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Deaths in 1919

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

Deaths after the Armistice

3rd January 1919 

  • 28237 Private William John BENSON, born and resided Bedford (2nd Battalion) (Cologne Southern Cemetery) 

4th January 1919 

  • Captain Percy Mark HALL, 28, 13th Battalion, son of Mark and Laura Elizabeth Hall of 7 Meteor Street, Clapham Common [London] (Battersea Rise Cemetery) 

5th January 1919 

  • 23867 Private C H DIVALL (1st Garrison Battalion) (Hailsham Cemetery) 

  • 205259 Private Herbert Maurice DIX, 25, son of William and Dinah Dix of Frome [Somerset] (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Kirkee 1914-1918 Memorial, buried Bombay (Sewri) Cemetery) 

  • 9123 Private Fred PAPWORTH, 29, son of Joseph and Elizabeth Papworth of Honey Hill, Manea [Cambridgeshire], born Alconbury [Huntingdonshire], resided Abbott’s Ripton [Huntingdonshire] (1st Battalion) (Copenhagen Western Cemetery) 

6th January 1919 

  • 24237 Private Arthur Henry James HOWARD, 41, son of late Charles William and Mary Howard, born Ashford [Kent], (1st Garrison Battalion) (Ashford Burial Ground) 

  • 3/8364 Private Alfred SHAMBROOK, 45, son of Anthony Shambrook of Goff’s Oak, Cheshunt [Hertfordshire] and late Susan Shambrook (1st Battalion) (Cheshunt Burial Ground) 

11th January 1919 

  • Captain Edward Nicholas ALFORD, 2nd Garrison Battalion (Delhi Memorial (India Gate), buried Karachi Cemetery) 

16th January 1919 

  • 40587 Private Horace GILMAN, 35, ex-19989 Northamptonshire Regiment, son of John and Mary Gilman, born and resided West Thurrock [Essex], husband of Annie Mary of 4 Ashworth Street, Waterfoot, Manchester [Lancashire] (4th Battalion) (West Thurrock Cemetery) 

18th January 1919 

  • 9/46041 Private H J RAISBOROUGH (52nd Battalion) (Colchester Cemetery) 

25th January 1919 

  • 47286 Private Henry Charles DOWE, 23, ex-2549 Royal Army Medical Corps,  son of Benjamin Dowe of 10 Newton Street, Ipswich [Suffolk] and late Jane Dowe, (1st/5th Battalion) (Cairo War Memorial Cemetery) 

  • 200854 Private J HARRIS (1st/5th Battalion) (Cairo War Memorial Cemetery) 

  • 59598 Private Harry MCDONALD, 31, F Company, son of J R and H McDonald, born York, husband of Ellen McDonald of 140 Lynn Street, West Hartlepool [Durham] (battalion unspecified) (Hartlepool (Stranton) Cemetery) 

26th January 1919 

  • TR9/48017 Private Frederick John DICKER, 18, son of Frederick and Alice Dicker of 5 Railway Cottages, Cranleigh [Surrey] (53rd Battalion) (Cranleigh Cemetery) 

27th January 1919 

  • 210999 Lance Corporal E REORDAN (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi War Cemetery) 

30th January 1919 

  • 4/7118 Private Albert IZZARD MM, 24, son of James Izzard of 35 Upper Culver Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (1st Battalion) (Saint Albans (Hatfield Road) Cemetery) 

3rd February 1919 

  • 120926 Private W J FROST (1st Garrison Battalion) (Agra Cantonment Cemetery) 

6th February 1919 

  • 61193 Colour Sergeant W J CARTER (unspecified battalion) (Redbourn (Saint Mary) Churchyard) 

  • 59054 Private Frederick Henry PULLIN (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi War Cemetery) 

7th February 1919 

  • 31080 Private Frederick George COOPER, 32, husband of A Cooper of 32 Gloucester Road, Tottenham [Middlesex] (1st Battalion) (Tottenham Cemetery) 

