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Cutler Hammer

Handing over control the records of Cutler Hammer of Bedford

For nearly a century the Igranic factory in Elstow Road made electric control gear. With the recent closure of the factory we received a large deposit of archive material from the Cutler-Hammer Company. The material covers the period from the beginning of the Adams Manufacturing Company in 1906 to approximately 1978 when the company, by that time Cutler Hammer Europa Ltd, became part of the Eaton Corporation.

The deposit includes sales material, company catalogues, financial and managerial records. A large quantity of photographs, dating from approximately 1920 to the 1960s show products both on their own and at their final destination. In the absence of any order books the photographs give an idea of the range of the company's products and the places where they were used, including the Vauxhall works at Luton, the Ebbw Vale Steel Works in Wales, a paper mill in Poland and on a Brazilian warship.

While we have done our best to catalogue the deposit [Ref. IG] we cannot claim to understand the finer points of electric controls nor have we been able to put names to the faces which appear in a few of the photographs; we would therefore welcome any help with identification which previous employees may be able to offer.