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April 1917

Bedfordshire Regiment Roll of Honour

1st April 1917 

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 17168 Corporal Frederick ROBERTS, born and resided Biggleswade (Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay) 

2nd April 1917  

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: front line trenches near Loos 

  • 33838 Lance Corporal Ernest BANKS, 21, son of William and Jane Banks of 50 Capron Road, Dunstable (Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay) 

3rd April 1917  

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 33183 Private Arthur George COLEMAN, born and resided Rothwell [Northamptonshire] (Béthune Town Cemetery) 

  • 33252 Private George WILDNEY, 27, ex-21836 Essex Regiment, son of A Wildney of Spring Road,  Saint Osyth [Essex], husband of G Wildney of 2 Peterborough Villa, Vansittart Street, Harwich [Essex] (Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay)   


12th (Transport Worker) Battalion 

  • 34387 Private Edward LEWIS ex-4354 Essex Regiment, born Norwich [Norfolk] resided Grays [Essex] (Croydon (Queen's Road) Cemetery)  

4th April 1917 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: front line near Loos 

  • 42063 Private Samuel GOODSON ex-5420 Norfolk Regiment, born Greenborough [Norfolk] resided Norwich [Norfolk] (Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay)  

Died of Wounds  

4th Battalion 

  • 13457 Acting Sergeant George Edward CARTER, 26, C Company, son of James and Elizabeth Margaret of Huntingdon (Mont Huon Military Cemetery, le Treport) 

5th April 1917  

Killed in Action 

8th Battalion: front line near Loos 

  • 33233 Private Arthur James BORLEY, 21, A Company, ex-24713 Essex Regiment, born Poslingford [Suffolk], son of John Henry and Sophia Borley of The Post Office, Higham [Essex] (Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay) 

  • 13754 Lance Sergeant Edwin John MASON, born Cheshunt [Hertfordshire], resided Enfield Wash [Middlesex] (Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay) 

6th April 1917 

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 33269 Corporal Sydney Arthur SMART, 24, born Ballarat [New South Wales] son of Sydney and Grace Smart of Luton, husband of Bertha May Pimm (ex-Smart) of Vale Road, Chesham [Buckinghamshire] (Béthune Town Cemetery)  

7th April 1917 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: front line near Loos 

  • 33409 Private William Albert Frederick James STREETON, 25, ex-24500 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Peckham [London], resided Faversham [Kent], husband of Nellie Amelia of 28 Bromley Grove, Shortlands [Kent] (Maroc British Cemetery, Grenay) 

Died of Wounds  

6th Battalion 

  • 32095 Private William John ALLUM, 24, born and resided Essenden [Hertfordshire] son of Joshua and Rose Allum of Birchwood Cottage, Tylers Causeway, Tolmers [Hertfordshire] (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

8th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: outpost line around Hénin-sur-Cojeul  

  • 17667 Lance Corporal Herbert CAMBERS, 23, son of Jacob Cambers of 61 Water End, Cople (Arras Memorial) 

  • 33645 Private Charles Beaumont JEFFERSON, 30, ex-1776 Bedfordshire Yeomanry, son of Joseph Jefferson of Sherington [Buckinghamshire] (Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 26878 Private Wilfred Clarence LEVERETT, 25, son of J Leverett of 6 Providence Street, Ipswich [Suffolk] (Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux)  

  • 9663 Acting Sergeant Peter CHURCH, born and resided Peterborough (Arras Memorial)   


12th (Transport Worker) Battalion 

  • 36345 Private William SEAR born and resided Northchurch [Hertfordshire] (Northchurch Baptist Chapel burial ground) 

9th April 1917

Killed in Action  

2nd Battalion: Battle of Arras: capture of Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul 

  • 28875 Private Bertie GARROD, 33, son of Jemima Matthews (ex-Garrod) of 56 Great Cressingham [Norfolk], born South Pickenham [Norfolk] resided Watton [Norfolk] (Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux)  

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: advanced to Feuchy-Chapelle and dug in 

  • 32195 Sergeant Ernest George MEAD, 26, son of William John and Lucy Mead of 17 Albion Street, Dunstable, born Luton (special memorial in Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)  

  • 32164 Private Cecil William SHREEVES, 19, son of W K and Annie M Shreeves of 18 King Edward Road, Goldington, born Harrowden (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)  

  • 43146 Private Alfred Henry SMITH, 28, son of George and Harriet Smith, husband of Mary of 83 Stanley Road, Ilford [Essex], resided Leyton [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 9138 Lance Corporal George ELEY MM born Thorpe [Suffolk] resided Bury Saint Edmunds [Suffolk] (Bucquoy Road Cemetery, Ficheux)  

  • 23269 Private Francis Ralph TARRIER, born Pirton [Hertfordshire], resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

6th Battalion 

  • 43251 Private Samuel FRANCIS, 20, ex-2284 Essex Regiment, resided Poplar [London], son of Maria Francis of 38 Cambridge Road, Barking [Essex] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)  

8th Battalion 

  • 33212 Private George CUDMORE, 34, son of Nathan Cudmore, husband of E. L. Cudmore of Walnut Tree Cottage, East Mersea [Essex] (East Mersea (Saint Edmund) churchyard)  


1st Garrison Battalion 

  • 9334 Acting Sergeant Alexander GORDON, 28, son of Alexander and Clara Gordon, born Wavendon [Buckinghamshire], resided Toddington (Delhi War Cemetery) 

10th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion: capture of la Folie Farm and la Bergere near Monchy-le-Preux 

  • 28086 Private Clifford Harold BILHAIN or BILHAM, 20, son of James and Emma J Bilhain or Bilham of Marlingford [Norfolk], resided Colton [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 19207 Private George DOCKRU or DOCKREE, 30, son of E Dockru or Dockree of Tyttenhanger Green [Hertfordshire], husband of Minnie of Ferndale, 4 Beresford Road, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], born and resided in Saint Albans (Arras Memorial)  

  • 43151 Private Albert Edward LABBETT, 23, ex-2197 Essex Regiment, son of Samuel and Catherine Labbett  of 206 Roundwood Road, Willesden [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial); 

  • 10610 Lance Corporal Harry SABIN, 26, son of George Henry and Anstiss Sabin of 17 Tucker Street, Watford [Hertfordshire], born Buckingham (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)  

7th Battalion: Battle of Arras: 6th Battalion capture of la Folie Farm and la Bergere near Monchy-le-Preux 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Frederic George THOMPSON, 28, attached 6th Battalion son of Frederic and Louisa S Thompson of 79 Castle Road, Bedford (Arras Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 9373 Private Herbert SEEKINGS, born and resided Benwick [Cambridgeshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 43392 Private Joseph Leonard TAPSCOTT, 20, ex-10295 Northamptonshire Regiment, son of John and Louisa Tapscott of 22 West Street, Northampton (Boyelles Communal Cemetery Extension) 

6th Battalion 

  • 25479 Private Harry MILTON, 23, born Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire], son of Harry Milton of 3 Benson's Road, Biggleswade (Beaurains Road Cemetery, Beaurains)  


1st Garrison Battalion  

  • 24082 Private Alfred Henry VINCENT, 46, ex-8054 Royal West Kent Regiment, born Rotherhithe [London], husband of Emma of 146 Folkestone Gardens, Trundley Road, Deptford [London] (Hollybrook Memorial, Southampton) 

11th April 1917 

Killed in Action

2nd Battalion: Battle of Arras: unsuccessful attack on Hindenburg Line near Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul 

  • 9857 Private Bertie ANKER, 27, son of Robert and Alice Anker of 32 Eastgate, Whittelsey [Cambridgeshire] (Saint-Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul) 

  • 32292 Private Robert Alfred BARNES, 19, born Oxford, son of Robert and Leonora J Barnes of 88 Judge Street, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Hénin Crucifix Cemetery) 

  • 29478 Private George CLEMENTS, husband of R E Clements of 16a Horton Street, Baldock [Hertfordshire] (Saint-Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul) 

  • 18644 Lance Corporal Robert Sydney COX, husband of W H Cox of 9 Water Lane, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Saint-Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul)  

  • 33541 Lance Sergeant Frank DYE ex-20692 Northamptonshire Regiment, son of W Dye of 16 Oundle Street, Woodstone [Peterborough] (Saint-Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul)  

  • 4/7254 Lance Corporal Leonard Charles GOSS, born Saint Pancras [London] husband of E A Goss of 10 Union Street, Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Saint-Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul)  

  • 33060 Private Frederick Arthur MARSHALL, 41, ex-8943 Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment), born and resided Sedgeford [Norfolk], son of Henry and Harriet Marshall of 24 Gainsborough Street, Sudbury [Suffolk], "a native of Glemsford, Suffolk" (Saint-Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul)  

  • 9239 Private Samuel RAY or RAW, son of H Ray or Raw of 22 Green Street,  Hertford (Saint-Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul)  

  • 18591 Private Robert STERRY, 30, son of Mary Ann Sterry of Front Street, Botesdale [Suffolk] resided Huntingdon (Saint-Martin Calvaire British Cemetery, Saint-Martin-sur-Cojeul)  

  • 18770 Private Edward George WALLER, born Sharnbrook, resided Goldington (Wancourt British Cemetery)  

5th Battalion: Battle of Arras: 6th Battalion in front line near Monchy-le-Preux 

  • Lieutenant Giles Havergal SHAW, attached 6th Battalion, (Arras Memorial) 

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: in front line near Monchy-le-Preux 

  • 3/7380 Private Thomas JOHNSON, born and resided Northampton (Faubourg d'Amiens Cemetery, Arras)  

  • 31516 Private Arthur NARROWAY, born Bushey [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32262 Private George SOFFE, 20, ex-6360 Essex Regiment, born Lilley [Hertfordshire] son of Austin Henry and Emily Harriet Soffe of 94 Castle Street, Luton (Arras Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

2nd Battalion 

  • 31329 Private John SCOTT, 39, son of Walter and Ann Scott of Hitchin [Hertfordshire], husband of Lizzie of 45 Dacre Road, Hitchin (Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty)  

  • 13389 Lance Corporal Alfred Lawrence WARNER, 24, born Stepney [London] resided Bow [London], husband of Edith May of 36 Kenilworth Road, Victoria Park, London (Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty) 

12th April 1917 

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: marching on relief to Tilloy 

  • 27968 Private Frederick Reginald ALLEN, 24, son of Frederick and Ellen Allen of 63 Havelock Road, Luton, born Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32202 Private Alec William AMBROSE, 25, son of William R and Anna Maria Ambrose of Biggleswade (Arras Memorial)  

