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May 1915

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

Saturday 1st May 1915  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 14800 Private William Charles LAWSON, 19, son of James and Caroline Lawson of 28 Periwinkle Lane, Hitchin [Hertfordshire], born Braintree [Essex] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

Sunday 2nd May 1915  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 13951 Private Frederick MILLER, 38, B Company, son of George and Sarah Miller, husband of Emily Martha of 60 Victoria Road, Watford [Hertfordshire], born Forest Hill [London] (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 7602 Private Edward WARNER VC, 32, son of the late Mark and Charlotte M Warner, born and resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres); London Gazette entry 29th June 1915: "For most conspicuous bravery near ' Hill 60 ' on 1st May, 1915. After Trench 46 had been vacated by our troops, consequent on a gas attack, Private Warner entered it single-handed in order to prevent the enemy taking possession. Reinforcements were sent to Private Warner, but could not reach him owing to the gas. He then came back and brought up more men, by which time he was completely exhausted, but the trench was held until the enemy's attack ceased. This very gallant soldier died shortly afterwards from the effects of gas poisoning." 

Monday 3rd May 1915  

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 3/8453 Acting Sergeant George STEVENS, 40, born Westbourne [Sussex], resided King's Walden [Hertfordshire] (Reninghelst Churchyard Extension) 

Tuesday 4th May 1915 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: front line trenches west of Hill 60 

  • 16492 Private Frederick James FURNEAUX, 23, A Company, son of James Furneaux of Ivy Cottage, King's Kerswell [Devon], his brother John was killed with 2nd Battalion, Devonshire Regiment on 26th November 1914 and is buried at Aubers Ridge British Cemetery (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 


3rd Battalion 

  • 3/7689 Private Percy WARD, 17, son of James and Elizabeth Ward of Olney Road, Lavendon [Buckinghamshire] (Felixstowe New Cemetery) 

Wednesday 5th May 1915 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: German gas attack and capture of Hill 60, successful defence of the Bedfords’ trenches  

  • 15746 Private James Arthur ADCOCK, son of James Herbert and Ada Fanny Adcock of 46 Kerslake Road, Kensal Rise [London], born Saint Pancras [London] (Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Ypres) 

  • 3/7752 Private William ALLEN, 39, son of the late Henry and Isobell Allen, born Flaundon [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

  • 8801 Corporal William ATKINSON, born Poplar [London], resided Bow [London] (Bedford House Cemetery, Ypres) 

  • 13418 Private John Karl AUSTIN, born Beckenham [Kent], resided Knightsbridge [London] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 9988 Acting Corporal Frederick BAKER, born Layston [Hertfordshire], resided Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 14538 Acting Sergeant Arthur BARROW, 25, son of Thomas and Lucy Ann Barrow of 5 Croft Lane, Seaford [Sussex], born East Blatchington [Sussex] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 13512 Private George BOARD, 21, son of Robert James Board of 12 Godson Street, Islington [London], resided King's Cross [London] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 7556 Private Harry BROWN, born and resided Leeds [Yorkshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 13865 Private Arthur George BUNBY, 30, son of Edward Bunby of Stoke Common, Slough [Berkshire], husband of Katie of Bury Lodge, Bury Lane, Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire], born Stoke Poges [Buckinghamshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 3/7576 Private Harry BURGESS, 29, son of the late Mr and Mrs Burgess of Gawcott Road, Buckingham (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 10326 Private Arthur Edward CHILDS, 21, son of George Edward and Sarah Ann Childs of Woodrush Cottage, Smallford [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 14929 Private Charles Ernest CLEAVER, 27, nephew of Mrs M Sheppard of 89a Old London Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 14785 Private William George Colin COOPER, 22, son of Charles William Cooper of 20 Buildwas Road, Ironbridge [Shropshire], born Coalbrookdale [Shropshire] (Sanctuary Wood Cemetery, Ypres) 

  • 7898 Private Harry COX, 30, husband of L M Auburn (ex Cox) of Queen Street, Stotfold (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

  • 4/7378 Private Joseph CRAWLEY, brother of Albert Crawley of 40 North Wharf Road, Paddington [London], born and resided Rickmansworth [Middlesex] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

