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The Paths to Crime Project

The Paths to Crime Project

Paths to Crime was a two year project to catalogue and repackage the Bedfordshire Quarter Sessions Rolls from 1831-1900. This collection of court papers is a valuable resource for both the family and social historianThe cataloguing, carried out by two part-time cataloguers, was funded by a grant from the National Cataloguing Grant Programme for Archives. The repackaging was being carried out by volunteers and was made possible by generous donations from Bedfordshire Family History Society, present and former High Sheriffs of Bedfordshire, and the Rotary Club of Sandy.


We particularly wish to thank all the volunteers who helped us with the Paths to Crime project. You made a fantastic contribution and we could not have done it without you. We very much hope that the present group of volunteers will remain with us and help us with other projects.

From this page we share some of the stories with you but many others remain for you to discover for yourself.

Documents of the month

2011-4 Little Paradise

2011-5 One Wife Too Many

2011-6 Cattle Plague

2011-7 Bound for Australia

2011-8 On the Beat

2011-9 CSI Wymington

2011-10 Taking a Test Drive

2011-11 Remember Remember

2011-12 Christmas Turkey

2012-1 Off to Market

2012-2 and 3 Workhouse Week

2012-4 Gaol Fever

2012-5 I is for Inventory

2012-6 J is for Jubilee

2012-7 A Life on the Ocean Wave

2012-8 Poetic Licence

2012-9 Fire!

2012/10 Chim-Chim-Cheree!

2012-11 Garden Paths to Crime

2012-12 'Tis the season to steal holly!

2013-1 Buyer Beware

2013-2 Strike Up the Band

2013-3 Man of Means