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August 1915

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

Tuesday 10th August 1915  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 15417 Private George CRANVILL, born Great Hormead [Hertfordshire], resided Westmill [Hertfordshire] (Westmill (Saint Mary's) Churchyard) 

Wednesday 11th August 1915  

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion 

  • 3/7940 Private John George MARTIN, 36, son of John Martin of Chelsea [London], husband of S J Martin of 160 Bridge Road, Battersea [London] (Dartmoor Cemetery, Bécordel-Becourt]  

Friday 13th August 1915  


9th Battalion 

  • Temporary Lieutenant Frederick James RIDDELL, D Company, son of Frederick George and Charlotte Riddell, husband of Clara Elizabeth of 38 Ramsden Road, Balham [London], attached Essex Regiment, served in the 2nd Boer War as sergeant in the North Somerset Imperial Yeomanry (Helles Memorial) 

10th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Frederick Charles CASSWELL, 19, son of F H Casswell of Dovercourt, Pollard Hill North, Norbury [London], attached 1st Battalion, Essex Regiment (Helles Memorial) 

Sunday 15th August 1915  

Killed in Action 

1st/5th Battalion: Gallipoli  

  • 3500 Private Charles John AMBRIDGE, born Wavendon [Buckinghamshire], resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4386 Private Edward ANDERSON, 30, A Company, husband of Rose Maud of 27 Brache Street, Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4414 Private Charles BACCHUS, resided Luton (Helles Memorial)  

  • Captain Charles Tanqueray BAKER (memorial in Azmak Cemetery, Suvla) 

  • Second Lieutenant Ralph Dalton Jarvis BRIGHTEN, 22, son of William Green and Fanny Elizabeth Brighten of 60 Kensington Mansions, Earl's Court [London], born Southend-on-Sea [Essex] (memorial in Azmak Cemetery, Suvla) 

  • 3005 Private Herbert Bruce CARTER, 35, born Clifton, resided Shefford (Helles Memorial)  

  • Captain Brian Clark CUMBERLAND, 26, A Company, son of Hugh Cumberland JP CA of The Lynchet, Luton (memorial in Azmak Cemetery, Suvla) 

  • 3715 Lance Corporal Walter DUMPLETON, 35, son of Thirza Dumpleton of 4 Midland Road, Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4487 Private William FENSOME, resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3323 Private Arthur GRIBBLE, born and resided Bedford (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3706 Acting Sergeant Thomas HOPKINS, resided Bedford and worked at Grafton Cranes (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3834 Private Albert Frederick KNIGHT, 19, son of Charles Frederick and Z Knight of 9 Prebend Street, Bedford (Helles Memorial) 

  • Lieutenant Cyril Richard LYDEKKER, 25, son of the late Richard Lydekker FRS and Lucy Marianne Lydekker of Harpenden Lodge [Hertfordshire], educated at Haileybury College (memorial in Azmak Cemetery, Suvla) 

  • Captain Walter Kendrick MEAKIN (Helles Memorial) 

  • 2289 Lance Sergeant Albert PAYNE, born and resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3457 Corporal Nathan PAYNE, born and resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 2846 2846 Private Frederick Ernest PERRY, 21, son of David of 11 Queen Street, Leighton Buzzard (Helles Memorial)  

  • Second Lieutenant Frederick RISING (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3099 Private Cyril SNOXELL, born and resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4108 Private Reginald TRUEMAN, resided Bedford (Helles Memorial)  

Monday 16th August 1915 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: front line trenches near Fricourt 

  • 15078 Private Peter JOHNSON, son of G Johnson of Thrapston Road, Brampton [Huntingdonshire], born Kingston-on-Thames [Surrey] (Dartmoor Cemetery, Bécordel-Bécourt)  

1st/5th Battalion: Gallipoli 

  • 4087 Private Harry BERRY, resided Luton (special memorial at Azmak Cemetery, Suvla) 