  • 13585 Private William Samuel WHYBROW, 24, C Company, son of Joseph and Millicent Jane Whybrow of 36 East Street, Leighton Buzzard (1st Battalion) (Leighton-Linslade (Leighton Buzzard) Cemetery) 

8th February 1919 

  • 49819 Private Raymund COLLINS, 19, son of Robert and Jane Collins of Prospect House, Felixstowe [Suffolk] (4th Battalion) (Boussu Communal Cemetery) 

14th February 1919 

  • 12648 Sergeant Charles EVANS, 27, son of Selina Godier of Stepney [London] (9th Battalion) (Manor Park Cemetery) 

  • 203806 Private Stanley George Duff GRANT, 30, son of James Duff Grant of 63 Nelson Road, Hornsey [Middlesex] (unspecified battalion) (Highgate Cemetery) 

18th February 1919 

  • 60330 Private John HOUGH, ex-188040 Royal Artillery (13th Battalion) (Northampton (Kingsthorpe) Cemetery) 

  • Second Lieutenant Frederick Daniel SIMMONDS, 36, husband of A Simmonds of 53 Upper Gloucester Place [London], 4th Battalion (died) (Wandsworth (Earlsfield) Cemetery) 

19th February 1919 

  • 25179 Private John Harpur EVANS, 22, son of John and Martha Evans of Cranfield (2nd Battalion) (Cranfield (Saints Peter and Paul) Churchyard) 

  • 42102 Private Charles Henry SERMON, 19, son of Charles Sermon of 34 Crossley Street, Holloway [London], born Clerkenwell [London] (Islington Cemetery and Crematorium) 

20th February 1919 

  • 12819 Lance Corporal William Simeon Claridge CROOT, 25, son of Simeon and Annie Elizabeth Croot of Brampton [Huntingdonshire], served in France from September 1915 to February 1919 (7th Battalion) (Brampton Cemetery, Huntingdonshire) 

22nd February 1919 

  • 35522 Private C H BUMSTEAD (11th Battalion) (Lowestoft (Kirkley) Cemetery) 

23rd February 1919 

  • 32307 Private Thomas OWEN, 39, son of Hugh and Mary Owen, of Baron Hill, Newborough [Anglesey] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Newborough Church Burial Ground) 

25th February 1919 

  • 11164 Private Arthur Edward HORWOOD, 18, son of Walter and Mary Jane Horwood of 36 Bailey Street, Luton (Depot) (Luton Church Burial Ground) 

1st March 1919 

  • 27805 Private William ALBONE, 22, son of William and Mary Ann Albone of Mid Village, Arlesey (2nd Battalion) (Arlesey (Saint Peter) Churchyard) 

  • Lieutenant H E WOODHOUSE (unspecified battalion)  (Putney Vale Cemetery and Crematorium) 

2nd March 1919 

  • 66463 Private Eric William GRANT, 18, son of Ernest William and Annie Grant of 1 Rose Mount, Combe Down, Bath [Somerset] (52nd Battalion) (Monkton Combe (Saint Michael) Churchyard Extension)  

3rd March 1919 

  • 14301 Private Vernon Alan LAWRENCE, 24, D Company, son of William Markwell Lawrence and Ada Williams Lawrence of Hertford, resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (7th Battalion) (Apsley End (Saint Mary) Churchyard) 

5th March 1919 

  • 18444 Private F P RALLEY, 33, son of Thomas and Mary Ralley of 10 Hartley Road, Luton (1st Battalion), (Luton Church Burial Ground) 

  • (30020 Trooper F I WOODCROFT, Bedfordshire Yeomanry, 28, son of Anne Woodcroft of Post Boy, Biggleswade (Cologne Southern Cemetery) 

9th March 1919 

  • 12799 Corporal Frederick Charles SLATER, 27, son of George and Sarah Slater of Box End, Kempston Rural (6th Battalion) (Kempston Cemetery) 

