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Leighton Buzzard Poor Law Union

This Union comprised the following parishes: Billington; Eggington; Heath & Reach; Leighton Buzzard; Stanbridge. The Union also included the following Buckinghamshire parishes: Cheddington; Edlesborough; Grove; Ivinghoe; Linslade [now Bedfordshire]; Mentmore; Slapton; Soulbury; Stoke Hammond; Wing.

In 1846 Eaton Bray was transferred from Luton Poor Law Union to Leighton Buzzard Poor Law Union 

Woburn Poor Law Union was dissolved in 1899 and the following parishes were added to Leighton Buzzard Poor Law Union: Chalgrave; Hockliffe; Tilsworth 

AGREEMENTS (PULBA) 1915-1926 : includes apprenticeship indenture for John Dix, care of mental defective, contracts for District Medical Officers and settlement of claim 

CORRESPONDENCE (PULBC) 1837-1928 : including out letters (1837-1908) and in letters (1920-1928) 

ESTATES (PULBE) 1793-1950 : title deeds of the workhouse and isolation hospital 

FINANCIAL RECORDS (PULBF) 1873-1930 : including the following record series: 
PULBF 1: Treasurer's Books (1887-1921): names of payers and payees 
PULBF 2: Treasurer's Accounts (1914-1930): receipts and payments 
PULBF 3: Treasurer's Receipts & Payments Books (1902-1908, 1921-1926) 
PULBF 4: Financial Statements (Statutory) (1879-1904): receipts and payments 
PULBF 5: Financial Statements (Guardians) (1873-1925) 
PULBF 7: Relieving Officers' Receipts & Expenditures (1901-1928) including names of payers and payees 
PULBF 8: Provisions Accounts (1917-1930 with gaps) 
PULBF 9: Officers' Superannuation Registers (1897-1923): including names and details 
PULBF 18: Annual Poor Rate Returns (1891-1896) 

HEALTH RECORDS (PULBH) 1868-1930 : including the following record series: 
PULBH 1: District Medical Officers' Relief Books (1877-1878, 1889-1890, 1901-1902) including names and circumstances 
PULBH 2: Workhouse Medical Relief Book (1894-1896): including names and circumstances of patients 
PULBH 3: Vaccination Registers (1875-1928 with gaps): copy birth certificates with Vaccination Officers' notes 
PULBH 4: Medical Officer's Report Book as to the Workhouse (1868-1902) 
PULBH 5: Vaccination Officer's Report Books (1907-1930): checking on unvaccinated children 

LEDGERS (PULBL) 1837-1923 with gaps 

MINUTES (PULBM) 1835-1930 

COMMITTEE MINUTES (PULBMC) 1863-1930 : including the following: 
PULBMC 1-2: Assessment Committee (Rating & Valuation) (1863-1925) 
PULBMC 3: Boarding-Out Committee (1910-1929) 
PULBMC 4: House Committee (1914-1930): House and Finance Committee from 1921, regarding workhouse 
PULBMC 5: Relief Committee (1921-1929) 
PULBMC 6: School Attendance Committee (1877-1903): deals with schools not controlled by School Boards only 

RELIEF (PULBR) 1852-1929 : including the following: 
PULBR 1: Indoor Relief Lists (1852-1929): lists of workhouse relief cases 
PULBR 2: Outdoor Relief Lists (1883-1929 with gaps): names and circumstances of those receiving relief in their home parish 
PULBR 3: Relief Order Books (1887-1928): includes names and circumstances of applicants 
PULBR 4: Application & Report Books (1895-1929 with gaps): includes names and circumstances of applicants 

VARIA (PULBV) 1843-1940 : including the following: 
PULBV 1: Admission & Discharge Register (1891-1898): names and circumstances of workhouse inmates included 
PULBV 2: Admission & Discharge Registers (Casuals) (1914-1921, 1926-1930): names and circumstances of paupers admitted on a temporary basis 
PULBV 3: Statistical Statement of Indoor & Outdoor Relief (1873-1887) 
PULBV 4: Form A - Weekly Returns (1897-1899, 1913-1924): statistics for indoor and outdoor relief 
PULBV 6: Master's Report & Journal (1912-1919): workhouse statistics and journal of events 
PULBV 10: Pauper Classification Book (1887-1894): statistics on types of pauper 
PULBV 11: Register of Boarded-Out Children (1895-1909): includes names and circumstances 
PULBV 18: Visitors' Books (1882-1899): visitors to the workhouse 
PULBV 20: Chaplain's Report Book (1865-1921) 
PULBV 21: Register of Undertakings of Foster Parents (1903-1910): names and addresses included 
PULBV 22: Porter's Book (1904-1905): names of visitors and reasons for visit included 
PULBV 23: List of Aged & Infirm (1894-1921): lists of names and addresses in each parish 
PULBV 24: Pauper Lunatics - Claim for Maintenance (1887-1897): names included 
PULBV 25: Register of Officers' Appointments (1843-1877): salaries included 
PULBV 26: Register of Births in the Workhouse (1858-1936: names given 
PULBV 27: Register of Deaths in the Workhouse (1858-1940): names given 
PULBV 28: Register of Non-Settled and Non-Resident Poor: undated and with marginal information 
PULBV 29: Oakum Account (1905-1925): sales and expenditure on oakum picking in the workhouse 
PULBV 30: Declarations of Guardians on Acceptance of Office (1894-1928) 
PULBV 31: Schedule of Deeds & Documents etc. (1930?) a rough schedule 
PULBV 32: Annual Reports (1900-1911 with gaps): includes lists of officers, Union members, lunatics and workhouse inmates 
PULBV 33: List of Guardians & Paid Officers (1889-1908): names included 
PULBV 34: Apprenticeship Indentures (1852-1900): names include: Adams; Bates; Bodsford; Brandom; Chamberlain; Cooper; Corner; Davis; Dyer; Elkerton; Faunch; Green; Guess; Hales; Harrison; Heckford; Higgs; Horn; Humbles; King; Leach; Lee; Newberry; Pratt; Reeve; Saunders; Smith; Stanbridge; Summerfield; Tompkins; White 
PULBV 35-40: Rating & Valuation Papers (1867-1888): correspondence and new rating of Union parishes