  • 3/8738 Private Arthur John ENDERSBY, born and resided Biggleswade (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

  • 14530 Private Ernest FARLEY, 20, son of Amos and Ellen Lucy Farley of Garston [Hertfordshire], born Enfield [Middlesex] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 12607 Private Henry John FISHER, 23, son of J Fisher of 16 Cordelia Street, Mile End [London], resided Bow [London] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 13305 Private Frank FOWLER, 27, son of Henry Fowler, born Great Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire], resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Bedford House Cemetery, Ypres) 

  • 6858 Private Charles FOX, born Luton, resided Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 3/7868 Acting Lance Corporal Francis Albert FULLER, born Hertford, resided Balham [London] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 7005 Private Arthur GATES, 33, husband of Gertrude May Rice (ex Gates) of 22 Granville Road, Colchester [Essex], born and resided Dunstable (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 19153 Acting Lance Corporal Charles Frederick GILHAM, born Dublin [Ireland], resided Whitefield [Lancashire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 3/7435 Private Horace HAMMETT, 19, son of Mr and Mrs Hammett of 114 Castle Street, Luton (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 14379 Private Frederick HILLS, 23, son of William J R and Sarah Anna Hills of Holwell [Hertfordshire], resided Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

  • Second Lieutenant Eric Arthur HOPKINS, 29, son of Arthur Hopkins of West View House, York (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 10449 Private Harry HURST, born and resided Luton (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 10361 Private Albert JACKSON, 21, son of William John Jackson of Ladysmith Cottages, Huntingdon Road, Girton [Cambridgeshire], born Kingston [Cambridgeshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 10504 Private Edward KEECH, 18, son of E Keech of 13 Newnham Lane, Goldington, born Blisworth [Northamptonshire] "a native of Green End, Kempston" (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 13035 Private Henry John KING, 30, son of Alfred and Sarah King of Tilsworth, husband of Ethel Emily Kesteven (ex King) of 12 Periwinkle Lane, Dunstable (Bedford House Cemetery, Ypres) 

  • 8174 Private Harry Lewis LINCOLN, born Horham [Suffolk], resided Eye [Suffolk] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 3/6538 Private Arthur LOVERIDGE, 35, son of George and Susan of Fenny Stratford [Buckinghamshire], resided Kempston (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

  • 13116 Lance Corporal Donald James MCMILLAN, 22, son of William Daniel Frederick John and Mary Ann McMillan of 9 Brett Road, Hackney [London], born Islington [London] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 15329 Private Alfred Richard Wilfred MILLER, 20, son of Richard and Annie Miller of Park Hall Road, Somersham [Huntingdonshire], born Warboys [Huntingdonshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 10319 Lance Corporal Albert MILLS, born and resided Bedford (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 15013 Private Frank NORTH, born and resided Huntingdon (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 7635 Private David OAKLEY, 28, son of Lewis and Mary Oakley; husband of Linda Rose of 17 Farquhar Street, Bengeo [Hertfordshire], born Great Munden [Hertfordshire], resided Hertford (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 14979 Private William John PARR, born Canterbury [Kent], resided Wimbledon [Surrey] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 15630 Private Harold PEARCE, 20, son of J Pearce of 42 Coleswood Road, Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 12024 Private Ernest PHIPPS, 24, son of John and Martha Phipps of 2 Belmont Cottages, Stevenage [Hertfordshire], born Sandon [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 9551 Sergeant Charles PURNELL, born and resided Bedford (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 15442 Private Walter ROGERS, 18, son of Tobias and Harriet Rogers of Buckland [Hertfordshire], born Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 4/7232 Private James Warlow Kendrick SCARISBRICK, born Northampton, resided New Barnet [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 12985 Private William SHUFFILL, born and resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 13786 Acting Lance Corporal William SOMERVILLE, 35, husband of Alice of 8 Corner Hall, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], served in the 2nd Boer War with the City Imperial Volunteers (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 15764 Private George STEVENSON, 22, son of Eliza Ann George of Saint George's House, 77 Mount Nod Road, Streatham [London], born Bracknell [Berkshire], resided Putney [London], previously Assistant Steward on SS Mimi (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