  • 4/7209 Lance Corporal Chriss AUSTIN born and resided Brightlingsea [Essex] (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)  

  • 14286 Lance Sergeant Frank John BENGER, 23, born Aldenham [Hertfordshire], son of Joseph William Benger of 30 North View Villas, Kingston Road, Ewell [Surrey] Arras Memorial 

  • 31933 Private Mathew Sidney BONNER, 24, son of William and Elizabeth Bonner of 2 Coventry Cottages, Westoning, resided Bedford (Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez)  

  • 12035 Private Jonas BRETT, born Little Hadham [Hertfordshire], resided Ware [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 33693 Private John Bertram COLLIER, 19, D Company, ex-27657 Northamptonshire Regiment, son of John Collier of 36 Hampton Street, Northampton (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)  

  • 12694 Private Leslie Humphrey COOPER, born Shillington, resided Lower Stondon (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32111 Private Ernest John Henry DARNELL, 19, son of Ada Elizabeth Comyns (ex-Darnell) of Church Path, Sandy, born Northill, resided Lower Caldecote (Wancourt British Cemetery) 

  • 10761 Private Samuel FISHER born Birmingham [Warwickshire], resided Addlestone [Surrey] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 14163 Lance Corporal Valentine Thomas FLANDERS, 23, born King's Lynn [Norfolk] resided Letchworth [Hertfordshire], brother of Mrs A J Large of 2 Ridge Road, Letchworth (Arras Memorial) 

  • 33448 Lance Sergeant John HARRIS, 26, ex-23008 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Morley [Yorkshire], son of J Harris of 6 Saint Peter's Street, Northampton (Wancourt British Cemetery)  

  • 14455 Private William HAWKES, born Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 15287 Private George HULL, born and resided Sundon, son of J Jull of 12 Butlin Road, Luton (Arras Memorial) 

  • 10604 Corporal George HUNT, 29, A Company, son of E Maunders of 79 High Street, Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Wancourt British Cemetery)  

  • 35967 Lance Corporal Henry James JOHNSON, 20, son of Henry and Mary Johnson of 17 Townley Street, Walworth [London] (Arras Memorial) 

  • Private Thomas JONES, born Dublin, resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 43315 Private George KNOCK ex-7952 Suffolk Regiment, born Stowmarket [Suffolk], resided Lavenham [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 25247 Private James MATTHEWS, 20, born White Roding [Essex], resided New Barnet [Hertfordshire], son of William and Ellen Matthews of 8 Napier Road, Ponder's End [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 31903 Private Horace George MCDONNELL, born and resided Luton (Arras Memorial) 

  • 17593 Private William MOONEY, born Hartford [Lancashire], resided Lees [Lancashire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 12904 Corporal Jack MORETON, 21, son of Sarah A Moreton of 22 Liverpool Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)  

  • 17580 Private William Charles MOSSMAN, 21, D Company, born Stepney [London], resided Comberton [Cambridgeshire] son of William Joseph and Alice Rebecca Mossman of 31 Woodctock Road, Poplar [London] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 33581 Private Arthur Frederick NORTHOVER, 19, A Company, born Upton [Northamptonshire], son of F G Northover of 32 Southampton Road, Far Cotton, Northampton (Wancourt British Cemetery)  

  • 13237 Private Joseph John PAGE, born and resided Willesden [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 12312 Private Colin George PINCHEN, 23, born Corpusty [Norfolk], resided Attlebridge [Norfolk] son of Mrs Emily Arthurton of Little Witchingham Hall [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 12069 Sergeant Alfred James SAPSED, 22, born Barkway [Hertfordshire], son of James and Mary Sapsed of 67 Woolgrove Road, Walsworth [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 25171 Private Frank SOLESBURY, 27, son of Robert Solesbury of Milton Ernest (Wancourt British Cemetery) 

  • 32160 Private Charles SOPER, born and resided Luton (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)  

  • 33573 Private Herbert William TARRY ex-27656 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Northampton (Arras Memorial) 

  • 25575 Private William THOMPSON, born Haverhill [Suffolk], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 10495 Lance Corporal Alfred WALDUCK, born and resided Drayton Parslow [Buckinghamshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 33104 Private Alfred Henry WEBBER born Lambeth [London], resided Vauxhall [London] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 21411 Private Charles Edward WILKINS, 30, ex-1730 Royal Field Artillery, son of Henry Wilkins of 82 Church Street, Eastbourne [Sussex], husband of Bessie of 4 Alfrey Road, Seaside [Sussex] (Feuchy Chapel British Cemetery, Wancourt)  

  • 18379 Corporal Thomas WILLIAMS Leeds [Yorkshire] Hunslett [Yorkshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32276 Private Walter WRIGHT, 38, son of Mary Ann Sale of Wadesmill, Ware [Hertfordshire] husband of Annie Elizabeth of High Cross [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

6th Battalion 

  • 31567 Private William George FORD, 39, born Watford [Hertfordshire] son of James and Elizabeth Ford of Elstree [Hertfordshire], husband of Josephine F of Yew Cottage, Aldenham Road, Elstree (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)  

  • 14221 Lance Corporal James HUTCHINSON, 23, born Northallerton [Yorkshire], son of Ann Price of Bilton Junction, Harrogate [Yorkshire] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)  

  • 12256 Sergeant Walter Reginald NORRIS, 28, son of Walter and Emma Norris of Great Berkhamsted [Hertfordshire], husband of Lily Susan of Mount Cottage, Didmarton [Gloucestershire] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)  

  • 32267 Private Hugh Musk SMITH, 25, son of Edward and Helen Smith, husband of Annie of 91 Ridge Avenue, Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Faubourg d'Amiens Cemetery, Arras)  

  • 31782 Private Reginald SUTTON born Moxford [Devon], resided Boreham Wood [Hertfordshire], son of Charles E Sutton (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)  

13th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: move to reserve line from Maroc 

  • 16128 Private John Joseph HAYES born Westminster [London], husband of Catherine of 21 Fount Street, Lambeth [London] (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe) 

Died of Wounds  

2nd Battalion 

  • 8827 Private Robert Alexander BROWN, 32, born Mile End [London], son of Arthur Thomas and Elizabeth Brown, brother of Isabella Maltwood  of 53 Monier Road, Old Ford [London], resided Bow [London] (Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty) 

6th Battalion 

  • 12933 Private Harry EAGLESTONE, 24, born North Mimms [Hertfordshire], son of C E J Brace of 3 Yorke Terrace, Mays Lane, Barnet [Hertfordshire] (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

  • 32175 Private Bernard THOMPSON, 23, son of George Thompson of 39 Dudley Street, Bedford, resided Kempston (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)  

  • 32181 Corporal Frederick William WEEDON, son of William Weedon of Prentice Lane,Eaton Bray (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)  

14th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of Arras: moving to close support at Zouave Valley near Givenchy-en-Gohelle 

  • Second Lieutenant Douglas Edward HOOD, 21, son of Thomas M and Ellen Hood of Pernambuco [Brazil] (Zouave Valley Cemetery, Souchez) 

  • 31815 Private Sidney SHORT ex-23024 Suffolk Regiment, 20, born Thompson [Norfolk], resided Tacolneston [Norfolk], son of John and Louisa Short of Garboldisham Heath [Norfolk] (Zouave Valley Cemetery, Souchez)  

3rd Battalion: Battle of Arras: 1st Battalion moving to close support at Zouave Valley near Givenchy-en-Gohelle 

  • Captain Harold John Brittain FOSTER, 26, attached 1st Battalion Essex Regiment, son of John Foster of 66 Kimbolton Road, Bedford, husband of Annie C of 36 York Street, Marylebone [London] (Arras Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

2nd Battalion 

  • 23773 Acting Corporal William DEAN, 24, husband of Nellie Dean of 31 East Street, Eaton Socon (Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty)  

8th Battalion 

  • 15844 Lance Corporal George STRANGE, born and resided Anstey [Hertfordshire] (Béthune Town Cemetery) 


1st Battalion 

  • 43448 Private Arthur James SELF or SEE, 25, son of James and Emily of Globe Lane, Alconbury, born Brampton [Huntingdonshire], resided Ellington [Huntingdonshire] (Ellington (All Saints) Churchyard) 

15th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

4th Battalion: Battle of Arras: reconnaissance of Gavrelle 

  • 16995 Private Isaac BAILEY or BAILY, 38, son of Isaac and Harriet of Harper's Gate, Rudyard [Staffordshire]. born Longsden [Staffordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 14287 Private Walter Roy BARTLE, 24, born Prickwillow [Cambridgeshire], son of John Bartle of 75 King Street, Dunstable (Arras Memorial)   

  • 13572 Private Walter Thomas BULLARD, 29, son of J and Lucy Jane Bullard of Dane End, Therfield [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40184 Private Alfred Edward CALEY ex-28238 Essex Regiment, 32,  son of G Caley of Long Sutton [Lincolnshire], resided Wisbech Saint Mary [Cambridgeshire], husband of Annie Louisa Bush (ex-Caley) of 20 Bina Gardens, Earl's Court [London] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31240 Private George Herbert GIBBENS, 35, B Company, born Lindfield [Sussex], resided Abbots Ripton [Huntingdonshire], son of Robert and Sarah Gibbens, husband of Edith Curtis Gibbens of The Market Place, Highworth [Wiltshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 35959 Private James William HALLS, born Helion Bumpstead [Essex], resided Waltham Cross [Hertfordshire] (Bailleul Road East Cemetery, Saint-Laurent-Blangy) 

  • 30965 Private Walter HOLLEY, 22, born and resided Thurleigh, son of Thomas and Annie Holley (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31265 Private George Wilfred JARRETT, 25, son of Arthur Jarrett of Field House Cottages, Swanton Morley [Norfolk], resided Wisbech [Cambridgeshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 20343 Private Thomas MINARDS, 23, son of George Minards of Church Cottages, Cranfield (Arras Memorial)  

  • 19894 Private William MUNRO, 26, born Knebworth [Hertfordshire], son of W H Munro of New Town, Codicote [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40603 Private William James SEELEY, ex-25502 Northamptonshire Regiment, born West Thorpe [Suffolk], resided Walsham-le-Willows [Suffolk] (memorial in Albuera Cemetery, Bailleul-sire-Berthoult) 

  • 23414 Private Ernest Thomas SMITH born Walthamstow [Essex] resided Dunstable (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23263 Private Wilfred STURGESS born and resided Barton-le-Clay (Arras Memorial)  

  • 29743 Lance Corporal Frederick John USHER, 23, born North Waltham [Hampshire], son of James and Sarah of Itchen Abbas [Hampshire] (Arras Memorial)  

