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July 1916

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

1st July 1916 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: in reserve for successful 30th Division attack on Montauban-de-Picardie 

  • 13381 Private Richard Albert BESWICK, 19, born Marylebone [London], resided North Kensington [London], son of John and Marian H Beswick of 34 Waldo Road, College Park [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6921 Private Frederick Charles FEAST, born and resided Royston [Hertfordshire] (Cérisy-Gailly Military Cemetery) 

  • 10728 Private Arthur GREEN, 23, son of Elizabeth Cardy of 87 Barrack Street, Colchester [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18747 Private Ernest John HOLDEN, 19, son of Thomas Holden Margaret Springham (ex-Holden) of High Wych [Hertfordshire] (Cérisy-Gailly Military Cemetery) 

  • 19340 Private James Phillip LISTON, born Gibraltar, resided Pimlico [London] (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: successful 18th Division attack on Pommiers Redbout and ground between Montauban-de-Picardie and Mametz 

  • 15942 Private Edward ADAMS, born and resided Warboys [Huntingdonshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz) 

  • 19803 Private Walter ANSELL, born and resided Ampthill (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19794 Private Frederick William ARMSTRONG, 20, born and resided Eaton Green, Luton, son of Thomas and Annie Elizabeth Armstrong (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20789 Lance Corporal Edward Walter ATKINS, born and resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 22865 Private Eugenio BARGIONI, 19, born Clerkenwell [London], son of Zaira Bargioni of 13 Little Grays Inn Lane, Holborn [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17270 Private Joseph BATEMAN, 33, born Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], resided Kentish Town [London], brother of George Bateman of 5 Campion Terrace, Cricklewood [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16052 Private William BENSON, born and resided Kempston (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15050 Corporal Alec BOWLES, born Enfield [Middlesex], resided Fulham [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18195 Private George John BRETT, born and resided Tyttenhanger Green [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 20097 Lance Corporal Henry George BROWN, 29, born Enmis [Clare], husband of Catherine Ann of 7 Albert Street, Stevenage [Hertfordshire], son of Henry George and Jane Brown (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19810 Private William George BROWN, 25, born Little Amwell [Hertfordshire], son of Thomas and Mary Brown of 12 London Road, Hertford Heath (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18200 Private Thomas Burgess CARR, 38, born Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], husband of Edith Mary of High Street, Toddington, son of John and Dinah Carr (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15249 Private Frederick Herbert CARTER, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/8101 Lance Corporal William CHANDLER, born and resided Houghton Regis (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 15748 Private William Garner CLARK, 29, born and resided Southoe [Huntingdonshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 16535 Private  William George CLARKE, born Toddington, resided Fancott (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 14685 Private Albert Francis COLEMAN, born Edmonton [Middlesex], resided Hammersmith [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12752 Private Albert George COOK, born Ridgmont, resided Eversholt (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15704 Sergeant William Percy COOPER, 30, born Wootton, son of Albert and Ann Cooper of 2a Cater Street, Kempston (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15354 Sergeant Arthur Ernest CORNELL, 22, born Bedford, son of William and Annie Cornell of Cornwall Road, Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19213 Lance Corporal Charlie George COX, born Barkway [Hertfordshire], resided Luton (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 17236 Lance Corporal Edward CROFT, 35, born Great Wymondley [Hertfordshire], resided Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 13541 Private Arnold CUTLER, 26, born Lambeth [London], resided Kensington [London], brother of Alice Court of 97 Prince's Road, Kennington Road [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20317 Private Peter DARRINGTON, son of George Darrington and Hannah Elizabeth Ekins (ex-Darrington) of Roxton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17278 Private George William DAWBON, born Ickleford [Hertfordshire], resided Hornsey [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22907 Private Henry DAWES born Kettering [Northamptonshire], son of Mrs J Dawes of 29 Wellingborough Road, Higham Ferrers [Northamptonshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz) 

  • 15766 Private George DRURY, 24, born Willesden [Middlesex], resided Finsbury Park [London], son of Walter and Fanny Drury of 15 Citizen Road, Holloway [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13268 Private Allen FAWKES, born and resided East Bradenham [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15296 Private Stanley Walter FENSOME, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19177 Private Charles William FIELD, 30, son of C W Field of 10 Warwick Cottages, New Barnet [Hertfordshire], husband of Lily Eliza Boyce (ex-Field) of 144 East Barnet Road, New Barnet (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13989 Sergeant Herbert John FOLEY, 35, B Company, born and resided Hertford, son of James and Emma Foley of 96 Duncombe Road, Bengeo [Hertfordshire], husband of Mary of 17 The Folly, Hertford (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 15383 Private William FOREMAN, 23, born and resided Hammersmith [London], son of William and Emma Foreman of 9 Munden Street, West Kensington [London] (Carnoy Military Cemetery)  

  • 15427 Lance Corporal James William FOX, born and resided Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Carnoy Military Cemetery)  

  • 16466 Private Herbert Edward FREEMAN, born Newton [Oxfordshire], resided Stanborough [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13335 Private Frank GATES, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19820 Private Sergeant Joseph GINGER, 30, son of Joseph and Rosina Ginger of 31 Dudley Street, Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15325 Private Arthur GODFREY, 22, son of James V and Mary Ann Godfrey of Tydd Saint Giles [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7975 Private Richard Henry GOEBEL, 40, son of John and Eliza Goebel of Fulham [London], husband of Edith of 68 Cranbury Road, Fulham (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 20098 Private Herbert GRAVES, 25, son of William and Agnes Graves of The Heath, Breachwood Green [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 12750 Corporal George GREEN, 24, son of Charles and Elizabeth Green of 20 Ford End Road, Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15367 Corporal Sidney Duncan Grellier HARDIE, 22, D Company, born Holloway [London], son of Annie Florence Grellier Hardie of Castle Villa, 14 Castle Road, Clacton-on-Sea [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13015 Private Horace Alfred HENSMAN, born Northampton, resided Shearsby [Leicestershire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 12816 Lance Corporal Frank HEWITT, 28, son of John Richard and Jane Hewitt of 493 Seven Sisters Road, South Tottenham [Middlesex], resided Derby (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 25551 Private Walter HOWLETT, 19, son of Mrs L Howlett of 8 Alma Row, Northchurch [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16283 Private Arthur JOHNSON, 24, born and resided Bedford, brother of Mrs J Cunnington of Brook End, Keysoe (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14867 Private Charles JOWETT, born and resided Manchester [Lancashire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15028 Acting Sergeant Bert KNAPP, 22, son of James and Edith Knapp of Crossley Cottages, Winterbourne [Gloucestershire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18565 Private Lionel Albert LANGDON, 20, B Company, born West Ham [Essex] resided Custom House [Essex], brother of H R Langdon of 32 Butcher's Road, Custom House (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19470 Sergeant George LAUGHTON, 22, son of Edwin and Fanny Laughton of 1 King Edward Road, Goldington (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 20284 Private George LEGATE, 19, son of Ephraim and S A Legate of New Road, Clifton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18411 Corporal Horace LEWIN MM, born Harpenden [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 15979 Private Arthur George LINCOLN, 25, born Abbotsley [Huntingdonshire], son of James and Jenny Lincoln of 139 New Road, Woodstone [Peterborough] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20075 Private Albert William LOVATT, 33, son of Henry Lovatt of 60 King Street, Burton-on-Trent [Staffordshire], husband of Jenny of 5 Bedford Street, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12687 Lance Corporal Walter MCGRANE, 23, born Canning Town [Essex], resided Custom House [Essex], son of James and Isabel Jane McGrane of Woodfield, Leigh-on-Sea [Essex] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 14823 Private William MEAD, born Woodborough [Wiltshire], resided Bristol (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 15307 Private William Albert MEAD, born and resided Kentish Town [London] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 16200 Sergeant Reginald William MISSENDEN, born Whaddon [Buckinghamshire], resided Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12791 Private Edward OAKLEY, 23, son of William Charles and Martha Oakley of Berry End, Eversholt (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14828 Private Ernest Stanley PALMER, 22, born and resided Henbury [Gloucestershire], son of William Palmer of 26a Worrall Road, Clifton [Bristol] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 23151 Private William PARISH, born and resided Everton (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 20404 Private Bert PARTRIDGE, 24, son of Francis Partridge of Hope Street, Bozeat [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7964 Lance Sergeant Ian Valentine PATON, 35, born Ayr [Ayrshire], resided Milton [Hampshire], husband of Alice Martha of 31 Methuen Road, Eastney [Hampshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19571 Private Charles Frederick PEACH, born Peterborough, resided Farcet [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7867 Lance Corporal Ernest George PERKINS, born Oxford, resided Mill Hill [Middlesex] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 20702 Private Sidney PRATT, 18, son of F Pratt of 43 Astley Road, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 12665 Private Richard RANSON, 22, D Company, son of Mr and Mrs Ranson of 54 Shandy Street, Stepney [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Lieutenant Joscelyn Hugh Russell RAWES (Carnoy Military Cemetery) 