  • 13092 Private William SWAN, 21, son of Walter and Susannah Swan of 56 London Street, Islington [London], born Linton [Cambridgeshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 13026 Private Edwin James TOOME, 20, son of Edwin James and Caroline Amelia Toome of 16 Glendarvon Street, Putney [London], enlisted September 1914 (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 7059 Acting Lance Corporal James John TYLER, born Eversholt, resided Birmingham [Warwickshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 9900 Private Alfred Aaron WILSON, born Edmonton [Middlesex], resided Waltham Cross [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 7839 Private Arthur James WOODROW, born Eltham [London], resided Peckham [London] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 14518 Private Sidney Henry GRASEMANN, born and resided Lawrence Hill, Bristol  (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension) 

Thursday 6th May 1915 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: defence of trenches west of Hill 60 against German attacks 

  • 14111 Private Ernest ABREY, born Meldrith [Cambridgeshire]. resided Kensington [London] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 14798 Lance Corporal Reginald DELLOW, born and resided Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 14158 Private Walter FREEMAN, born Camberwell [London], resided Waltham Cross [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 18236 Private Thomas James HOLLIMAN, born and resided Luton (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 13351 Private Thomas Charles LINE, 23, A Company, son of the late John Goodman and Charlotte Sarah Line of 54 Oakley, husband of Olivia Lilian of 47 Ashburnham Road, Bedford (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 15474 Private George William RAYNER, 22, son of David James and Emma Rayner of Wendy [Cambridgeshire], born Shingay [Cambridgeshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 15161 Private Frederick Charles ROWELL, 23, son of T and L Rowell of Garden Cottage, High Street, Somersham [Huntingdonshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 14391 Private Albert SAUNDERS, born North Finchley [Middlesex], resided Bedford (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 13194 Acting Lance Corporal Alfred John SPRUELS, 20, son of A Spruels of Tyler's Farm, Bushey Heath [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

Friday 7th May 1915 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: relief from trenches west of Hill 60 

  • 14759 Private William Russell CASTLE, 20, son of Katherine C Castle of River Green, Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

  • 13326 Private Ernest CHURCH, born and resided Wootton (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

  • 14958 Private Frederick John DUMPLETON, 20, son of C W Dumpleton of 54 Victoria Street, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Sanctuary Wood Cemetery) 

  • 4/7171 Private Walter John SELLICK, born and resided Cullompton [Devon] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion  

  • 7519 Private Charles William FENNER, husband of Alice Ellen of 5 Spring Terrace, Tolleshunt d'Arcy [Essex] (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension) 

Saturday 8th May 1915  

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 9993 Private Charles SAXBY, 25, son of William and Caroline Saxby of Madingley [Cambridgeshire], born Fressingfield [Suffolk] (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

  • 7655 Acting Corporal Charles SMITH, born and resided Luton (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension) 

Sunday 9th May 1915 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • Captain Sheldon Arthur GLEDSTANES, 25, son of Francis Garner and Georgiana Sophia Gledstanes of Berry Hill, Taplow [Buckinghamshire], mentioned in despatches (Bailleul Communal Cemetery) 

  • 12700 Private Arthur STREVENS, born Eastbourne [Sussex], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension) 

Monday 10th May 1915 

Died of Wounds 

4th Battalion 

  • Lieutenant Lawrence Aubrey Finnes Wingfield DICKENSON, son of Rev F W Dickenson of Inworth Rectory [Essex] attached 1st Battalion, Royal Irish Rifles (Merville Communal Cemetery) 

Tuesday 11th May 1915 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: training near Ouderdom 

  • 4/6640 Private George THAKHAM, born Croxley Green [Hertfordshire], resided Northwood [Hertfordshire] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 16495 Private Arthur MITCHELL, 27, son of Sarah and Joseph Mitchell of 1 Adey Fields, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], born Great Gaddesden [Hertfordshire] (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