8th Battalion: front line near Loos Crassier 

  • 17363 Private Frank Ernest PARRY, born and resided Walthamstow [Essex] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 33833 Private Arthur Joseph WRIGHT, 31, ex-14480 Royal Artillery, son of A Wright of 9 Pondwicks Road, Luton; husband of Florence Caroline of 49 Portland Road, Luton (Loos Memorial) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 7326 Lance Corporal Frederick George EAMES, born Boxmoor [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension)  

4th Battalion 

  • 23437 Private Ernest FOSTER, bon and resided Potton (Orchard Dump Cemetery, Arleux-en-Gohelle) 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Eric Charles FREEAR, 20, son of Harry Marshall and Margaret Ann Freear of Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Bailleul Road East Cemetery, Saint-Laurent-Blangy) 

  • 20975 Private George Edwin Thomas GURNEY, 19, son of George and Margaret Ellen Gurney of 98 Fore Street, Edmonton [Middlesex], resided Upper Edmonton [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • Second Lieutenant Ambrose MARSHALL, 38, son of George William Marshall LL.D of Sarnesfield Court [Herefordshire] attached 1st/1st Hertfordshire Regiment (Bailleul Road East Cemetery, Saint-Laurent-Blangy) 

  • 22855 Private George Albert MAYFIELD, 40, born Swinfen [Staffordshire], son of Mary Ann Shelbourne of 9 Priory Road, Gedling [Nottinghamshire] and the late John Mayfield (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

8th Battalion 

  • 16271 Lance Sergeant John Wallace PALLETT, born and resided Hatfield [Hertfordshire] (Béthune Town Cemetery) 


3rd Battalion 

  • 3/8784 Private Frank FARR, 35, husband of Maria of 26 Pickford Road, Markyate [Hertfordshire] (Markyate (Saint John the Baptist) New Churchyard) 

16th April 1917 

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of Arras: road-making detail in Zouave Valley near Givenchy-en-Gohelle 

  • 14992 Lance Corporal Charles EAMES, born Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] resided London Colney [Hertfordshire] (Zouave Valley Cemetery, Souchez)  

  • 43087 Private John Henry WARREN, ex-1328 Huntingdonshire Cyclists Battalion, born Houghton [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

8th Battalion: successful attack near Loos Crassier 

  • 33518 Private William KNIGHT, born Camberley [Surrey], resided Bushey [Hertfordshire] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 23208 Lance Corporal Frederick George SANDERS, born Wellingborough [Northamptonshire], resided Rushden [Northamptonshire] (Loos Memorial) 

Died of Wounds 

4th Battalion 

  • 20356 Private Archibald LEWIN, born and resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

6th Battalion 

  • 13002 Private Sidney BUTTERFIELD, 27, born and resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], son of Mary Ann Butterfield of 69 Saint John's Road, Boxmoor [Hertfordshire] (Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez)  

  • 43132 Private Frederick George GREEN, 20, ex-1828 Essex Regiment, born Forest Gate [Essex], son of William and Ellen Louisa Green of 60 Lawrence Avenue, Manor Park [Essex] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)  

8th Battalion 

  • 31018 Private Edmund J AYRES, 31, son of Edward and Martha Ayres of Helmdon [Northamptonshire], husband of Harriet Helen of Greatworth [Northamptonshire] (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe)  

  • 14393 Corporal Jabez CHAPMAN, born and resided Haverhill [Suffolk] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 27670 Private Humphrey TIBBLES born Chorley Wood [Hertfordshire], son of Henry Tibbles of 89 Norfolk Row, Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe)  

  • 16910 Private Ernest James WARD, 20, son of Elizabeth Julia Ward of High Street, Barton-le-Clay (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe)  


2nd Battalion 

  • 28846 Private Wilfred Rohan SMITH, 23, son of William and Harriet Smith of Helvergate [Norfolk] (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

53rd (Young Soldier) Battalion 

  • TR/9/1159 Private Thomas WEBB son of William and Sarah Webb of Oak Place, Woodcutter's Avenue, Eastwood [Essex] (Eastwood (Saint Lawrence and All Saints) Churchyard) 

17th April 1917 

Killed in Action  

8th Battalion: successful attack near Loos Crassier 

  • 17187 Sergeant Roy HAZEL or HAZELL, born Worcester, son of Julia of 90 Clapham Road, Bedford (Loos Memorial)  

  • 22620 Private James MILCHAM or MILEHAM, 31, born Norwich [Norfolk] husband of Gertrude May of Tamer's Court, Aspenden [Hertfordshire] (Loos Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

6th Battalion 

  • 12912 Private Herbert Thomas RODWELL MM, 24, son of Herbert William and Minnie Rodwell of 77 Weymouth Street, Apsley End [Hertfordshire] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)  

8th Battalion 

  • 20706 Sergeant John CROOK, 24, born Great Snarehill [Norfolk], resided King's Walden [Hertfordshire], son of John and Annie of The Poultry Farm, Rushford [Norfolk] (Béthune Town Cemetery) 

18th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of Arras: drawing of defence scheme in Zouave Valley near Givenchy-en-Gohelle 

  • 31478 Private Victor John CLARKE, born Bedhampton [Hampshire]. resided New Barnet [Hertfordshire] (la Chaudière Military Cemetery, Vimy) 

8th Battalion: failed attack on a German strongpoint near Loos Crassier 

  • 17697 Corporal Oliver Francis HARPIN, 24, son of Walter James Harpin of Silver Street, Stevington, husband of Emma Sutton (ex-Harpin) of Silver Street, Stevington (Loos Memorial)  

  • 33486 Lance Corporal William Victor HICKSON, born Battersea [London], resided Kentish Town [London] (Loos Memorial)  

  • 40156 Private William HOWE ex-28272 Essex Regiment, born and resided Lowestoft [Suffolk] (Loos Memorial)  

  • 22657 Private John SEARLE, born Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire], resided Eaton Ford (Loos Memorial)  

  • 33511 Lance Corporal Joseph SIMCOE, 25, son of George William Simcoe of Roxton, resided Roxton; husband of Edith Rosina Bruce (ex-Simcoe) of Meagre Cottage, Hail Weston [Huntingdonshire] (Loos Memorial)  

  • 33856 Private William STANFORD, born King's Lynn [Norfolk], resided Luton (Loos Memorial)  

  • 33109 Private Philip Christian WRIGHT ex-8837 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), born Clapton [London], resided Clapton Park [Middlesex] (Loos Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

8th Battalion 

  • 33789 Private Herbert Reginald Bruce COLE, 23, son of Edith Butcher Cole of 23 Felixstowe Road, Willesden [Middlesex], resided Ampthill (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe)  

19th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

1st Battalion: Battle of Arras: ration party shelled at Zouave Valley near Loos-en-Gohelle 

  • 18241 Private Arthur DILLINGHAM, born and resided Luton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 9440 Private James STAPLETON, born and resided Sawtry [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial) 

4th Battalion: Battle of Arras: support line 

  • 17638 Private Bertram David HAYNES, born Easton [Huntingdonshire], resided Sawtry [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 30160 Private Albert Edward PHILLMORE, born and resided Tolworth [Surrey] (Arras Memorial)  

5th Battalion: 8th Battalion relieved from front line near Loos Crassier 

  • Second Lieutenant John Oswald TAYLOR, 28, attached 8th Battalion, son of James O and Mary Elizabeth Taylor of Rotherwas Park [Herefordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

1st/5th Battalion: Second Battle of Gaza: in reserve then thrown into the front line 

  • 201447 Private Fred BIRD, 22, son of Arthur and Priscilla Bird of Rose Cottage Great Staughton [Huntingdonshire] (Gaza War Cemetery) 

  • 201157 Private Frederick William CLARK, son of William and Mary Ann Clark of 3 Station Road. New Southgate [Middlesex] (Gaza War Cemetery)  

  • 203484 Private John EGAN, 22, D Company, son of T Egan of 21 Bow Street, Rugeley [Staffordshire] (Jerusalem Memorial) 

  • 200193 Acting Corporal Harry GARNER, 25, son of George and Elizabeth Garner of 36 Sun Street, Biggleswade (Gaza War Cemetery) 

  • 201355 Private William RULE, 19, son of Lizzie Rule, born Buntingford [Hertfordshire] resided Hertford (Jerusalem Memorial) 

  • 200561 Lance Corporal Harry SNOXELL resided Luton (Jerusalem Memorial) 

  • 200338 Company Quarter Master Sergeant Albert TOPHAM, born and resided Arlesey (Jerusalem Memorial) 

  • 203213 Private Frank WHITE, born and resided Bedford (Jerusalem Memorial) 

8th Battalion: relieved from front line near Loos Crassier 

  • 22851 Private William James ABBOTT, born Marston Moretaine, resided Marston Shelton (Loos Memorial)  

  • 33327 Private Edward CHURCH, 35, ex-34479 Suffolk Regiment, son of Anna Maria Church of 24 Shropham Road, Great Hockham [Norfolk] (Loos Memorial)  

  • 33513 Private James Francis DEAR, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Loos Memorial)  

  • 33795 Lance Corporal Alfred John William DUNCOMBE MM, 20, son of A F Duncombe of Howbury Cottages, Renhold (Loos Memorial)  

  • 27525 Private Samuel William EASTWICK, 37, son of Samuel Dannant and Rachel Eastwick of 26 Windmill Lane, Cheshunt [Hertfordshire] (Loos Memorial)  

  • 33484 Private William FRIPP, 43, born Lyndhurst [Hampshire] resided Callow Land, Watford [Hertfordshire], husband of Margaret Mary of 9 Fore Street, Hertford, enlisted 28th June 1916 (Loos Memorial) 

  • 29706 Private Arthur Albert GRAYSTON or GRAYSTONE, 28, son of Thomas and Eliza of Little Bartlett Street, Ipswich [Suffolk], husband of F C of 2 Austin Court, Ipswich (Loos Memorial) 

  • 40265 Private Bertie Sidney HALL, 28, ex-5172 Norfolk Regiment, born North Heigham [Norfolk] resided Norwich [Norfolk], son of R W Hall (Loos Memorial) 

  • 33802 Private Julian HALL, born Loudwater [Buckinghamshire] resided Bedford (Loos Memorial) 

  • 33462 Private James HANCOCK, ex-20936 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Riseley (Loos Memorial) 