  • 3/8141 Sergeant Percy Edward RICKARD, 23, son of William and Lucy Rickard of 45 Crawley Road, Luton (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 16998 Corporal Frederick Charles RUFFHEAD, 32, C Company, son of Thomas Harry and Eliza Ruffhead of Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14862 Corporal Joseph SIBTHORPE, 22, B Company, son of W J and E A Sibthorpe of 36 High Oak Road, Ware [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 13538 Lance Corporal William SMAIL, born Edinburgh [Midlothian], resided Bristol (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 15272 Private Harry SMITH, born and resided Tydd Saint Giles [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 26549 Private Sidney Thomas SMITH, 26, son of Thomas Smith of 42 Abbey Road, Far Cotton [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16184 Private Herbert Prior STANCLFF, born and resided Saint Paul's Cray [Kent] (memorial in Carnoy Military Cemetery) 

  • 13297 Corporal Leonard STOKES, 25, son of William and Eliza Stokes of Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 15546 Private Leonard Victor STONE, 20, born Bushey [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire], son of Thomas and Elizabeth Stone (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/8248 Private Edmund STRATTON, born and resided Biggleswade (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15215 Private Frederick George THURLEY, 22, son of George and Charlotte of 49 Castle Street, Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 3/8227 Private Arthur TITCHMARSH, born and resided Croydon [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13656 Private Arthur Albert TRIDGETT, born and resided Chigwell [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17263 Private Frederick George TUCK, born and resided Hengrave [Suffolk] (memorial in Carnoy Military Cemetery) 

  • 3/8143 Sergeant James WATSON, born Farnworth [Lancashire], resided Nunhead [Surrey] (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec) 

  • 20400 Private Frank WEST born and resided Emberton [Buckinghamshire] (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 14940 Private Thomas Richard WESTLAKE, 21, son of Mrs G A B Westlake of 19 Wilder Street, Saint Paul's [Bristol] (Thiepval Memorial)   

  • 3/8214 Private Frederick WILDMAN, born and resided Riseley (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz)  

  • 12632 Private William Thomas WILKINSON, born and resided Walthamstow [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7730 Private Lionel Ralph WORSLEY, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

9th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant James CUNNINGHAM, 35, attached 7th Battalion, son of James Cunningham of Ashfield, Craigmore [Rothesay], formerly Lieutenant with Transport and Remount Department, West African Forces (Thiepval Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 10843 Private Richard Samuel BALL, born and resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

7th Battalion 

  • 25661 Lance Corporal Frederick George HARRISON, son of Neville William Harrison of 4 Bedford Street, Poplar [London], resided Leigh-on-Sea [Essex] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

2nd July 1916 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: new front line near Montauban-de-Picardie, consolidating and under some shell-fire 

  • 6779 Private Allen Robert ABBOTT, 34, son of Joseph and Kate Abbott of 32 Cambridge Street, Wolverton [Buckinghamshire] (Cérisy-Gailly Military Cemetery) 

  • 19265 Private Albert LUGSDEN, 29, husband of Ada of Saint Giles Yard, Eaton Bray (Thiepval Memorial)  

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: new front line between Montauban-de-Picardie and Mametz, consolidating 

  • 27576 Private Harry CURCHIN, 26, son of H Curchin of Mill Road, Kettering [Northamptonshire], husband of Lizzie Curchin of 6 Club Street, Kettering [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 15674 Private Albert CATLIN, 22, son of W Catlin of White Hall Cottages, Hunsden [Hertfordshire] (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec) 

  • 13379 Sergeant William Hyde, 35, son of George and Ann Hyde, husband of Alice of 45 Collingdon Street, Luton; he was born and resided in Toddington (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

  • 14758 Private Albert PERRY, 23, born and resided Hockerill [Hertfordshire], son of Edward Perry of 14 Stansted Road, Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Daours Communal Cemetery Extension) 


1st Battalion 

  • 19447 Private Frederick CAIN, 26, son of Samuel and Hannah Cain of Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Douchy-les-Ayette British Cemetery)  

3rd July 1916 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: new front line near Montauban-de-Picardie, consolidating and under intermittent shell-fire 

  • 20660 Acting Corporal Henry BARNES, 24, born Harpenden [Hertfordshire], resided Luton , son of Mr and Mrs Barnes of Kinsbourne Green [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22762 Private Horace BLEANEY, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19349 Private Thomas BRINKLOW, born Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Ovillers Military Cemetery) 

  • 23482 Private John ELLIS, 24, born and resided Welwyn [Hertfordshire], son of G Ellis of Ayot Saint Peter [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25464 Private Charles Edward HULATT, 20, son of Charles Hulatt of High Street, Radwell (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22007 Private William JACKSON, born Holborn [London], resided Hoxton [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23011 Private Bertie LAWRENCE, 19, born Dovercourt [Essex], son of James and Charlotte Lawrence of The Folly Wheathampstead [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15123 Private Thomas George James SMITH, 23, son of William Arthur and Margaret Rebecca Smith of 62 Cardigan Street, Luton (memorial in Ovillers Military Cemetery) 

  • 3/7794 Lance Corporal David Law STURGEON, born Hartest [Suffolk], resided Woburn (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 23378 Private Christopher WREN, 20, son of Mrs E Wren of Lemsford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 14555 Private Herbert CARR, 21, son of Charles and Ellen Carr of Broxbourne [Hertfordshire] (Avesnes-le-Comte Communal Cemetery Extension) 

2nd Battalion 

  • 4/6722 Lance Corporal Walter JACKSON DCM, Croix-de-Guerre, born Layston [Hertfordshire], resided Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec) 

  • 21208 Lance Corporal Frank TILFORTH, 25, son of Richard and Mary Ann Tilforth of 45 Cromford Road, Langley Mill [Derbyshire] (Daours Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 22501 Private William WALDOCK, son of W Waldock of 92 Park Corner, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

7th Battalion 

  • 22335 Private Sydney Charles WHITE, born Wavendon [Buckinghamshire], resided Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

4th July 1916  

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 20973 Private Walter Arthur DAWSON, 19, son of William Samuel and Hannah Dawson of Stow Longa [Huntingdonshire] (Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension) 

7th Battalion 

  • 3/7638 Private Arthur Henry MARTIN, 36, born Maidenhead [Berkshire], resided Ickleford [Hertfordshire], son of George William and Maria Martin of Birmingham, he served in the 2nd Boer War (Abbeville Communal Cemetery) 

5th July 1916 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 25188 Private Charlie PEPPER, born and resided Biggleswade (Heilly Station Cemetery. Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

7th Battalion 

  • 19182 Private Frank GURNEY, born Tydd Saint Giles [Cambridgeshire], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé) 

6th July 1916 

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 20735 Lance Corporal Stanley Dean SWIFT, 22, born and resided Luton, husband of E Swift of 46 Saint George's Road, Glasgow [Midlothian] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

7th July 1916 

Killed in Action  

7th Battalion : Battle of the Somme: front line between Montauban-de-Picardie and Mametz, much artillery fire 

  • 14712 Private Thomas Harry MAPLEY, 21, son of George and Clara M Mapley of 14 Beaconsfield Place, Newport Pagnell [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)   


1st/5th Battalion 

  • 3872 Sergeant Michael HOOLOCHAN, born and resided Dunstable (Suez War Memorial Cemetery)  

1st Garrison Battalion 

  • 24216 Private Ernest James HOWELL, 19, ex-11909 East Surrey Regiment , son of late George Howell and Sarah Ann Saunders (ex-Howell) of 16 Carrington Road, Richmond [Surrey] (Meerut Cantonment Cemetery) 

8th July 1916 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: at rest Bois-de-Tailles and Billon Wood 

  • 4/6922 Private Sidney George ROBERTS, born Redbourn [Hertfordshire], resided London Colney [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)   

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: machine gun team of four killed by a shell in the front line between Montauban-de-Picardie and Mametz 

  • 16066 Private Albert BEGARNIE, 20, born Bermondsey [London], resided Ealing [Middlesex], son of George and Marion Begarnie of 35a Temple Road, South Ealing (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14938 Lance Corporal Wilfred Cyril BRIDGEMAN, 23, son of Tom and Elizabeth Ann Bridgeman of Cromhall [Gloucestershire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18873 Private Joseph Cushi CLARKE, born Bengeo [Hertfordshire], resided Hertford, brother of William Clarke of Hertingfordbury Road, Hertford (Dantzig Alley British Cemetery, Mametz) 

  • 12974 Lance Corporal George Charles HALSEY, born Bushey [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 9878 Acting Sergeant George FRESHWATER MM, 27, born Harrow [Middlesex], resided Willesden [Middlesex], son of Sarah Ann Freshwater of 1 Wiltshire Place, Southsea [Hampshire] (Saint Sever Cemetery, Rouen)  

7th Battalion 

  • 10430 Private William Ralph BULLARD, born Royston [Hertfordshire], resided Therfield [Hertfordshire] (Morlancourt British Cemetery No. 1) 