Wednesday 12th May 1915 

Killed in Action 

2nd Battalion: front line trenches north-east of Festubert 

  • 3/7791 Private Thomas BEARD, born and resided Kempston (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 3/8776 Private George HAYWARD, 40, B Company, son of A Hayward of 59 London Road, Markyate [Hertfordshire], born Luton (le Touquet-Paris Plage Communal Cemetery) 

  • 14206 Private Frederick Thomas RICHARDSON, 18, C Company, son of Walter James and Blanche Richardson of Watford [Hertfordshire] (Wimereux Communal Cemetery) 

Thursday 13th May 1915 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 14013 Private Samuel Wilkinson GREGSON, 31, husband of Elizabeth Higginson (ex Gregson) of 106 Moor Street, Blackburn [Lancashire] (Blackburn Cemetery) 

Friday 14th May 1915 

Killed in Action 

2nd Battalion: front line trenches north-east of Festubert 

  • 3/7316 Private Alfred Joshua BROWN, born and resided Luton (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 10720 Private Albert Horace BURNS, born Saint Pancras [London], resided Somers Town [London] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  •  9065 Private Joseph KIFF, 32, D Company, son of M A Kiff of 2 Earl Street, Watford [Hertfordshire], born Two Waters [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 10042 Private Alfred William FITZJOHN, born and resided Baldock [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Military Cemetery, Richebourg-l'Avoue) 

Saturday 15th May 1915 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: front line trenches north-east of Festubert 

  • 9812 Private Thomas DALMAN, born and resided Islington [London] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 14984 Acting Corporal Sidney ENFIELD, born and resided Earith [Huntingdonshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/7493 Private Albert Edward ODELL, 19, son of Arthur and Emma Elizabeth Odell of 7 Alexandra Road, Goldington (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 6070 Private Isaac William SMITH, born and resided Norwich [Norfolk] (le Touret Memorial) 


3rd Garrison Battalion 

  • 17607 Private Charles Victor CADWELL, 19, son of Frederick and Charlotte Cadwell of Digswell Lodge Farm [Hertfordshire], born King's Walden [Hertfordshire] (Felixstowe New Cemetery) 

Sunday 16th May 1915 

Killed in Action 

2nd Battalion: Battle of Festubert – in support of the attack 

  • 14367 Private Frederick ANDERSON, 29, son of Frederick William and Ellen Jane Anderson of 121a Shakespeare Road, Herne Hill (London), born and resided Brixton (London) (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 13787 Private Arthur BEARDSLEY, 26, husband of Eliza of 49 Forester Street, Netherfield [Nottinghamshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 14632 Private Leonard ELLISON, 26, son of Henry and Emily Ellison of Byfield Cottage, Claverden, Warwick, enlisted August 1914, born Hampstead [London], resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 8420 Private Herbert FULLER, 30, son of P and A F Fuller of 8 New Estate, Wymington, born Little Staughton (le Touret Memorial)  

  • 3/7006 Private Frederick John GILBERT, 21, son of Alfred and Elizabeth Ann Gilbert of Church Row, Wootton (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 3/7684 Private Joseph GREEN, born and resided Holborn [London] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 4/6248 Lance Sergeant Alfred James HETHERINGTON, 28, son of Alfred James Hetherington, husband of H Ayres (ex Hetherington) of 16 Wolesley Road, Wood Green (London), born Worcester, resided Barnet [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/7443 Private Herbert ROBINSON, born and resided Markyate [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 13363 Lance Corporal Ernest Caleb STONE, 28, son of John and Emma Stone of The Common, Cranleigh [Surrey], resided Bayswater [London] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 13480 Private Ernest WASKETT, born Finsbury Park [London], resided Hornsey [Middlesex] (le Touret Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion  

  • 12992 Private Edward Walter COX, 20, son of Albert Cox of Apsley [Hertfordshire], born Hackney (London) (Chocques Military Cemetery) 

  • 9381 Private Harry PALMER, 24, son of S A Palmer of 20 Clinton Road, West Green, South Tottenham [Middlesex] (Bethune Town Cemetery) 

  • 4/6192 Private John SOER, son of A R Soer of 6 Tapster Street, High Barnet [Hertfordshire], born Bury Saint Edmund's [Suffolk] (Woburn Abbey Cemetery, Cuinchy) 

