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Scale of Charges

Charges for Services [from 1st January 2020]

Instructions for online payment 


1. Free Services

The following services are free to customers:

  • personal visits to the Archives Service searchroom within normal hours to consult original documents and microfilm
  • advice on research and archive sources from staff in person, or by telephone or e-mail. But if you commission staff to look things up for you, i.e. research, then we will normally charge, see section 2.3
  • access to family history websites via terminals in the searchroom (space permitting) including access to the Ancestry website (normally subscription or pay per view)
  • access to the Archives Service website, including the catalogues database, the Community Archive pages, and the Bedford Gaol register database

2.  Charges

2.1 Photocopying

 (a)  Minimum charge for copies to be sent by post covering up to 5 sheets  (including postage and packing) - UK and overseas = £9.25 

(Completion target: 2 days). We recommend that you batch requests for copies if you can, as a single copy will still cost £9.25 if ordered separately. N.B. For orders of a large quantity of copies to be sent overseas there may be a postage charge.  Please enquire with our staff.

 (b) Charge per black and white copy (A4 or A3; or electronic equivalent) where no research is involved identifying the material to be copied:

  • On site copies =  85p

 Discounts per copy (A4 or A3) 

  • Depositors (copies of their own material) = 10p
  • Self-service microform copies = 40p

 (Completion target: usually instantly, depending on quantity or workload)

 (c) Colour photocopying – per copy

  • On site copies =  £1

(Completion target: usually instantly, depending on quantity or workload)

(d) Plan printing per copy (A2 to A0) done off-site:

  • £21.60

 (Completion target: 7 days)

2.2 Photography

a) Digital Images

We have a digital camera and a scanner with which we are able to produce both high and low resolution digital images. These can be supplied either by email or the free service WeTransfer, depending on the number and size of the images. Images can be supplied on CD if preferred. In line with Bedford Borough Council’s ICT policies we cannot supply images on USB sticks. We are unable to offer photo quality printing.

Minimum charge per copy -

  • For 15 minutes of image capture = £9.25

(b) Charge for using your own camera  

  • 85 pence per document retrieved from the stackroom (irrespective of number of images  taken). Capped at a maximum of £22.10 per day. 
  • 40 pence per searchroom item e.g. books, research notes, microform
  • Please see the staff if you have any questions.

(c)  Studio Photography

This is occasionally necessary when digital photography is not possible. Each job is subject to individual quotation.

(d)  Archive staff accompany material off-site for photography

  •   £37.00 per hour, plus travelling expenses

(e)  Picture and caption research

  •   £37.00 per hour (same as research rate)

2.3 Research/Lectures/Certificates

(a) Research fees - for types of research available see enquiry and research service

  • General research work and transcription, charge per hour (exclusive of  copying charges) = £37.00
  • 30 minutes research = £18.50
  • 15 minutes of research = £9.25

(Completion target: 2 days, except for conservation and specialist research which is negotiable)

(b) Certificates and Certified Copies
(for verified entries not involving a search as in (a))

  • Baptism certificate (Anglican Church standard fee) = £14.00
  • Marriage certificate (Standard Registrar’s fee) £11.00
  • General certification of documents  (non-statutory) per item  = £16.80

 (Completion target: usually on request, or 2 days by post)

(c)  Group visits to the archives office (evenings or daytime)  involving special arrangements (e.g. talks by staff, stackroom tours, documents out in advance).  Negotiable from £75.00

(d)  Charge for lectures (exclusive of travelling costs for lectures outside 25 mile radius) negotiable from £75.00

2.4 Reproduction fees

(a) Non-exclusive reproduction rights of material held by the  Archives Services (inc. VAT). Charges per item:

  • World rights (all media including websites) = £144.00
  • Print media only >1000 copies = £120.00
  • Print media only >500 <1000 copies = £72.00
  • Print media only >100 <500 copies or exhibition lasting >1 month = £36.00
  • Print media only <100 copies or exhibition lasting <1 month = £12.00

(b) Notes on reproduction fees and credits

  • Reproduction fees do not include charges for images supplied by the Archive Service.
  • On rare occasions the Archives Service may at its discretion waive or reduce the fee payable and may request a complimentary copy of the published work instead of or in addition to a fee.
  • Copyright: although permission may be granted by the Archives Service to reproduce a copy of an item those intending to publish need to be aware of their responsibility to obtain the consent of  the copyright owner and to comply with the Copyright Acts
  • Credit lines: the form of acknowledgement should be “Bedfordshire Archives Service” which should appear in immediate proximity to the reproduction or in the section devoted to acknowledgements. Items from some collections may require additional acknowledgement to the depositor.
  • Material is supplied for one specified purpose or edition only. The Archives Office must be contacted and the fee re-negotiated if any further use is contemplated (including reprints or subsequent editions). 

2.5 How to pay

Instructions for online payment

We can accept payment by the following methods:

  • Sterling cheques payable to Bedford Borough Council. 
  • Cash: It is not advisable to send cash through the post. If you do, please use 'Special Delivery' as the Post Office will not compensate for cash sent by Recorded Delivery.

We accept credit card payment by Mastercard, Maestro, Visa or Visa Delta.

  • If necessary you can pay against our invoice (please ask for details)
  • We can issue a receipt (at your request) for any payments you make.