  • 14941 Private William VICKERY born Bedminster [Bristol], resided Yatton [Somerset], son of Mary Jane Vickery of 7 Catherine Street, Bristol (Abbeville Communal Cemetery) 


3rd Battalion 

  • 30161 Private Frederick RASEY, born Ashstead [Surrey], resided Epsom [Surrey] (Epsom Cemetery) 

9th July 1916  

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line near Contalmaison 

  • 12901 Private Aubrey FOX MM, 22, son of James and Mary Ann of 3 Clifton Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19747 Private Harry HEADLAND, 29, son of John Headland; born and resided Gretford [Lincolnshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19576 Private Arthur WADE, born Great Birch [Essex], resided Layer Breton [Essex] (Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • 9737 Company Sergeant Major James Emmings PERRY, 23, son of George and Rose Perry of Bedford (Abbeville Communal Cemetery) 

10th July 1916 

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line near Contalmaison 

  • 13003 Private Edward ALLISTON, born Bures [Suffolk], resided Hunsdon [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14823 Private Joseph ANDERSON, born Bow [London], resided Victoria Park [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14501 Lance Corporal Leonard BREED, 26, son of E and Annie Breed of 12 Edmund's Place, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval) 

  • 12940 Lance Corporal Charles Owen CATLING, 25, born Bayford [Hertfordshire], son of Owen Catling of Bayfordbury Gardens, Hertford, husband of Sarah Ann (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22385 Private Frederick CHASE, born Chalgrave, resided Hockliffe (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12521 Private William John CLIBBON, born Luton, resided Great Stanmore [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12476 Private James William DUNN, 22, born Aghabog [Monaghan], son of William Thomas Dunn of Doohat [Monaghan] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12845 Private Oliver Fred FIELD, 23, son of G and C Field of Fore Street, Weston [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13479 Private Arthur Joseph HARDWICK, 25, born Great Staughton [Huntingdonshire], resided Neasden [Middlesex], son of William and Annie Elizabeth Hardwick of 4 Ermine Street, Huntingdon; assistant steward at Neasden Golf Club (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17038 Private Frank Osmond JAMES, born and resided Knighton [Radnor] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13075 Lance Sergeant Charles LARMAN, 22, born Islington [London], resided King's Cross [London], brother of George A Larman of 51 Chadway, Chadwell Heath [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12495 Private William Henry LEWIS, born and resided Bermondsey [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12140 Private Charles MILLETT, born and resided Clerkenwell [London] husband of Lily of 5 Ecclesbourne Road, Islington [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16989 Lance Corporal John William NEAL, born Aldenham [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-la-Boisselle) 

  • 8714 Company Sergeant Major George PERRY, 27, ex-2nd Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, born Takeley [Essex], resided Lambeth [London], son of George and Emily Perry of Canada Lodge, Dunmow [Essex], husband of Edith Maud of 27 Trent Road, Brixton [London] (London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval) 

  • 13253 Private Charles Henry POOLEY, 21, son of George and Alice Pooley of 18 Ash Street, Hertford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20859 Private William REYNOLDS, born and resided Stotfold (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12001 Corporal Alfred Henry ROBINSON MM, born Eastney [Hampshire], resided Ashford [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12062 Private Alfred Bert WALKER, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13085 Private Charles WEBB, 18, B Company, born Barton-le-Clay, son of J and E Webb of Farley Green, Luton (Bécourt Military Cemetery, Bécordel-Bécourt) 

  • 10647 Lance Corporal Edward Gregory WEBB, born Redbourn [Hertfordshire] resided Watford [Hertfordshire], husband of F M Hart (ex-Webb) of 31 Middle Way, Harebreaks, Watford (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 19108 Private Frank THORNTON, 27, born Charlbury [Oxfordshire], resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire], son of William and Kate Thornton of Ascott-under-Wychwood (Abbeville Communal Cemetery) 

6th Battalion 

  • 18094 Lance Corporal Alfred John BYRNE, born Lucknow [India], resided Newton Abbott [Devon] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé) 

  • 12126 Private Clarence James SELL, 25, D Company, son of James Odams and Laura Harriet Sell of Rosebank, Hadham Road, Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Méaulte Military Cemetery) 

11th July 1916 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: partially successful attack on Trônes Wood 

  • 18733 Private Victor Edward ASH, 24, born and resided Marylebone [London], husband of Dorothy Elizabeth of 9 Adpar Street, Paddington [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7150 Private John Ernest BANTHAM, born and resided Great Yarmouth [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10270 Private Walter BARKER, 23 born Christchurch [Cambridgeshire], resided Cambridge, husband of Elsie Victoria Emma Burn (ex-Baker) of 119 Mill Road, Cambridge (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 21121 Private Alfred BARTLETT, born and resided Stoke-on-Trent [Staffordshire], son of Alfred and Sarah Ann Bartlett of 53 Victoria Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme [Staffordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18598 Private Joe BELSHAM, born Castle Camp [Cambridgeshire], resided Sapley [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18012 Private Arthur William BLAND, 21, born Manchester [Lancashire], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], son of William Bland (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17830 Private Bernard BONNETT, born and resided Litlington [Cambridgeshire] (Bernafay Wood British Cemetery, Montauban) 

  • 10018 Lance Corporal Albert Edward BONNEY, 21, born Epping [Essex] son of C Bonney of Grove Hill, Stansted [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19050 Private Frederick William BROWN, 21, son of William and Mary Brown of 10 The Leys, Langford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13317 Private Henry Charles Elliott BUNKER, born and resided Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 21128 Private Albert Leonard BUTLER, 30, born Hoxton [London], resided Harlesden [Middlesex], husband of Ethel of 15 Ireton Place, Grays [Essex] (Bernafay Wood British Cemetery, Montauban) 

  • 14217 Private William George CHURCH, 25, born Woolwich [London], son of T Church of 118 Star Road, Peterborough (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7288 Private William DAVEY, born and resided Tring [Hertfordshire] (Quarry Cemetery, Montauban) 

  • 18772 Private John DEELEY, 19, born Totternhoe, resided High Street, Eaton Bray (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18183 Private Arthur William DELLAR, born Eyeworth, resided Dunton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12902 Private Edwin Benjamin EALES, 24, born Hammersmith [London], son of Kate Atkins (ex-Eales) of 24 Boyle Street, Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10406 Lance Corporal John Thomas EAST, 25, born Hammersmith [London], son of William George and Frances Clara East of 25 Moreton Road, South Tottenham [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10060 Private Charles FAIRWEATHER, 22, D Company, son of G Fairweather of 346 Mill Road, Cambridge (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/7100 Private Walter George FOX, 34, born Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], son of James Fox of 3 Harpenden Lane, Redbourn [Hertfordshire] husband of Kate Clarke (ex-Fox) of 8 Verulam Cottages, Fish Street, Redbourn (Bernafay Wood British Cemetery, Montauban) 

  • 19196 Lance Corporal William FREEMAN, 20,son of Edward W Freeman of 1 Thomas Street, Heath and Reach (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25237 Private Isaac William GLOVER, 19, born Great Gidding [Huntingdonshire], resided Little Gidding [Huntingdonshire] son of Walter and Martha Glover of Hemington [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6984 Private Henry William GOODSON, born and resided Much Hadham [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25686 Private Ernest William Thomas GROOM, born and resided Leagrave (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17976 Private Sydney Jesse GURNEY, 26, born and resided Tingrith, son of Jesse and Sarah Gurney of Lorenzo, Marsh Road, Leagrave (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18065 Private Charles HARPUR, born and resided Cranfield (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6870 Private Arthur William HARVEY, born and resided Great Chishall [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9390 Private Arthur HEARN, 31, son of William Hearn of Waltham Cross [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9345 Private Joseph HOLMES, born and resided Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18619 Private Benjamin HOLT, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17847 Private Charles James HUDSON, 28, born Saint Pancras [London], resided Finsbury Park [London], husband of Nellie L Springall (ex-Hudson) of 22 Lorne Road, Stroud Green [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 5516 Lance Corporal James HUMPHREYS, 34, born and resided Bethnal Green [London], son of William Humphreys (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19020 Private Robert JONES, 21, son of John and Annie Jones of 105 Bower Street, Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14387 Private James KITSON, born and resided Lower Stondon (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/7074 Private William LAWRENCE, born Ware [Hertfordshire], son of Arthur Lawrence of Vicarage Road, Stanstead Abbotts [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/6742 Private Alexander MCGOWAN, born Wandsworth [London], resided Pidley [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6765 Private Edward MILLER, 22, son of James and Ellen Miller of 5 Castle Street, Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 21030 Private William Edward NAUNTON, 35, born Murton [Durham], resided Houghton-le-Spring [Durham], son of Alfred and Dorothy Naunton of 70 South View, Fence Houses [Durham] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10390 Private Sidney Herbert NEWMAN, born Uxbridge [Middlesex], resided Iver Heath [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18703 Private Frank John PAYNE, born and resided Wilstone [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15423 Private Joseph Arthur PEACOCK, 22, son of Charles Henry and Mary Peacock of 52 Fishpool Street, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18590 Private Alfred PEARCE, 24, born Horwich [Lancashire], resided Salford [Lancashire], son of Alfred and Elizabeth Pearce of 28 Dixon Street, Irlam [Lancashire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/5822 Private Joseph PENN, born and resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14515 Private Stanley PICTON, born Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], resided Boxmoor [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22135 Private Percy POPE, 20, son of Henry George and Alice Pope of 45 Spowell Lane, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Bernafay Wood British Cemetery, Montauban) 