  • 33494 Lance Corporal Stanley HEMMING, 21, born Willesden Green [Middlesex], son of J Hemming of 179 Saint Albans Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 32228 Private John HUGHES, 22, born and resided King's Langley [Hertfordshire], son of George Hughes of Bayford [Hertfordshire] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 33187 Corporal Lewis HUMPHREY, 23, son of James and Emily Humphrey of 62 Tidings Hill, Halstead [Essex] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 20276 Private Lewis LAMBERT, 19, C Company, son of Caroline Lambert of Keeley Lane, Wootton (Loos Memorial) 

  • 40174 Private James LUSHER, 30, ex-28184 Essex Regiment, son of James and Charlotte Lusher of 26 Ash Close, Swaffham [Norfolk], husband of Edith Mary of 22 Providence Terrace, Swaffham (Loos Memorial) 

  • 33515 Private George MCINTOSH, 34, born Ilford [Essex] son of Betsy McIntosh of Ednell Cottage, 143 Victoria Road, New Barnet [Hertfordshire] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 27581 Private Harry MOBBS, 38, son of Samuel Mobbs, born Long Stow [Cambridgeshire] resided Catworth [Huntingdonshire] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 29292 Private James NOBBS, born Foulsham [Norfolk] resided Guist [Norfolk] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 23067 Private Frederick PARKINS, 34, born Houghton Regis, son of Mary Ann Parkins of 66 Houghton Road, Dunstable (Loos Memorial) 

  • 27644 Private Walter PAYNE, 36, born and resided Potton, brother of Joseph Payne of Horslow Street, Potton (Loos Memorial) 

  • 33208 Private George POOLEY, 22, son of Ephraim Pooley of 2 Barrack Lane, Rochford [Essex] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 33549 Private Frederick Robert SHORT, 24, son of Edward and Elizabeth Short, born and resided Fulham [London] (Loos Memorial) 

  • 29306 Private Robert WILKINSON, 40, son of Robert and Susan Wilkinson, born and resided Hoveton Saint John [Norfolk] (Loos Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

8th Battalion 

  • 20478 Private Arthur CARRINGTON, 32, son of Andrew and Elizabeth Carrington of Upper Dean (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe)  

  • 33471 Lance Sergeant Ernest Ogilvie NIVEN, 27, C Company, born Stoke Newington [London], resided Bedford, brother of R F Niven of 10 Cornwall Road, Bedford (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe) 

  • 33268 Private Leonard Thomas SPRIGGS, 20, born Wolston [Warwickshire], resided Dunchurch [Warwickshire], son of Mary Elizabeth Spriggs of The Stone House, Watford [Warwickshire] (Béthune Town Cemetery) 

20th April 1917 

Killed in Action  

4th Battalion: Battle of Arras: support line near Arras 

  • 22879 Acting Corporal Joseph CLARKE, 34, born Potsgrove, resided Welwyn [Hertfordshire]; son of Thomas and Alice Clarke of Sheep Lane; husband of Minnie of School House, Leighton Street, Woburn (Arras Memorial) 

  • 23539 Private Alfred James MEDLOCK, 26, son of Jonah and Jane Medlock of Yewtree Cottage, Wrestlingworth (Arras Memorial) 

1st/5th Battalion: front line following the Second Battle of Gaza 

  • 203215 Private William BEAN, 24, son of Samuel and Charlotte Bean of Leavesden Green [Hertfordshire] (Jerusalem Memorial) 

  • 203325 Private Herbert BANFIELD ex-A/715 Army Service Corps, born Fulham [London], resided Chelsea [London] (Gaza War Cemetery)  

8th Battalion: being relieved from the front line near Loos Crassier 

  • 29512 Private Thomas Edmund REDDING, 33, son of Jabez and Emma Redding; husband of Lizzie Kate of 24 Church Street, Leighton Buzzard (Loos Memorial) 

  • 33309 Private Edward SHEMMINGS ex-35044 Suffolk Regiment, born Woodbridge [Suffolk], resided Melton [Suffolk] (Loos Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

8th Battalion 

  • 33791 Private Herbert CORNEY, 37, husband of Alice of 23 Francis Street, Luton (Béthune Town Cemetery) 

  • 33239 Private Stanley Herbert GROVES, 19, born Loughton [Essex], son of Richard Henry and Emma Emily Groves of High Street, Aveley [Essex] (Béthune Town Cemetery) 


13th (Transport Worker) Battalion 

  • 39139 Private Frederick BOYES, born Westminster [London], husband of Elizabeth E of 29 Harewood Terrace, Norwood Green [Middlesex] (Southall (Havelock) Cemetery) 

52nd (Graduated) Battalion 

  • TR/9/6444 Private Douglas BENTLEY, 18, son of Walter and Charlotte Bentley of Nuthampstead [Hertfordshire] (Dovercourt (All Saints) churchyard) 

21st April 1917 

Killed in Action  

4th Battalion: Battle of Arras: support line near Arras 

  • 29712 Private George William KING. born Cubitt Town [London], resided Soham [Cambridgeshire] (Bailleul Road East Cemetery, Saint-Laurent-Blangy) 

  • 25964 Private Ernest MASCALL, 24, son of Alfred and Susan Mascall of  High Wych Lane, Sawbridgeworth [Hertfordshire] (Bailleul Road East Cemetery, Saint-Laurent-Blangy) 

  • 23623 Lance Corporal Arthur SAUNDERS, born and resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Bailleul Road East Cemetery, Saint-Laurent-Blangy)  

Died of Wounds  

4th Battalion 

  • 15519 Private Albert CLEMENTS, 23, son of Marion J Clements of Standon [Hertfordshire] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun) 

8th Battalion 

  • 33468 Private Edward HADLEY, born and resided Bethnal Green [London] (Béthune Town Cemetery)  

22nd April 1917  

Died of Wounds  

4th Battalion 

  • 20200 Private Alfred Ernest ROBERTS, born Clifton, son of William Roberts of Hill Farm, Hitchin Road, Shefford (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun) 

8th Battalion 

  • 40178 Private Clifford LAKEY ex-28165 Essex Regiment, born and resided Sharrington [Norfolk] (Béthune Town Cemetery) 

  • 40139 Private Ernest George SHARMAN ex 28655 Essex Regiment, born South Cove [Suffolk], resided Marks Tey [Essex], son of George Sharman of High Street, Wrentham [Suffolk] (Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe) 

23rd April 1917 

Killed in Action 

1st Battalion: Battle of Arras: attack on la Coulotte 

  • Second Lieutenant Thomas ACKROYD (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32039 Lance Corporal Herbert ADAMS ex-23146 Suffolk Regiment, born London, resided Horsham [Sussex] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 33588 Private Arthur George ALLEN ex-2512 Bedfordshire Yeomanry, born and resided Wellingborough [Northamptonshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 25935 Private William Edward ALLEN, 25, son of E Allen of Station Road, Knebworth [Hertfordshire], resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 40036 Private James William ANDERSON ex-21395 Suffolk Regiment, born Faversham [Kent], resided East Greenwich [London] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 33586 Private Leonard ANDERSON, 28, ex-2127 Bedfordshire Yeomanry born Markyate [Hertfordshire], son of Frederick and Annie Anderson of 92 Hastings Street, Luton (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32930 Private Horace Randall AYLES ex-12225 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), born Hackney [London], son of Horatio Nelson Ayles of 27 Canterbury Road, Leyton [Essex] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32936 Private Donald Rutherford BAKER, 25, son of Robert and Eva Baker of 71 Queen Street, Louth [Lincolnshire], resided Paddington [London], husband of Ada of 268a Latimer Road, North Kensington [London] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 23777 Private George Barnes BARKER, 33, born Renhold, husband of Elizabeth of 33 Pontycapel Road, Cefn Coed [Glamorgan] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32939 Private Sidney BARNES ex-8496 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), born Mile End [London], resided Forest Gate [Essex] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 19644 Private Leonard Harold BARROW, born and resided Kentish Town [London] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 33606 Private Charles BLUNDELL, 25, A Company, ex-2171 Bedfordshire Yeomanry, son of Mrs M Blundell of 32 Kingsley Park Terrace, Northampton,  husband of C A Blundell of 142 Stanhope Road, Queen’s Park, Northampton (la Chaudière Military Cemetery, Vimy) 

  • 32945 Private Edward Adolphus BORLASE ex-8977 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), born Windsor [Berkshire], resided Walthamstow [Essex] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 18069 Corporal Frank BRADLEY MM born and resided Balmain [New South Wales] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 14949 Private Arthur Joseph BROWN, 23, born Hitchin [Hertfordshire], son of Ada Brown of Bygrave [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32960 Private Robert Thomas BROWN, 19, resided Wisbech [Cambridgeshire], son of Thomas and Lydia Brown of East End Cottage, Goldington (Arras Memorial) 

  • 3/7448 Private Robert William BROWN born Langford, resided Biggleswade (Arras Memorial) 

  • 18122 Private Archibald Walter BURR, 30, born Kempston, resided Bedford, son of Walter and Elizabeth Burr of 153 Gorton Reddish [Cheshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 43107 Private Herbert BUTLER, 32, ex-1547 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire], husband of Eva Ellen of The Kennels, Croxton [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 43108 Private Percy Edward BYATT ex-1548 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32972 Private Harry Christopher CAMPS, 23, ex-9059 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment) born Waterbeach [Cambridgeshire], resided Stratford [Essex], son of T Camps of Station Cottages, Swaffham Prior [Cambridgeshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 13296 Private Walter CARPENTER, 36, born Bushey [Hertfordshire], husband of May Elizabeth of 6 Chalk Hill, Oxhey [Hertfordshire], son of Walter and Emily Carpenter of High Street, Watford [Hertfordshire]; enlisted September 1914 (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32046 Lance Corporal Edward Arthur CHURCH, 25, ex-13526 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Kirkley [Suffolk], brother of Charles Church of Myrtle Cottages, Barnby [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 13266 Corporal Charles CLARK, born and resided Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 43008 Private Sidney Charles CLARK ex-565 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Huntingdon (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32976 Private George CLARKE, 38, C Company, ex-9073 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), born Saint Pancras [London] resided Forest Gate [Essex], brother of Ada Clarke of 9 Rosedale Road, Forest Gate (Arras Memorial) 

  • 33373 Lance Corporal George COLE, 32, ex-26902 Essex Regiment, son of Jonathan and Mary K Cole of Chequer Road, Little Bromley [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 16477 Private Thomas COOK, born and resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (la Chaudière Military Cemetery, Vimy) 

  • 33617 Private Sidney George CRAWLEY, 20, ex-2580 Bedfordshire Yeomanry, son of Edmund Crawley, horse dealer, of Market Place, Sandy (Arras Memorial)  

