation”. He was killed accidentally by a gunshot at Kantara Camp. 

5th November 1918 

Killed in Action  

Bedfordshire Yeomanry 

  • 30546 Private Arthur Frederick HUCKLE, 24, son of Thomas and Millicent Huckle of Saint Neots Road, Sandy (Landrecies British Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 16750 Lance Corporal Owen BROWN, 24, born Arlesey, son of William and Fanny Brown of 2 Ridge Avenue, Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Jolimetz Communal Cemetery)  

2nd Battalion 

  • 42758 Private James GRIFFIN MM,  21, ex-61398 Lincolnshire Regiment, son of James and Emma Griffin of 85 Ryder Street, West Bromwich [Staffordshire] (Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 20341 Lance Corporal Robert Henry WIGGINS MM born Pavenham, resided Felmersham, son of Harry Wiggins of West End, Stevington (Busigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 


3rd Battalion 

  • Second Lieutenant Reginald Herbert BLACKBURN (West Norwood Cemetery and Crematorium) 

  • 50407 Private James DAWSON, 35, born Kempstone [Norfolk], resided East Rudham [Norfolk] (Brisley (Saint Bartholomew) Churchyard)  

4th Battalion 

  • 50335 Private Henry READER, 19, born Tuddenham Saint Mary [Suffolk], son of Mary Ann Rush of Trickers Green, Combs [Suffolk] (les Baraques Military Cemetery, Sangatte)  

11th Battalion 

  • 62794 Private William James BALL, 47, son of William Ball of Ashford [Kent] (Fort Pitt Military Cemetery) 

2nd Garrison Battalion 

  • 302905 Private Reginald Edward Hodson WOODCOCK, ex-4900 Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry (Delhi Memorial (India Gate), buried Karachi Cemetery)  

6th November 1918 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: advanced to, then shelled out of, la Poyquerie 

  • 47366 Private William Walter JONES, 24, ex-T/326684 Army Service Corps, son of Edward and Alice Jones of 24 Hughes Street, Wolverhampton [Staffordshire] (Pont-sur-Sambre Communal Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 51158 Private Sidney Fred BRYANT, born Hardham [Sussex], resided Pulborough [Sussex] (Saint Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen) 

  • 10052 Sergeant George Edward NEALE, 23, D Company, born and resided Watford [Hertfordshire], son of Richard William and Mary Elizabeth Neale of 6 Vale Road, Bushey [Hertfordshire] (Cross Roads Cemetery, Fontaine-au-Bois)  

2nd Battalion 

  • 20740 Private Albert FORTUNE, 19, son of Fred and Martha Fortune of North End, Bassingbourn [Cambridgeshire] (Bassingbourn cum Kneesworth Cemetery)  


52nd Battalion 

  • TR/9/7128 Private Henry Nathan ELMORE, ex-1429 Buffs (East Kent Regiment), born Herongate [Essex], resided Ramsgate [Kent] (Ramsgate Cemetery) 

7th November 1918 


3rd Battalion 

  • 50413 Private Charles William EAGLE, 31, born Pentney [Norfolk], resided Welney [Norfolk], husband of Emily of 6 Coronation Square, King’s Lynn [Norfolk] (Hilgay (All Saints) Churchyard) 

4th Battalion 

  • 23670 Private Henry Albert CURRELL MM, 32, born and resided Hertford, son of R E Currell of 88 Princes Road, Teddington [Middlesex] and late Henry Andrew Currell (Hertford (Saint Andrew’s) Cemetery)  

8th November 1918 


1st Battalion 

  • 271125 Private Edward LAWSON, born and resided Sandy (Caudry British Cemetery) 

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 12867 Private Charles Frank ALLEN, 27, born Kensington [London], son of Emily Miriam Allen of Ryde [Isle of Wight], husband of Gwen H of 105 Arthur Street, Ryde (Beirut War Cemetery) 

53rd Battalion 

  • TR/9/48430 Private Albert Cyril HARRIS, 18, son of A E and Cissy Harris of 55 South Primrose Hill, Chelmsford [Essex] (Chelmsford (Writtle Road), Cemetery) 

9th November 1918 

Killed in Action  

4th Battalion: Final Advance in capture of Blaugies, attack on Quevy-le-Petit 

  • 25480 Private Herbert BROWN, born and resided Langford (Bougnies Communal Cemetery) 

  • 43509 Private Edward DYSON, 20, ex-242115 East Surrey Regiment, born Houley [Yorkshire], son of Law and Hannah Dyson of 2 Mona Terrace, Slaithwaite [Yorkshire] (Bougnies Communal Cemetery) 

  • 20675 Lance Corporal Harry MARKHAM, 22, son of George and Jane Markham of The Green, Milton Keynes [Buckinghamshire] (Bougnies Communal Cemetery) 

  • 48785 Private Harry SETTER, 19, born Devonport [Devon], resided Battersea [London], son of Samuel and Amy Setter of 19 Longville Road, Newington Butts [London] (Dour Communal Cemetery) 

  • 51288 Private John Charles WELLER, 19, son of George Weller of 175 Gloucester Road, Croydon [Surrey] (Bougnies Communal Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 29026 Private Arthur NEWTON, born and resided Horsham Saint Faiths [Norfolk] (Caudry British Cemetery) 


