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Hidden Nature in Bedfordshire Archives

Heritage Open Days: 11th to 20th September 2020


We usually like to welcome people to visit us for Heritage Open Days and give them an opportunity to explore parts of Bedfordshire Archives which are not normally open to the public. This year that is not possible, so we are inviting you to visit us online instead. 

The theme for Heritage Open Days for 2020 is Hidden Nature and we have created two virtual adventures to help you explore some of the nature hidden in the Archives. We hope you enjoy them.

Drive Desmond the Rat out of the Stackroom

Desmond in the Stacks

Desmond the rat has got into the stacks. You need to enlist the help of animals hidden in the archives to drive him out before he has the chance to chew any documents. Click here or on the picture above to start.

Hidden Nature Treasure Trail

Map Snapshot

Follow our trail around Bedfordshire, solve clues relating to some of the flora and fauna hidden in the archives, and find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Click here or on the map above to start.