  • 21102 Private George PURKISS, 29, born and resided Leyton [Essex], brother of Henry Purkis of 48 Park Road, Leyton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6655 Private Herbert Joseph REED, resided Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13050 Private Arthur William SAMS, born and resided Codicote [Hertfordshire] (Regina Trench Cemetery, Grandcourt) 

  • 18908 Private Percy William SANDERS, 23, born Irthlingborough [Northamptonshire], son of William Sanders of 10 Hurst Grove, Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  •  18774 Lance Corporal Sidney SARGENT born and resided Turvey (Bernafay Wood British Cemetery, Montauban) 

  • 10787 Private William SHADBOLT, born and resided Wheathampstead [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18616 Private Sidney James SINFIELD, born Toddington, resided Stagsden (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14200 Private Frederick William SPRIGGS, born Lemsford [Hertfordshire], resided Hatfield [Hertfordshire] (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 7675 Corporal George Robert TOWNS, 30, son of John William and Mary Ann Towns of West Bergholt [Essex], husband of Lydia Jane of 17 Manton Villas, Mill Road, Colchester [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14454 Private Ernest TURNEY, 22, D Company, son of Joseph and Sarah Ann Turney of The Bungalow, Aldbury [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7818 Private Frederick VIRGIN, 32, son of John and Naomi Virgin of Church End, Flitwick (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18720 Private Thomas WORBOY, born and resided Great Wymondley [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 21066 Private Walter YATES, born Aston [Warwickshire], resided Grimethorpe [Yorkshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

3rd Battalion 

  • Lieutenant Robert Bowness GIBSON, 21, attached 2nd Battalion, son of Thomas William and Frances Georgina Gibson of 29 Linden Gardens, Bayswater [London] (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

4th Battalion 

  • Second Lieutenant Leslie Herbert FOX, attached 2nd Battalion (Thiepval Memorial) 

6th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: Heligoland Support Trench near Contalmaison 

  • 18220 Private Arthur John DAY, born and resided Huntingdon (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 22173 Private Frank HANDSCOMBE, 22, born and resided Burge End, Pirton [Hertfordshire] (Gordon Dump Cemetery, Ovillers-la-Boisselle) 

  • 13552 Private Albert PRIOR, born and resided Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)   

Died of Wounds  

3rd Battalion 

  • Captain Cornelius George TYLER, 39, son of George and Sarah Tyler, husband of Ada Augusta Clarke (ex-Tyler) of Birtle Dene, Frances Avenue, Maidenhead [Berkshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

12th July 1916 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: in occupation of part of Trônes Wood 

  • 17652 Private Walter DEAMER, 31, son of Daniel Deamer of 24 Crouch Hall Lane, Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

6th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: Heligoland Support Trench near Contalmaison 

  • 10567 Lance Corporal William MITCHELL, born and resided Bow [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

2nd Battalion 

  • 18326 Private Charles George COLLIS, born Weston [Hertfordshire], resided Baldock [Hertfordshire] (Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 17712 Lance Corporal Thomas ROGERS, 34, born Budleigh Salterton [Devon], husband of Fanny of 24 Steppingley (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec)  

  • 18683 Private Josiah WEBB, born Luton, resided Caddington (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec)  

6th Battalion 

  • 12856 Private James Murray Scott CHRISTIE, 22, born Rye Park, Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire], son of James and Jessie Christie of New River Well, Amwell Marsh [Hertfordshire] (Puchevillers British Cemetery) 

  • 17786 Private Albert Phillip HEATHER, 36, born North Kensington [London], resided West Kilburn [London], son of Philip and Ann Heather, husband of Emily of 100 Kilburn Park Road, employee of Great Western Railway Company and Paddington Station (Bécourt Military Cemetery, Bécordel-Bécourt) 

13th July 1916 

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: Heligoland Support Trench near Contalmaison 

  • 10553 Lance Corporal Douglas TEBB, born New Southgate [Middlesex], resided Wheathampstead [Hertfordshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

Died of Wounds 

6th Battalion 

  • 22170 Private Ernest Edward AMBROSE, 19, born Cottered [Hertfordshire], resided Baldock [Hertfordshire], son of Samuel and Harriett Ambrose of Wallington [Hertfordshire] (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

  • 12754 Private Ralph CORBETT, born Upper Dean, resided Clapham [Yorkshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt l'Abbé) 

  • 20000 Private Arthur DOYLE, 20, son of Annie Doyle of 53 The Green Dunchurch [Warwickshire] (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 13566 Private Joseph Foster PRICKETT, 21, son of Arthur and Sarah Prickett of West End, Stagsden (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

  • 20444 Private Alfred STONE, born and resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé) 

7th Battalion 

  • 17259 Private George William GOODFELLOW, born Newcastle-upon-Tyne [Northumberland], resided Basford [Staffordshire], son of George Henry and Edna Goodfellow of 31 Ashwell Road, Hartshill [Staffordshire] (la Neuville British Cemetery, Corbie) 

Bedfordshire Yeomanry  

  • Second Lieutenant Charles Robert WILTSHIRE, son of Charles George Moore and Alice Wiltshire of 47 Hallingbury Road, Brighton [Sussex] (Dernancourt Communal Cemetery)Page Break14th July 1916  

Killed in Action 

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: in reserve at Maricourt during an assault on Trônes Wood 

  • 18290 Private Gilbert MARGRAVE, 29, son of William and Jane Margrave of 6 Castle Street, Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)   

Died of Wounds 

2nd Battalion 

  • 21166 Private Charles KEARNEY, born and resided Belfast [Ulster] (Saint Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 


8th Battalion 

  • 22940 Private Cecil Sydney ROE, born and resided Huntingdon (Wormhoudt Communal Cemetery) 

15th July 1916 

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion: unsuccessful attack on Pozières 

