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The latest exhibition in our Vote 100 series is on display in our reception area until January 10th 2019


Future exhibitions at Beds Archives: 

  • War and Peace: Remembering the Fallen - January to April 2019





Luton Through A Lens: A selection of John Rhind's photographs of 1970s-80s

15th - 22nd November 2018

At Luton Central Library during regular opening hours


22nd November 2018 - Luton Through A Lens: Do You Remember This?

Spend a morning or afternoon: helping Bedfordshire Archives identify more of John Rhind’s photographs, sharing memories of what the town was like 40 years ago or just enjoying looking at the pictures. Why not jot down some of your memories in our scrapbook or take inspiration from the images for some new creative writing or art? 10.00-11.30 or, if you prefer, 13.00-14.30. Luton Central Library

This exhibition and event is based on a collection of photographs recently donated to Bedfordshire Archives. James George Rhind  (1915-1995) always called himself John. He worked at Vauxhall Motors and in his spare time he was a keen cyclist and photographer. During the early 1970s and into the 1980s John took many photographs of the people and streets of Luton. He developed and printed all the black and white photos in a converted bedroom in the family home 51 Ashburnham Road. Come and see if this is a Luton you recognise today.

We hope to have regular events at Luton Libraries on Thursdays during 2019. The proposed dates are the first Thursday of every other month: 7th February, 4th April, 6th June, 1st August, 3rd October and 5th December.  We hope to begin with a talk or activity and follow this with a general Q&A drop in session.  Details are still to be decided so if you have any particular requests please do contact us.  There will be further details in our Winter newsletter or via our website and social media.  We are also thinking about our programme for those of you in Central Bedfordshire, so do watch out for details.


Please keep an eye for new events as we regularly update this page.