Monday 17th May 1915 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of Festubert – unsuccessful attack  

  • 10347 Private William ADDINGTON, son of J Addington of 19 Baker Street, Northampton (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 10732 Private Sidney ASHFORD, 19, born and resided Chelsea [London] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 9760 Acting Corporal William BARTLETT DCM, 23, C Company, husband of L V Bartlett of 27 Downing Street, Farnham [Surrey], born Caversham [Berkshire] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 9143 Private Edward James BLADON, born Potten End [Hertfordshire], resided Boxmoor [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 14276 Private Albert BLEWITT, born Dudley [Worcestershire], resided Brierley Hill [Staffordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/7361 Private William BOON, born and resided Luton (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 10425 Private Harold BRICKNELL, 19, son of John and Annie Bricknell of  4 Thames Street, Saint Aldates, Oxford (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 8310 Sergeant Arthur Sydney BROWN DCM, 26, C Company, son of Keziah Brown of 1 Castle Hill Cottages, Bedford, born Mogerhanger, resided Lower Grafham [Huntingdonshire] (le Touret Memorial) [information later received that he had been promoted to Second Lieutenant 2nd Cheshire Regiment] 

  • 4/6189 Private John William BROWN, born and resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 4/5723 Corporal Charles CHALKLEY, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 12716 Private John CONLON, 33, son of John Conlon of West Street, Castleblayney [Monaghan], born Sheeterham [Monaghan] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 13005 Private Thomas Henry COTTS, 33, son of William Thomas and Elizabeth Cotts of Station Road, Holt [Norfolk] (le Touret Memorial)  

  • 4/6740 Private Walter EVERETT, born and resided Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 13353 Private William Ward Clement FOWLES, 35, son of Emma Fowles of 19 Nelson Street, Ryde [Isle of Wight] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/7906 Private John James GENTLEMAN, born and resided Hackney [London] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 9158 Private Bert HACKETT, 28, son of Tom and Mary Ann Hackett of Great Staughton [Huntingdonshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/7282 Private Alfred HARPER, born Cranfield, resided Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 4/6760 Lance Corporal Frank HARRADINE, 21, son of Arthur Butler and Emma Harradine of High Street, Ashwell [Hertfordshire] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 3/7781 Private Edward Francis HARRIS, 21, son of John and Florence Harris of Sundon Road, Harlington (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 4/6145 Private Ernest Godfrey HARVEY, 25, son of Mary Ann Woolner of 65 Sunnyside Road, Hitchin [Hertfordshire], born Newport [Essex] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 13843 Private Alfred HERRING, born and resided Apsley End [Hertfordshire] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 16496 Private Ernest Charles HODSDEN, 20, son of Charles and Margaret Hodsden of Woodside, Potten End [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • Captain Harold Edwards HUNTRISS, son of William Huntriss JP and Charlotte E Huntriss (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 3/7196 Private Stanley JEFFS, born Stoke Goldington [Buckinghamshire], resided Kempston (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 13450 Lance Corporal Horace Courtney LITCHFIELD, 24, son of William and Elizabeth Louisa Litchfield of 64 Mount Pleasant Road, Lewisham [London], resided Walthamstow [Essex] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 7772 Private Arthur LOAD or LOAN, born and resided Tiptree [Essex] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/7802 Private James LOFT, born Cardington, resided Bedford (le Touret Memorial) 

  • Major John MACKENZIE VC, 44, native of Contin [Rossshire] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy), his VC citation reads: "On the 6th June, 1900, at Dompoassi, in Ashanti, Sergeant Mackenzie, after working two Maxim guns under a hot fire, and being wounded while doing so, volunteered to clear the stockades of the enemy which he did in the most gallant manner, leading the charge himself and driving the enemy headlong into the bush." 