  • 5073 Private Albert Edward BLAYDON, 18, son of Sidney and Lily Blaydon of The Knapps, Toddington Road, Leagrave (special memorial at Azmak Cemetery, Suvla)  

  • 2911 Sergeant David William BUCKINGHAM, 29, son of David and Ada Buckingham of 82 Warwick Road, Luton (memorial at Azmak Cemetery, Suvla) 

  • 4606 Private Jonathan CAVES, resided Marston Moretaine (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3819 Private George Henry DIEMER, resided Bedford (memorial at Azmak Cemetery, Suvla) 

  • 3915 Private Alfred James ELLINGHAM, resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3256 Corporal James Richard ELLISON, 20, son of Joseph and Rose Amy Ellison of 57 Bunyan Road, Kempston, born Bedford (Helles Memorial) 

  • 5037 Private George FARNHAM, 20, son of John and Fanny Farnham of 103 Edward Street, Dunstable (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3019 Private George Alfred Victor FINCH, 19, son of A Finch of 215 High Street South, Dunstable (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3964 Lance Corporal Frederick FOLKES, resided Wootton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3840 Private Horace GOODSHIP, resided Stopsley (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4489 Private Alexander GRAVES, 27, son of Henry Graves of 5 Ferndale Road, Luton, husband of Maud Agnes Cooper (ex-Graves) of 39 North Street, Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 2382 Sergeant Albert HINKS, 28, son of Albert and Elizabeth Hinks of 11 Windsor Street, Luton, husband of Clara Elizabeth of 14 Croft Road, Godalming [Surrey], born Mansfield [Nottinghamshire], resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3178 Private Percy Archie HOWE, 22, son of Alfred and Caroline of 38 Margetts Road, Kempston (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4229 Private George HUTCHINGS, 20,son of William John and Sarah Ann Hutchings of 30 Canning Street, Bedford (Helles Memorial)  

  • 5064 Private Harry KING, 19, son of Samuel King of Standon Lane, Meppershall (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4245 Private Alfred Fieldhouse LLOYD, 20, son of George Fieldhouse and Emily Lloyd, resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4932 Private Ethelbert OVERTON, 19, son of Robert John and Ethel Maud Overton of 3a Loke Road, King's Lynn [Norfolk], resided Newmarket [Suffolk] (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3339 Private Charles Edwin PARKER, born and resided Bedford (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3066 Private Harold Fred PUDDEPHATT, born and resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4085 Private Frank RIMMER, resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4905 Private Maurice SHREEVES, resided Kempston (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4275 Private Alfred SMITH, resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4277 Private Francis Edward SMITH, resided Houghton Regis (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3959 Sergeant William STAPLETON, born and resided Ampthill (special memorial at Hill 10 Cemetery, Azmak) 

  • Private Frederick THURLOW, born Australia, resided Luton (Helles Memorial)  

  • 3744 Private Joseph TOWNE, born Manchester [Lancashire], resided New Harrowden (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4291 Private Benjamin TUFFNELL, resided Luton (Helles Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 13727 Private Bert COLLIER, born Gloucester, resided Bedminster [Bristol] (Bristol (Arnos Vale) Cemetery) 

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 3449 Private Leonard HURD, born Homerton [Middlesex], resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4746 Private Albert John CURTIS, 20, son of Samuel and Emma Curtis of Bromham Green (Helles Memorial) 

  • 4065 Private Horace MARDLE, resided Caddington (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3030 Private Ernest Charles PAGE, born and resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Helles Memorial)

Killed in Action  

1st/5th Battalion: Gallipoli  

  • 3684 Corporal Thomas BILLING, born and resided Wootton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3026 Acting Sergeant Albert Frank DRACUP, 20, son of Albert and Fanny Dracup of 138 Honey Hill Road, Bedford (Helles Memorial) 

  • 2958 Sergeant William Henry FOSTER, born and resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 3035 Lance Sergeant Jack Alexandra William ROBINSON, 23, son of Hannah Robinson Hymus of 18 Bryn Road, Clydach [Glamorgan], born and resided Ampthill (Helles Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 3120 Private Bert BARTON, born and resided Luton (Hill 10 Cemetery, Azmak) 

