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Hospital records part three: conspectus

Records of:
Area Health Authorities
Collection References
Bedfordshire Area Health Authority I: 1974 - 1983 HO/A HO/NB43 Z615/1 Z625/8/1-2
Bedfordshire Area Health Authority II: from 1994 NHS/BH
North Bedfordshire Area Health Authority: 1982 - 1984 HO/HB48-49 NHS/NBH Z625/1-2
South Bedfordshire Area Health Authority: 1982 - 1994 HO/SB NHS/SBH Z625/7
North West Thames Regional Health Authority: from 1947 HO/SB2/2 NHS/NWT Z625/11
National Association of Health Authorities: from 1978 Z625/15-16
Community Health Authorities
Collection References
North Bedfordshire Community Council: from 1974 NHS/NCH X685 Z615/2 Z625/9
South Bedfordshire Community Council: from 1974 NHS/SCH
Family Practitioner Services
Collection References
Bedfordshire Executive Council: 1947 - 1973 NHS/EC1-3
Family Practioner Committee: 1947 - 1973 NHS/EC1
National Insurance Committee of Bedfordshire County Council NI NHS/EC3
Health Committees of Local Authorities
Collection References
Bedfordshire County Council General Purposes Committee: 1889 - 1947 GP
Bedfordshire County Council Health Committee: 1947 - 1974 He
Bedfordshire Joint Consultative Council: 1974 onwards HeJ
Borough of Dunstable Health Committee: 1937 - 1956 Bor.D/MC
Hospitals (includes Mental Health; see * entries)
Collection References
Bedford (former Bedford Infirmary, also known as 'South Wing') from 1901 HO/B HO/NB8/1-2 HO/NB24/1-3 Z625/17 HO/NB1/1 Z613
Bedford Asylum*: from 1812 LB LR
Bedford St Peters (later 'North Wing')
Biggleswade: from 1903 HO/BW HO/NB2-3
Bromham* (including Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire Joint Board for Mental Deficiency): from 1929 JB HO/NB4
Daneswood (formerly Jewish Sanatorium): from 1869 HO/D
Dunstable and District Infectious Diseases Hospital (later Convalescents Hospital): from 1904 HO/Du BH Uncat 226-254
Fairfield* Three Counties Hospital: from 1860 LF HO/LN7 LR LT PAV2 PAV28
Kempston*, Springfield (private): 1837 - 1958 LSL -LSV X611
Luton, Bute (including Cottage) Hospital: from 1872 - 1938 HO/LA HO/LM
LutonSt Mary's Hospital: from 1948 (for pre 1948 see Luton Poor Law and Public Assistance Archives) HO/LSM
Luton Childrens Hospital: 1894 - 1935 HO/LA HO/LC
Luton & Dunstable Hospital: from 1939 HO/LA HO/LN HO/LPh HO/LPu HO/LR HO/SB6-7
Moggerhanger (Park) Sanatorium (Tuberculosis) 1913 HO/MP HO/NB3, 25-26
Three Counties Hospital (see Fairfield)
Nursing Archives* (including Midwifery)
Collection References
Bedfordshire County Nursing Association: from 1897 NC
Ampthill Nursing Association: 1893 - 1937 NA
Bedford Nursing Association: from 1896
CardingtonNursing Association: from 1896 NCR
Dunstable Nursing Association: from 1896 ND
Harrold, Carlton, Odell & Chellington Nursing Association: from 1913 NH (includes Midwives' minutes from 1912 - 1941)
Podington Nursing Association: from 1901
Sandy Nursing Association: from 1934
WoburnNursing Association: from 1936 NW
Poor Law Institutions (including Medical Officers Reports, Vaccination Registers and records relating to workhouse medical relief and Hospital Admissions)
Collection References
Ampthill: 1873 - 1957 PUAH
Bedford (later St Peter's Hospital): 1854 - 1947 PUBH (includes maternity registers)
Leighton Buzzard: 1868 - 1930 PULB13
Luton (later St Mary's Hospital): 1891 - 1929 PULH PULV25-26
Specific Medical Conditions & Practice
Collection References
Blindness: Blind Persons Act Committee of Bedfordshire County Council: 1922 - 1948
Dentistry & Pharmacy: 1889 - 1919 X447/143-146
Disability: Ludun Works, Luton/Dunstable area 1959-1966 X772
Infectious Diseases: Luton Borough 1943 - 1983 BORL/EH12/2
Massage: 1921 - 1942 Z155/30-32
Maternity & Child Welfare: Bedfordshire County Council Committee1903 - 1948 CW
Mental Deficiency: Bedfordshire County Council Committees 1914 - 1948 MD (also see Bromham Hospital records)
Opthalmic & Blindness: 1951 - 1974 NHS/EC3/4
Smallpox: 1944 - 1962 BORL/EH/12/1
Tuberculosis:(see Moggerhanger Park Hospital above) HeV3 He.Sub8
Other Organisations
Collection References
North Bedfordshire Division of the British Medical Association: 1973 - 1978 X764/1
Royal College of General Practitioners (Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire Faculty) 1983 Z625/10/1