  • 13952 Private Harry MOCKRIDGE, born Southwark [London], resided Hoxton [London] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 14701, Private Harry MOULE, son of H Moule of Aspenden [Hertfordshire], born Stratford [Essex] (le Touret Memorial)  

  • 14464 Lance Corporal Nimrod OAKINS, 23, son of George and Lucy Oakins of 29 Mill Street, Apsley End [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/7550 Private Henry Samuel PARISH, 25, son of Samuel and Sarah A Parish of 41 Offa Road, Bedford (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 12969 Private Thomas PAYNE, 22, son of Joseph Payne of 73 Fearnley Street, Watford [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 9153 Acting Corporal William PEARSON, 28, son of John and Charlotte Pearson of 16 Inkerman Row, Sudbury [Suffolk] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 4/6983 Private William Harry PETTS, born and resided Hertford (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 4/7087 Private James Walter SCOTT, born Ware [Hertfordshire], resided Cheshunt [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/7255 Private Frederick Charles SMITH, born and resided Aspley Guise (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 13718 Private William Thomas TAYLOR, born Bedminster [Bristol], resided Hardwick [Northamptonshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/6747 Private Herbert Henry TYSOE, son of Mr and Mrs Tysoe of 18 Greenhill Street, Bedford, born Kempston (le Touret Memorial) 

  •  3/7731 Private Charles WILKINSON, 20, son of James and Elizabeth Jane Wilkinson of Beauchamp Roding [Essex] (le Touret Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 10479 Private John CREW, 19, son of James Crew of 53 West Hyde, born Newmill End, Hyde (Bethune Town Cemetery) 

Tuesday 18th May 1915  

Killed in Action 

2nd Battalion: Battle of Festubert – unsuccessful attack 

  • 8440 Private John BARTRAM, born and resided Wilshamstead (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 14706 Private Stanley Beale CAMP, 18, son of Edward and Martha Camp of Lander Cottages, Letchworth Heath [Hertfordshire], born Aldenham [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 9439 Private Alexander Dudley Barrington CONOLLY, 20, son of Thomas Parker Conolly, born and resided Edinburgh [Mid Lothian] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 6895 Private Richard CRIPPS, born Anlaby [Yorkshire], resided Kensington [London] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 4/7127 Private Daniel DORE, 40, son of John and Ellen Dore of Newcastle West [Limerick] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 4/6548 Private William Charles DORMER, 23, son of D and C Dormer of Low Hill, Roydon [Essex], born Waterbury [Buckinghamshire], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 13033 Private John HARDINGHAM, 25, son of A Hardingham of 64 Sydney Street, Brightlingsea [Essex] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 4/5988 Private William JEFFREY, born Brent Pelham [Hertfordshire], resided Little Hadham [Hertfordshire] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy] 

  • 8339, Acting Lance Corporal George William PARKER, 28, son of W Parker of 105 High Street, South Rushden [Northamptonshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 8804 Private Richard Edward James PLUMB, also known as Herbert Victor Alexander PLUMB, son of Annie Plumb of 7 Wivenhoe Road, Peckham [London], born Brockley [London] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 5537 Private Alexander PRATT, 38, husband of Mary of 1 Suez Road, Ponders End [Middlesex], born Hertford, resided Enfield [Middlesex] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/8559 Private Eric Leslie RICHARDSON, son of Joseph and Mary Francis Richardson of 227 Loose Road, Maidstone [Kent], born Brighouse [Yorkshire] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 8996 Private Dennis RILEY, born Flamstead [Hertfordshire], resided Dunstable (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 14142 Private Percy SELL, born and resided Bassingbourn [Cambridgeshire] (Guards Cemetery, Windy Corner, Cuinchy) 

  • 4/7027 Private George SPENCER, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Pont-du-Hem Military Cemetery, la Gorgue) 

  • 9291 Private Ernest Charles SUMMERFIELD, born and resided Bedford (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 4/6950 Private James TURNER, 30, son of William and Lydia Turner, born Weston [Hertfordshire], resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 14423 Private Alfred Thomas UNDERHILL, 23, son of Arthur Thomas and Elizabeth Underhill of 31 Victoria Road, Netherfield [Nottinghamshire], born Horninglow [Staffordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 3/6164 Private Percy Arthur WATSON, born Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire], resided Eynesbury [Huntingdonshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

  • 10127 Private Arthur John William WILDMAN, born and resided Ellington [Huntingdonshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion  