  • 3553 Private John STENHOUSE, born Falkirk, resided Luton (East Mudros Military Cemetery, Lemnos) 

  • 2762 Private Benjamin THURLOW, born Australia, resided Luton (Helles Memorial) 

  • 2928 Private Albert WOODCRAFT, 21, son of Walter and Alice Woodcraft of The Ridgway, Flitwick, born Ampthill (Helles Memorial)   

Wednesday 18th August 1915 

Died of Wounds 

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 2445 Sergeant Thomas Richard William BUTLER, husband of Mrs Butler of Potter's Cross, Wootton, born Kempston (East Mudros Military Cemetery, Lemnos) 

  • 3998 Private George Edward STOKES, 27, son of Joseph and Emma Stokes of 20 King Street, Kempston (Helles Memorial)  

Thursday 19th August 1915 

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant George Arthur SMITH-MASTERS, 20, son of John Ernest and Eliza Margaret Smith-Masters of Camer [Kent], a native of Kidmore End [Oxfordshire] (Dranoutre Military Cemetery); his brother Captain B S Smith-Masters, 24, died with 2nd Battalion, Essex Regiment on 1st July 1916 (Sucrerie Military Cemetery, Colincamps) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion  

  • 13079 Private Richard Henry STARLING, son of R Starling of 9 Williss Street, Arncliffe [New South Wales], born Chingford [Essex], resided Harlington (Chocques Military Cemetery) 

Friday 20th August 1915 

Died of Wounds 

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 3899 Corporal William JARVIS, resided Luton (Pieta Military Cemetery, Malta) 

Saturday 21st August 1915 

Killed in Action  

1st/5th Battalion: Gallipoli  

  • Lieutenant Frank Stewart SHOOSMITH, 21, son of Francis and Minnie Shoosmith of Hart Hill, Luton (Helles Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 4025 Acting Lance Corporal Rowland ABBOTT, 39, husband of Lizzie L of 226 Leagrave Road, Luton (Helles Memorial)  

Sunday 22nd August 1915  

Killed in Action 

1st/5th Battalion: Gallipoli 

  • 4461 Private Alfred Richard COUSINS, 20, son of Richard Alfred and Susan Cousins of 47a Chapel Street, Luton (Helles Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

10th Battalion 

  • Temporary Lieutenant John Thomas ADAIR, son of Elizabeth Adair of 2 Century Street, Belfast, attached 1st Battalion, Border Regiment (Helles Memorial) 


1st Battalion 

  • 3/8577 Private Francis Joseph MURPHY, 38, husband of Florence of 191 New Road, Leigh-on-Sea [Essex], attached 175th Field Company, Royal Engineers (Glasnevin, or Prospect Cemetery, County Dublin) 

Monday 23rd August 1915 

Died of Wounds 

10th Battalion 

  • Temporary Captain John Amherst TENNANT, 26, son of John and Margaret Croom Tennant of 19 The Boltons, South Kensington [London] 1st Battalion, attached Border Regiment (Helles Memorial)  

Tuesday 24th August 1915 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: front  line east of Festubert 

  • 17002 Private Ernest WRAY, born and resided Preston [Hertfordshire] (Brown's Road Military Cemetery, Festubert) 

Wednesday 25th August 1915 

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: front line east of Festubert 

  • 13501 Private Archibald Southwell BARNES, born and resided Ramsey Saint Mary's [Huntingdonshire] (Brown's Road Military Cemetery, Festubert) 

Sunday 29th August 1915  

Died of Wounds 

2nd Battalion 

  • 18053 Private Frederick James CLARKE, 24, son of Frederick and Sarah Clarke of 31 Oxford Street, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Abbeville Communal Cemetery)  

Tuesday 31st August 1915 

Died of Wounds 

1st/5th Battalion 

  • 4327 Private Alec Joseph FAULKNER, resided Leighton Buzzard (Helles Memorial)