  • 8622 Sergeant Gilbert Way ALBONE, born Maulden, resided Biggleswade (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12436 Lance Corporal Joseph BAXTER, 25, born and resided Walworth [London], son of Ellen Baxter of 7 Exon Street, London (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Captain Gurth BIGNELL (Pozieres British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12149 Lance Corporal Frederick George BIRD, born Tottenham [Middlesex], resided Walthamstow [Essex] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12090 Private Alexander BREEZE, 25, born Sheffield [Yorkshire], son of Mary Ann Breeze of Albury [Hertfordshire], husband of Rose Ellen Lee (ex-Breeze) of 55 Cedars Road, Stratford [Essex] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12459 Lance Corporal George Richard BRITTEN, 21, A Company, born Tottenham [Middlesex], resided 21 Beaconsfield Road, South Tottenham [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18238 Private Walter George BRYAN, 30, son of J Bryan of 5 Eagle Street, Leamington Spa [Warwickshire], resided Luton (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12911 Private Jack BUCKLEY, 22, born Shandrum [Cork], son of Thomas and Elizabeth Buckley of 32 Winifred Road, Apsley End [Hertfordshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 15172 Private Albert Henry BURGESS, born Somersham [Huntingdonshire], resided Pidley [Huntingdonshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12929 Private Raymond Pelham BURLES, 19, born Apsley End [Hertfordshire], son of J J Burles of 42 Beaufort Street, Croydon [New South Wales] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12438 Private George CAKEBREAD, 23, born Quenton [Essex], son of Elias and Emily M Cakebread of London Road, Newport [Essex] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 18310 Private William Ernest CLARKE, 36, husband of Gertrude of Cheddington Road, Long Marston [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14093 Private Ernest COKER, born Bovingdon [Hertfordshire], resided Great Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 17725 Private Frederick COLLINS, born and resided Bennington [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12536 Sergeant Harry William CRICKMOOR or CRICKMORE, 30, born Bethnal Green [London], son of Walter and Marion of 43 Pearson Street, Hoxton [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10508 Lance Corporal Leigh CURRY, 23, born Ulverston [Lancashire], residedNewark [Nottinghamshire], son of William Thomas Cameron and Mary Curry (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12808 Private Edward CURTIS, born and resided Horsham [Sussex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12826 Private Arthur DARTS, born Wrestlingworth, resided Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/7190 Private Frederick William EWER, 21, son of L Ewer of 32 Warwick Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18169 Private Nelson FARRANT, 20, born Haverhill [Suffolk], son of Annie Farrant of 41 Angel Street, Hadleigh [Suffolk] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12535 Private Sidney FLATAN, born Barking [Essex], resided Whitechapel [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17495 Private Sidney FORD, born New Cross [London], resided Walthamstow [Essex] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12305 Private Horace John FROSDICK, born and resided Leeds [Yorkshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10621 Private Frederick John FULLER, born and resided Bishop’s Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 17550 Private Frederick William GAME, 19, son of Jesse and Gertrude Game of of Hillcot, Letchmore Road, Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17497 Lance Corporal George William GILKS, 32, born Woburn, resided Great Brickhill [Buckinghamshire], husband of Emma Mary of Station Road, Earls Barton [Northamptonshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12202 Private James William GOODCHILD, born Burwell [Cambridgeshire], resided Newmarket [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12961 Private George GRANTHAM, 22, A Company, born Burnham [Buckinghamshire], son of Emily Grantham of Taplow Hill Cottages, Taplow [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17256 Private John GROOME Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 17525 Private George GROVER, 27, born Winkwell [Hertfordshire], son of Annie Grover of Bourne End, Boxmoor [Hertfordshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 4/7343 Private George GURNEY, born Leverstock [Hertfordshire], resided Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12332 Lance Corporal Samuel HADKISS, born and resided Bethnal Green [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12273 Private Clifford Arthur HALL, 25, born Portsmouth [Hampshire], son of Clifford and Emily of 13 Mount Street, Gosport [Hampshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17908 Private James HARRISON, 23, B Company, born Lancaster, resided Liverpool [Lancashire] son of John and Janet Harrison (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12697 Private Charles HARWOOD, 21, son of Sarah Harwood of High Street, Stanstead Abbotts [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10579 Private Alfred HATTEN, 21, son of William Francis Hatten of 66 Ramsbury Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 13120 Private Lionel Claude IDDENDEN, 19, born Maidenhead [Berkshire], resided Westminster [London], son of L Iddenden of 41 Sayer Street, Walworth [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13021 Private Frederick William JAMES, 24, born Farnham [Surrey], son of Edith Mary Walding of 2 Spring Lane, Northampton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14196 Private Frederick KNIGHT, born Edlesborough [Buckinghamshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire], husband of Florence Barnett (ex-Knight) of 40 Brightwell Road, Watford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14550 Private Frank LINES, born and resided Markyate [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12954 Private Edward Amos LUCKIN, born and resided Harlow [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20528 Private Charles Henry LUDGATE, 20, born Wooburn Green [Buckinghamshire], resided Woburn, son of John and Emily Ludgate of Cores End, Bourne End [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12077 Lance Corporal Walter MEADS, born and resided Wormley [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17351 Private Charles Henry MOORE, 19, son of Joseph and Frances Mary Moore of 77 Liverpool Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12878 Private James NOBLE, born West Hartlepool [Durham], resided  Middlesborough [Yorkshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7654 Sergeant Richard Arthur PARKER, 29, born Holton [Suffolk], resided Swiffling [Suffolk], son of Arthur and Louie Parker, husband of late Agnes Ellen (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14960 Private William PEPPIATT, 21, son of Hannah Peppiatt of 24 Northall Road, Edlesborough [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 22178 Private Robert POINTER, born and resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10666 Lance Sergeant Leonard Cornelius PRIOR, 26, son of George and Elizabeth Prior of 5 Springhall Road, Sawbridgeworth [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13309 Lance Corporal Charles William REYNOLDS, 21, born Holwell [Hertfordshire], son of Thomas and Rosanna Reynolds of Cadwell [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13748 Private Albert Thomas ROBERTS, born Saint Pancras [London], resided Kentish Town [London] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 10694 Sergeant Lionel William ROBINSON, 25, son of Jane S Robinson of 37 Ballygate, Beccles [Suffolk], resided Welwyn [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20643 Private Walter Leslie James SAWYER, 23, son of Samuel and Mary Sawyer of Little Barford (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 14289 Private John Bertram SCOOTE, born London, resided Brixton [London] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 10598 Private Frank SEAR, 24, son of A Sear of 2 Saint Mary's Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14528 Lance Corporal William Thomas SMITH, born Cricklewood [London], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 12137 Private Frederick STOPS, 22, born Clerkenwell [London], son of George and Frances Stops of 49 Shepherdess Walk, Hoxton [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12850 Corporal Walter Lawrence TURNER, 27, son of George and Eliza Turner of Maiden Street, Weston [Hertfordshire], resided Weston, husband of Mary Elizabeth of 5 Newland Place, Tewkesbury [Gloucestershire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14326 Private Charles Edward WALDOCK, 22, A Company, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire], son of Edward and Fanny Waldock of Saint Ippolyts [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12229 Private Joseph James WARD, 22, son of C Ward of 126 School Lane, Bushey [Hertfordshire] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

  • 3/8676 Private William WEBSTER, born and resided Biggleswade (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13022 Corporal George WEST, 22, born and resided Northampton, son of Charles and Christina Elizabeth West (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16195 Private Arthur WOODROW, born and resided Great Melton [Norfolk] (Pozières British Cemetery, Ovillers-la Boisselle) 

Died of Wounds  

6th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant John Norman HUNSTON, 20, son of Robert G L and Helen Hunston of 32 Hallewell Road, Edgbaston [Warwickshire], born Chipping Norton [Oxfordshire] (Bécourt Military Cemetery, Bécordel-Bécourt) 

7th Battalion 

  • 20066 Private Thomas HOLMES, born Stoke-on-Trent [Staffordshire], resided Hanley [Staffordshire] (Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 14388 Private Bertie SHADBOLT, born Tewin [Hertfordshire], resided Welwyn [Hertfordshire] (Tewin (Saint Peter) Churchyard) 

16th July 1916  

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 9262 Lance Corporal Arthur GENTLE, 29, born and resided Caldecote [Hertfordshire], son of James and Emily Gentle of High Street, Ashwell [Hertfordshire] (Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 18510 Private Joseph PAYNE, born and resided Luton (Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension) 

6th Battalion 

  • 12888 Private William BLOOR, 26, born Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire], son of Joseph and Mary A Bloor of 15 Weymouth Street, Aspley End, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire]  (Saint Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

  • 4/7187 Private Thomas David JARVIS, 19, born Dunmow [Essex], son of Charles Henry and Julia Ann Jarvis of Hertford Heath (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé) 

  • 12083 Private Edward James WARREN, 21, born Bushey [Hertfordshire], resided Bushey Heath [Hertfordshire], son of Francis Frank and Mary Warren of Charlwood [Surrey] (Saint Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 


1st/5th Battalion 

  • 3142 Lance Corporal R MCCORMICK, born Chilvers Coton [Warwickshire], resided Nuneaton [Warwickshire] (Suez War Memorial Cemetery) 

17th July 1916 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 25327 Private Albert FORD, born and resided Luton (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec) 

  • 18693 Lance Corporal Thomas Penry LLOYD, 22, born Abergavenny [Monmouthshire], son of Ezekiel and Mary A Lloyd of 51 Acme Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Abbeville Communal Cemetery)  

6th Battalion 

  • 18294 Corporal Walter James BIRD, 37, born Bassingbourn [Cambridgeshire], husband of Nora Clara of 17 Clarkes Lane, Baldock [Hertfordshire], son of Charles and Sarah Bird of Common View, Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

  • 10696 Private George HUMMERSTONE, 23, son of Charles and Alice Hummerstone of Great Hormead [Hertfordshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

  • 22079 Private Thomas George RICHARDSON, born Ravenstone [Buckinghamshire], resided Weston Underwood [Buckinghamshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

7th Battalion 

  • 16911 Private Thomas CANFIELD, 19, A Company, son of T Canfield of Lilac Villa, Aston [Hertfordshire] (Daours Communal Cemetery Extension) 


2nd Battalion 

  • 5352 Sergeant Frederick FIELD, born and resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (memorial in Tincourt New British Cemetery) 

18th July 1916 

Killed in Action  

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line near Maricourt, Battalion Cookhouse shelled 

  • 14444 Private Percy PHILPOTT, born Totternhoe, resided Dunstable (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

  • 23149 Private Herman Arnold ROPER, 22, son of Henry and Maria Roper of Stanton Drew [Somerset], resided Bristol (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

  • 15157 Private Charles SHORT, 19, son of Charles Short of High Street, Westoning (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

  • 18143 Private Leonard STAPLETON, born Stondon, resided Luton (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

  • 15017 Private Ambrose STOWERS, born High Wych [Hertfordshire], resided Gilston [Hertfordshire] (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

  • 15667 Private Bert SUTTON, 20, born Baldock [Hertfordshire], son of M Sutton of Attimore Hall, Hatfield [Hertfordshire] (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

9th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant William Hugh Byam SHERVINTON, 26, attached 6th Battalion, son of Colonel Saint Leger and Laura Shervinton of Claremont, King Edward Avenue, Broadstairs [Kent] (Thiepval Memorial)   