  • 43066 Private Roger James William CRISP ex-1186 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Long Stanton [Cambridgeshire], resided Warboys [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Vernon Edward CURRY brother of Miss N A Curry of 15 Cross Street, Manchester [Lancashire], husband of Laura (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32980 Private Herbert Aveley DARNELL, 35, C Company, ex-12238 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), son of John and Eliza Jane Darnell of Clay Street, Soham [Cambridgeshire], resided Leyton [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 14295 Private Harry DAVIS, 30, son of William and Sarah of Mimram Road, Welwyn [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 43015 Private John Henry DIGHTON, ex-653 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33620 Acting Corporal David DILLEY, 23, ex-1984 Bedfordshire Yeomanry, born Gravenhurst, son of William and Mary Ann of 8 Milton Road, Luton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 22019 Corporal George DILLEY, born Clifton, resided Biggleswade (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33621 Private Horace DOLTON, ex-2459 Bedfordshire Yeomanry born Woburn, resided Woburn Sands [Buckinghamshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 12766 Private Alfred DUDLEY, born Haynes, resided Biddenham (Arras Memorial)  

  • 26140 Private Ross King DYER, 24, son of Alfred and Sarah Dyer of Brockley [Suffolk], resided Brockley Green [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 12089 Private George Edward FENSOM, 22, born Nazeing [Essex], son of Henry and Mary Fensom of 5 Occupation Road, Wormley [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 14598 Lance Corporal Reginald FLEMING, 27, born Portsmouth [Hampshire], husband of Louisa Gertrude of 8 Pains Road, Southsea [Hampshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Thomas Murray Kilpin FLETCHER (Arras Memorial) 

  • 20099 Private Harry FOUNTAIN, 29, son of the late William Richard and Sarah Ann Fountain of  Markyate [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 28970 Lance Corporal Walter Samuel FROST, 26, son of Walter and Mary Ann Frost of 5 Park Road, Diss [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 43426 Private Cyril Prior GAUNT, ex-1554 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born and resided Needingworth [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32033 Private Frank GIBSON, 34, ex-34822 Suffolk Regiment, son of Samuel Gibson of Priory Lodge, Saint Osyth [Essex], husband of Ellen E of Clacton Road, Saint Osyth (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33010 Private George William GILBERT, 23, born Bromley [London], son of Maria Gilbert of Salterton, Seaton Road, London Colney [Hertfordshire] and late George William Gilbert (Arras Memorial)  

  • Temporary Lieutenant Fred Donald Roberts ILLINGWORTH, 21, son of Leonard and Frances Elizabeth Illingworth of 2 Melville Place, Liverpool [Lancashire], twice previously wounded (Arras Memorial) 

  • 13119 Private Arthur JACKSON, born and resided Eaton Bray (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40052 Private Charles William JACKSON, ex-28840 Suffolk Regiment, born Beccles [Suffolk], resided Ringsfield [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 18611 Private Thomas JANES, 37,born Houghton Regis, husband of Emily Elizabeth of 105 Edward Street, Dunstable  (Arras Memorial)  

  • 21250 Private James John JONES, 26, born Hendon [Middlesex], son of Henry Charles Jones of 10 Glynfield Road, Harlesden [Middlesex], husband of Annie of 94 New Holly Lane, Willesden [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23286 Corporal Alfred KEEP, 26, born Turvey, son of Thomas and Sarah of Bedford Road, Stagsden (Arras Memorial)  

  • 10212 Private John KENNING, born Bedford, resided North Kensington [London] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 27811 Private Wallace Frederick KING, 24, born Sandon [Hertfordshire], son of J and S of Slip End (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33347 Private Cecil Harold LAWSON, born and resided Lewes [Sussex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 28132 Private George LEADER, 25, born Haslingfield [Cambridgeshire], son of Stephen and Martha of Waresley Road, Gamlingay [Cambridgeshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 12677 Private William John LINSDELL, born Linton [Cambridgeshire], resided Canning Town [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 20133 Private William Harold MARDLE, born and resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 13284 Private Charles MAY born Camberwell [London], resided Tooting [London] (la Chaudière Military Cemetery, Vimy) 

  • 12084 Private George MUNNS, born and resided Northampton (la Chaudière Military Cemetery, Vimy) 

  • 12039 Lance Corporal James Daniel O'BRIEN, 21, born Saint Pancras [London], son of James Daniel and Elizabeth O’Brien of 80 Glebe Road, Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33082 Private Bertie PARKER, 33, son of Elizabeth Parker of 3 Oakley Terrace, Stockwell Lane, Cheshunt [Hertfordshire] and late William Parker (Arras Memorial)  

  • 14667 Sergeant Albert Victor PARSONS, 32, son of Susan Elizabeth Parsons of 1 Leighton Street, East Croydon [Surrey] and late James Parsons; resided Huntingdon (Arras Memorial)  

  • 18641 Sergeant George Edward PETERS, 21, son of Arthur and Elizabeth Catherine Peters of Harefield, Pembroke Road, Baldock [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 22011 Private Sidney ROBERTS, 21, son of George and Alice Roberts of 4 Bedford Street, Leighton Buzzard (Arras Memorial)  

  • 10352 Corporal Chris RUNHAM, 23, A Company, son of William George and Mary Runham of  30 Saint John’s Street, Biggleswade (Arras Memorial)  

  • 25625 Private Frank Albert SAGE, A Company, son of Herbert and Florence Elizabeth Sage of Crown Street, Dedham [Essex] (la Chaudière Military Cemetery, Vimy) 

  • 16973 Private Arthur SAUNDERS, born and resided Aldbury [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 25159 Private Ernest Joseph SAYERS, 42, born and resided Great Yarmouth [Norfolk], step-brother of Frederick Cox Fisher of 51 Kimberley Road, Stockwell [London] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 18592 Private Alfred SHADBOLT, 30, son of Frederic and Hannah of Cannins Cottages, Tewin [Hertfordshire], resided Welwyn [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 43445 Private Cyril Victor SLACK, 24, B Company, son of Harriet Slack of Bury [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31709 Private John George SMART, ex-22603 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Hanwell [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33350 Lance Corporal Mark SMITH, ex-TS/2191 Army Service Corps, born Lambeth [London], resided Ewhurst [Surrey] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31483 Private Henry STEER, born Woking [Surrey], resided Luton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 17546 Private Alfred William THOMAS, born Bethnal Green [London], resided Stepney [London] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33351 Private Victor George Henry TORRANCE, born and resided Hastings [Sussex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40057 Private Stanley George WALKER, ex-29213 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Wickham Market [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31505 Private Herbert WALLIS born Northampton, resided Woodhall Spa [Lincolnshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40012 Corporal Robert WASPE, 32, ex-22919 Suffolk Regiment, born Welnetham [Suffolk], resided Ipswich [Suffolk], son of David and Rose Waspe of Westerfield [Suffolk] , husband of Rose Hearn (ex-Waspe) of 23 Borough Road, Ipswich (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31497 Private Arthur Charles WHITTERING, 32, born Welwyn [Hertfordshire], husband of Alice Mary of Kimpton [Hertfordshire], son of late James and Mary Whittering (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40043 Private Frederick Charles WICKS, ex-24133 Suffolk Regiment, born and resided Hemley [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33403 Private Reginald Morton WILCOX, 25, ex-23014 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Peterborough, resided Woodstone [Peterborough], brother of G A Wilcox of 182 Kempton Road, East Ham [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 10186 Private Fred WILSON, 23, born Market Rasen [Lincolnshire], resided Chiswick [Middlesex], son of Naomi Wilson of 31 Ropery Street, Grimsby [Lincolnshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33370 Private Cecil WOOD born and resided Hastings [Sussex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23357 Private Arthur George WOODING, born and resided Ridgmont (Arras Memorial)  

3rd Battalion: Battle of Arras: capture of Gavrelle 

  • Second Lieutenant Sidney Gerald MULLIGAN, 28, attached 4th Battalion, son of Samuel and Julia Jessop Mulligan of 39 Talbot Road, South Tottenham [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial) 

4th Battalion: Battle of Arras: capture of Gavrelle 

  • 15225 Private William Sidney ALLEN, 26, son of Eliza Allen of 55 Hassett Street, Bedford and late William Allen (Arras Memorial)  

  • 18447 Private Walter Joseph AMBROSE, 25, son of John Ambrose of Post Office Row, Weston [Hertfordshire], resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 17940 Private Herbert ASHTON, D Company, born Ampthill, son of George and Fanny of Flitton Road, Pulloxhill (Arras Memorial)  

  • 30995 Private Albert George BARKER, 22, son of Robert and Jemima of 15 Branford Road, Norwich [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 4/5898 Private John BARNES, 29, born Saint Albans [Hertfordshire], son of Charlotte Lines of Avonmore, Seaton Road, London Colney [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 14041 Private Maurice BARNES, D Company, born and resided Clothall [Hertfordshire], son of Arthur Barnes of Hitchmans Hill, Baldock [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 15169 Sergeant Claud Cecil BELLAMY, born Stafford, resided Harwich [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 26710 Private Reuben BRADFORD, 36, born Stevenage [Hertfordshire], husband of Sylvia E Rix (ex-Bradford) of Baldock Road, Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 16059 Private Frederick Stanley BRITTAIN, 24, son of Annie M Brittain of 37 Stanstead Road, Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire] and late Arthur Brittain (Arras Memorial)  

  • 30819 Private Alfred BRUNT, 37, son of Emma Brunt of 33 Saint John’s Street, Biggleswade and late Arthur Brunt (Arras Memorial)  

  • 17011 Corporal William George CARON, 26, son of Jacques Jean and Matilda Caron of 161 Saint Leonard’s Road, Windsor [Berkshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40581 Private Harry CHERRY, ex-19606 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Bulbourne [Hertfordshire], resided Northampton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 25124 Private Cyril COOK, 21, son of Sarah Cook of Cranfield (Arras Memorial)  

  • 22802 Private Alfred Thomas COPPERWHEAT, 25, son of Walter and Julia Copperwheat of Upper Shelton, Marston Moretaine (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31283 Private Christopher Amos CURTIS born Sutton [Suffolk], resided Snape [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40572 Private Frank Cummings DAY, 37, ex-26261 Norfolk Regiment, husband of Mary of Abbess Roding [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 28133 Private Ralph George DICKERSON, born and resided Gamlingay [Cambridgeshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23125 Sergeant William Cyril DINES, 22, son of William and Ada Dines of 62 Cowper Road, Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 27052 Private Archie Berrill DRAGE, 26, son of Berrill and Sarah Jane Drage of High Street, Bozeat [Northamptonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23044 Private George DRAGE, 26, born Cheshunt [Hertfordshire], son of Mary A Drage of 89 Queen’s Road, Royston [Hertfordshire] and late Arthur Drage; husband of Louisa M Martin (ex-Drage) of 38 Rock Road, Royston (Arras Memorial)  