10th March 1919 

  • 200373 Private J LOVELL, son of M A Lovell of Tags End, Wootton (1st/5th Battalion) (Wootton (Saint Mary) Churchyard and Extension, Bedfordshire) 

13th March 1919 

  • 206716 Corporal Robert James HAYES, 35, son of William and Sarah Ann Hayes, husband of Florence A of 177 Grangehill Road, Well Hall, Eltham [London] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Eltham (Saint John the Baptist) Churchyard) 

14th March 1919 

  • 12486 Private Valentine SHADBOLT, 25, son of A Shadbolt, husband of May of 57 College Road, Epsom [Surrey], born Sutton [Surrey] (6th Battalion) (Croydon (Queen’s Road) Cemetery) 

19th March 1919 

  • 290454 Private J HERRALD (1st Battalion) (Dunkirk Town Cemetery) 

23rd March 1919 

  • 11252 Private Eric Harry TOMPKINS, 18, son of late William Ernest Tompkins and of Eliza Ann Tompkins, born Dunstable (Dunstable Cemetery) 

26th March 1919 

  • 265418 Corporal George Harry DRURY DCM, 21, born Hounslow [Middlesex], son of Robert George and B G Drury of 20 Shott Lane, Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Killed in Action Russia, ex-1st Battalion) (Archangel Memorial) 

31st March 1919  

  • 45505 Private Albert ROSIER, 20, son of Ben and Mary Ann Rosier of Blue Row Cottages, Beaumont [Essex], a prisoner-of-war (Beaumont (Saint Leonard) Churchyard) 

2nd April 1919 

  • 62265 Private H TILLYARD, 21, son of John and Grace Tillyard, born Willesden [Middlesex] (11th Battalion) (Cambridge City Cemetery) 

3rd April 1919 

  • 36422 Private James Alfred WESTON, 28, son of William John and Susan Elizabeth Weston of 20 Marsh Hill, Homerton [London], born Hackney [London] (13th Battalion) (Brookwood Military Cemetery) 

13th April 1919 

  • 35308 Private George Alfred WISEMAN, 27, son of John and Rosina Wiseman of Norwich [Norfolk] (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton) 

16th April 1919 

  • 32485 Private Herbert Edgar FORD, 29, husband of Ethel M of 15 Morgan’s Lane, Frome [Somerset] (Frome (Holy Trinity) Churchyard) 

19th April 1919 

  • 18673 Private J HULL (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Taukkyan War Cemetery) 

26th April 1919 

  • 43543 Private George Edward MURLY, 32, ex-241839 East Surrey Regiment, born Islington [London], resided Barnsbury [London], son of George and Ethel Murly, husband of Prudence of 9 Charles Street, Holloway [London] (4th Battalion) (Islington Cemetery and Crematorium) 

8th May 1919 

  • 204442 Private P J BAGLEE (2nd/5th Battalion) (Grimsby (Scartho Road) Cemetery) 

17th May 1919 

  • 32604 Private Arthur William STOLTON, 34, born West Malling [Kent] (Saint Albans (Hatfield Road) Cemetery) 

20th May 1919 

  • 32695 Private A WILSON (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi War Cemetery) 

21st May 1919 

  • 37276 Sergeant Bertram Charles SCARLETT, 32 (2nd Garrison Battalion) (Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton) 

24th May 1919 

  • 64870 Private Arthur MANNING, 19, son of James and Annie Manning of 23 Palmerston Road, Wimbledon [Surrey] (51st Battalion) (Cologne Southern Cemetery) 

27th May 1919 

  • 206406 Private Thomas CLEARY, 44, son of John Cleary of Coast Guard Station, Gosport [Hampshire] (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Lucknow Cantonment Military Cemetery) 

  • 35777 Private Alfred EMSLEY, 43, son of Alfred and Charlotte Emsley of 2 Railway Cottages, Portslade [Sussex] (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Lucknow Cantonment Military Cemetery) 