Died of Wounds  

6th Battalion 

  • 17841 Private Thomas Milner FISHER, 19, son of James Charles Fisher of 593 Romford Road, Forest Gate [Essex] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

7th Battalion 

  • 14506 Private Charles JOHNSON, 22, born Ware [Hertfordshire], son of William and Emily Johnson, husband of Blanche Edith of The Street, Takeley [Essex] (Ware New Cemetery)  

8th Battalion 

  • 19901 Private Percy CHILLIES or CHILLES, born Brixton [London], resided Balham [London] (Wimereux Communal Cemetery) 

19th July 1916  

Killed in Action  

7th Battalion: Battle of the Somme: in camp at Bois-des-Tailles 

  • 22523 Private William Joseph SHAMBROOK, born Ware [Hertfordshire], resided Sharnbrook (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

6th Battalion 

  • 12618 Private George EDEN, 25, born Aldbury [Hertfordshire], son of William and Maria Eden of 12 Railway Cottages, Tring [Hertfordshire] (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

  • 19656 Private Thomas HUNT, 18, born Harefield [Middlesex], son of Henry and Rose Hunt of 77 Church Lane, Mill End, Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

  • 19822 Private Arthur William JAMES, 34, son of Samuel and Helen James of 6 Ashley Parade, Ashley Vale, Bristol (Saint Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

  • 12025 Private William Burt TOYNTON, 21, born and resided Stickford [Lincolnshire], son of J W Toynton of 63 West Fen, Revesby Bridge, Boston [Lincolnshire] (Saint Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

  • 18191 Private George WATERMAN, born and resided Little Hallingbury [Essex] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

7th Battalion 

  • 13706 Private Arthur William GOODEDGE, 28, born Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire], resided Boxmoor [Hertfordshire], husband of Esther of 15 Saint Margaret's [Hertfordshire] (Dive Copse British Cemetery, Sailly-le-Sec) 

  • 13543 Company Sergeant Major Betram TREVITT, born Shrewsbury [Shropshire], resided Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Abbeville Communal Cemetery) 

20th July 1916 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: en-route from Steenvoorde to Wippenhoek 

  • 18974 Private Walter DRANE, born New Sampford [Essex], resided Thaxted [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

7th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Evelyn Walter James JOHNSON, 19, son of Anthony Charles and Helen Johnson of 79 Huron Road, Balham [London] (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

21st July 1916 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: front line near Hulluch 

  • 3/8226 Sergeant Arthur THURLEY, born and resided Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Potijze Château Wood Cemetery) 


3rd Battalion 

  • 9337 Private Edward BOXALL, 36, born and resided Enfield [Middlesex], son of Emma Boxall (Pieta Military Cemetery, Malta) 

22nd July 1916 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: near Mametz in reserve. 

  • 26636 Lance Corporal Malcolm Robert BAKER, 25, son of Joseph and Rosetta Baker of Heath, Woolpit [Suffolk] resided Bawdsey [Suffolk], husband of Nellie of Woolpit (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 26399 Private Sidney Quantrill BURGESS, 24,son of John and Susannah Burgess of 11 Princes Road, Lowestoft [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27058 Private Ernest George FOORD, born Islington [London], resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27481 Private Albert SMITH, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27501 Private Arthur WHITBY, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

23rd July 1916  

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line between High Wood and Delville Wood, pushing out fortified posts under shellfire 

  • 27454 Private John Thomas BRITTON, 35, son of John and Mary Britton of 80 Rye Road, Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27088 Private Wilfred Henry BROWN, 22, son of Henry and Emily Ann Brown of Ivel Cottage, Asylum Road, Stotfold (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25972 Private Charles BURGESS, attached 10th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment, born and resided Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire], husband of Evelyn Louisa of Park Road, Stanstead Abbotts [Hertfordshire] (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 27483 Private Harry BURGESS born Caddington, resided Aley Green (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27486 Private Sam COLLINS born Holbeck [Yorkshire] resided Potton (Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 27455 Private John CUTMORE born Little Amwell [Hertfordshire] resided Hertford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27448 Private Walter GAME born and resided Ware [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27446 Private William GAME born and resided Ware [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27407 Private John William GREEN born and resided Wymington (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27489 Private Herbert JAMES born and resided Long Stow [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27467 Private Frederick LOFT, 39, son of William and Ann Loft of Hall End, Wootton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27456 Private William James SAVILLE, 36, born Eastwick [Hertfordshire], resided Stanstead Abbotts [Hertfordshire] son of David and Mary Ann (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27476 Private Aubrey STANBRIDGE, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27090 Private Ernest TAPLIN, 28, son of William and Delia Taplin of 5 South Sea Road, Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 26637 Private Arthur Henry TEAGO, 20, born Lowestoft [Suffolk], resided Sibton [Suffolk], son of John and Flora Teago of The Hollies, Peasenhall [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

6th Battalion 

  • 20056 Private Harry Edward HARPER, 21, born Preston [Hertfordshire] resided Little Brickhill [Buckinghamshire] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  


9th Battalion 

  • 20511 Quarter Master Sergeant Charles BELCHER, 56, ex-25019 Essex Regiment,  born Plymouth [Devon] husband of Mary of 3 Dalhousie Road, Rawalpindi [India, now Pakistan] (Kensall Green (All Souls) Cemetery) 

24th July 1916 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 10412 Private John Patrick LAWSON born Dublin, resided Paddington [London], brother of Mrs A Beathe of 47 Brindley Street, Paddington (Méricourt-l'Abbé Communal Cemetery Extension)  

Bedfordshire Yeomanry 

  • 757 Private William FOUNTAIN, born Eaton Bray, resided Totternhoe (Péronne Road Cemetery, Maricourt) 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line between High Wood and Delville Wood under shellfire 

  • 14925 Lance Corporal Edwin Granville HARVEY MM, born East Ham [Essex], resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19449 Private John HILLYARD, 40, son of E Cox of Church Street, Westoning, husband of Mary of Laurel Villa, Westoning (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7090 Private John ROGERS born and resided Liverpool [Lancashire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

Bedfordshire Yeomanry 

  • 1011 Private Charles William PEACOCK, 29, D Squadron, son of Charles Owen and Annie Peacock of Factory House, Brampton [Huntingdonshire] (Péronne Road Military Cemetery, Maricourt)Page Break25th July 1916 

Died of Wounds  

6th Battalion: 

  • 13036 Private Charles Henry COLES, 28, son of Frederick and Harriet Coles of 20 London Road, Hertford Heath (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

26th July 1916  

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: bivouacking in the former Pommiers Redoubt 

  • 14453 Private Ralph Thomas POINTER, 24, son of Frank Pointer of 19 Leavesden Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

8th Battalion: front line at Potijze Wood 

  • 16323 Private Charles Alfred MARSH, born and resided Newcastle-under-Lyne [Staffordshire] (Potijze Château Wood Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • Second Lieutenant Gerald SHERRY, 25, son of John and Eliza Sherry of Rusholme [Lancashire], husband of Amy Nancy of 29 Stafford Street, Gillingham [Kent] (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

6th Battalion 

  • 12098 Private Christopher COX, born and resided Ampthill (Ampthill (Saint Andrew) Churchyard) 


2nd Battalion 

  • 3/7383 Private Hubert COOK, 17, born Totternhoe, son of Walter and Annie Cook of 7 Tavistock Street, Dunstable (Dunstable Cemetery) 

27th July 1916  

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: partially successful attack at Longueval by B and D Companies 