  • 27302 Private Stanley FEW, 25, son of William Few of 62 Blenheim Road, Ramsey [Huntingdonshire] resided Great Whyte [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40112 Lance Corporal Thomas FOLKES, born and resided Wootton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 27823 Private Fred FOUNTAIN, 36, born Bushey [Hertfordshire], resided Oxhey [Hertfordshire], son of late William and Maria Fountain (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23078 Private Frederick GADSBY, 20, B Company, born and resided Riseley, son of W and Fanny Gadsby of 5 Swan Terrace, Goldington (Orchard Dump Cemetery, Arleux-en-Gohelle) 

  • 23211 Private Jack GAUGE born and resided Biggleswade (Arras Memorial)  

  • 25568 Private Arthur IVORY, born and resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 35997 Private John Albert JACKSON, ex-24357 East Lancashire Regiment, born Rawtenstall [Lancashire], resided Crawshaw Booth [Lancashire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 22836 Private Frederick JOHNSON, born and resided Cranfield (Arras Memorial)  

  • 25419 Lance Sergeant Thomas Ebenezer LARKINS, born Ickleford [Hertfordshire], resided Stotfold (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23304 Private Frederick Oliver LAYTON, 23, born Reed [Hertfordshire], son of W H Layton of The Cottages, Bury Farm, Newsells [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23441 Private Spares LOVERIDGE, born Tottenham [Middlesex], resided Bedford (Arras Memorial)  

  • 13192 Private Clarence MAILING MM born and resided Redbourn [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 26205 Private Benjamin MITCHELL, born and resided Somersham [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 30078 Private John George MOORE, 19, D Company, born Walthamstow [Essex], son of F T and A Moore of 41 College Road, Bedford (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23466 Private Hubert O'DELL, born and resided Shefford (Arras Memorial)  

  • 25218 Lance Corporal George PAKES born Willesden [Middlesex], resided Ware [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 13195 Private James Walter Tearle PAYNE, 22, son of James and Emily Kate Payne of 37 Saint Michael’s Street, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 26126 Acting Corporal Albert Edward PHILLIPS, 26, born Sandy, resided Hertford, son of Enoch and Annie Phillips of 2 Langer Terrace, Felixstowe [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23219 Private Oliver George RAWLINGS, 21, son of George Seymour and Mary Ann Rawlings of Church End, Earith [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33476 Corporal Oscar Harold REID, 27, son of George Thomas and Elizabeth Ann Reid of  10 Cambridge Road, Leytonstone [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23217 Private Herbert RICH, son of S A Rich of 12 Souldrop (Arras Memorial)  

  • 29048 Private John William ROGERS, born and resided Norwich [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33707 Acting Corporal Herbert James ROPER, born and resided Ipswich [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 30540 Private Edward Victor Patrick ROSHIER or ROSHER, 19, born Norwich [Norfolk], resided Watford [Hertfordshire], son of A Roshier or Rosher of Great Ellingham [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 43058 Private Walter SANFORD, 32, ex-1143 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of Samuel and Sally Sanford of Graveley [Cambridgeshire] resided Offord D'Arcy [Huntingdonshire], husband of Lucy Margaret of 2 Hanley Place, Datchet [Berkshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 4/7319 Sergeant Albert Edwin SCRIVENER, born and resided Luton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23303 Private Charles SMITH, born Preston [Hertfordshire], resided Bedford (Arras Memorial)  

  • 18904 Private Ernest Jesse SMITH, born and resided Knotting (Arras Memorial)  

  • 26708 Private William Joseph SMITH MM, born Walthamstow [Essex], resided Dunstable (Arras Memorial)  

  • 14429 Private Ernest STAUGHTON, born Hertford, resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23473 Private Thomas STOCKER, born and resided Dunton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 40606 Private Robert George Smith THORPE ex-27028 Northamptonshire Regiment, born and resided Brighton [Sussex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 23283 Private Alfred James TIBBLES born and resided Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Orchard Dump Cemetery, Arleux-en-Gohelle) 

  • 20864 Private Alfred TRIPLOW, born and resided Stotfold (Arras Memorial)  

  • 13045 Corporal Maurice Alfred George WINCH MM, son of William and Minnie of 20 Council Cottages, Codicote [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 22677 Sergeant Thomas WORKER, born and resided Barton-le-Clay (Arras Memorial)  

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: in support to 63rd Infantry Brigade 

  • 12057 Private Edwin BALDWIN, born Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire], resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32204 Private Benjamin BETTLES, resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31898 Private George BISHOP, born Loughborough [Leicestershire], resided Barnet [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 10535 Sergeant Edward BRIND, 30, husband of Edith Mary of 3 Yew Tree Road, Shepherd's Bush [London] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 12214 Lance Corporal Charles CAVILL born Hatfield Broad Oak [Essex], son of Drusilla of Parvill’s Farm, Down Hall, Harlow [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32029 Private Isaac John COLEMAN, 35, ex-21289 Suffolk Regiment, son of late Isaac and Harriet Coleman of Kelsale [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32114 Private Albert DAY, born and resided Luton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 10603 Private Arthur DRAKE born Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire], son of Elijah Drake of 58 Holywell Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 14735 Corporal Joseph DURRANT, 29, son of Charles and Ann Durrant of 42 Hatfield Road, Watford [Hertfordshire] (Canadian Cemetery No. 2, Neuville-Saint-Vaast) 

  • 20135 Lance Corporal George Samuel KING, 20, son of George Edwin and Anna King of 4 High Street, Whaddon [Buckinghamshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 12420 Private Edward KNELL, 32, born Camberwell [London], son of Samuel of 66 Smith Street, Kennington [London] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 4/7185 Private Allen Arthur LONG, 21, born Essenden [Hertfordshire], son of George Long of Hawkswick Lodge, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 18626 Private William Thomas NEAL, 35, born Millbrook, resided Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire]; son of late William and Lucy Neal, husband of Fanny of Wilden (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33064 Private John Henry Claude NYE ex-8848 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), born West Ham [Essex], resided East Ham [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32196 Private Walter Percy ODELL born Houghton Conquest, resided Kempston (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32252 Private John REYNOLDS resided Letchworth [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32154 Private Jack RUSDALE, 41, son of John and S A Rusdale of Faith View, Yaxley [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33080 Private George Edward SCROGGS ex-12552 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), born Custom House [Essex], resided Plaistow [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 35962 Private William SEWELL, 40, son of William and Mary Sewell of Darlington [Durham], husband of Margaret of Chester Cottage, Bushey Heath [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32170 Private Thomas SIMPSON, born Iver [Buckinghamshire], resided Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31918 Private Harry TAYLOR, born and resided Luton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33736 Private George Leonard THURLEY, 19, ex-29187 Suffolk Regiment, born South Tottenham [Middlesex], son of J W Thurley of 8 Glendish Road, Tottenham [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 323171 Private George Albert TIMSON, born Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire], resided Leverstock Green [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32174 Private Alfred TITMUSS, 21, son of George and Sarah Titmuss of 40 Milton Road, Luton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 26768 Private Horace WEEDEN, born and resided Shillington (Arras Memorial)  

  • 14761 Private Frederick Harold WIGHTMAN MM, 22, born Hornsey [Middlesex], son of Emma Wightman of 78 Wellington Street, Luton and late Edward Wightman, husband of late Lilian (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31788 Private Fred Charles WILLIS, 24, son of Arthur and Rebecca Willis of Kensworth, an organist (Arras Memorial)  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 9089 Sergeant Thomas Charles STEEL, 29, born Westminster [London], resided Walthamstow [Essex], husband of H J Steel of 5 Upper Frant Road, Maidstone [Kent] (Lapugnoy Military Cemetery) 

3rd Battalion 

  • Second Lieutenant William Robert BRIDGES, 22, attached 4th Battalion, son of Philip and Mary Bridges of Bridgend, Stonehouse [Gloucestershire], born Llanedy [Carmarthenshire] (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

8th Battalion 

  • 40078 Private Leonard George ALDRIDGE ex-3718 Essex Regiment, born and resided Wellingborough [Northamptonshire] (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

24th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

4th Battalion: Battle of Arras: relieved following the capture of Gavrelle 

  • Second Lieutenant Horace Wellesley MUIR, 33, son of George Horace Muir of Hartfield Rise, Hartfield Square, Eastbourne [Sussex] (Arras Memorial)  

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: front line east of the Rouex-Gavrelle road 

  • 26612 Private Alfred HAWKE, 28, son of Frederick and Ellen of Park Bridge Nursery, Park Road, New Barnet [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)   

8th Battalion: front line near Saint-Élie 

  • 32208 Private Albert BROWN resided Sandy (Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery Extension) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 43065 Private Jesse Edward EARL, 32, ex-1184 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, son of Edward and Eliza Earl, husband of Mabel of Chadleigh Lane, Godmanchester [Huntingdonshire] (Barlin Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 12604 Lance Corporal Charles Thomas WOOD, born and resided Dalston [London] (Lapugnoy Military Cemetery)  

4th Battalion 

  • 18060 Lance Corporal Charles GUERIN, 33, born and resided Walworth [London], son of J Guerin of 25 Nuffield Road, East Dulwich [London] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun) 

  • 25451 Private William HOUSDEN, 23, born Sawtry [Huntingdonshire], son of Edward and Charlotte Housden of Water End, Yaxley [Huntingdonshire] (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

6th Battalion 

  • 25889 Private Edmund John BLUNDEN, 28, born Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire], resided Dunstable; son of Edmund and Emily Blunden of 16 York Street, Bristol (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 31909 Private John William BURTON, 38, son of J W Burton, husband of Ethel of Spaldwick [Huntingdonshire] (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

8th Battalion 

  • 31205 Private Frank ARMIGER, 31, son of William Armiger, husband of Mrs Armiger of Northwold [Norfolk] (Lillers Communal Cemetery) 

  • 17210 Private Percy George HILLS, 21, son of George and Emma Hills of Sutton (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

25th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: front line east of the Roeux-Gavrelle road 

  • 43187 Private Arthur BRYANT, 19, ex-2267 Essex Regiment, son of Alfred and Emma Bryant of 6 The Warren, Manor Park [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 15606 Private William Francis CHALKLEY, born and resided Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Bernard Valentine COLCHESTER, 27, son of Edward and Marguerite Branford Colchester of Great Shelford [Cambridgeshire] (Arras Memorial); his brother Lieutenant Edward Cromwell Colchester died on HMS Irresistible on 18th March 1915 and is commemorated on Portsmouth Naval Memorial 