4th June 1919 

  • 35552 Private William John CAVERS, 40 (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Lucknow Cantonment Military Cemetery) 

  • 24018 Private A PEERLESS (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi War Cemetery) 

5th June 1919 

  • 49966 Private E R GRIFFIN (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi War Cemetery) 

12th June 1919 

  • Second Lieutenant Albert LEVI or LEVY (died of wounds), 4th Battalion (Willesden Jewish Cemetery) 

16th June 1919 

  • 201371 Private Alan Frank Fowler STRINGER, 29, only son of Amy Stringer of East Chadleigh Lane, Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire] and late Walter Stringer (1st/5th Battalion) (Alexandria (Hadra) War Memorial Cemetery) 

17th June 1919 

  • 35913 Private S FURZE, 21 (1st/5th Battalion) (Ismailia War Memorial Cemetery) 

  • 32341 Private Roland LUFF, C Company, son of Elizabeth and late Alfred Luff, husband of Caroline Luff of 44 Springfield Road, Horsham [Sussex] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi War Cemetery) 

18th June 1919 

  • 206496 Private J GRAY(3rd Garrison Battalion) (Lucknow Cantonment Military Cemetery) 

21st June 1919 

  • 200269 Private Ernest RADFORD, 21, son of Walter and Jane Radford of 13 Newton, Biggleswade (1st/5th Battalion) (Biggleswade Cemetery) 

22nd June 1919 

  • 295699 Private W G NEW, 22, son of A T New of 49a Twyford Avenue, Portsmouth [Hampshire] (Depot) (Portsmouth (Kingston) Cemetery) 

26th June 1919 

  • Second Lieutenant William Kesterton HARDING, 1st/5th Battalion (died), 21, son of William J and Frances E Harding of 19 Horston Road, Leicester, a native of Erdington [Warwickshire] (Saint Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen) 

  • 35769 Private Frank Edmund PARSONS, 36, son of William and Emma Parsons of Bristol (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Rangoon War Cemetery) 

28th June 1919 

  • 26431 Private Percy Walter CUCKOW, 27, son of Charles B and Elizabeth Cuckow of 34 Bell lane, Ipswich [Suffolk], husband of Daisy (2nd Battalion) (Ipswich Old Cemetery) 

29th June 1919 

  • 35200 Private James FENN, 41, (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Lucknow Cantonment Military Cemetery)  

2nd July 1919 

  • 21003 Lance Corporal George Kelly NAPPER, 31, son of Henry Walter Napper of Newtown, Marlow [Buckinghamshire] (16th Battalion) (Marlow Cemetery) 

  • 24952 Lance Corporal Albert SCOTT, 39, A Company, son of late Walter and Sarah Scott, husband of Sarah Ann of The Mead House, Stoke-by-Nayland [Suffolk] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi War Cemetery) 

6th July 1919 

  • 30951 Private L G HEAMS, Bedfordshire Yeomanry (Northampton (Billing Road) Cemetery) 

7th July 1919 

  • 31946 Private J HAGGERWOOD (11th Battalion) (Bedford Cemetery) 

10th July 1919 

  • 5313 Company Sergeant Major Frederick William BLISS, 42, C Company (battalion unspecified) (Fort Pitt Military Cemetery) 

17th July 1919 

  • 65416 Lance Corporal A H ADAMS, 19, son of Percy Thomas and Carrie Adams of Lower Causley Wood, Wadhurst [Sussex] (51st Battalion) (Cologne Southern Cemetery) 

  • 27704 Private A J STANYON (1st Battalion) (Yaxley Cemetery) 

21st July 1919 

  • 24602 Private Arthur MCDOWELL, 38 (1st Garrison Battalion) (United Kingdom Book of Remembrance) 