  • 3/8568 Private Walter Ernest ANDREWS born and resided Bushey [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10369 Private Thomas Phillip ASKEY born Peckham [London] resided Fulham [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14807 Private Bertram BARKER, 30, son of George and Charlotte Barker of 19 Cannon's Gardens, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/6753 Private Harry BAYS, 22, son of William and Sarah Bays of Chatteris [Cambridgeshire] where he was born and resided; husband of Kitty Sanders Burrows (ex-Bays) of South Brent [Devon] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10474 Private John BISWELL, 19, on of Henry and Louisa Biswell of Belconey, Leverstock Green [Hertfordshire]; his brother Harry George also fell (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18787 Private Arthur John BONESS, 31, son of John and Alice Boness of 3 London Road, Biggleswade; husband of Bertha of Hitchin Street, Biggleswade (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18484 Private George Henry BONESS, 39, son of Mary Ann Boness of Back Street, Biggleswade; husband of Pollie Butcher (ex-Boness) of 22 Town Fields, Biggleswade (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7945 Private Alfred BROW, born Hatfield Heath [Hertfordshire], resided Bishop’s Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8191 Private Sydney BULLARD, born and resided Therfield [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Acting Captain Henry Patrick Claude BURTON, 23, son of Claude E CH and KG Burton of 20 Claremont Avenue, Woking [Surrey] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 8936 Private Robert CHAMBERLAIN, 30, son of Sarah Chamberlain of Montague Street, Eynesbury [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9451 Private Thomas CHESSUM, born Wrestlingworth, resided Girtford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9995 Private Cecil Herbert CLARK, 22, B Company, son of Morris and Annie Elizabeth Clark of 3 Dean Street, Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14486 Private George Thomas COLLINS, born and resided Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7387 Private Ernest COOK, 19, son of William and Emma Cook of East Fen Common, Soham [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8888 Private Herbert CRABTREE, born East Ham [Essex], resided Manor Park [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18042 Private Albert CURRINGTON, 21, D Company, born Eynesbury [Huntingdonshire] son of Thomas and Sarah Ann Currington of The Cross, Yelling [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19384 Private William CURRINGTON, 27, D Company, son of James and Anna Maria Currington of 1 Long Row, Yelling [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14355 Private Bernard DAY, 21, son of Solomon George and Martha Day of 74 Queen Street, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6256 Sergeant Thomas Henry DOWLER, born Baldock [Hertfordshire], resided Rushden [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15055 Private Thomas Edward DRISCOLL, born Chatham [Kent], son of S Driscoll of 97 Westmorland Road, Walworth [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14709 Private Bertram FULLER, 21, D Company, born Wootton, son of Arthur and Sarah Ann Fuller of 95 Woburn Road, Kempston (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10475 Private Charles GOATLEY, 21, born Harringay [Middlesex], resided Tottenham [Middlesex], brother of William Alfred Goatley of 113 Wellbourn Road, High Cross, Tottenham (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7032 Private Frank GOING, born and resided Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18825 Private Charles James GOLDSMITH, 27,son of W Goldsmith, born Stevington, husband of Caroline Emily Goldsmith, of Silver Street, Stevington, resided Stagsden, (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/6858 Private Charles GREGORY, born and resided Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19190 Private John GULLEN, 31, born Shoreditch [London], resided Hackney [London], son of John and Mary Ann Gullen (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15170 Private Vivian HADDER, born and resided Sutton [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19448 Private George HAGGAR, 20, son of Charles and Hannah Haggar of Wallington [Hertfordshire], resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18092 Private Joseph William HANCOX, born Birmingham [Warwickshire], resided Stratford-upon-Avon [Warwickshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Alfred Charles HAYHOE, 27, son of Alfred and Harriette Hayhoe of Newmarket [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 10828 Private Arthur HAYNES, born Highgate [London], resided Wood Green [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/8366 Private George HICKS, 41, born Fleetwood [Lancashire], husband of Florence Mary Hicks of 31 Atherton Crescent, Hungerford [Berkshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Archibald Clare HOLLAND, 28, son of James Frank and Jeanette Holland of 6 Queen Anne’s Gardens, Bedford Park, Chiswick [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 3/7708 Private James HUGHES, 38, born and resided Walsall [Staffordshire], son of John and Catherine Hughes, served in the 2nd Boer War (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9894 Lance Corporal Lewis JACKSON, born and resided Polebrook [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16182 Private William George KILBEY, born and resided Holwell [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19893 Private Francis John KING, 23, son of John King of 24 Saint Andrew's Street, Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18634 Private Henry LEWIS, 41, husband of Alice Jane of 4 Hatfield Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9015 Private Thomas John LEWIS, born and resided Bermondsey [London] (Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval)  

  • 16198 Private Samuel MACHON, born and resided Bethnal Green [London] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8202 Private Frederick George MANTON, born and resided Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14167 Private William Harry MOODY, born Peckham [London], resided Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/8736 Private William MORTIMER, born Bromham, resided Kempston (Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 16853 Private William PLANT, 24, B Company, born Tunstall [Staffordshire], son of James and Martha Plant of 6 Rose Bank Street, Leek [Staffordshire], resided Leek; husband of Beatrice Barlow (ex-Plant) of 40 Wedgwood Street, Wolstanton [Staffordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16994 Private Ernest PRINCE, 21, born Meerbrooke [Staffordshire], son of Ernest and Margaret Prince of High Up Cottage, Leek [Staffordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13985 Private John QUARMAN, 28, born and resided Abbots Langley [Hertfordshire], son of William and Louisa Matilda Quarman; husband of Rose; enlisted 1914 (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8765 Sergeant Edward QUINCE MM, born and resided Sandy (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18526 Private John RAINSDEN, 33, resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], son of Dinah Rainsden of 17 Charterhouse Road, Coventry [Warwickshire], husband of Annie of 61 Beech Road, Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14431 Private George ROBLETT, 26, born Hoddesden [Hertfordshire], son of Thomas and Ann Roblett of 70 Old Highway, Rye Park, Hoddesdon (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20408 Private Albert Henry ROGERS, born Hornchurch [Essex], resided Romford [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8971 Private Joseph Robert SADDINGTON, born and resided Kettering [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14291 Private Ernest SHARP, 31, son of James and Ann Sharp of New Road, Woolmer Green [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14098 Private Ralph SHARP, 22, son of Stephen and Alice Mary Sharp of 41 Gower Road, Royston [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10307 Lance Corporal Alfred TANNER, 21, born Kempston, son of Henry and Harriet Tanner of 31 Allhallows Lane, Bedford (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20479 Private Tom Cecil TEBBS, born Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire], resided Fenstanton [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17597 Private Edward UNWIN, born Elsenham [Essex], resided Thaxted [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18717 Private Walter WALDOCK born and resided Great Wymondley [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12767 Private James William WATTS, 26, son of Mrs Watts of 50 Lansdowne Road, Leytonstone [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Norman Douglas WEMYSS, 20, son of Alexander and L F A Wemyss of 24 de Parys Avenue, Bedford (London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval) 

  • 4/7253 Private Samuel Joseph WRIGHT, born Elmdon [Essex], resided Nazeing [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/7141 Private Percy YALDEN, 27, son of James and Alice Yalden of Lower Froyle [Hampshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

8th Battalion: front line at Potijze Wood 

  • 16877 Private Herbert GOSS, 22, son of Frederick James and Martha Goss of 114 Hitchin Street, Biggleswade (Potijze Château Wood Cemetery)  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 15608 Private Percy Haydn DAY, born and resided Luton (Bronfay Farm Military Cemetery, Bray-sur-Somme) 

  • 20083 Private Alfred Joseph PRICE, born Woburn, resided Eversholt (Thiepval Memorial)  


7th Battalion 

  • 15242 Private David MCQUILLAN, 20, adopted son of George Messenger of 27 Thorne Road, South Lambeth [London] (Abbeville Communal Cemetery) 

28th July 1916 

Killed in Action 

8th Battalion: front line at Potijze Wood under shellfire 

  • 22051 Private Charles BUSHBY, born and resided Harlington (Potijze Château Wood Cemetery) 

  • 20072 Private Sidney SHEPHERD, born and resided Leighton Buzzard (Potijze Château Wood Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 14483 Private Thomas William SILLS, 24, D Company, son of C T Sills of 85 Regent Street, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15006 Private William WOTTON, born Somers Town [London], resided Notting Hill [London] (Dernancourt Communal Cemetery) 

29th July 1916 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 20270 Private James Victor CONSTABLE, 19, son of Mrs Collins (ex-Constable) of 11 Pageant Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Dernancourt Communal Cemetery) 

2nd Battalion 

  • 10592 Private Dennis ADAMS, 26, born King's Walden [Hertfordshire], son of Charles and Jane Adams of Rosaline, Offa Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Saint Albans (Hatfield Road) Cemetery) 

6th Battalion 

  • 12131 Corporal Arthur HARSER, 29, born London, resided Brixton [London] (Brighton City (Bear Road) Cemetery) 

  • 14144 Private Bert HOLES, 25, born and resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire], son of George and Maria Holes of Walkern [Hertfordshire] (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen) 

  • 17424 Private Clifton OSLER, 23, son of Frank and Jane Osler of Bedmond [Hertfordshire] (Wimereux Communal Cemetery) 

30th July 1916 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line near Longueval consolidating after an unsuccessful attack by other troops 

  • 26657 Private Arthur Edward GRIMWOOD, born and resided Great Bricett [Suffolk] (Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 26648 Private Sargent HORREX, 24, son of John and Betsey Horrex of The Chequers Inn, Lakenheath [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 26626 Private Walter KNOCK, born and resided Bildeston[ Suffolk] (Caterpillar Valley Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 26418 Private Charles NICE, 26, born and resided Rougham [Suffolk], son of Arthur and Alice Nice of Thetford Road, Ixworth [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