  • 32192 Lance Sergeant Frederick William DUDLEY resided Upper Shelton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32218 Private James FASSNIDGE born Tunbridge Wells [Kent] resided Watford [Hertfordshire](Arras Memorial)  

  • 13240 Private Albert HARRIS born Slip End, resided Luton (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle) 

  • 33083 Private Edward Alexander SPARROW, 36, ex-8988 Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regiment), son of Edward Sparrow of 34 Albany Road, Walthamstow [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

Died of Wounds 

1st Battalion 

  • Temporary Second Lieutenant Donald Samuel WRIGHT, 22, attached 8th Battalion, son of Samuel E and Emma Westrope Wright of Lyndhurst, Walkern [Hertfordshire] (Calais Southern Cemetery)  

8th Battalion 

  • 18798 Private William James WEBSTER, 33, son of William James Webster of High Street, Baldock [Hertfordshire], husband of E M Webster of 2 Silver Hill, Royston [Hertfordshire] (Béthune Town Cemetery) 

26th April 1917  

Killed in Action  

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: front line east of the Roueux-Gavrelle road 

  • 14893 Private Herbert George ADDISON, 25, son of Elizabeth Addison of Saint Neots Road, Sandy (Arras Memorial)  

  • 26741 Private Reginald HOMAN, born and resided Gamlingay [Cambridgeshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 28119 Corporal Bertie Fred TURNER, 22, son of Elizabeth Turner of Church Farm, Tibenham [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)  

8th Battalion: relieved from the front line near Saint-Élie 

  • 40102 Private Frank COLLIS, ex-3732 Essex Regiment, born Little Addington [Northamptonshire] resided Thrapston [Northamptonshire] (Mazingarbe Communal Cemetery Extension) 

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 32950 Corporal Herbert Ernest BALL, 22, son of James William and Caroline Ball of Cross Hall Cottage, Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial)  

4th Battalion 

  • 31157 Private Fred DAVENPORT MM, 31, born and resided Oldham [Lancashire], son of J W Davenport of Hollies Cottage, Werneth [Lancashire] (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 40604 Private Ernest Walter SALE, 24, ex-27115 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Broughton [Northamptonshire], son of Walter and Annie E Sale of 34 Thorngate Street, Kettering [Northamptonshire] (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

6th Battalion 

  • 43128 Private William John EDWARDS ex-1809 Essex Regiment, son of Walter of Baldock Lane, Buntingford [Hertfordshire] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun) 

8th Battalion 

  • 23503 Private Richard William PUTMAN, born Houghton Conquest, resided Ampthill (Longuenesse (Saint-Omer) Souvenir Cemetery) 


1st Battalion 

  • 43064 Private Frederick SMITH, 22, ex-1180 Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion, born Hilton [Huntingdonshire], son of Emily Jane Smith of Papworth Saint Agnes [Cambridgeshire] (Point-du-Jour Military Cemetery, Athies) 

27th April 1917 

Killed in Action

1st Battalion: specialist training at Gouy Servins

  • 31484 Private Harold Alfred LAKE, 28, born and resided Luton, son of late George and Emily Mary Lake of Heath, Breachwood Green [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

1st/5th Battalion: Sheikh Abbas near Gaza, strengthening defences

  • 200287 Sergeant William DAY, born and resided Luton (Gaza War Cemetery)

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: front line east of Roeux-Gavrelle road

  • 32257 Lance Corporal Joseph RUTT, 27, resided Langford, son of late J Rutt (Arras Memorial)  
  • 12444 Corporal Arthur WIGGS, 24, D Company, son of George and Eliza Wiggs of 31 Lower Dagnall Street, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

Died of Wounds

1st Battalion

  • 15891 Private Harry BEAUCHAMP, A Company, born Clerkenwell [London] resided Pimlico [London] (Evin-Malmaison Communal Cemetery)
  • 27837 Private George DARNELL, 234, B Company, son of Stephen and Elizabeth Darnell of Seddington (Arras Memorial) 
  • 13291 Lance Corporal Gilbert Harry Kendrick WILLIAMS, son of Charles James Williams of 1 Albert Cottages, Park Place, Clapham [London] (Point-du-Jour Military Cemetery, Athies)

2nd Battalion

  • 17820 Private James Stamford HOUGHTON, born Clapham [London], resided South Lambeth [London] (Warlincourt Halte British Cemetery, Saulty)

6th Battalion

  • 32098 Private James ALLEN resided Marston Moretaine (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)
  • 3/7176 Private Arthur PEACH, 28, born Chalton, son of George and Elizabeth of Houghton Regis (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)


1st Battalion

  • 33587 Private Frederick ADAMS, ex-2535 Bedfordshire Yeomanry, born Eaton Socon, resided Eaton Ford (Arras Memorial) 
  • 30958 Private James MARDELL, born and resided Welwyn [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 33383 Private Harry REYNOLDS, 39, ex-31124 Essex Regiment, born Parndon [Essex], son of Rose Reynolds of Foster Street, Harlow [Essex] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 6639 Corporal Stephen or Steven TURNER, born and resided Hoddesdon [Hertfordshire], husband of late Kate Amy Turner (Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez)

28th April 1917 

Killed in Action 

3rd Battalion: Battle of Arras: 6th Battalion partially successful attack on Greenland Hill near Gavrelle, then relieved 

  • Second Lieutenant Clement Roy Blackshaw SMITH, 19, attached 6th Battalion son of Clement Charles Smith JP and Jessie Smith of Walton Hall, Felixstowe [Suffolk] (Arras Memorial) 

4th Battalion: Battle of Arras: front line near Oppy 

  • 12368 Acting Sergeant Arthur William YEARRELL, born and resided Offord D'Arcy [Huntingdonshire] (Point-du-Jour Military Cemetery, Athies) 

5th Battalion: Battle of Arras: 6th Battalion partially successful attack on Greenland Hill near Gavrelle, then relieved 

  • Second Lieutenant Herbert Edward FOSKETT, 24, attached 6th Battalion, son of Herbert and Mary Foskett of Western Road, Tring [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: partially successful attack on Greenland Hill near Gavrelle, then relieved 

  • 32105 Private Joseph James BEAVER, 24, son of James and Elizabeth Beaver of 43 James Street, Camden Town [London], resided Luton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 32053 Private Cornelius CHAPMAN, born and resided Stotfold (Arras Memorial)  

  • 31786 Private Fred COSTIN, 23, D Company, born and resided Eaton Bray, son of John and Emma Costin, husband of Mary of Sparrow Hall, Edlesborough [Buckinghamshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 18939 Private Ernest CURRINGTON, 31, D Company, son of Thomas and Ann Currington of The Goss, Yelling [Huntingdonshire]; husband of Ellen Louisa Barrett (ex-Currington) of 1 South View, Yelling (Arras Memorial)  

  • 33530 Sergeant James FLEE, ex-24220 Northamptonshire Regiment, born Fenny Bridges [Devon], resided Balham [London] (Arras Memorial) 

  • 32223 Private Frederick George GURNEY, born and resided Luton (Arras Memorial)  

  • 17626 Lance Corporal Sidney Jack MAGNUS, son of George and Violet Magnus of 95 High Street, Marylebone [London] (Athies Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 10547 Private Roland Charles RACHER MM, 22, D Company, born and resided Hatfield [Hertfordshire], son of Stephen Racher of 87 Embankment Grove, Chelsea [Australia] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 30427 Private Ernest RAWLINGS, 21, born Tydd Saint Mary [Lincolnshire], resided Walpole Highway [Cambridgeshire], son of W Rawlings of Tilney Saint Lawrence [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)  

  • Temporary Lieutenant Ronald Henry Evan ROSE (Arras Memorial) 

  • 10695 Corporal Francis George SIMMONS, born and resided Chesham [Buckinghamshire] (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle) 

  • 32161 Private John Ralph SPREAKLEY or SPRECKLEY, 22, son of John and Caroline Spreckley or Spreakley of 10 Elstow Road, Bedford (Arras Memorial)  

  • 12348 Private Henry TILCOCK, born and resided Ware [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial)  

  • 20582 Lance Corporal Frederick TURNER, D Company, son of W Turner of Ashbrook, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle) 

  • 43256 Sergeant Alfred William WILSON, ex-1518 Essex Regiment, resided Leytonstone [Essex] (Arras Memorial)  

7th Battalion: Battle of Arras: front line near Neuville-Vitasse 

  • 29794 Private Percy William COLE, born Lambeth [London], husband of Elizabeth Angelina of 5 Mill Street, Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (London Cemetery, Neuville-Vitasse) 

  • 30915 Private Frederick William PESTELL, born Lambeth [London], resided Luton (London Cemetery, Neuville-Vitasse)  

Died of Wounds  

4th Battalion 

  • 8481 Acting Company Sergeant Major Albert Edward GODMAN, 29, born Kempston, resided Hertford , son of John Kentish Godman, husband of Alice Mary Smith (ex-Godman) of 44 Fernlea Road, Harwich [Essex] (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

6th Battalion 

  • 20435 Private Albert MILLER, 20, born Whaddon [Buckinghamshire], son of Charles Miller of 18 Filgrave [Buckinghamshire] (Boulogne Eastern Cemetery) 

8th Battalion 

  • 17330 Lance Sergeant William Thomas HIBBIT MM, born Peckham [London], resided Balham [London] (Longuenesse (Saint-Omer) Souvenir Cemetery) 

  • 19762 Lance Corporal Frederick RICHARDS, 24, born Walworth [London], son of Frederick and Alice Richards of 11 Garden Row, Southwark [London] (Béthune Town Cemetery) 

