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December 1918

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

Deaths after the Armistice

1st December 1918 

  • Temporary Captain Arthur Wilfred TOOVEY, 13th Battalion (Pinner (Paines Lane) Cemetery 

2nd December 1918 

  • 15229 Lance Corporal Cecil Thomas BETTS, 24, son of L and E Betts of 149 Bower Street, Bedford (2nd Battalion) (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

  • 26759 Private J REYNOLDS, 24, son of Jack and Mary Reynolds, husband of Winifred Daisy of Thrapston Road, Brampton [Huntingdonshire] (Depot) (Biggleswade Cemetery) 

6th December 1918 

  • 31009 Private William Victor CLARKE, 31, son of W Clarke, husband of Minnie Ethel of Hunston Street, Bury Saint Edmunds [Suffolk],  born Hunston [Suffolk], resided Little Cressingham [Norfolk] (4th Battalion) (Berlin South-Western Cemetery) 

  • 25812 Lance Corporal Walter Charles DEAL, 25, son of J Deal of Halstead [Essex] (2nd Battalion) (Halstead Cemetery) 

  • 205567 Private Frederick George WOODS, 19, son of W H Woods of 26 Nuns Road, Winchester [Hampshire] (2nd Garrison Battalion) (Delhi Memorial (India Gate), buried Karachi Cemetery) 

7th December 1918 

  • 8915 Private Albert FRENCH, born and resided Stepney [London] (2nd Battalion) (Berlin South-Western Cemetery) 

8th December 1918 

  • (30882 Private George BEAN, Bedfordshire Yeomanry, 22, son of George and Fanny Bean of Broom (Maubeuge (Sous-le-Bois) Cemetery)) 

9th December 1918 

  • 27927 Private Sidney Joseph KING, 22, son of Joseph and Sarah King of 15 Howard Street, Kempston (4th Battalion) (Niederzwehren Cemetery, Kassel) 

  • 22612 Private Charles Ferns MOORHEAD, 31, son of Samuel and R A Moorhead, born Baldock [Hertfordshire] (3rd Battalion) (Luton Church Burial Ground) 

  • 21199 Private Thomas RUTHVEN, 33, son of Thomas and Sarah Ruthven, husband of Lilian of 30 Stepney Street Park, Sheffield [Yorkshire], born Sheffield (4th Battalion) (Sheffield (Burngreave) Cemetery) 

11th December 1918 

  • 201224 Private Lionel Harold GAME, 21, son of William and Mary Ann Game of Church End, Weston [Hertfordshire] (1st/5th Battalion) (Kantara War Memorial Cemetery) 

13th December 1918 

  • Temporary Captain William Kennedy BLUNDELL, 28, 12th Battalion, son of Edmund Snow and Annie Elizabeth Blundell of 9 Vineyards, Bath [Somerset] (Bath (Locksbrook) Cemetery) 

  • 201238 Private J HARDWIDGE (1st/5th Battalion) (Kantara War Cemetery) 

27th December 1918 

  • 205662 Private Bertram Gilby HUMPHREYS, 28, son of William and Sarah Annie Humphreys of 19 Church Walk, Hinckley [Leicestershire] (2nd Garrison Battalion) (Delhi Memorial (India Gate), buried Karachi Cemetery) 

30th December 1918 

  • 1010 Private Robert HOGBEN, 56, son of James and E Hogben of Folkestone [Kent], husband of Fanny of 11 Sussex Street, Preston [Lancashire (2nd Battalion) (Preston (New Hall Lane) Cemetery)