2nd Battalion: Battle of the Somme: successful attack on Maltzkorn Farm and abortive attack on Guillemont 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Robert Francis Cooper BALLARD, 20, son of George Robert and Ada Louisa Ballard of Lyndale, Surbiton [Surrey] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 4/6900 Private John BARKER, 18, born Takeley [Essex], son of John and Elizabeth Kate Barker of Brickend, Broxted [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18182 Private Rufus Ernest BOWYER, born Stevington, resided Harrowden (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 25529 Private Gerald Sidney BRUNTON, 21, born Fakenham [Norfolk], son of Frederick William and Martha Elizabeth Brunton of 53 Park Street, Luton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 27214 Private Sidney George CADY, born Kelsale [Suffolk], resided Saxmundham [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 29052 Private Joseph CAMPBELL, 26, son of William and Emma Campbell of 7 Muspole Street, Norwich [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 6677 Sergeant George CARTER, 30, C Company, born and resided Greenwich [London], son of Elizabeth Carter of 16 Park Road, South Farnborough [Hampshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16950 Private George CARTER, 21, born and resided Welwyn [Hertfordshire], brother of Mrs E E Brunton of Moor Cottage, Welwyn (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9864 Lance Corporal Alfred CHAPMAN, born Cambridge, resided Cherry Hinton [Cambridgeshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20522 Private Albert John CLARK, 20, born Stepney [London], son of Thomas Gibbs and Catherine Clark of Red House Road,  Ware [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 22914 Private Thomas Arthur COOK, born Clitheroe [Lancashire], resided Barrowford [Lancashire] (Quarry Cemetery, Montauban) 

  • 17831 Private Alfred John COVINGTON, 24, son of Caleb and Rosina Covington of 2 Council Cottages, Roxton, his brother Wilfred was killed with the battalion on 12th October 1916 (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20466 Private George CROCKETT, 19, son of Jesse Crickett of 22 Pleasant Row, Akeman Street, Tring [Hertfordshire] (Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille) 

  • 9664 Private Francis Ernest DAWKS, Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire], resided Ramsey Saint Mary's [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6668 Private George DRAPER, 20, son of Rebecca Draper of 35 Haycroft Road, Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 18795 Private Herbert James EDWARDS, born Tewin [Hertfordshire], resided Stapleford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7041 Lance Sergeant William EGGLETON, 21, son of John and Sarah Eggleton of 69 Heath Road, Leighton Buzzard (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12712 Lance Corporal William FELSTEAD, 22, born Leyton [Essex], son of M A Felstead of 24 Saint John's Avenue, Harlow [Essex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17523 Private Alfred FORDER, 30, son of Alfred and Emma of 55 Haycroft Road, Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9647 Corporal Donald McPherson FRASER, 24, born Nainital [Uttarakhand], resided Hounslow [Middlesex], son of John McPherson and Isabel Bloomfield Fraser (Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz) 

  • 9178 Acting Corporal Leonard James FYNN MM, born Cardiff [Glamorgan], resided Aberkenfig [Glamorgan] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9732 Corporal Harry HANCOCK, 23, son of Alfred and Charlotte Hancock of 6 Semilong Road, Northampton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19110 Private William Robert HAYES, born Hornsey [Middlesex], resided Harringay [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20907 Private James Henry HEATHFIELD, born and resided Campton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 12859 Private William Charles HOOKER, born and resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 19703 Private Lawrence William HUCKLE, born and resided Sandy (Quarry Cemetery, Montauban) 

  • 17741 Lance Corporal Walter Thomas HURL, 27, son of Arthur and Emma Maria Hurl of The Broadway,  Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 16483 Acting Sergeant George Henry KELLY MM, 29, born and resided Stapleford [Hertfordshire], son of John and Emma Kelly (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7428 Private Thomas George KEMPSTER, 19, born and resided Leighton Buzzard, son of W Kempster (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17994 Private Frederick Robert KING, 21, born and resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire], son of Charles and Elizabeth King of Luffenhall [Hertfordshire] (AIF Burial Ground, Flers) 

  • 14241 Lance Corporal Charles KITCHENER, 22, born Rotherhithe [London], resided Stotfold (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 14467 Private Patrick LEFFEY, born Galway [Ireland] (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 10043 Private William LINGER, born Sandridge [Hertfordshire], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 7918 Private Arthur MELLOR, 29, born Daventry [Northamptonshire], husband of Nellie of 3 Bath Square, Northampton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 26683 Private Arthur Benjamin NICHOLLS, 20, born Simpson [Buckinghamshire], resided Ampthill, son of Harry S and Annie Nicholls of Bury Ware, Lidlington (Serre Road Cemetery No. 2) 

  • 22266 Private Albert William OSGOOD, 20, son of John and Susan Osgood of 11 Trinity Street, Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Guillemont Road Cemetery, Guillemont) 

  • 26882 Lance Corporal Clarence J Upson PARKER, born Grundisborough [Suffolk], resided Tuddenham [Suffolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 4/6915 Private Herbert SADGROVE, born Shepreth [Cambridgeshire], resided Twickenham [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20818 Private Sidney SHARP, 31, born Breachwood Green [Hertfordshire], son of Herbert and Emily Sharp of 9 Council Cottages, Preston [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9909 Sergeant Levi SMITH, 24, born Whaplode [Lincolnshire], son of Cornelius and Alice Elizabeth Spring of 107 Commercial Road, Spalding [Lincolnshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 17746 Private William Alfred THODY, 27, son of Alfred and Elizabeth Thody of Cotton End (Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz) 

  • 28850 Private Charles Zechariah TIDMAN, 32, born Ranworth [Norfolk], son of Edward and Emily Tidman of 2 Scotts Corner, Panxworth [Norfolk] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 10452 Private Alfred Edward USHERWOOD, C Company, born Kentish Town [London], resided Finsbury Park [London], brother of E Usherwood of 31 Abbotsford Avenue, South Tottenham (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20968 Private William WALDOCK, born and resided Great Wymondley [Hertfordshire] (AIF Burial Ground, Flers) 

  • 21062 Private John WATSON, 24, ex-55030 Royal Garrison Artillery, born Houghton-le-Spring [Durham], resided North Shields [Northumberland], son of Charles and Ursula Watson of 12 Osborne Road, Spennymoor [Durham] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9831 Private Albert Charles WATTS, 33, son of M H Watts of 17 Gas Street, Cambridge (Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz) 

31st July 1916 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of the Somme: front line at Longueval and Delville Wood in the aftermath of an unsuccessful attack by other troops, considerable enemy sniping and shelling 

  • 22235 Private Francis BOLTON, born Amersham Common [Buckinghamshire], resided West Kilburn [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8751 Lance Corporal George BROWN, born Wymington, resided Rushden [Northamptonshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/7759 Private George Reginald BROWN, 26, son of Thomas Charles and Martha Brown of Chicheley [Buckinghamshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 3/8638 Private Samuel DARNELL, 37, born Cockayne Hatley, resided Fulbourn [Cambridgeshire], son of Samuel and Tamar Darnell of Upper Caldecote ; husband of Lily Poulter (ex-Darnell) of 64 Huron Road, Goderich [Ontario] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20228 Private Ernest John ENDERSBY, 36, born Girtford, husband of Elizabeth of Pym's Cottages, Bedford Road, Sandy (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 13607 Private Walter FRANKLIN, born and resided Hatfield [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15565 Private Edward GAME, born High Cross [Hertfordshire], resided Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval) 

  • 15414 Private Frederick GILBEY, 24, son of Arthur Gilbey of Buckland [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 20264 Private Albert Edward GREENAWAY, 33, son of Elijah and Elizabeth Greenaway of Lambourne [Essex]; husband of Lillie of Augusta Cottage, Hoe Lane, Lambourne; his brother George also fell (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 9853 Lance Corporal Ernest LOVE, 21, B Company, son of George and Lydia Love of 1 The Square, Nelson Street, Northampton (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Arthur Norris MARSHALL, son of William Norris and Adela Frances Marshall of Newent [Gloucestershire], husband of Grace (Thiepval Memorial) 

  • 14102 Corporal John PRIME, 23, born and resided Slip End, son of John and Eliza Prime (London Cemetery and Extension, Longueval) 

  • 10422 Private Sydney James SEARLE, born and resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 14947 Private Geoffrey SLATER, 21, son of Thomas and Sarah Ann Slater of Church End, Barley [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 15438 Private Charles Alfred STREET, born Layston [Hertfordshire], resided Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Thiepval Memorial)  

8th Battalion: relieved overnight to billets at Poperinghe 

  • 19680 Private Frederick COULMAN, 35, C Company, son of Rebecca Coulman of 1 Newhall Street, Islington [London]; husband of Minnie of 345 Pickering Street, Islington (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres)  

9th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant David Newbold GAUSSEN, 23, attached 1st Battalion, son of Rev Charles E and Mary Gaussen of Fairview Cottage, Lord’s Well Lane, Crowborough [Sussex] (Dernancourt Communal Cemetery) 

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • 4/6643 Sergeant Sydney GLEAVE, born Edmonton [Middlesex], resided Enfield Wash [Middlesex] (Thiepval Memorial)  

  • 8027 Lance Corporal William GOING, born Woburn, resided Leighton Buzzard (Heilly Station Cemetery, Méricourt-l'Abbé)  

6th Battalion 

  • 12363 Private Ernest John BRUCE, 28, born Shoreditch [London], son of George and Anna Maria Bruce of 31 Nicholas Street, Hoxton [London] (Saint-Sever Cemetery, Rouen)