29th April 1917  

Killed in Action

4th Battalion: Battle of Arras: ultimately successful attack near Oppy

  • 27713 Private Lawrence Arthur BARKER, born Buckden [Huntingdonshire], resided Orton Waterville [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 19347 Acting Corporal Charles BIRD, 21, son of Emma Bird of Green Tye, Much Hadham [Hertfordshire] and late William Bird (Arras Memorial) 
  • 4/7167 Private Robert Henry BOOTH, born Crawley [Sussex], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 14913 Private Edgar Clarence BORN, 24, D Company, born Barry Dock [Glamorgan] son of E W and H E Born of Heywood Terrace, Pill [Somerset] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 4/6836 Private William BURRELL, 25, born Hallingbury [Essex], son of Benjamin and Mary Ann Burrell of London Road,  Spelbrook [Hertfordshire]; husband of Annie Wren (ex-Burrell) of 331 Oakers Buildings, Saint Andrew’s Street, Hertford (Arras Memorial) 
  • 17151 Private William Henry COLEMAN, born Grays [Essex], resided Brington [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 22757 Acting Sergeant Norman Frederick COX, 24, born New Barnet [Hertfordshire] son of Elizabeth Cox of 10 Oak View Terrace, South Whetstone [Middlesex] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 29071 Private Harry CURSTON, 28, D Company, born Hockering [Norfolk], son of Alfred and Charlotte Curston of North Tuddenham [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial)
  • 23285 Private Thomas Henry DURHAM, 38, C Company, born Spalding [Lincolnshire], son of John and Annie Durham of 7 Russell Street, Saint Neots [Huntingdonshire]; husband of Emily Alice Bellamy (ex-Durham) of Huntingdon Street, Saint Neots (Arras Memorial) 
  • 18439 Private Arthur EAMES, born and resided Sundon (Arras Memorial) 
  • 23660 Acting Corporal John EDWARDS, born and resided Souldrop (Arras Memorial) 
  • 28174 Private William Henry EDWARDS, born and resided Saxlingham [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 27828 Private Sam FLINDERS, 30, son of Samuel Flinders of Brook End, Northill and late Clara (Arras Memorial)  
  • 17444 Acting Corporal Thomas FRANKLIN, 19, son of Robert and Amy Franklin of 13 Collins Cross, Bishop's Stortford [Hertfordshire] (Canadian Cemetery No. 2, Neuville-Saint-Vaast)
  • 30458 Private Herbert GOWARD, born Griston [Norfolk], resided Walsingham [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 23801 Private Herbert William HEARNE, born and resided Chalfont Saint Giles [Buckinghamshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 23274 Private William LAWRENCE, born London, resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 7873 Company Sergeant Major Frederick Charles MART, born Tottenham [Middlesex], resided Kempston (Bailleul Road East Cemetery, Saint-Laurent Blangy)
  • 30026 Private Alfred William MILLS, born Battersea [London], resided Earlsfield [London], son of George and Alathea Mills; husband of Mary F Mills of 36 Townmead Road, Fulham [London] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 25572 Private Frederick James PEACOCK, 22, son of E Peacock of 1 College Place, Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 22970 Private William PEDDAR, born Bedford, resided Flitwick (Arras Memorial) 
  • 25135 Private Frederick James REYNOLDS, 19, son of Jack and Mary Ann Reynolds of 52 Sun Street, Biggleswade (Arras Memorial) 
  • 35992 Private William RIDING, 25, ex-21587 East Lancashire Regiment, born Blackburn [Lancashire] son of John Thomas and Sarah Riding of 10 Redvers Road, Darwen [Lancashire]; husband of Edith of 127 Kay Street, Darwen (Arras Memorial) 
  • 18891 Acting Corporal Reginald SECKER, born Littleport [Cambridgeshire], resided Saint Ives [Huntingdonshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 27589 Private George Flanders SEWARD, 34,son of George and Eliza Metcalf Seward of 4 Wood Street, Huntingdon (Arras Memorial) 
  • 29735 Private Ernest Edward SHEMMING, 30, B Company, born Brockdish [Norfolk], resided Aldeburgh [Suffolk]; son of Frances Shemming of Mill House, Syleham [Norfolk] and late Frederick Shemming; husband of Evelyn May of May Villa, Fawcett Road, Aldeburgh (Arras Memorial) 
  • 23477 Private Corbet Charles SMITH, born Eaton Socon, resided Northampton (Arras Memorial) 
  • 22815 Lance Corporal Frank STOCK, born Bedford, resided Kempston (Arras Memorial) 
  • 28218 Private Frederick WELLS, 37, son of John and Jane Wells of Chapel Street, Cawston [Norfolk] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 29745 Sergeant Charles WINTERINGHAM, 29, born Richmond [Yorkshire], resided Cambridge, son of late Robert Winteringham of 18 Havelock Road, Norwich [Norfolk], husband of Caroline of 18 Priory Road, Cambridge (Arras Memorial)

6th Battalion: Battle of Arras: relieved from front line at Greenland Hill

  • 13372 Private Christopher Philip ALDRIDGE, 22, son of Alfred and M A Aldridge of Battersea [London] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 32099 Private Henry ANDREWS resided Luton (Sunken Road Cemetery, Fampoux)
  • 12082 Private Arthur AUSTIN, born and resided Rickmansworth [Hertfordshire] (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle)
  • 31883 Private William Bottamley BROWN, 24, born Spalding [Lincolnshire] resided Fletton [Peterborough], husband of Millicent of 7 Priestgate, Peterborough (Arras Memorial) 
  • 33574 Private William Frederick BROWN ex-27661 Northamptonshire Regiment, Kingsthorpe [Northamptonshire] Northampton
  • 32215 Private John Benjamin COLES, resided Woburn (Arras Memorial) 
  • 17843 Private William COOK, born Bethnal Green [London], resided Hoxton [London] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 17676 Private Frederick CUNNINGTON, 23, son of John and Elizabeth Cunnington of Ivy Cottage, Lowick [Northamptonshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 23122 Lance Corporal Frederick James EMERY, born and resided Bedford (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle)
  • 32117 Private George Alfred FOLKS, 22, son of George and I Folks of 30 Smart Street, Luton (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle)
  • 14378 Private Jack FRENCH, son of H French of 12 Telegraph Place, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle)
  • 32199 Lance Corporal Harry GIDDINGS, 21, son of E and I Giddings of Ivydale, Potton (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle)
  • 14451 Private Oliver George James GRAVESTOCK, born and resided Hemel Hempstead [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 25727 Private Arthur GUINAN, born and resided Harpenden [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 21982 Private George Frank GURNEY, born Tring [Hertfordshire], resided Bovingdon [Hertfordshire] (Sunken Road Cemetery, Fampoux)
  • 32125 Private Frank Joseph HODGSON, born Islington [London], resided Saint Albans [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 32120 Private Walter George HUFFER, 26, resided Stotfold, husband of Mary Alice of 129 Ireland (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle) 
  • 12325 Lance Corporal Thomas JENKINS, 28, born Aberystwyth [Cardiganshire], son of E Jenkins of 1 Stanley Houses, Mundy Street, Hoxton [London] (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle)
  • 19650 Private Charles William JUSTICE, born Saint John's Wood [London], resided South Tottenham [Middlesex] (Canadian Cemetery No. 2, Neuville-Saint-Vaast)
  • 12387 Lance Corporal George KIDMAN, 22, born Islington [London], son of Amelia Kidman of 16 Ashton Road, Luton (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle)
  • 15765 Private Walter Ernest LEE, 22, born Lambeth [London], son of John and Caroline Lee of 22 Ayliffe Street, Southwark [London] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 22956 Private Frederick George MANNING, born and resided Luton (Arras Memorial) 
  • 23068 Lance Sergeant Frederick MARLOW, 21, son of Frederick and Emma Marlow of 7 Council Cottages, Sundon (Arras Memorial) 
  • 26289 Private Albert NORMAN, born Fulbourn [Cambridgeshire], resided Cambridge (Arras Memorial) 
  • 25263 Private Frederick PERCIVAL, 21, son of Paul Percival of 92 Railway Terrace, Apsley End [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 26133 Private John PIGGOTT, 20, born Stanbridge, son of Carrie Piggott of The Green, Tilsworth and late Frederick Piggott (Arras Memorial) 
  • 31980 Private William Frederick PRIEST, 37, born Bedford, resided Walsworth [Hertfordshire]; son of Fred and Clarissa S Priest; husband of Anne Charlotte of 8 Denbigh Road, Luton (Arras Memorial) 
  • 3/8187 Private Harry Charles SIMS, 28, son of John and Emma Sims of 7 Rose Lane, Biggleswade (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle)
  • 32258 Sergeant Charles Harold SLADE resided Southill (Arras Memorial) 
  • 19577 Lance Corporal Frederick George Henry SMITH, born Kentish Town [London], resided Bovingdon [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 35961 Private Leonard SMITH MM, 30, born Peterborough, resided Luton; son of Florence Steward (ex-Smith) and Walter Steward; husband of Martha Alice of Wittering [Peterborough] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 28018 Private Sidney George SMITH, 27, son of George and Julia Smith of Little Almshoe, Hitchin [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 12283 Sergeant John TAYLOR, son of Robert Taylor of Dunfermline [Fife], resided Marylebone [London] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 12693 Private Albert WALKER, born Oxford, resided Watford [Hertfordshire] (Arras Memorial) 
  • 12030 Private John William WARWICK, born Welwyn [Hertfordshire], resided Aldershot [Hampshire] (Chili Trench Cemetery, Gavrelle)

Died of Wounds

4th Battalion

  • 30997 Private Alfred WALES, born South Heigham [Norfolk], son of Herbert Wales of 27 Salford Street, Norwich [Norfolk] (Duisans British Cemetery, Étrun)

1st/5th Battalion

  • Second Lieutenant Leonard Leader BRERETON, 22, son of L and Ruth Brereton of Natal [South Africa] (Cairo War Memorial Cemetery)

6th Battalion

  • 32112 Private Alfred John DAWSON, born and resided Leighton Buzzard (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension)

30th April 1917  

Died of Wounds  

1st Battalion 

  • 30471 Sergeant George Edwards MATTHEWS, as a prisoner-of-war, born and resided Kentish Town [London] (Tournai Communal Allied Cemetery Extension) 

4th Battalion 

  • 31101 Private Maurice Leslie EVERETT, 21, ex-20324 Suffolk Regiment, born Polstead [Suffolk], son of David Henry and Betsy Everett of Butcher’s Lane Boxford [Suffolk] (Étaples Military Cemetery) 

  • 30791 Private Albert James LODGE, 20, son of Joseph and Alice Lodge of 16 Clifton Road, Loughton [Essex] (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 22754 Private Sydney Llewelyn READ, 24, born Bletchley [Buckinghamshire], resided Stevenage [Hertfordshire], son of Alfred Charles Read; husband of Edith Ellen of Chapel Cleeve [Somerset] (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

  • 23725 Private Arthur WORBOYS, 33, born and resided Guilden Morden [Cambridgeshire], son of George and Lucy Warboys of Ashwell [Hertfordshire], husband of Ethel of Dove Cottages, Ashwell (Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension) 

6th Battalion 

  • 31981 Private Ralph John COCKS, 30, son of Frederick and Martha Cocks of Haultwick, Little Munden [Hertfordshire] (Étaples Military Cemetery)