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Deaths in 1920

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

Deaths after the Armistice

6th January 1920 

  • 65804 Private B A AMOS (Depot) (Great Henny (Saint Mary) Churchyard) 

13th January 1920 

  • 35183 Private J E COBB, 42, son of Jesse and Sarah Cobb, husband of Alice of 74 Blenheim Road, Gloucester, born Gloucester (2nd Garrison Battalion) (Gloucester Old Cemetery) 

16th January 1920 

  • 5355 Private Frederick BRANDON, 42, son of James and Catherine Brandon of Luton (11th Battalion) (Brookwood 1914-1918 Memorial) 

  • 4967 Private G TEARLE (1st Battalion) (Dunstable Cemetery) 

26th January 1920 

  • TR9/7223 Private Charles Nicholas MANN, husband of May Lillian of 2 Marriott Road, Dartford [Kent] (Dartford (East Hill) Cemetery) 

8th February 1920 

  • 23576 Private George Harold DIX, 24, son of John Dix of Westoning (4th Battalion) (Westoning (Saint Mary Magdalene) Church Cemetery) 

14th February 1920 

  • 417199 Private A CHIEZA, husband of Eliza of 15 Temperance Street, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (4th Battalion) (Saint Albans (Hatfield Road) Cemetery) 

20th February 1920 

  • 42481 Private Henry PRIESTLEY, 23, ex-53340 Lincolnshire Regiment, son of John Priestley of Kyme Road, Heckington [Lincolnshire] and late Mary Priestley, resided Harpswell [Lincolnshire]  (2nd Battalion) (Heckington Cemetery) 

24th February 1920 

  • 23038 Private Percy Edward CROFT, 26, son of Samuel and Jane Amelia Croft of Brook Lane, Great Barford (4th Battalion) (Great Barford (All Saints) Churchyard) 

3rd March 1920 

  • 62270 Private Henry WILLIAMS, 46, son of William and Ann H Williams of Warlingham [Surrey], husband of Annie W of Jessamine Cottage, Glebe Road, Warlingham (11th Battalion) (Warlingham (All Saints) Churchyard) 

4th March 1920

  • Second Lieutenant E C WILSON, 1st Battalion (died) (Bedford Cemetery) 

17th March 1920 

  • 27659 Private E FORD (Depot) (Dunstable Cemetery) 

20th March 1920 

  • 20410 Private John Blois HARRISON, 39, husband of M Harrison of Marston Moretaine (8th Battalion) (Marston Moretaine (Saint Mary) Churchyard) 

  • 20791 Private T PEARCE, 29, son of E Pearce of 13 Cross Street North, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Depot) (Brookwood Military Cemetery) 

25th March 1920 

  • 31609 Private Jack Alan PRENTICE, 21, son of Walter and Louisa Alice Prentice of 50 Hurst Grove, Bedford (1st Battalion) (Bedford Cemetery) 

26th March 1920 

  • 202803 Private G ABBISS, 40, son of Tesse and Ann Abbiss of Hitchin [Hertfordshire], husband of Elizabeth Mary of 151 High Street South, Dunstable (11th Battalion) (Dunstable Cemetery) 

17th April 1920 

  • 40597 Private Francis William MANSFIELD, ex-25504 Northamptonshire Regiment, 25, son of John and Sarah Jane Mansfield, husband of Ellen of 5 Walton Terrace, East Road, Cambridge (4th Battalion) (Cambridge City Cemetery) 

26th April 1920 

  • 205335 Private H J COWLES (unspecified battalion) (Weston-super-Mare Cemetery) 

28th April 1920 

  • Captain E SMALL, 43, son of Thomas and Elizabeth Small of Bedford, husband of Eugenie Elizabeth of 141 George Street, Bedford, served in the 2nd Boer War (Bedford Cemetery) 

3rd May 1920 

  • 45687 Private H S KITCHENER, 33, son of Rose Kitchener, husband of M M Kitchener of 45 Castle Street, Bishop’s Stortford [Hertfordshire] (1st/5th Battalion) (Bishop’s Stortford Old Cemetery) 

4th May 1920 

  • 3/8413 Private C RAWLINGS (unspecified battalion) (Biggleswade Cemetery) 

6th May 1920 

  • 210832 Private S CROWHURST (1st Garrison Battalion) (Canterbury Cemetery) 

22nd May 1920 

  • 24077 Private Joseph Edward TAYLOR, 41, son of G W and M Taylor of 6 Brigade Place, South Street, Greenwich [London], born Plumstead [London], served in India (unspecified battalion) (Greenwich Cemetery) 

6th August 1920 

  • 7384 Private Aaron Edward EVANS, 37, husband of Annie of 36 Court, 8 House, Hospital Street, Birmingham [Warwickshire] (unspecified battalion) (Birmingham (Witton) Cemetery) 

8th August 1920 

  • 2974 Corporal Sydney Verner WORLEY, 35, son of E Ditton of 32 Saint Elmo Road, Shepherd’s Bush [London] (5th Battalion) (Hammersmith Old Cemetery) 

13th September 1920 

  • 60155 Private William HILL MM, 26, ex-10th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment, son of late Samuel and Caroline Hill (Birmingham (Witton) Cemetery) 

19th September 1920 

  • 23961 Private W J LAKER, 50, husband of E A Buckingham (ex-Laker) of 80 Commonwealth Road, Caterham [Surrey] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Caterham and Warlingham (Caterham) Burial Ground) 

22nd September 1920 

  • 65679 Private George Vine VERIOD, 20, C Company, son of Emily Ellen Veriod of 79 Primrose Road, Thorpe [Norfolk] (3rd Battalion) (Norwich Cemetery, Norfolk) 

24th September 1920 

  • 26024 Private Henry George MUNT, 28, son of H Hunt of 13 Cannons Gardens, Hitchin [Hertfordshire], husband of Violet Louisa Ellis (ex-Munt) of 37 Glebe Road, Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (2nd Battalion) (Hitchin Cemetery) 

17th November 1920 

  • 34775 Private Thomas SEABROOK, 40, son of William John and Lavinia Jane Seabrook, born Bethnal Green [London] (13th Battalion) (Chingford Mount Cemetery) 

20th November 1920 

  • 15498 Private R HAWES, 24, son of J Hawes of 93 Collinson Street, Southwark Bridge Road [London] (7th Battalion) (Streatham Park Cemetery)