3rd Battalion 

  • 265500 Corporal George Hine ADCOCK, 23, ex-1st/1st Battalion, Hertfordshire Regiment, son of Fred James and Annie Adcock of 61 Springfield Road, New Southgate [Middlesex], born Wheathampstead [Hertfordshire] (Felixstowe New Cemetery) 

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 203126 Private William GREGORY, born and resided Markyate [Hertfordshire] (Cairo War Memorial Cemetery) 

53rd Battalion 

  • TR/9/9084 Acting Lance Corporal Stanley Ambrose WHITE, ex-26414 Essex Regiment, born Croydon [Surrey], resided West Kensington [London] (Hammersmith Old Cemetery) 

10th November 1918 


53rd Battalion 

  • TR/9/48080 Private Herbert Westley SHARP, 18,  son of Charles and Bertha Sharp of Church Cottage, Maulden (Maulden (Saint Mary) Churchyard) 

11th November 1918 

Died of Wounds  

4th Battalion 

  • 43490 Private Herbert ASHWELL, ex-242205 East Surrey Regiment, born and resided Bradford [Yorkshire] (Denain Communal Cemetery) 

Those Dying After The Armistice  

12th November 1918 

  • 40107 Corporal Philip BARKER, ex-3849 Essex Regiment, born and resided Clavering [Essex] (4th Battalion) (Valenciennes (Saint-Roch) Communal Cemetery) 

  • 42384 Private John Boyd BRADY, 19, ex-42664 South Staffordshire Regiment, son of Francis and Isabella Brady, born and resided Gateshead [Durham] (1st Battalion) (Gateshead East Cemetery) 

  • 8661 Private L N HERBERT, husband of F A Herbert of 25 Comyn Road, Clapham [London] (Depot) (Bedford Cemetery) 

  • 21637 Private Albert James PARRATT, 21, son of Thomas Philip and Elizabeth Parratt of The Nut Shell, Bucks Horn Oak [Hampshire] (1st Battalion) (Rowledge (Saint James) Churchyard) 

13th November 1918 

  • 50636 Private R J ATKINS (unspecified battalion) (Felmersham (Saint Andrew) Churchyard) 

  • TR9/47914 Private Charles Samuel DIXON, son of Ada Dixon of 5 Brewer Street, Goswell Road [London] (53rd Battalion) (Cannock Chase War Cemetery) 

  • 201221 Private Frederick John GAME, born Weston [Hertfordshire], resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (4th Battalion) (Valenciennes (Saint Roch) Communal Cemetery) 

  • TR/9137 Private George ROXBY, 56, husband of Mary Ann of 25 Calvert Street, Norwich [Norfolk] (51st (Graduated) Battalion) (Nowrich Cemetery, Norfolk) 

14th November 1918 

  • 22013 Private Hedley BURR, born and resided Holwell [Hertfordshire] (8th Battalion) (Cologne Southern Cemetery) 

  • Second Lieutenant Thomas William DAVIS, 33, son of Thomas Edward Davis (late Norfolk Constabulary) and Ellen Harriet (née Pigg) of 34 Cavalry Street, Norwich, 2nd/5th Battalion, attached 43rd Light trench Mortar Battery, a solicitor's clerk born at Banham [Norfolk] (died) (Norwich Cemetery) 

  • 8170 Private Charles RAINBOW, born Meppershall, resided Shefford (2nd Battalion) (Niederzwehren Cemetery, Kassel) 

  • 200157 Private Albert William WRIGHTING, 27, B Company, son of Frederick and Rebecca Wrighting of Olney [Buckinghamshire], husband of Annie Mary Ann of 22 East Street, Olney (1st/5th Battalion) (Beirut War Cemetery) 

  • TR/G/47899 Private James YOUNG, 18, son of James and Annie Young of 39 Alma Road, Wandsworth [London] (53rd Battalion) (Wandsworth (Earlsfield) Cemetery) 

15th November 1918 

  • 33159 Private Reginald Ernest ABBEY, born and resided Hertford (1st Battalion) (Mont Huon Military Cemetery, le Treport) 

  • 201904 Private W W FORREST (unspecified battalion) (Chiswick Old Cemetery) 

  • TRG/48272 Private A FREER (53rd Battalion) (Desborough Cemetery, Northamptonshire) 

  • 62139 Private H L REBHOLZ (11th Battalion) (Kensal Green (Saint Mary’s) Roman Catholic Cemetery) 

16th November 1918 

  • 201230 Private John Russell HEDGES, son of Elizabeth Hedges of 7 Parsonage Place, Tring [Hertfordshire] (1st/5th Battalion) (Beirut War Cemetery) 

  • 31869 Private William Henry Arthur LLOYD, born Edmonton [Middlesex], resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (6th Battalion) (Stevenage (Saint Nicholas) Churchyard) 

17th November 1918 

  • 63048 Private David MCINTOSH, ex-150800 Scottish Horse, born and resided Dundee (3rd Battalion) (Dundee Eastern Necropolis) 