  • 14509 Private Arthur GREEN, 21, son of Joseph and Louisa Sarah Green of Netherfield [Nottinghamshire] (Bethune Town Cemetery) 

  • Lieutenant Alfred Edgar KUHN, 20, son of Alfred and Marie Kuhn, later Kean, of 75a Lansdowne Place, Hove [Sussex] (Bethune Town Cemetery) 

  • 4/7071 Private Alfred MILES, 28, son of Alfred and Mary Miles of Port Vale, Hertford (le Touret Memorial)  

  • 4/7070 Private James WALLACE, 36, son of James and Mary Ann Wallace of Maiden Street, Weston [Hertfordshire] (Bethune Town Cemetery) 

Wednesday 19th May 1915 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 13290 Private Arthur COX, 22, son of Samuel and Angelina Cox, born Lambeth [London], resided Pimlico [London] (Lillers Communal Cemetery) 

Thursday 20th May 1915  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion: 

  • 13366 Lance Corporal William James CLARKE, 22, son of James and Maud Mary Clarke of Heath Cross Nurseries, Uttoxeter [Staffordshire], born Grappenhall [Cheshire] (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

2nd Battalion 

  • 9161 Private John BALLS, 21, B Company, born and resided Bury Saint Edmunds [Suffolk] (Chocques Military Cemetery) 

  • 9061 Drummer Harry William BLOOMFIELD, 27, son of W J and A Bloomfield of 43Surbiton Road, Ipswich [Suffolk] (Bethune Town Cemetery) 

Sunday 23rd May 1915  

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 14459 Private Arthur THOMAS, 20, son of William and Emma Thomas of 9 Godfrey Street, Netherfield [Nottinghamshire] (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension) 

2nd Battalion 

  • 3/7771 Private George STONE, son of Martha E Stone of Sundon Road, Harlington (Harlington (saint Mary) Church Cemetery) his brother James D Stone was killed with 4th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment on 27th August 1918 and is commemorated on the Vis-en-Artois Memorial 

Monday 24th May 1915 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 4/6869 Private Ernest Hector SMITH, 22, son of Frederick and Elsie Smith of Hall lane, Great Chishall [Hertfordshire] (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

Tuesday 25th May 1915 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: in support near Hill 60 

  • 14194 Private George BREWER, 35, son of James Brewer of Church Hanborough [Oxfordshire], born Southampton [Hampshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 8050 Private George CYSTER, born Aston Clinton [Buckinghamshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 8745 Acting Lance Corporal William WEBB, born Islington [London], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension)  


4th Battalion 

  • 19314 Private Samuel HEAD, 34, A Company, son of John and Fanny Head of Keyston [Huntingdonshire] (Harwich Cemetery) 

Wednesday 26th May 1915 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: in support near Hill 60 

  • 3/7359 Private James William STIBBARDS, born Enfield [Middlesex], resided Enfield Wash [Middlesex] (Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm), Ypres) 

Thursday 27th May 1915 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: in support near Hill 60 

  • 3/6757 Lance Corporal Thomas BRIERS, 22, son of George and Ellen Briers of Hodney Road, Eye [Cambridgeshire] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

Friday 28th May 1915 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: in support near Hill 60 

  • 9344 Private George JARVIS, born and resided Luton (White House Cemetery, Saint-Jean-lès-Ypres) 

  • 9073 Private William Edward MCCLEERY, 29, son of Robert and Helen McCleery of Perth [Western Australia], husband of Olive L of 717 Madison Street, Seattle [Washington] (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres) 

2nd Battalion: route marches around Bellerive (perhaps on fatigue duty near the front) 

  • 7305 Private Jesse Charles MARDLING, born Hatfield [Hertfordshire], resided Ayot [Hertfordshire] (le Touret Memorial) 

Saturday 29th May 1915 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: in support near Hill 60 

  • 13897 Private Arthur BROWN, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm) Ypres) 

Sunday 30th May 1915  

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: in support near Hill 60 

  • 13157 Private Stanley BRADFORD, 22, son of John Lewis and Martha Bradford of 96 Apsley End, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], born West Hackney [London] (Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm) Ypres)