23rd July 1919 

  • 23817 Sergeant Harry BUTCHER, 32, ex-8271 Royal Sussex Regiment, born Burwash [Sussex], resided Iford [Sussex] son of William and Harriett Butcher of Lower Stoneham [Sussex] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Lewes Cemetery) 

29th July 1919 – title of the regiment changed to Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment  

30th July 1919 

  • 32722 Sergeant W H SHORT, 39 (unspecified battalion) (memorial at Calcutta (Bhowanipore) Cemetery, Kolkata) 

1st August 1919 

  • 27663 Private Alfred William SALES, 34 (unspecified battalion) (Warlingham (All Saints) Churchyard) 

9th August 1919 

  • 11304 Private A R CHAPMAN, 17, son of George and Sarah Chapman of 246 Cherryhinton Road, Cambridge (3rd Battalion) (Kettering (London Road) Cemetery) 

  • 15776 Sergeant R F JONES (7th Battalion) (Whitstable (All Saints) Churchyard) 

10th August 1919 

  • Captain Harry DRIVER DSO, MC, 32, 7th Battalion, attached 46th Battalion, Royal Fusiliers, son of Joseph Briggs Driver, killed in action in Russia (Troitza Churchyard, Russia) 

22nd August 1919  

  • 35808 Private Ernest George FOSTER, 32, son of William and Mary Ann Foster of Ramsgate [Kent] (2nd Garrison Battalion) (Karachi 1914-1918 War Memorial, buried Hyderabad Cemetery, Sind)  

25th August 1919 

  • 205742 Private Ernest Harold George CLARK, ex-281311 Hampshire Regiment, Portsea [Hampshire] Portsmouth [Hampshire] (2nd Garrison Battalion) (Kirkee 1914-1918 Memorial, buried Bombay (Sewri) Cemetery) 

1st September 1919 

  • 37610 Private Herbert COOPER (unspecified battalion) (Ranikhet New Cemetery) 

6th September 1919 

  • 24963 Sergeant Frederick ROWLAND, 27 (1st Garrison Battalion) (Indian Book of Remembrance) 

9th September 1919 

  • 50683 Private Edward William MCGEE, 40, ex-8619 Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment), son of late Edward and Caroline McGee, born Dockhead [Surrey], resided Hackney [London] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi War Cemetery) 

16th September 1919 

  • 24251 Private A HATTON, 41, son of Mary Ann Hatton of 86 Westville Road,  Shepherd’s Bush [London] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Hammersmith Old Cemetery) 

  • 24402 Private Robert Henry RATHBONE, 40, (1st Garrison Battalion) (Indian Book of Remembrance) 

17th September 1919 

  • 23218 Private Alfred BENNETT, 25, son of George and Emma Bennett of Toddington, husband of late Gertrude (unspecified battalion) (Toddington Cemetery) 

  • 33363 Private Charles William Frederick BRITTON, 21, son of Mary Ann Morgan (ex-Britton) of 8 Cornwallis Terrace, Hastings [Sussex] and late John Thompson Britton (1st Battalion) (Hastings Cemetery) 

19th September 1919 

  • 30231 Private S COWLEY, Bedfordshire Yeomanry (Kempston Cemetery) 

21st September 1919 

  • 35521 Sergeant F D WHITTON (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Dinapore No. 3 Cemetery) 

23rd September 1919 

  • 65164 Lance Corporal C E KENNARD, 19, son of Richard and Eleanor Kennard of 34 Whitehorse Hill, Chislehurst [Kent] (Chislehurst (The Annunciation) Churchyard) 

29th September 1919 

  • 18942 Lance Corporal W C HORLEY, 22, (4th Battalion) (Hockliffe (Saint Nicholas) Churchyard) 

12th October 1919 

  • 24110 Company Sergeant Major George William BRYANT, 30, ex-9711 Essex Regiment, D Company, husband of Amy Alice Maud of 131 Pelly Road, Plaistow [Essex] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi Memorial (India Gate), buried Nowshera Military Cemetery) 