  • 36796 Private J POOLE (unspecified battalion) (Fulham Palace Road Cemetery) 

18th November 1918 

  • 23872 Private Frank DAY, 22, ex-11355 Royal West Kent Regiment, son of D Day of Briar Cottage, New Hythe [Kent] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi War Cemetery) 

  • 60784 Private William George MILLIN, 28, husband of Gladys M of 36 Elgin Terrace, Maida Vale [London] (11th Battalion) (Mitcheldean (Saint Michael) Churchyard) 

  • 42489 Private Sydney Herbert STONES, ex-3/61497 Lincolnshire Regiment, born and resided Grainthorpe [Lincolnshire] (2nd Battalion) (Saint Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen) 

19th November 1918  

  • 200464 Lance Sergeant George BARRETT, 23, son of George and Amelia Barrett of 32 South Road, Luton (1st/5th Battalion) (Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery) 

  • Temporary Captain John James Moore FERGUSON, 30, 7th, attached 2nd Battalion, son of John and Emily Norton Ferguson of Chester House, Weston-super-Mare [Somerset], born Cheltenham [Gloucestershire] (Saint-Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen)  

  • 265072 Private Frederick FLINT, born and resided Berkhamstead [Hertfordshire]. Husband of S Flint of 11 New Cottages, Northchurch [Hertfordshire] (1st/5th Battalion) (Deir el Belah War Cemetery) 

20th November 1918 

  • 3/6423 Sergeant George EDWARDS, born Holloway [London], resided Hornsey [Middlesex] (4th Battalion) (Cambrai East Military Cemetery) 

  • 18678 Private William JENKINS, 23, son of William and Minnie Jenkins of Preston [Hertfordshire] (1st Battalion) (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

  • 203192 Private W H NOY, 37, son of William and Sophia Noy of Aldringham [Suffolk], husband of Faith of Halfway Cottages, Leiston [Suffolk] (1st/5th Battalion) (Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery) 

21st November 1918 

  • 203166 Private Walter BEEDLE, 31, born Dorking [Surrey] husband of Alice J M of Stone Lodge, Barrowfield,  Much Hadham [Hertfordshire] (1st/5th Battalion) (Beirut War Cemetery) 

  • 23652 Lance Corporal Frederick GARNER, 28, son of John Edmund and Alice Bessie Garner of 38 The Baulk, Biggleswade (1st Battalion) (Saint Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen) 

  • 27143 Private Abel James POMPHRET, 41, born Stansted [Essex], husband of Mary of Hertford Heath (1st/5th Battalion), served in the South African War (Beirut War Cemetery) 

22nd November 1918 

  • 51153 Private Wilfred BROWN, son of M Brown of 54 Carlyle Avenue, Stonebridge, Willesden [Middlesex], resided Harlesden [Middlesex] (4th Battalion) (Valenciennes (Saint Roch) Communal Cemetery) 

  • 25255 Private Thomas William FREESTONE, 22, son of John William and Mary Elizabeth Freestone of Great Easton [Leicestershire], born and resided Rockingham [Northamptonshire] (1st Battalion) (Great Easton (Saint Andrew) Churchyard Extension) 

  • 61631 Private P A HUCKLE, 44, husband of Charlotte of 8 Kinloch Street, Holloway [London] (11th Battalion) (Islington Cemetery and Crematorium) 

23rd November 1918 

  • 42482 Private Charles William PADLEY, ex-3/61658 Lincolnshire Regiment, son of Charles and Emily Padley of Mareham-le-Fen [Lincolnshire] (2nd Battalion) (Mareham-le-Fen Cemetery) 

24th November 1918 

  • 43527 Private W HENSHAW (3rd Battalion) (Mexborough Cemetery) 

25th November 1918 

  • 266413 Corporal William CANFIELD, 24, son of Philip Canfield of High Cross, Ware [Hertfordshire] (unspecified battalion) (Thundridge (Saint Mary) Churchyard) 

  • 39313 Private H J HICKS (unspecified battalion) (Loughton Cemetery) 

27th November 1918 

  • 62338 Private Alfred DAY, 49, son of Robert and Emily Day of Buckhurst Hill [Essex] (11th Battalion) (Buckhurst Hill (Saint John the Baptist) Churchyard) 

28th November 1918 

  • 47156 Private William Sinclair BEATTIE, 24, ex-T/4/241528 Army Service Corps, born and resided Aberdeen, husband of Grace Mackie (ex-Beattie) of 20 Frederick Street, Aberdeen (1st/5th Battalion) (Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery) 

  • 60638 Private Tom RUSHBY, 19, son of James and Elizabeth Rushby of 8 Woodland Terrace, Wood Road, Peterborough (11th Battalion) (Peterborough Old (Broadway) Cemetery) 

29th November 1918 

  • 37214 Private George GRIFFIN, 41, A Company, husband of Phyllis Griffin of 27 North Street, Leighton Buzzard (1st/5th Battalion) (Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery) 

30th November 1918 

  • 8074 Acting Corporal Joseph GOODMAN DCM, 34, son of Henry and Ellen Goodman of 31 Talbot Road, Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Bareilly Cemetery)