15th October 1919 

  • 203167 Private W G COOPER (5th Battalion) (Luton Church Burial Ground) 

  • Lieutenant Gerald Harper SPRUNT, 21, 2nd Battalion, son of John Dalzell and Jane Naismith Sprunt of Montgomerie, Berkhamstead [Hertfordshire], proceeded overseas March 1918, severely wounded August 1918 near Morlancourt (Hollybrook Cemetery, Southampton). His brothers also fell: Edward Lawrence Sprunt on 16th June 1915 with 1st Battalion, Honourable Artillery Company (Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres); Alexander Dalzell Sprunt with 4th Battalion, Bedfordshire Regiment, attached 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment on 17th March 1915 (Lillers Communal Cemetery) 

18th October 1919 

  • 58967 Private Heslop MOON, 42, son of Thomas and Mary Ann Moon of 8 Pleasant Place, Nottingham, born Darlington [Durham] (13th Battalion) (Nottingham General Cemetery) 

28th October 1919 

  • 60532 Private E M JEZARD, 28 (2nd Garrison Battalion) (Kirkee 1915-1918 Memorial, buried Bombay (Sewri) Cemetery) 

1st November 1919 

  • 267903 Private W E SALMONS, 22, son of George and Mary Salmons of 57 Barden Road, Tonbridge [Kent] (1st Battalion) (Tonbridge Cemetery) 

3rd November 1919 

  • 32700 Sergeant Ernest RICHARDS (1st Garrison Battalion) (Delhi Memorial (India Gate), buried Peshawar) 

7th November 1919 

  • 60942 Private Frederick Thomas ALDRIDGE, 19, son of Herbert Edward and Emma Elizabeth Aldridge of Aslacton [Norfolk] (Kirkee 1914-1918 Memorial, buried Bombay (Sewri) Cemetery) 

13th November 1919 

  • 32461 Private J DALY, 36, son of Bridget Daly of 18 Lower Newtown, Waterford (1st Garrison Battalion) (Faithlegg Catholic Churchyard) 

22nd November 1919 

  • 200617 Private Leonard Cecil WALE, 22, son of Alma and Eliza Wale of the Avenue, Sandy (5th Battalion) (Sandy Cemetery) 

28th November 1919 

  • 24492 Private J ELLISDON, son of Sarah Ellisdon of 8 Ferdinand Place, Chalk Farm [London] (1st Garrison Battalion) (Port Said War Memorial Cemetery) 

3rd December 1919 

  • 206612 Private H G RIX (3rd Battalion) (Hoddesdon Cemetery) 

4th December 1919 

  • 34778 Private James HAWTREE, 34, son of E Hawtree of 7 Catherine Road, South Tottenham [Middlesex] (13th Battalion) (Tottenham Cemetery) 

9th December 1919 

  • 65308 Private Ronald Frank DENNIS, 19, son of Frank Ernest and Florence Maud Dennis of 53 Clarence Gardens, Regent’s Park [London] (51st Battalion) (Saint Pancras Cemetery) 

11th December 1919 

  • 5259 Band Sergeant Albert Charles MATTHEWMAN, 42, husband of R A Packham (ex-Matthewson) of 92 Oxford Avenue, Southampton [Hampshire] (1st Battalion) Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Newhaven Cemetery) 

15th December 1919 

  • 35338 Lance Corporal Enoch DAVIES, 31, son of John and Elizabeth Davies of 45 Oxford Road, Lostock [Lancashire], husband of Louisa of 34 Cambridge Road, Lostock (Horwich (Holy Trinity) Churchyard) 

26th December 1919 

  • 205337 Private Sydney John FORD, 38, son of John and Mary Ford of Combe Down [Somerset], husband of Georgina E A of 5 Green Cottages, Tyney Road, Combe Down (3rd Garrison Battalion) (Port Said War Memorial Cemetery)